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Candace Greene
Candace GreeneDr. Candace Greene is the director of the Summer Institute in Museum Anthropology. She is an ethnologist with the Collections and Archives Program of the Department of Anthropology in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, and has an adjunct appointment with George Washington University Department of Anthropology, where she teaches a graduate course on applying anthropological insights to museum practice.

Her research interests focus on Plains Indians, American Indian art, issues of representation, intellectual property, museum practice, and the recognition of individual agency in historic art and material culture.

Visit her web page.


Mary Jo Arnoldi
Dr. Mary Jo Arnoldi is Curator of African Ethnology and has worked extensively in Mali. She is trained in both anthropology and art history and is interested in many forms of material and expressive culture. She currently serves as Chairman of the Department of Anthropology.

Her research in Africa focuses on the roles that material and expressive culture play in the construction of identities: local, national, and global. She is especially interested in the post-colonial public culture in West Africa. She also conducts research on collections of African material culture and on the history of western museums with an emphasis on their representations of Africa. She was the lead curator on the permanent exhibition, "African Voices" at the National Museum of Natural History.

Joshua A. Bell
Joshua A. Bell

Dr. Joshua Bell holds the newly created position, Curator of Globalization, which focuses on the issues of cultural exchange. He carries out research in Papua New Guinea and has worked with photographs and film as well as object collections. Visit his web page.


Gwyneira Isaac
Gwyn Isaac
Dr. Gwyneira Isaac is a Curator of North American Ethnology. She has worked primarily in the American Southwest, collaborating with the Zuni and more recently the Hopi on collections-related projects. Her research investigates the relationships societies develop with their past, especially as to how this is expressed through knowledge systems, material culture and museums.

Dr. Isaac's explorations into the intersection of different knowledges (either culturally or disciplinarily distinct) include how technology and media are used within the discipline of anthropology. The ethnography of media in museums and anthropology has led her to study values attributed to the reproduction of knowledge as explored through replicas and models. Bridging the study of Native American knowledge systems, the history of anthropology in museums has resulted in her interest in developing theories that integrate anthropology, art, and history to form interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches to the study of intersections of culturally specific knowledge systems over time. Visit her web page.


Nancy J. Parezo
Description: P:\ANTHRO\SIMA\Materials for website update\Photos\NancyParezo.jpgDr. Nancy J. Parezo comes to SIMA as a Research Collaborator. She is a Professor of American Indian Studies and Anthropology at the University of Arizona and holds a joint appointment as Curator of Ethnology at the Arizona State Museum. She teaches classes on museology and tribal museums, Diné ethnography, theory, contemporary issues, cultural preservation, methodology, research design, and grant writing.
Her research interests focus on the Native American Southwest, art and economics, how anthropologists have affected Indian cultures through collecting art, displaying native cultures in museums and at world fairs, museology, and issues of cultural preservation and representation.
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