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PLEASE NOTE: Turn-around time for duplication of archival materials in ANY format depends on staff availability and the current queue of requests. We will give you an estimated completion time on receipt of your order.  The Archives’ do not have a rush service.  For more information on turn-around times, contact appropriate staff. 


Orders for photocopies should be submitted on our Photocopy Order form. The cost is 50¢ per page. Maximum total order is 100 pp. A $25.00 surcharge may be included on orders that require special handling or layout. Please allow at least five weeks for us to complete your request.

Your credit card will be charged after we complete your order. For security, please do not include your credit card information on your Photocopy Order form if you are sending the form via email. Please fax your order/credit card information to 301.238.2883, or speak with us by phone at 301.238.1310.

Digital Images

The National Anthropological Archives offers digital images of many photographs and works of art in its collections. High-resolution images in TIFF format, suitable for printing or publication, are available for $50. Images can be sent via FTP for free or provided on a USB thumb drive, at an additional cost.

To place an order, simply send a completed image order form with the Inventory Number (Local Number) of the photograph or artwork as it appears in SIRIS, the Smithsonian's online catalog. Our staff can also help you locate an appropriate image. If you plan to reproduce the image in any form, please complete the appropriate section of the image order form. Please refer to page two of the image order form as well our Rights and Reproductions Guidelines for additional information.

Sound Recordings

Duplicates of most of the sound recordings in NAA collections may be purchased from the Archives. The cost depends on desired format, condition and length of original recording. Note that mp3 versions of many sound recordings may be listened to online via the Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS) catalog.  For more information contact the Reference Archivist.

All of the Smithsonian's wax cylinder recordings – including those produced by Frances Densmore, Jesse Walter Fewkes, James Mooney, Truman Michelson and J.N.B. Hewett – were transferred to the National Archives and, later, the Library of Congress. Many of these early recordings are available from the American Folklife Center in the Library of Congress. To learn more about these recordings, please consult The Federal Cylinder Project: a Guide to Field Cylinder Collections in Federal Agencies. (Washington, D.C.: American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, 1984-1985).

Film and Video

DVDs and, on a limited basis, digitized copies of many moving image collections can be purchased from the HSFA for research, classroom and personal use.  The cost is $50 per hour of recorded time.  Note that HSFA does not have the rights to duplicate all of the collections. To request copies, please complete A/V Materials order form listing the collection title(s) and number(s) as they appear in the HSFA Guide to the Collections or in SIRIS (the Smithsonian Institution Research Information System). 
Permission for public or commercial use of moving images is granted on a case-by-case basis and requires a signed Use Agreement.  For information on duplication for use in production, please refer to our policies below or call 301.238.1315 to speak with the Media Resource Specialist.

If there is no master duplicating copy the user may be required to pay the costs of producing an intermediate which will become the property of the HSFA.  HSFA may charge a handling fee.  All Audio-Visual duplications to be performed in facility outside the Smithsonian Institution must be approved by the HSFA.

Please note: that the HSFA does not lend its collections for personal or classroom use.

Sitting Bull, 25 Years Old, Capturing Crow Woman with Lance. 1882. MS 1929-B(10)

Sitting Bull, 25 Years Old, Capturing Crow Woman with Lance. 1882. MS 1929-B(10)


Rights & Reproduction Guidelines

The National Anthropological Archives and Human Studies Film Archives may charge a non-refundable use fee or processing fee for images the Archives’ supply for publication, distribution or exhibition in any format, including print and electronic media. Use fees support the collection, preservation and access of all archival collections. At the Archives' discretion, fees may be waived, reduced, or publications accepted in lieu of fees for non-profit or scholarly publications. Fees do not include the cost of providing production quality images or audiovisual material. All requests for fee waivers and reductions must be placed in writing.

In most cases, permission is granted for one-time, non-exclusive, worldwide use. Re-use or resale of any image in another publication, edition, format or language is prohibited.  Moving image material furnished by HSFA may not be resold, licensed, rented, or reused in any other production or for any purpose other than that specified in the HSFA Use Agreement.

(With respect to electronic media, "one-time use" means that once an electronic product has been published, distributed or exhibited, you may not subsequently reformat, redesign, or otherwise alter the disks or screens on which the image appears, nor re-use the image in other products, nor allow others to use it.)

Please note that the National Anthropological Archives and Human Studies Film Archives grant permission for reproduction on a case by case basis, and only to the extent of the Archives’ own rights relating to each request.   Although reference staff will do its best to provide you with as much information as possible, the ultimate responsibility for ascertaining whether additional related rights exist, and for obtaining all other necessary permissions rests  with the user. Additionallt, the Human Studies Film Archives reserves the right to exercise judgment about the ethical use of moving image materials in prior to granting permission for duplication.

For more format specific language regarding conditions of use for Archives’ material, please refer to the Digital Permissions form, the HSFA Moving image order form, or the HSFA Use Agreement

Permissions and use fees


The Archives’ are currently adjusting their permissions and use fee schedules. Please contact for information regarding specific uses.

PakistanHunza, Pakistan, 1978, photograph by E. Richard Sorenson, HSFA, sihsfa_ers_hunza_pakistan_1978_op_01.


Photocopy order form – photocopy orders only. For more info and estimates contact

Digital image order/ Permissions request form – request high resolution image files of photograph and manuscript material AND/OR permission to use any non-moving material from Anthropology Archives’ collections.

A/V materials order form – request reference copies of audio-visual materials in the Anthropology Archives for research, personal or classroom use.

Moving Image Use Agreement – request permission to use moving image material for uses other than research, personal or classroom use.

The Archives’ accept payment by credit card, money order, or personal check drawn on an American bank payable to "Smithsonian Institution." International money orders must be payable in U.S. dollars.  All fees are non-refundable.  Send forms and fees to:

National Anthropological Archives/Human Studies Film Archives
Smithsonian Institution Museum Support Center
4210 Silver Hill Road, Suitland, MD 20746

Note on Restrictions

Several collections have been restricted at their donors' request to maintain the anonymity of research sources or to respect personal or cultural privacy. The National Anthropological Archives has occasionally imposed additional temporary restrictions to maintain the confidentiality of medical records and records pertaining to children. No access is provided to restricted materials.

The following collections are entirely or partially restricted. Please speak with an archivist before scheduling an appointment to view them. Please note that there may be other restricted collections that are not on the list.

uichol. Muller collectionHuichol, northern Mexico, 1976, photograph by Kalmun Muller, HSFA, sihsfa_kmuller_huichol_1976_op_03.
  • American Anthropological Association
  • American Ethnological Society
  • American Society for Ethnohistory
  • Angel, John Lawrence
  • Beals, Ralph Leon
  • Caudill, William A.
  • Central States Anthropological Society
  • Council for Northeastern Historical Archaeology
  • Crocker, Willam H.
  • Dept. of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History
  • Ewers, John Canfield
  • Fischer, John L. and Ann K. Fischer
  • General Accounting Office
  • Goddard, Ives
  • Goldfrank, Esther Schiff
  • Goldstein, Marcus Solomon
  • Halpern, Joel M.
  • Havighurst, Robert J.
  • Hilger, Sister M. Inez
  • Honigmann, John J.
  • Isaac, Glynn L.
  • Kerley, Ellis
  • Krantz, Grover
  • Leighton, Dorothea Cross
  • Macgregor, Gordon
  • Navajo-Cornell Field Health Research Project
  • Nimmo, Harry Arlo
  • Novak, Ladislav
  • Payer, Dorothy Shepherd
  • Reining, Conrad C.
  • Sheldon, William Herbert
  • Smith, James G. E.
  • Society for American Archeology
  • Society for Applied Anthropology
  • Society for Latin American Archaeology
  • Society for Medical Anthropology
  • Southeastern Archeological Conference
  • Spencer, Frank
  • Taylor, Walter W.
  • Thompson, Laura
  • Viola, Herman
  • Zenner, Walter


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