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Repatriation Office
Department of Anthropology  
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Detail of Gros Ventre Moccasins (NMNH catalog no. E391185)
Repatriation of Anthropology Collections

Most of the repatriation claims to date have been for the return of human remains, the majority of which were obtained during archaeological excavations.

As of December 31, 2017, the remains of an estimated 6,218 individuals, 221,506 funerary objects, and 55 sacred objects and/or objects of cultural patrimony have been offered for repatriation by the National Museum of Natural History. In addition 25 objects in non-statutory categories have been returned to tribes. The museum also has a number of pending repatriation requests which we are actively working to address.

For more information visit the tables within the Completed Repatriations document (a pdf file) for further details.

For non-repatriation related collections requests, please visit the website of the Collections Management Division of the Department of Anthropology, where you may also Search the Anthropology Collections digital database.



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