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White House Announces Grant to NAA

Save America's Treasures, a public-private partnership of the White House Millennium Council and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, has awarded $228,664 to the National Anthropological Archives for conservation of its artwork collections. The NAA was one of 62 award recipients announced by Hillary Rodham Clinton at a White House ceremony on May 19th. Candace Greene, who directs the NAA's conservation program, attended the ceremony on behalf of the archives. The award represents half of the funding for the $457,000 project. The remainder will come from private sources.

Name that Anthropologist!

He's a dashing young man with extraordinary powers, an undercover agent for a clandestine branch of the U.S. Secret Service called the Organization of Active Anthropologists. If you read comic books in the early '60s, you know he's Matt Price, also known as Brain Boy, the studious superhero who made his appearance in six full-length color comics published by Dell between 1962 and 1963. Frank Springer's original signed artwork from Brain Boy #3 was recently donated to the archives by Steve Chaput of Brooklyn, New York. Look for Brain Boy excerpts here in coming months.

Read All About Us!

The archives distributed 5,000 copies of its new brochure at the annual meetings of the American Anthropological Association. The brochure was funded with a grant from the Smithsonian Women's Committee.

Nazi Anthropology

Gretchen E. Schafft and Gerhard Zeidler have completed a finding aid for the Records of the Institut für Deutsche Ostarbeit, a Nazi anthropological organization whose captured records were transferred from the War Department to the Smithsonian Institution in 1947. The archives is attempting to reassemble the original collection, which was divided among several Federal agencies after the war. Schafft's article on the IDO appears in the January issue of the AAA's Anthropology News.

New Collections

The National Anthropological Archives acquired an exceptional number of new collections in 1998, representing fieldwork conducted on every continent over the past 120 years. The new collections enhance the archives's current holdings, consisting of 7,300 feet of manuscripts and more than 400,000 photographs in the fields of ethnology, archaeology, physical anthropology and linguistics. The archives gratefully acknowledges the following new donors and collectors:

  • William F. Baggerman (photographs of Afghanistan, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Nepal, Peru, Tibet, trans-Saharan Africa, Venezuela)
  • Frederica de Laguna (fieldwork among the Atna and Tlingit)
  • Frank A. Dubinskas (Mende aesthetics, Slavonian folklore, Apple Computer project management)
  • Clifford Evans (Institute of Andean Archaeology, Desert Research Institute, Maryland and Virginia archaeology)
  • Betty Bernice Faust (Mayan photographs)
  • Milo Hellman, M.D. (Human dentition, facial growth and development)
  • Charles Leslie (fieldwork in Oaxaca, Mexico)
  • Floyd G. Lounsbury (gift of a Mayan codex)
  • George Metcalf (archaeology of Garrison Reservoir and Lamb Springs, Colorado)
  • Jerome R. Mintz (Andalusia, Spain and Hasidim of Brooklyn, New York)
  • The Society of Missionaries of Africa or "The White Fathers" (films and photographs of Africa)
  • James G. E. Smith (central Canadian subarctic)
  • Lucien Spencer (manuscripts from a Seminole Indian Agent)
  • Richard N. Stuempges (photographs and audio recordings from northwestern Liberia)
  • John Verrill (archeology and ethnology of the Atrato Valley, Colombia and Cuna photographs)
  • Robert W. and Elizabeth N. Webb (10,000 photographs worldwide, especially of China circa 1930 and 1970)
  • Clarence Wolsey Weiant (parapsychological anthropology)

The NAA also received additions to collections previously donated by: Charles Dean Callender (Nubian photographs and Fox fieldnotes), Laura Thompson Duker (Indian Personality, Education, and Administration Study), James A. Ford, Joel Halpern, Carol F. Jopling (Choco and Kuna of Panama, Zapotec of Mexico), Eugene I. Knez (Korea), Frances Cooke Macgregor, John V. Murra, T. Dale Stewart, and Richard B. Woodbury.

1998 additions to the archival records of professional societies include:

  • American Association of Physical Anthropologists
  • Anthropological Society of Washington
  • Central States Anthropological Society
  • Society for American Archaeology
  • Society for Applied Anthropology
  • Society for Medical Anthropology (Hazel Weidman Papers)
  • Southeastern Archaeological Conference

In addition, a Navajo textile given to Major John Wesley Powell by a Navaho chief, circa 1870, was donated to the archives by Mrs. Winifred S. Cahn of Flagstaff, Arizona, a distant relative of Major Powell.  A list of 1997 accessions is also available.  To learn more about our collections, please browse the Guide to the Collections.

Publication date: June 1999

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