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Help for the Secret in the Cellar Interactive Webcomic

How to Navigate

This Webcomic has a few simple features. The main controls you will use are located at the lower right of each panel. Use the back and next buttons (i.e., arrows) to access each page in order.

Links in the bottom left corner provide access to a variety of supplementary materials that add background detail to the story. See below if you have issues viewing or using the links. The types of materials you will see are:

Sample interface with arrows pointing to navigational buttons

How to Access Supplemental Materials

Click any topic (listed in order of appearance in the story) to view and/or print the article, activity, image, Web site, definition, or role, either in HTML or PDF format.

Note: For a printable version, select the PDF file.

* Need a PDF reader? Download here.

How to Print The Secret in the Cellar Webcomic

For a printable version of the entire Webcomic, open the The Secret in the Cellar Webcomic in PDF format . You can also download a Zip file with all PDF files for the Webcomic and all supplemental materials in single 13.5 MB .zip file (right click the link to save the file to your computer).

Issues Viewing The Secret in the Cellar Webcomic