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2003 Acquisitions

In 2003, the Smithsonian’s National Anthropological Archives and Human Studies Film Archives acquired a wealth of fieldnotes, manuscripts, photographs, motion picture film and sound recordings documenting anthropological research, exploration and travel on every continent. Together these collections enhance the breadth and scope of our current holdings, which currently consist of more than 650,000 photographs, 2,500 sound recordings, 8 million feet and 1,000 hours of ethnographic moving images (film and video), and more than 8,000 linear feet of fieldnotes, unpublished manuscripts, maps, drawings, and other ethnographic materials. The archives gratefully acknowledges the following new donors and collectors:

  • Sister Ruth Boedigheim (Photographs documenting Sister Inez Hilger’s Araucanian field work in Chile and Argentina, 1946-1952, as well as visits to Peru and the Panama Canal. Textual materials include Mapuche Chilean fieldnotes [1946-1949] and Margaret Mondloch's Araucanian-Spanish Dictionaries)
  • Dena F. Dincauze (Correspondence, presentations, and slides relating to evaluation and review of archaeological work at the Monte Verde site in Chile, 1984-2003)
  • Federal Programs, Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District, Palmer, Alaska (Collection of 127 educational films from the seventies and early eighties documenting the North American Indian experience)
  • Nicholas M. Graver (Seminole Photograph)
  • Curtis M. Hinsley (WJ McGee photographs and publications)
  • Karen Kramer (Original video project documenting the Restavek children in Haiti)
  • Grover S. Krantz (Papers, film, video, audio tapes, correspondence, manuscripts, publications, slides and teaching files, and materials relating to Sasquatch)
  • Commander Robert E. Kuntz (Color slides of Taiwan dating from the late 1950s to early 1960s, film negatives of Asia, Africa, Oceania and Europe)
  • Arthur H. Leipold (Fieldnotes for a solar energy project in Ixtenco and Cuahtenco, two communities in the state of Tlaxcala, Mexico, 1958-1959)
  • Ronald Little Owl (Photographs of Mandan calendric records)
  • George McGhee (Photographs of New Guinea).
  • Stasia Millett (Film collection of professionally produced ethnographic and natural history titles marketed for home consumption in the twenties and thirties by companies such as Kodak Cinegraph, Burton Holmes Travel Film-Reels and Pathegrams)
  • Robert W. Neuman (River Basin Surveys Field Materials [1959-1967], including field reports, log books, and weekly reports as well as photographs and survey forms. Files on Chattahoochee and Columbia Dam)
  • Ladislav P. Novak (Studies of aging, biological growth, and physical activities using body composition analysis conducted at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota in the 1960s and 1970s)
  • Willow Powers (Oral history interviews with Alexander Leighton and Jane Murphy, 2002)
  • Jean Prentiss (Nine albumen photographs taken about 1870 by or for Alexander W. Chase, surveyor for the Coast Survey. Most depict Yurok and Hupa from the lower Klamath River; two are of Chase's archeological collection)
  • Elizabeth S. Schober (color slides of Tibet and Indo-China from Bob and Betty Fischer Ekvall, Christian and Missionary Alliance.
  • Sonya Shenn (Papers of Irving Goldman Papers, including correspondence, Cubeo and Polynesia fieldnotes [1935-1979], photographs, slides, 8mm film, microfilm, audio cassettes)
  • Fred A. Ware, Jr. (Amateur film documenting the 1933 Leahy expedition to the Wahgi Valley, Papua New Guinea, shot by unknown creator)
  • Anne Thaxter Watson (Papers of James B. Watson, including correspondence, fieldnotes, maps and publications relating to research in Papua New Guinea, Del Norte Colorado, and Brazil. Also contains University of Washington teaching files)
  • Martha Seley Whitney (Correspondence and scrapbook relating to Muriel K. Cooke's tenure with the Peace Corps in the Philippines)
  • William F. Webb (Photographs of Zanzibar doors documenting collection in the National Museum of Natural History)

The archives also received additions to the following collections of personal and professional papers:

  • John W. Griffin (Correspondence, notes and publications)
  • Joel Halpern (Research and teaching files, 1951-1990)
  • Eugene I. Knez (Video and slides from Bhutan, India, Italy, Japan and Pakistan, 1960-1986)
  • Lucille Phelps Laszlo (35mm slides taken on the 1953 Andreas E. Lazlo expedition to Angola)
  • Beatrice Medicine (Correspondence, articles, magazines, manuscripts, newsletters, and programs [1969-2001] relating to Native American health care and education. Institutions and organizations featured include the Native American Education Service, the National Conference of American Indian Professors and the International Congress on Women's Health Issues.
  • John V. Murra (correspondence, photographs, audio tapes, videotapes, biographical information, maps, dream archives, subject files, and copies of archival documents used in research)
  • James L. Peacock (Photographs)
  • Brother Simon (American Indian Memorabilia, 1998-2002)
  • Virginia D. Watson (Published and unpublished writings, data relating to the PEHNG archeological project including correspondence, field notes and slides)

The National Anthropological Archives maintains the records of more than 30 professional organizations. In 2003, the archives received the following records:

  • American Anthropological Association (Files from the following offices: Government Relations [including Task Force files], Executive Director, Publications, Press, and Finance)
  • American Dermatoglyphics Association Records
  • Council for Museum Anthropology (Treasurer's Records [1998-2002]; President’s Records [1993-1995]; Correspondence [1986-1989]; AAM Board of Director's Meeting Minutes [1993-1995]; CMA Newsletter; Nominating Committee files [1997-1998])

2002 Acquisitions

  • Louise W. Besch (photographs and amateur motion picture film shot by Charles Frost of travels to the Mediterranean)
  • John & Naomi Bishop (16mm motion picture film and video elements including Himalayan Herders, Buckdancer, Georgia Sea Island Singers, Say Old Man Can You Play the Fiddle, Yonder Comes Day, Pizza Pizza Daddy-yo, Yoyo Man, Rheusus Play, Red Top Snuff, Paper Flowers and Papel Picado, New England Fiddles, New England Dance, Khmer Court Dance, The Last Window, Hand Play, Choose Life, California Old Time Fiddlers, The California Heartland Tapes and California Heartland)
  • Mrs. James W. Bruce (16mm independent documentary films and footage and photographic slides shot by James "Stu" Bruce and Stevey Bruce, with emphasis on Melanesia and New Guinea, plus slides of Ethiopia, Nepal, Oceania and Greenland)
  • Lucille M. Chaveas (documents relating to the Lucille M. Chaveas African textile collection in the National Museum of Natural History)
  • Eve Cockburn (T. Aidan Cockburn Papers relating to physical anthropological research in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh)
  • Ives Goddard (material relating to the 1979-1980 Indian Census Project and the Urgent Anthropology Program, 1982-1983)
  • Candace S. Greene (Kiowa calendar with 171 pictographs in pencil, ink and watercolor, ca. 1825-1921)
  • Amee and Bill Groethe (panoramic color photograph of the 1994 Winter Solstice shot over Coffin and Cedar Buttes, Badlands, South Dakota)
  • Dan Hagedorn (postcards and photographs of Panama and Northern Africa)
  • Elena Peters-Spencer (Frank Spencer Papers, including correspondence, audiotape interviews about Ales Hrdlicka, and correspondence regarding Piltdown research)
  • Historical Artifacts, Inc. (Kiowa pictorial calendar on muslin, ca. 1900)
  • Barbara Isaac (Glynn L. Isaac Papers relating to archaeological research in the Naivasha/Nakuru region of Kenya; Koobi Fora, Kenya; and West Natron, Tanzania)
  • Sheila Klass (Morton Klass Papers, including fieldnotes relating to research in Trinidad and India)
  • Linda Klug (language and culture materials relating to the Samal, Philippines, with special emphasis on Samal children)
  • Guy W. Leadbetter (16mm amateur motion picture film of Mayan archeological sites [ca. 1937], Penobscot dances in Maine [1932] and Hopi dances [ca. 1939])
  • Halla Linker-Aguirre and David Linker (150 edited travelogue programs from the late 1950s through the 1970s produced by the Linker family)
  • Charles McNett (Shawnee-Minisink archaeological site files, Upper Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania, 1973-1977)
  • Orchid Cellmark (DNA analysis from the O.J. Simpson murder trial)
  • Simon Ottenberg (fieldnotes and manuscripts relating to Abakaliki Division and Town, Nigeria, 1960, and the Geechee community of White Bluff, Georgia, 1950)
  • Margaret Pollitzer (materials relating to William Pollitzer's research on the Gullah, South Carolina, 1951-2001)
  • Molly G. Schuchat (fieldnotes and materials relating to research on Hungarian immigrants to America, 1956, and teaching materials from Rust College, Holly Springs, Mississippi)
  • John M. Scott (letter from V. Stefansson to James Mooney, November 10, 1915, sent from the Winter Quarters for the Canadian Arctic Expedition at Armstrong Point, Victoria Island)
  • Mary Stabler (Jesse Walter Fewkes Collection, consisting of correspondence, illustrations, lantern slides, manuscripts, newspaper clippings, photographs, publications, and a speech, ca. 1888-1928)
  • Virginia Drew Watson (fieldnotes from research with the Cayua of Brazil [1943], the Agarabi, Tairora, and Gadsup of New Guinea [1954-1955, 1963-1964], and data relating to the Prehistory of the Eastern Highlands of New Guinea archaeological project.)
  • Walter Zenner (fieldnotes, correspondence and course materials relating to research on ethnic identity, ethnocentrism, urbanism, and the Syrian Jewish diaspora)

The archives also received additions to the personal and professional papers of Eugene Boudreau, John C. Ewers, Joel Halpern, Eugene Knez, Beatrice Medicine, and Brother Simon (American Indian Memorabilia Collection).

Additions to the archival records of professional societies in include:

  • Central States Anthropological Association (presidential correspondence, minutes, financial records, membership records, and publications, 1971-2000)
  • Paleopathology Association. (annual meetings files, correspondence, membership records, newsletters, files on repatriation)
  • Southeast Archaeological Committee (files relating to Jerald T. Milanich's tenure as SEAC editor, 1978-1980)

2001 Acquisitions

  • Patricia O. Afable (photographs of anthropologists)
  • Mary B. Breckenridge (glass plate negatives of Sioux Indian Subjects including Red Cloud and an Indian Camp)
  • James A. Clifton (Research materials on Kansas Potawatomi funeral practices and the Drum Religion, including census data and an officer survey, 1962-1966)
  • Edward Ezrol (slide collection of his world travels in North America, Europe, and the Middle East)
  • Renee Janse (Olav Robert Thure Janse Papers containing scrapbooks, correspondence, research notes, diaries, postcards, and photographs)
  • Margaret Jodry (Ancient Peoples of Colorado, a video about the Lindenmeier site)
    Charles Love (Easter Island Archives slides and photographs)
  • Kurt Olden (photographs of the Yanomami by Valdir Cruz, used to illustrate Patrick Tierney's Darkness in El Dorado)
  • James L. Peacock (35mm color slides, color prints, and negatives of China, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco and the United States, plus related documentation)
  • Georgia Reilly (English and Sioux texts Illustrated by Oscar Howe)
  • E. Joyce Runkel (photographs of American Indians from Indian Congress held as part of the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, photographed by Howard D. Beach)
  • Timothy E. Tackett (a Sioux Winter Count on Muslin)

The archives also received additions to the personal and professional papers of John C. Ewers, Cynthia Irwin-Williams, and Eugene Knez.

Additions to the archival records of professional societies in 2001 include:

  • Anthropological Society of Washington, 1983-1996 (through Stuart Speaker)
  • Council for Museum Anthropology
2000 Acquisitions
  • Papers of Herbert Lewis, including copies of fieldnotes from Ethiopia (1958-1960; 1965-1966) and Israel (1975-1977; 1987)
  • Papers of Eugene H. Boudreau
  • Roy Rappaport's AAA Presidential Papers (1987-1991)
  • Chronologies and transcripts from Frank Hamilton Cushing's diaries, prepared by David Wilcox
  • Signature of Geronimo Collected by Roy Bunten at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904
  • Edward S. Curtis Manuscript relating to the Battle of Little Big Horn along with letters from General Charles A. Woodruff who accompanied him on his fact finding mission
  • Helen Krantz Correspondence (1963-1970) with Sioux women
  • United States Department of the Interior, Pawnee Agency Letter books (1861-1871)
  • Letter from Jack Wilson, Indian Messiah [Wovoka], to John R. Brunau, Agent, Pine Ridge Reservation. July 29, 1906
  • Bill of sale for Lily, a slave, sold to a Choctaw Chief's brother, Forbus Lafloore, dated 19 February 1859
  • Frederick L. Hoffman reports and anthropometric measurements of women in North America, South America, and Mexico (1917-1927)
  • George Hubbard Pepper's Field Notes from Michoacan, Mexico (1904)
  • Medical Examinations by Sir Thomas Oliver (1890-1927)
  • Mary Van Meter's notes on dancing at Crow Fair, 1994
  • Dorothy I. Adams typescript manuscripts relating to India and Borneo [ca. 1940]
  • Kwahahalu and Sapukuyawa Ceremonial Masks: Description of Artifacts Collected in the Waura Village, Xingu National Park, Mato Grosso, Brazil on April 8, 1983 by Emilienne M. Ireland, Department of Anthropology, Yale University
  • Copy of diary and letters from Jay Thomas during his stint with the Peace Corps in Iran.

Photographs received this year include:

  • Snapshots taken by Thomas Card of Italy (Mussolini's execution), China, Europe
  • Harris M. McLaughlin Photographs of Cuba (1898), Texas (1920s), Central America (1920s), United States Southwest, plus photographs of Sumatra by Dutch anthropologist J. Zimmerman
  • Alexander Gardner photographs of Ft. Laramie Treaty, 1868
  • Carte de visite of Peruvian man by Ricarco Villaalba
  • William Illingworth stereo view of Custer's expedition into the Black Hills, 1874
  • Frank Mason Good stereo photo of Egyptian women grinding corn
  • Stereograph by Kilburn of model of Siouan warrior at Columbian Exposition,1893. Adrian Ebell stereo card of Dakota woman guarding corn, taken just before Sioux revolt of 1862. Published by C.A. Zimmerman
  • Keystone stereograph of Turumu village and people, Congo Free State. Frederick K. Vreeland Photographs of Alaska, 1930s
  • Willard Z. Parks negatives of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria, Colombia, Ica and Cágaba tribes
  • Little Crow Portrait (carte de visite) by Whitney & Zimmerman

The archives also received additions to the personal and professional papers of Frederica de Laguna, Frank A. Dubinskas, Joel Halpern, Ellis Kerley, Eugene Knez, Donald J. Lehmer, and Beatrice Medicine.

Additions to the archival records of professional societies in 2000 include:

  • American Anthropological Association
  • Council for Museum Anthropology.
  • Society for American Archaeology

1999 Acquisitions

  • Cynthia C. Irwin-Williams (archaeological research in Europe, Mexico and five Western states; Colonial Spanish settlements of the 18th century; and historic-contemporary Hispanic populations)
  • Henry T. J. Irwin (research on paleoclimatology and lithic technology of late Pleistocene populations of the Great Plains and Southwest)
  • Bishop Charles Brashares (photographs of  India [1948-49]; Lisbon, Africa [1945]; Lake Titicaca and La Paz, Bolivia [1953-54]; Peru [1951]; and Palestine [1923])
  • Paul Riesman (fieldwork among the Jelbobe Fulani of Burkina Faso)
  • George H. Stathes (35mm color slides from Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda [1956-1960] and northern Nigeria [1965-67])
  • Ellis R. Kerley (forensic cases and correspondence)
  • Arnold Strickon (ethnographic study of ranching in Argentina and photographs of China)
  • Nancy Oestreich Lurie (materials relating to her tenure as president of the American Anthropological Association, 1983-1985)
  • Alfred and Jean Friendly (photographs of  an excursion to South Africa and Southern Rhodesia in 1958)
  • Eugene H. Boudreau (photographs relating to Mexican textiles recently acquired by the National Museum of Natural History)
  • Richart Pohrt (census of the Oglala Sioux, Pine Ridge Agency, South Dakota, June 30th, 1904, and 13 original illustrations on paper completed by Sioux Indian children attending a government day school on the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, circa 1904)
  • William S. Pollitzer (genetic and morphological research on population isolates)
  • Charles M. Leslie (the International Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine)
  • Herbert Ward (51 drawings made when Ward was a member of the Emin Pasha expedition)
  • Richard B. Johnston (River Basin Survey records)
  • Steve Chaput (original artwork for the comic book Brain Boy, depicting a superhero disguised as an anthropologist)
  • Kevin Stone and Randy Glickman (Brain Boy #1, April-June, 1962)
  • Council for Museum Anthropology (records, 1994-1998)

The archives also received additions to the personal and professional papers of John Buettner-Janusch, Joel Halpern, Bea Medicine, James G.E. Smith, and Laura Thompson Duker.

In addition, the archives acquired five manuscripts from the Frank T. Seibert Library of the North American Indian: (1) Hendrik Aupaumut autograph speech to the Delaware Nation (1802) with three letters (1801, 1801, 1762); (2) Hendrik Aupaumut autograph address sent to Secretary of War Henry Dearborn, 1808); (3) Autograph letter signed by John Etwine, 1772; (4) Kesas, Potawatomi Chief, manuscript copy of speech, 1797; (5) William Walton, Narrative of Captivity...of Benjamin Gilbert, 1780.

Our artwork collection has been enhanced by the addition of the Frank Wilbert Stokes collection, comprising charcoal, pencil and chalk portraits of polar Eskimos produced while Stokes was attached to the Peary Relief Expedition (1893-94); oil paintings of Innuit subjects; and small studies in oil of Arctic scenery.

Finally, two historical prints added to our photographic collections include an albumin carte de visite depicting Little Crow's daughters and a stereoview by Upton of Tomahee, a Sioux revolt prisoner.

1998 Acquisitions

  • William F. Baggerman (photographs of Afghanistan, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Nepal, Peru, Tibet, trans-Saharan Africa, Venezuela)
  • Frederica de Laguna (fieldwork among the Atna and Tlingit)
  • Frank A. Dubinskas (Mende aesthetics, Slavonian folklore, Apple Computer project management)
  • Clifford Evans (Institute of Andean Archaeology, Desert Research Institute, Maryland and Virginia archaeology)
  • Betty Bernice Faust (Mayan photographs)
  • Milo Hellman, M.D. (Human dentition, facial growth and development)
  • Charles Leslie (fieldwork in Oaxaca, Mexico)
  • Floyd G. Lounsbury (gift of a Mayan codex)
  • George Metcalf (archaeology of Garrison Reservoir and Lamb Springs, Colorado)
  • Jerome R. Mintz (Andalusia, Spain, and Hasidim of Brooklyn, New York)
  • The Society of Missionaries of Africa, also known as the the White Fathers (films and photographs of Africa)
  • James G. E. Smith (central Canadian subarctic)
  • Lucien Spencer (manuscripts from a Seminole Indian agent)
  • Richard N. Stuempges (photographs and audio recordings from northwestern Liberia)
  • John Verrill (archeology and ethnology of the Atrato Valley, Colombia and Cuna photographs)
  • Robert W. and Elizabeth N. Webb (10,000 photographs worldwide, especially of China circa 1930 and 1970)
  • Clarence Wolsey Weiant (parapsychological anthropology)

The NAA also received additions to collections previously donated by: Charles Dean Callender (Nubian photographs and Fox fieldnotes), Laura Thompson Duker (Indian Personality, Education, and Administration Study), James A. Ford, Carol F. Jopling (Choco and Kuna of Panama, Zapotec of Mexico), Eugene I. Knez (Korea), Frances Cooke Macgregor, John V. Murra, T. Dale Stewart, and Richard B. Woodbury.

1998 additions to the archival records of professional societies include:

  • American Association of Physical Anthropologists
  • Anthropological Society of Washington
  • Central States Anthropological Society
  • Society for American Archaeology
  • Society for Applied Anthropology
  • Society for Medical Anthropology (Hazel Weidman Papers)
  • Southeastern Archaeological Conference

In addition, a Navajo textile given to Major John Wesley Powell by a Navaho chief, circa 1870, was donated to the archives by Mrs. Winifred S. Cahn of Flagstaff, Arizona, a distant relative of Major Powell. 

1997 Acquisitions

  • The Papers of Charles Callender (ethnography of the Fox and the Kenuz of Nubia)
  • Carl S. Cesvette (study of Hispanic and African-American youths, Brooklyn, New York)
  • Marshall Durbin (Apache, Athabascan, Yucatex Maya, Carib, and Arawak linguistics)
  • Frank Hamilton Cushing (Zuni and Florida)
  • John W. Griffin (Florida archaeology)
  • Richard O. Marsh (Cuna of Panama)
  • Beatrice Medicine (20th Century Native American studies)
  • Jackson M. Mills, M.D. (Peary Relief Expedition)
  • Christopher C. Plato (Central American population genetics)
  • Ozzie Gordon Simmons (Chile and Peru)
  • Albert C. Spaulding (additional papers)

Also acquired in 1997 were photographs taken by:

  • Col. Thomas B. Card (Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Saudi Arabia)
  • Paul W. Card (China)
  • Eduoard Otto Faber (Belgian Congo)
  • William Stinson Soule (Kiowa, Apache)
  • Mary Vance Trent (Micronesia)

Additions to the archival records of professional societies in 1997 include:

  • American Anthropological Association
  • American Dermatoglyphics Association
  • Southeastern Archaeological Conference


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