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Author Title Cloth/Paper Price
Allen, Catherine J. The Hold Life Has: Coca and Cultural Identity in an Andean Community Paper $15.00
Ardouin, Claude Daniel Museums and Community W Africa Paper $15.00
Ardouin, Claude Daniel Museums and Archaeology W Africa Paper $15.00
Arens, William; Karp, I. Creativity of Power: Essays on Cosmology and Action in African Societies Paper $15.00
Barnett, William K; Hoopes Emergence of Pottery: Technology and Innovation in Ancient Societies Paper $27.00
Beidelman, T.O. Cool Knife: Images of Gender, Sexuality and Moral Education in Kaguru Initiation Ritual Paper $10.00
Blakely, Robert L.; Harrington Bones in the Basement: Postmortem Racism in Nineteenth Century Medical Training Cloth $25.00
Breedlove, Dennis E.; Laughlin Flowering of Man: A Tzotzil Botany of Zinacantan (Abridged Edn) Paper $13.00
Brown, Michael F. Tsewa's Gift: Magic and Meaning in Amazonian Society Paper $9.00
Campbell, Howard; Binford Zapotec Struggles: History, Politics and Representation in Juchitan, Oaxaca Paper $10.00
Cordell, Linda S.; Gumerman Dynamics of SW Prehistory Paper $20.00
Cowan, C. Wesley; Watson Origins of Agriculture: An International Perspective Paper $15.00
Deagan, Kathleen Artifacts of Spanish Colonies Volume 1 Paper $17.00
Decorse, Christopher R. Arch of Elmina: Africans and Europeans on the Gold Coast, 1400-1900 Cloth $23.00
Dietler, Michael Feasts Paper $15.00
Dietler, Michael; Hayden Feasts Cloth $27.00
Dobres, Marcia-anne, Hoffman Social Dynamics Technology Cloth $23.00
Dussart, Francoise Politics of Ritual/Aborig Sttlmt Cloth $23.00
Fitzhugh, William W.; Chausso Anthropology of North Pacific Rim Cloth $27.00
Gage, William W. Language in its Social Setting Paper $5.00
Godelier, Maurice; Trautman Transformations of Kinship Paper $11.00
Godelier, Maurice; Trautman Transformations of Kinship Cloth $23.00
Goody, Jack Power of Written Tradition Paper $10.00
Harris, David R. Origins and Spread Agric Past Cloth $15.00
Kolata, Alan L. Tiwanaku and Its Hinterland Volume 1 Cloth $40.00
Kramer, Carol Pottery in Rajasthan Cloth $25.00
Laughlin, Robert M. Mayan Tales From Zinacantan Paper $9.00
Lindsay, Arturo Santeria Aesthetics Paper $20.00
Lindstrom, Lamont Knowledge and Power S Pacific Paper $10.00
Meltzer, David J.; Dunnell Archaeology of William Henry Holmes Paper $18.00
Meltzer, David J.; Fowler American Archaeology Past/Future Paper $20.00
Milanich, Jerald T. Laboring in Fields of Lord Cloth $14.00
Nichols, Deborah L.; Charlton Archaeology of City States Paper $17.00
Nourse, Jennifer W. Conceiving Spirits Paper $10.00
Oakes, Jill; Riewe Spirit of Siberia Cloth $23.00
Pearce, Susan M. Archaeological Curatorship Paper $20.00
Pemberton III, John Insight and Artistry in African Divination Paper $15.00
Pemberton III, John; Afolaya Yoruba Sacred Kinship Cloth $20.00
Potter Jr., Parker B. Public Archaeology in Annapolis Paper $10.00
Prussin, Labelle African Nomadic Archaeology Paper $14.00
Pulido, Alberto Lopez Sacred World of Penitentes Paper $9.00
Rubertone, Patricia E. Grave Undertakings Cloth $20.00
Salzman, Philip Carl Black Tents of Baluchistan Cloth $27.00
Sammons, Kay; Sherzer Translating Nat Lat Am Verbal Cloth $27.00
Selig, Ruth Osterweis; London Anthropology Explored 1st edition Paper $11.00
Spring, Christopher; Hudson North African Textiles Paper $14.00
Swann, Brian On the Trans Native Am Lit Paper $11.00
Wattenmaker, Patricia Household and State Upper Mesopotamia Cloth $25.00
Whiteley, Peter M. Rethinking Hopi Ethnography Paper $10.00


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