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Department of Anthropology


Note on Restrictions

Several collections have been restricted at their donors' request to maintain the anonymity of research sources or to respect personal or cultural privacy. The National Anthropological Archives has occasionally imposed additional temporary restrictions to maintain the confidentiality of medical records and records pertaining to children. No access is provided to restricted materials.

The following collections are entirely or partially restricted. Please speak with an archivist before scheduling an appointment to view them. Please note that there may be other restricted collections that are not on the list.

  • American Anthropological Association
  • American Ethnological Society
  • American Society for Ethnohistory
  • Angel, John Lawrence
  • Beals, Ralph Leon
  • Caudill, William A.
  • Central States Anthropological Society
  • Council for Northeastern Historical Archaeology
  • Crocker, Willam H.
  • Dept. of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History
  • Ewers, John Canfield
  • Fischer, John L. and Ann K. Fischer
  • General Accounting Office
  • Goddard, Ives
  • Goldfrank, Esther Schiff
  • Goldstein, Marcus Solomon
  • Halpern, Joel M.
  • Havighurst, Robert J.
  • Hilger, Sister M. Inez
  • Honigmann, John J.
  • Isaac, Glynn L.
  • Kerley, Ellis
  • Krantz, Grover
  • Leighton, Dorothea Cross
  • Macgregor, Gordon
  • Navajo-Cornell Field Health Research Project
  • Nimmo, Harry Arlo
  • Novak, Ladislav
  • Payer, Dorothy Shepherd
  • Reining, Conrad C.
  • Sheldon, William Herbert
  • Smith, James G. E.
  • Society for American Archeology
  • Society for Applied Anthropology
  • Society for Latin American Archaeology
  • Society for Medical Anthropology
  • Southeastern Archeological Conference
  • Spencer, Frank
  • Taylor, Walter W.
  • Thompson, Laura
  • Viola, Herman
  • Zenner, Walter

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