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Article: Background of the Chesapeake Area


This site is within the colonial settlement of Providence, which was the earliest European settlement in Anne Arundel County Maryland, settled in 1649 by dissident Puritans from southeastern Virginia. Providence, also known as 'Ann Arundellton,' was the precursor of modern day Annapolis, the State Capital of Maryland.


The site was first located in 1991 by a team of archaeologists while doing a pedestrian survey of a recently plowed field. In the summer of 2003, staff from the Lost Towns Project returned to the site at the property owner's invitation to further investigate the scattering of 17th century artifacts.

Map of mid-Atlantic states especially showing states surrounding Maryland and Anne Arundel County's location (green) in Maryland.

Figure 1. Anne Arundel County (green) Regional Map.
(Source: The Lost Towns Project using the Anne Arundel County Geographic Information System)