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Department of Anthropology

Candace Greene
Candace Greene


Candace Greene

Special Projects

Division: Collection and Archives Program

Area of Specialization:
North American Ethnology

  202-633-1929 or 301-238-1305
Fax:  202-357-2208
E-mail Address:

Department of Anthropology Mailing Address


Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Oklahoma (1985)
M.A. Anthropology, Brown University (1976)

Professional Activities:

Director, Summer Institute in Museum Anthropology
Principle Investigator, Save America’s Treasures: The Historic Manuscript Collection of the National Anthropological Archives
Adjunct Faculty, Anthropology, George Washington University

Major Research Interests:

My research focuses on Native North American art and material culture, especially Plains Indian drawings. I have worked principally with Kiowa and Cheyenne people in understanding materials from those communities and making them more accessible to tribal members. More broadly, I am interested in the anthropology of museum collections, considering what the process of museumification does to objects and information.

I am interested in promoting the use of museum and archival collections in anthropological research. In more than 20 years at the Smithsonian, I have worked on a variety of projects to promote access, preservation, and research use of the collections, ranging from physical care to intellectual access. I also teach with the Anthropology Department at George Washington University and work with interns and fellows from GWU and elsewhere.

Selected Publications:

The Year the Stars Fell: Lakota Winter CountsGreene, C. 2009. 100 Summers: A Kiowa Calendar. University of NebraskaPress.

Greene, C. and R. Thornton, eds. 2007. The Year the Stars Fell: Lakota Winter Counts at the Smithsonian. University of Nebraska Press.

Greene, C, R. Richard, K. Thomson. 2007. Treaty Councils and Indian Delegations: The War Department Museum Collection. American Indian Art Magazine, 33(1): 66-80.

Greene, C. 2001. Silver Horn: Master Illustrator of the Kiowa. University of Oklahoma Press.

Greene, C. 2001.  Art until 1900.  In, Handbook of North American Indians, Plains, vol. 13, pt. 2.  pp. 1039-1054. Smithsonian Institution: Washington, D.C.

Greene, C. ed.  2000.  American Indian Art Magazine 25 (4).  Guest editor, special issue on artwork collection of the National Anthropological Archives.

Merrill, W., M. Hansson, C. Greene, and F. Reuss. 1997.  A Guide to the Kiowa Collections at the Smithsonian Institution.  Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology, Number 40. 443 pp.

Greene, C. 1996.  Discovering the Audience: A Reorientation in Museum Analysis.  Reviews in Anthropology 24: 267-276.

Greene, C. and T. Drescher. 1994 The Tipi with Battle Pictures: The Kiowa Tradition of Intangible Property Rights.  The Trademark Reporter 84 (4): 418-433.

Greene, C. 1992.  Documentation, Attribution, and the Ideal Type.  In, Art and Artifacts: Essays in Material Culture and Museum Studies in Honor of Jane Powell Dwyer.  H. Juli, ed.  Brown University, Research Papers in Anthropology, No. 5, pp. 9-17.

Selected Exhibitions:KiowaDrawing.jpg

Lakota Winter Counts, (2005), online exhibit, recipient of the UN World Summit Award and a Webby Award.

Kiowa Drawings, (1999) online exhibit.

Saynday Was Coming Along ...
(1993) traveling exhibit with accompanying panel exhibition.



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