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Department of Anthropology  
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Detail of Plateau Bag (NMNH catalog no. E204234)
Physical Anthropology and Archaeological Inventory Reports

The human remains of approximately 19,250 Native American individuals from the United States have been reported in inventories, as well as the entire collection of over 225,000 archaeological catalog records from the United States (representing well over 1,000,000 artifacts), some of which are funerary objects. The inventories of human remains and objects present the geographic information on each set of human remains and each artifact, as well as key museum information, providing a starting point for consultations and detailed research into the entire collection.

When cultural affiliation information was available in the computer database, it also was provided in the inventories. In this process, the National Museum of Natural History has provided every federally recognized Native community in the country with inventories of the artifacts and human remains from their area in the museum. A table listing these reports, organized by state, is available online (see link below); additional copies of the reports are available to Native American representatives from the Repatriation Office upon request.

bulletCount of Catalog Numbers by State (pdf file)

Smithsonian Institute - National Mueseum of Natural History