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Abakua religious tradition, CB-93.8.1
accordian, CB-91.11.1
acculturation, AS-91.8.10, CA-82.10.1, NA-89.22.16, NA-93.24.41,
   OC-91.8.7, SA-84.16.1, SA-84.16.15, SA-84.16.16; and Indian
   identity, NA-94.4.2 (see also modernization)
accupressure, NA-93.24.27
Acropolis, EU-89.17.2, EU-91.20.4
actors, AS-77.3.4, AS-84.2.1 (see also drama)
Adair, John (anthropologist), SC-89.10.18
Adams, Robert McCormick (anthropologist), NA-90.9.1
Adena site, NA-83.8.1
adoption by single parents, NA-89.22.27
adornment: see bodily adornment
Africa, and anthropological research, SC-89.10.11; influences on
   Vodun, NA-92.9.4
Afro-Brazilian religious ceremonies, SA-93.24.5
agbande drum ensemble, AF-82.11.1
aggression, ritualized, SA-84.16.7
Agnicayana ritual, AS-76.2.1
agriculture, AF-82.5.6, AF-90.21.1, AF-91.13.2; agricultural
   cycles, AS-86.13.5; agricultural fairs, AF-82.1.1; changes in,
   CB-89.22.11; changing methods of, AS-88.5.4; festivals,
   AF-82.11.2; the moon's influence on, AF-85.3.1; subsistence,
   ME-85.6.1 (see also cash crops; cultivation; irrigation)
Alabama Museum of Natural History, NA-86.8.3
Alamo, CA-91.20.21
alcoholic beverages, AS-90.5.1; palmwine, AF-91.13.5; sake,
   AS-93.6.2 (see also beer; drugs; soma)
Alhambra castle, EU-90.10.4
alliance, SA-81.5.1; and exchange between clans, OC-75.1.2;
   inter-village, SA-84.16.10; political, SA-84.16.1, SA-84.16.7,
   SA-84.16.17 (see also exchange; reciprocity)
American Anthropological Association, SC-89.10.5, SC-89.10.6,
American Indian Law Center, NA-87.6.3
American Indians, status of, NA-94.4.4
ancestors, AF-77.1.1; NA-87.9.17; communication with, AF-83.7.1,
   AF-83.7.2; rites for, AS-88.2.3, AF-91.13.11; sacrifices to,
   AF-83.5.1, AF-83.9.1; worship of, AS-88.5.1, AS-88.5.6,
   CB-92.9.2 (see also sacrifice)
animal butchering: see butchering
animal husbandry, AF-82.5.6, AS-84.17.1, AS-86.13.5, AS-87.2.1,
   AS-75.2.1, ME-81.3.1; kraals, AF-79.1.1 (see also dairying;
   pastoralists; ranching)
animal sacrifice: see sacrifice
annual cycles, nomads, AS-75.6.1; and ritual interdependence,
annual rites, AF-88.8.1, AF-90.1.2; for ancestors, AF-91.13.11;
   birthday parties, AS-88.5.1; and equestrian ritual combat,
   AS-88.17.1; Buddhist, AS-87.7.1, AS-90.22.1; first fruits
   ritual, CA-82.10.1; Haong New Year's celebration, AS-93.21.2;
   India, AS-86.13.4, AS-86.13.6; involving mermaids and sea
   figures, NA-92.9.9; Losar (Tibetan New Year), AS-90.5.1; on
   Marcus Garvey's birthday, CB-86.2.1; New Moon festivities,
   AS-88.5.6; new year's couplets, AS-88.5.1; New Year's Day,
   AS-88.5.2; Persian New Year, AS-88.14.1; rainy season
   celebrations, AF-90.1.2; to sanctify government officials,
   CA-82.10.1; year-ending propitiation, as-86.13.9;
Antarctic exploration, IN-89.22.31
anthropology, in Africa, SC-89.10.21; applied, SC-89.10.18; in
   Argentina, SC-89.10.21; in Australia, SC-89.10.21; biological,
   SC-89.10.27; in Brazil, SC-89.10.5; in Central Africa,
   SC-89.10.21; in Central America, SC-89.10.21; in China,
   SC-89.10.8; in East Africa, SC-89.10.6; in Eastern U.S.,
   SC-89.10.21; in Europe, SC-89.10.4, SC-89.10.21; in Great
   Basin region, SC-89.10.21; in Guatemala, SC-89.10.5,
   SC-89.10.8; in Latin America, SC-89.10.21, SC-89.10.21a; in
   Mexico, SC-89.10.8, SC-89.10.21, SC-89.10.21a; in northeast
   U.S., SC-89.10.3; in Peru, SC-89.10.21; in Plains Region,
   SC-89.10.3, SC-89.10.21; social, SC-89.10.26; in South
   America, SC-89.10.21; in U.S. Southwest, SC-89.10.21, and the
   Vietnam War, SC-89.10.5, during World War II, SC-89.10.21 (see
   also archaeology)
anthropometry: see physical anthropology
ANZAC Day ceremonies, OC-93.24.29
apartheid, AF-91.13.11
applied anthropology, SC-89.10.18
appointment, of an abbot, AS-86.13.11
Arara religious tradition, CB-93.8.1
archaeological excavation, AF-82.5.1, AF-87.1.1, AS-89.18.3,
   CA-91.16.6, CA-91.16.7, ME-90.14.1, NA-82.6.1, NA-83.8.1,
   NA-83.13.2, NA-84.13.1, NA-85.2.1, NA-86.7.1, NA-86.8.2,
   NA-86.8.3; NA-86.8.4, NA-86.12.2, NA-87.5.1, NA-87.5.2,
   NA-92.7.1; in Alaska, NA-82.2.1, NA-82.2.2, NA-92.7.2; in
   Algeria, AF-82.5.2, AF-82.5.3; in the Arctic, NA-91.9.2; in
   China, AS-81.5.6; in Korea, AS-81.5.5; prehistoric and ancient
   Sahara habitations, AF-82.5.4
archaeological expeditions, CA-87.8.1, NA-86.12.1
archaeological fieldwork, SC-89.10.12
archaeological sites, CA-88.4.1, CA-91.16.2, CA-91.16.7,
   CA-92.8.2, EU-91.20.4, IN-89.22.25, IN-91.20.15; in Egypt,
archaeologists, NA-89.22.15
archaeology: in the Florida Park Service, SC-89.10.7; in the
   National Park Service, SC-89.10.7; salvage, NA-83.13.2,
architectural monuments, IN-76.4.1
architecture, AS-88.5.1, AS-91.6.1, EU-87.9.2, IN-91.20.15,
   NA-86.11.4, NA-86.11.5; of the Anasazi, NA-87.5.2; in Bali,
   OC-76.6.1; Cambodian, AS-75.4.1; central European and
   Byzantine, NA-87.9.13; Egyptian, AF-83.1.1; Inupiat,
   NA-93.1.3; in Irian Jaya, OC-87.4.1; Mayan, CA-89.22.29;
   Mediterranean, EU-90.10.1; Mexican, CA-89.22.3; monumental,
   AF-89.16.1; Roman, AF-82.5.1, EU-90.10.6, EU-91.20.2,
   EU-91.20.26; of tarp-covered sundance lodge, NA-87.12.1
Arensberg, Conrad (anthropologist), SC-89.10.19
aristocrats, AS-91.8.4
Armand Denis-Lewis Cotlow African expedition, AF-85.11.1
arrow making, NA-84.18.1
art, AS-77.3.2; Japanese, AS-91.8.13; Papua New Guinean statuary,
   NA-90.17.1; Tibetan, NA-86.13.20 (see also bodily adornment;
   carving; crafts; drawing; painting; woodcarving; woodworking)
athletic competitions, AF-91.18.15, AS-82.3.1 (see also athletic
   sports; boating)
athletic sports, NA-93.1.3, OC-88.11.1, OC-93.24.29; buzkashi,
   AS-75.6.1, AS-81.5.2; martial arts, AS-84.2.2, AS-84.17.1,
   AS-85.13.1; sumo wrestling, AS-82.3.1, AS-93.24.40; wrestling,
   AS-75.2.1, OC-89.18.1 (see also boating; bullfighting)
Austin, Hilda, NA-89.13.1
Australia, and anthropological fieldwork, SC-89.10.18
authority, political, AF-91.18.10 (see also government)
avoidance behavior, SA-84.16.3
avoidance relationships, AF-83.5.3

baby-naming ceremony, AF-83.5.1
Badillo, Herman (congressman), CB-94.4.1
Bagivagit, goddess, AS-77.3.3
Baker, Aloha, SA-76.5.1
Balinese Arts Festival, AS-93.18.1
Balinese School of Performing Arts, STSI, AS-93.18.1
ballads, EU-93.20.10; English, NA-93.20.9
bamboo mat making, AS-87.7.1
banana industry, CB-89.22.9
Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada), NA-91.20.22
banjo players, NA-93.20.6
Baptist Church, NA-89.15.1, NA-89.15.2
bards, AF-85.3.1 (see also praise singers)
bark canoes, OC-91.8.7
barkcloth manufacture, AF-91.13.3, OC-76.6.1, OC-78.1.2/85.11.5,
Barnett, Homer Garner, footage associated with his papers,
Barnum and Bailey Circus, NA-89.20.1
basketball, AS-91.20.14
Basketmaker III, NA-86.12.3
basket making, NA-86.11.5, NA-92.6.1, SA-94.1.4, SA-84.3.1;
   coiled and twined method, NA-94.3.2
basketry, NA-84.18.1
bass, EU-87.9.8, OC-90.20.3
bathing, AF-83.7.2, AF-91.13.9, AF-91.18.12; AS-94.18.1,
   NA-91.9.1, SA-78.3.1, SA-85.11.4, SA-85.11.6; Macha Byenkugu
   ceremony, AS-80.4.1; rituals, IN-84.19.3 (see also personal
batik, AS-89.2.15; making of, AS-89.2.10; techniques, AS-89.2.14
baton twirling, CB-92.12.1
bazaar, AF-90.10.15, AS-75.6.1, AS-80.3.1, AS-81.5.2, AS-87.2.1,
   EU-91.20.4, ME-90.10.17 (see also markets; shopping)
beads, AF-90.1.2, SA-86.13.32; as neck ornamentation, AS-81.2.1
Bear Festival, AS-82.3.1, AS-93.6.4
beauty, contests for men, AF-93.14.1; cultural constructions of,
Bedell, George (anthropologist), SC-89.10.23
bee keeping, AF-93.5.1
beer, brewing, AF-85.1.1, AF-85.1.2, CA-82.10.2; corn, SA-75.2.2;
   commercial brewing, AS-81.2.4; distilling, AS-90.5.1;
   drinking, AF-83.11.8, AF-84.19.6, AF-93.29.1; symbolism,
   AF-85.1.1; yucca, SA-78.3.1, SA-85.11.6
behavioral research and analysis, NA-82.8
Beloit College/Logan Museum archaeological expedition, AF-82.5.1,
   AF-82.5.2, AF-82.5.6, AF-82.5.8, AF-87.1.1
Bernard, H. Russell (anthropologist), SC-89.10.17, SC-89.10.21,
   SC-89.10.21a, SC-89.10.26
Bernstein, Theodore, NA-93.24.39
betel chewing, AS-90.7.5
Bhand, Hajari (court jester and street performer), AS-84.2.1
biological anthropology, SC-89.10.27
Bird, Junius, SA-93.20.4
birth control, AS-88.5.3 (see also fertility)
birthday parties, AS-88.5.1
bison round-up, NA-88.7.1
Bitterroot Mountains, NA-91.20.5
Black Elk, Ben, NA-88.10.1
blacksmiths: see metalworking
'Bloco-Afro' groups, SA-92.4.1
blowgun, NA-86.11.4, NA-86.11.5
Blue Eagle (Creek/Pawnee artist), NA-87.17.2
bluegrass festivals, NA-93.20.6
Boas, Franz (anthropologist), SC-89.10.1, SC-89.10.3, SC-89.10.4,
boating, NA-89.20.1; kayak and umiaq races, NA-93.1.1; sailing,
bodily adornment, AF-83.5.3, AF-83.9.1, AF-83.11.6, OC-75.1.1,
   SA-76.5.1, SA-84.3.1, SA-84.16.7, SA-85.11.4, SA-85.11.6,
   SA-91.18.23, SA-94.1.4, SA-94.1.5; body painting, OC-91.7.3,
   NA-94.17.1, SA-76.5.1; of the ear, AF-79.1.1; ear plugs,
   AS-81.2.1; face painting, AF-90.1.2, AF-91.13.4, AF-91.13.6,
   AF-93.3.2, CA-89.3.1, CA-89.3.2, CA-89.4.4, SA-76.5.1; facial
   markings, AF-93.3.2; and gender, AF-88.16.7; hairdressing,
   AF-83.5.1, AF-83.5.5, AF-87.9.27, AS-89.2.16, AS-93.25.1; hair
   plaiting, AF-91.13.6, OC-89.18.2, SA-91.21.1; head shaving,
   AF-82.5.4, AF-91.13.5, AF-91.13.13, AF-93.3.2; and jural
   status, AF-83.5.2; lip painting, AS-93.6.2; lip plugs,
   AF-85.11.2, nose adornment, OC-93.3.3; tattooing, OC-91.7.3,
   OC-93.3.3, AS-88.21.1; toenail cutting, AS-80.4.1; tooth
   filing, AS-93.18.1, OC-81.1.1; wigs, AS-93.6.2 (see also
   bodily modification; clothing; personal adornment; personal
bodily modification, OC-75.1.1 (see also bodily adornment)
body, human: see bodily adornment; bodily modification;
   flagellation; human biology; human remains; mummification;
   nursing; physical anthropology
body painting: see bodily adornment
Bole Maru religion, NA-93.24.35
Bon animists, and Buddhists, AS-87.7.1
bone-setters, AS-84.2.1
Bonzou, Essey, coronation of, AF-94.8.1
bookbinding, EU-91.20.12
Bordes, Francois, AF-87.16.2
Borobudur monument, OC-93.24.4
Bow River Falls (Alberta, Canada), NA-91.20.22
bowling, AS-91.20.14
boxing, NA-93.1.3
Boy's Day celebration, AS-86.6.2
brass carver, AS-80.3.1
brasswork, AF-77.1.1
Brazelton, T. Berry, NA-87.16.3
breadfruit, OC-83.3.1
brick making, AS-75.2.1, AS-76.2.1, SA-86.11.7
bridal gifts, OC-89.12.1
bride capture, mock, AF-83.5.3
brideservice, AF-91.18.2
bridewealth, AF-83.2.4, AF-83.5.3, AF-84.19.6; negotiations,
bridge building, AF-85.11.2
Bronson, Wanda, NA-87.16.3
Broom, Robert, interviewed, AF-87.16.2
Bruner, Jerome, NA-87.16.3
Buddhism, AS-89.5.1; ethics, AS-86.1.2; imagery, AS-86.6.2,
   AS-88.16.5, AS-90.22.1, AS-92.10.2, AS-93.4.1; plays,
   AS-91.21.8; relations with Bon animists, AS-87.7.1; rites and
   ceremonies, AS-87.7.1, AS-90.5.1, NA-86.1.4, NA-93.24.27,
   OC-93.24.4; sects, AS-93.24.13; students, AS-86.13.14,
   Tibetan, AS-86.1.1, AS-86.1.2; in the U.S., AS-86.1.1 (see
   also monastaries)
Buffalo Pasture archaeological site, NA-88.1.1
building construction, CA-91.16.6, OC-78.1.2/85.11.5, OC-80.2.2,
   OC-84.7.8, OC-91.8.7, SA-78.3.1, SA-88.12.1, SA-91.21.9;
   pueblos, NA-90.16.1, NA-90.16.2 (see also house building)
bullfighting, CA-85.10.2, CA-91.16.6, CA-91.20.20, CA-93.24.33,
   EU-91.20.9, NA-89.20.1
bullroarers, AF-91.13.4, AF-91.13.5, AF-91.13.13
bulon bata, AF-87.9.26
Bumba-Meu Boi tradition, SA-92.4.1
Bunzell, Ruth (anthropologist), SC-89.10.8
burial: see mortuary rites and practices
Burnham, Forbes (Guyanese Prime Minister), SA-93.24.16
butchering, animal, AF-83.7.1, AF-83.9.1, AF-91.13.1, AS-75.6.1,
Byron Khun de Prorok, (expedition leader), AF-82.5.4

Cahokia Mound, NA-76.1.1
cairns, NA-91.10.1
Calderon, Eduardo (ceramacist and healer), SA-88.9.1, SA-92.11.1
calendars, Aztec, CA-89.22.2; lunar and initiation, AF-85.3.1
calisthenics, SA-94.1.2
calypso, NA-92.9.5
Camara, Fernando (anthropologist), SC-89.10.21, SC-89.10.21a,
   SC-89.10.22, SC-89.10.24, SC-89.10.25
candle making, EU-91.20.9, NA-91.4.1
Candomble, CB-93.8.1, SA-92.4.1
canoe building, OC-86.13.25
Canyon de Chelly, NA-91.14.2
Cape Town University, AF-91.20.24
"Cape-to-Cairo" route, AF-89.17.1
caravans, AS-89.18.3; of opium smugglers, AS-81.5.7;
   trans-Saharan, AF-89.22.21
carbon dating, NA-92.7.1
card games (playing cards), NA-91.9.1, NA-93.1.1, NA-93.1.3,
Caribbean, as anthropological research field, SC-89.10.20
Caribbean Carnival (Brooklyn, N.Y.), NA-92.9.5
Carnival, SA-86.11.7, SA-92.4.1, SA-93.20.13, SA-93.24.5;
   Caribbean, NA-92.9.5
Carnival Samba parade, SA-90.1.3
carpenters, AS-76.2.1
Carr Hartley (big game hunter), AF-85.11.2, AF-85.11.3
Carter, Sara and Maybelle (country music singers), NA-93.20.5
carvers, AS-81.2.1
carving, AF-77.1.5, AS-89.2.10, SA-91.21.1; calabashes,
   AF-91.13.1, AF-91.13.2; and gender, AF-83.9.1; on houses,
   SA-77.1.4; ivory, NA-87.9.19, NA-93.1.1, NA-93.1.2; jade,
   AS-88.21.2, AS-88.21.10; soapstone, NA-78.1.1/85.11.7 (see
   also woodcarving)
cash crops, IN-91.21.10, ME-85.6.1 (see also agriculture; coffee;
   coconuts; sugar cane; tree farms)
Cassell, Joan (anthropologist), SC-89.10.16
castles, EU-91.20.12
cathedrals, CA-91.20.6, EU-90.10.18, NA-89.20.1; Saint Mark's
   basilica, EU-91.20.26; Saint Paul's Cathedral, EU-91.20.3
Catholicism, EU-90.7.9, OC-84.7.1, SA-90.4.3; in China,
   AS-88.5.1, AS-88.5.5; and Inupiat, NA-93.1.1; and Latin
   America, SA-93.24.25; and Vodun, NA-92.9.4 (see also
   cathedrals; churches; Christianity; priests and priestesses)
caves, EU-91.20.9; exploration, CA-91.21.4, NA-94.3.1; wall
   paintings, AF-91.21.5, OC-91.8.5
Cazo, Alfonso (anthropologist), SC-89.10.21, SC-89.10.21a
Cecil Rhodes, grave of, AF-85.4.1
Center for Behavioral Sciences, SC-89.10.11
Central Africa, as anthropological research field, SC-89.10.2
ceramic art, pre-Columbian, SA-88.9.1
ceremonial coiffure, AF-87.9.27
ceremonial exchange: see exchange; reciprocity
ceremony: see Buddhism, rites and ceremonies; rites of passage
Chaco Canyon, NA-76.1.1, NA-92.5.1; Pueblo Bonito, NA-87.16.1,
chamber music, English, AF-90.1.4
Chandler, Dillard (balladeer), NA-93.20.2
chanting, AS-87.7.1, CB-91.1.1, SA-92.4.1 (see also singing;
Chateaudun du Rhumel, France (Algeria?), AF-82.5.3
Chattahoochie River Valley salvage archaeology project, NA-86.7.2
Chavez, Cesar (civil rights leader), NA-93.24.32
Cherokee Indians, anthropological fieldwork among, SC-89.10.17
cherry blossom, festival, AS-82.3.1, season, NA-91.20.16
Cheyenne Frontier Days, NA-91.20.18
Chichen Itza, Mayan ruins, CA-86.12.4, NA-89.20.1
child-adult interactions, AS-86.13.5, SA-84.16.6, SA-86.13.32
childbirth, AF-94.8.1, AS-88.5.3, OC-80.1.1, OC-92.2.1,
   SA-84.3.1; couvade, SA-76.5.1
childrearing, AF-78.2.1, AF-83.5.5, AF-91.13.3, AF-91.18.7,
   NA-93.16.1, OC-75.3.1, SA-84.16.1; on Israeli kibbutz,
   ME-93.24.9; in the U.S., NA-76.3.1 (see also children;
   education; initiation)
children, AF-83.11.8, AS-81.2.4, AS-83.13.1, AS-86.13.16,
   NA-90.7.1; activities of, AF-83.9.1; behavior, OC-92.2.1; care
   of, AS-83.4.1; education of, AF-91.18.4, AS-91.20.14; dancing,
   AS-80.5.1, EU-87.9.8; development of, NA-87.16.3, SA-86.13.17;
   discipline, AF-91.18.5, IN-84.19.3, OC-92.2.1; fighting,
   AS-86.13.29; games, AF-87.9.26, AF-91.18.9, AS-88.5.1,
   AS-86.13.5, IN-76.4.1, NA-87.17.3, NA-93.1.1, NA-93.1.4;
   labor, CA-91.7.4; play, AF-91.13.3, AF-91.18.1, AF-91.18.17,
   AS-89.2.3, AS-91.8.15, NA-87.12.1, NA-91.9.1, NA-93.1.6,
   NA-93.16.2, OC-75.1.3, OC-80.1.1, OC-84.7.5, OC-86.13.19,
   OC-90.15.1, SA-84.16.18; swordfighting, AS-80.5.1;
   socialization, OC-86.13.25, OC-86.13.27, OC-86.13.28,
   OC-86.13.35, SA-86.13.31; weaning, OC-92.2.1 (see also
   childrearing; education; initiation)
Chini Lama, AS-87.9.11
Chitraparava celebration, AS-84.2.2
chordophone, OC-87.9.9
Christianity, appointment of an abbott, AS-86.13.11; Harrist
   Church, AF-77.2.1; icons and images, SA-88.12.1; in Indonesia,
   AS-91.8.16; influences of, CA-82.10.1; Northwest Coast
   congregations, NA-87.9.18; rites and ceremonies, AF-77.2.1,
   AF-89.17.1, AS-81.2.3, AS-81.2.4, CA-82.10.2, CA-87.15.1,
   CA-89.22.7, NA-87.9.14 (see also cathedrals; Catholicism;
   churches; missionaries; religious syncretism)
chromolithographs, CB-77.1.2
churches, CA-93.24.33, ME-81.3.1, NA-89.15.1, NA-89.15.2;
   Episcopal Chapel, NA-91.9.1; independent, NA-84.19.4; Russian
   Orthodox, NA-93.16.1; Washington Square Church, EU-94.7.1,
   EU-94.7.2 (see also cathedrals; Christianity; mosques)
Church of St. Mary's, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, AF-91.3.1
cicatrization, AF-83.11.2, AF-83.11.4, AF-84.19.6, AF-91.13.3,
   AF-91.13.4, AF-91.13.5, AF-91.18.18, OC-90.7.10, SA-91.21.1
   (see also initiation)
cigar rollers, NA-92.9.7 (see also smoking)
circumcision, AF-91.13.4, AF-91.13.5, AF-91.13.13, ME-81.3.1; and
   male identity, AF-85.1.1
civil rights movement, NA-93.24.32
clan alliances, OC-75.1.2
Clark, Graham, NA-91.10.1
cliff dwelling ruins, NA-92.6.1
clinics, NA-92.3.1
cloth, commemorative, AF-91.13.6; from elm bast, AS-93.6.1 (see
   also barkcloth; clothing; spinning; weaving)
clothing, AF-89.22.23, NA-89.6.2; Chinese traditional, AS-89.9.4;
   and missionary influences, AF-83.9.1; Thai, AS-90.7.5 (see
   also barkcloth)
clowns, NA-90.7.2, NA-91.14.1
coca, SA-75.2.2
cockfighting, AS-89.2.10, AS-93.4.1, AS-94.18.1, CB-90.3.1,
   CB-92.9.3, OC-93.3.4
coconut harvesting, OC-90.7.13 (see also copra production)
coffee, bean harvesting, SA-86.16.2; industry, SA-88.16.10;
   plantation, CA-91.7.4; production, CA-91.7.4, CA-91.20.21,
coiffure: see bodily adornment (hairdressing)
Coliseum, EU-90.7.9
collecting, food, AF-83.11.4, AF-83.11.6, AF-83.11.8, OC-91.8.7;
   honey, NA-91.4.1, AF-91.13.3, AF-91.13.7; roots, AF-93.24.6
   (see also food preparation)
College of Saint Cecilia, CA-91.20.21
Collie, Dr. George (Logan Museum), AF-82.5.3
colonialism, OC-88.11.1, SA-88.12.1; architecture and buildings,
   AS-88.21.5; colonial outposts, AF-82.5.4, AF-86.11.8; Dutch,
   AS-91.8.4; labor parties, AF-89.17.1; in Latin America,
   SA-93.24.25; native reserves, AF-89.17.1; stereotyped
   interactions, AF-83.1.1 (see also first contact scenes)
Colson, Elizabeth (anthropologist), SC-89.10.10
Columbia University, anthropology department, SC-89.10.6,
   SC-89.10.8, SC-89.10.15
coming-of age ceremonies: see initiation and rites of passage
Comitas, Lambros (anthropologist), SC-89.10.19, SC-89.10.20
communal work group, AF-77.1.1
Communist Party, China, AS-88.5.1
commuters, NA-93.20.7
competition: see athletic sports; boating; cockfighting; games
conflict, AS-88.2.5; armed, SA-81.5.1; management and settlement,
   AF-83.9.1, AF-91.18.2, AF-91.18.10, SA-75.2.2; over land,
   AS-84.17.1; social and personal tension, AF-91.18.11 (see also
Congo religious tradition, CB-93.8.1
cooking, AS-91.8.10, OC-91.8.5, OC-91.8.7 (see also cuisine; food
coon hunting, NA-88.16.3 (see also hunting)
coppersmith, AF-90.10.15
copra production, AS-88.21.10 (see also coconut harvesting)
Coral Atoll Project, OC-83.3.1
coronation, AF-94.8.1, OC-90.19.3 (see also installation
corporal punishment, of females by males, AF-93.14.2
costumes, CA-89.22.3; of the Americas, IN-87.9.4; and initiation,
   AF-87.9.27; Tibetan, AS-81.4.1
courtship, fictional depiction of, OC-91.7.3; rituals,
   OC-78.1.2/85.11.5 (see also marriage)
couvade, SA-76.5.1
crafts, AF-77.1.1, AF-82.5.2; production, OC-90.18.1, OC-90.18.2
Craig Burial Mound, NA-85.2.1
cremation, AS-87.7.1, AS-93.4.1, AS-94.18.1, OC-93.3.4;
   ceremonies, AS-87.11.1, OC-81.1.1
Cressman, Luther S. (anthropologist), NA-94.3.1
cricket, OC-88.11.1
cuisine, Balinese, AS-91.8.10; Cheyenne, NA-88.10.1; Herero,
   AF-83.9.1; Haitian, CB-92.9.3; Haida and Tsimshian,
   NA-87.9.18; Hupa, NA-84.18.1; Havasupai, NA-91.9.1; Inupiat,
   NA-93.1.2; Jamaican, CB-89.8.1; Papuan, OC-87.4.1; southern
   U.S., NA-91.4.1; Turanian, AS-88.14.1; West Indian, NA-92.9.8;
   (see also collecting; cooking; food preparation)
cultivation, AF-89.22.23, SA-91.21.1; with digging sticks,
   AF-91.13.1; history, NA-76.1.1; hoeing and planting,
   AF-77.1.1; rice, AS-83.4.1, AS-88.20.1, AS-88.21.10,
   AS-89.2.7, AS-89.5.1, AS-89.9.1; swidden, CA-89.3.3,
   OC-75.1.1, SA-84.3.1; taro, OC-75.3.1 (see also agriculture;
   subsistence activities)
cultural ecology, AS-84.17.1, AS-90.5.1; and pastoralists,
   AF-88.16.7 (see also ecological adaptation)
Cultural Revolution, AS-88.5.2
culture, and generational time, NA-87.3.1
culture change, AF-83.2.3; visual evidence for, SA-84.16.15
cupping, EU-89.7.1 (see also curing; healing; medicine)
curing, AF-83.11.3, SA-88.12.1; rites and ceremonies, AF-83.5.1,
   AS-89.11.1, AS-89.11.2, SA-92.11.1 (see also cupping; healing;
curios, AS-93.24.8
Custer Battlefield, NA-83.6.1, NA-91.20.18
cutlery making, CA-91.20.13
cymbals, AS-89.2.12, CB-91.11.1

dairying, AS-87.7.1, AS-88.14.1, AS-90.5.1 (see also animal
   husbandry; pastoralism)
Dalai Lama, AS-86.1.1, NA-86.1.4, NA-86.13.20; palace of,
   AS-86.13.9; religious examinations of, AS-86.4.2
dam building, NA-87.9.25
dance, acrobatic, AF-89.16.1; ceremonial, AF-82.1.1, NA-87.9.6;
   chaam, AS-86.13.10; children's, CA-91.20.20; command
   performances, AF-88.8.1; communicative functions of,
   AS-89.2.2; and community pride, SA-90.1.3; at court,
   AS-89.2.10; and cultural change, OC-90.19.1; and exorcism,
   AS-89.2.2; "fancy," NA-88.10.1, NA-89.6.2; at gold mine,
   AF-91.20.24; at harvest time, AF-89.17.1, AS-88.21.7,
   AS-88.21.10, AS-89.2.10; and history, values and spirit,
   AF-94.2.1; at initiation, AF-87.9.27, AF-94.2.1;
   marching-style, AF-82.11.2; martial, AS-85.13.1, OC-89.2.13;
   and martial arts, AS-84.2.2; masked, AF-89.16.1, AF-90.21.1,
   AF-91.13.5, AF-91.13.13, AS-84.2.2, AS-87.9.11, AS-89.2.4,
   AS-90.22.1, AS-91.21.8, CA-91.16.2, CA-91.21.4, NA-86.11.5,
   NA-87.9.18, OC-93.3.4, SA-86.11.7; and medicine, AF-91.18.14;
   Mehemba and Naulila bands, AF-83.11.1; political ownership of,
   AF-88.8.1; and politics, AF-88.8.1; puberty ceremony,
   SA-91.21.9; ring dances, AF-82.11.2; and ritual cycles,
   OC-84.14.1; Royal Cambodian Ballet, AS-75.4.1; rumba,
   CB-93.8.1; Samba, SA-90.1.3; seated, OC-89.2.5; social,
   CB-77.1.2; societies, AF-88.8.1; on stilts, AS-88.5.1,
   AS-88.5.6; with swords, AS-80.5.1; symbolism of, OC-88.11.1;
   and trance, AF-83.11.3, AF-83.11.6, AF-83.11.8; in urban area,
   AF-87.9.27; war dance, AF-83.5.2, AF-89.16.1, AF-89.17.1,
   AS-81.2.1, NA-88.10.1, OC-89.2.5, OC-89.2.13; at weddings,
   AF-83.5.2, AS-88.20.1; women's ensembles, AF-82.11.1
     Africa, AF-77.1.5, AF-82.1.1, AF-82.11.1, AF-83.1.1,
   AF-83.5.3, AF-83.7.1, AF-83.7.2, AF-83.9.1, AF-83.11.3,
   AF-83.11.4, AF-83.11.6, AF-85.1.1, AF-85.1.2, AF-85.4.1,
   AF-85.11.1, AF-85.11.2, AF-86.11.8, AF-87.9.26, AF-88.16.7,
   AF-89.17.1, AF-90.1.2, AF-90.7.11, AF-91.13.3, AF-91.13.4,
   AF-91.15.1, AF-91.18.11, AF-91.20.24, AF-93.3.2, AF-93.14.1,
   AF-93.24.26, AF-93.29.1
     Asia, AS-75.2.1, AS-80.5.1, AS-81.2.1, AS-81.2.4, AS-81.4.1,
   AS-83.4.1, AS-86.1.1, AS-86.1.2, AS-86.9.1, AS-86.9.2,
   AS-86.9.3, AS-86.9.4, AS-86.11.1, AS-86.13.6, AS-86.13.7,
   AS-86.13.8, AS-86.13.9, AS-87.7.1, AS-88.2.3, AS-88.5.6,
   AS-88.15.1, AS-88.16.5, AS-88.21.4, AS-89.2.1, AS-89.2.3,
   AS-89.2.3, AS-89.2.8, AS-89.2.12, AS-89.2.17, AS-89.5.1,
   AS-90.7.5, AS-91.8.8, AS-91.8.10, AS-91.8.12, AS-91.20.14,
   AS-93.6.1, AS-93.6.2, AS-93.6.4, AS-94.18.1, CA-82.10.2,
   CA-87.9.7, CA-89.22.7, CA-91.16.6
     Caribbean, CB-87.9.1, CB-88.16.10, CB-89.8.1, CB-91.1.1,
   CB-91.11.1, CB-92.1.1, CB-92.9.2, CB-92.9.6, CB-92.12.1,
     Europe, EU-87.9.8, EU-89.7.1, EU-91.20.9
     Middle East, ME-81.3.1, ME-87.9.10
     North America, NA-77.1.3, NA-77.5.1, NA-82.6.1, NA-84.10.1,
   NA-84.18.1, NA-84.19.4, NA-86.5.1, NA-87.9.6, NA-87.9.13,
   NA-87.9.14, NA-87.9.15, NA-87.9.19, NA-87.12.1, NA-87.17.4,
   NA-88.16.3, NA-89.6.2, NA-89.13.1, NA-90.7.2, NA-90.16.1,
   NA-90.16.2, NA-91.14.1, NA-92.5.1, NA-93.1.1, NA-93.1.4,
   NA-93.16.2, NA-93.16.6, NA-93.24.11
     Oceania, OC-75.1.1, OC-75.1.2, OC-75.3.1, OC-75.5.1,
   OC-76.6.1, OC-80.2.1, OC-81.1.1, OC-83.3.1, OC-84.4.1,
   OC-84.4.3, OC-86.13.18, OC-86.13.25, OC-87.4.1, OC-87.9.30,
   OC-87.9.30, OC-87.9.31, OC-87.9.32, OC-89.2.13, OC-89.12.1,
   OC-89.14.1, NA-89.20.2, OC-90.7.6, OC-90.7.7, OC-90.15.1,
   OC-90.18.1, OC-90.18.2, OC-90.19.3, OC-90.19.5, OC-91.8.7,
   OC-91.20.25, OC-93.24.29, OC-94.5.1
     South America, SA-76.5.1, SA-84.3.1, SA-84.16.7, SA-90.4.3,
   SA-91.21.1, SA-94.1.5
Dart, Raymond, interviewed, AF-87.16.2
death: see cremation; funerals; graves; mortuary rites and
   practices; sacrifice
debate, AS-86.13.9
deforestation, AF-91.13.5, AS-81.5.9
Dega Highlands Liberation Front, AS-88.15.1
de Laguna, Frederica (anthropologist), SC-89.10.4
detention camps, anthropological fieldwork in Japanese,
development projects, SA-93.24.16; environmental effects of,
Dikung Monastery, AS-86.11.6
dinosaurs, AS-89.18.3
discipline: see children, discipline
discourse, CB-86.2.1 (see also language)
discrimination, racial and religious, CB-94.4.1; apartheid (South
   Africa), AF-91.13.11 (see also slavery)
disease, causes of, OC-90.2.1; leprosy, AF-90.21.1, AS-81.2.2
   (see also mental illness)
disputes: see conflict
divination, AF-83.7.1, AF-83.7.2, AF-83.11.2, AF-83.11.3,
   AF-91.13.1, AS-77.3.1, AS-83.13.1, SA-88.9.1; using entrails,
   AF-83.5.2, AF-85.1.2, AS-88.2.3, SA-88.12.1; geomancy,
   AS-88.5.1; using viscera, AF-83.5.3, AF-85.1.1
division of labor, SA-84.16.3; and gender, AF-90.1.2, AF-93.14.2,
   AS-85.12.1, AS-88.14.1, SA-84.16.1
divorce, NA-89.22.27; Chinese ideas about, AS-88.5.1
dog fights, AS-86.13.29
dog sleds, NA-78.1.1/85.11.7
doll making, AS-86.6.2, AS-91.20.14
domestic activities, AF-82.5.2, AF-82.5.3, AF-93.5.1, AS-87.7.1,
   AS-88.14.1; and gender, AF-84.19.6
domesticated animals, ornamented, AF-84.19.6; AS-80.3.1; training
   of, AF-91.13.6
domestic economy, roles of women, AF-83.5.4
domestic groups, economics of, AF-83.2.4
domestic life, AF-91.13.1, AF-91.13.7, AF-91.13.10; in extended
   family compound, AF-91.13.9
Doughty, Paul (anthropologist), SC-89.10.18
"Down East" fiddling style, NA-93.20.8
drama, classical Balinese, AS-94.18.1, noh, AS-89.2.9;
   performance of, AS-89.2.18; romantic, AS-86.9.1, AS-86.9.3;
   Sanskrit, AS-77.3.4; Tibetan Drama and Dance Troupe,
   AS-86.13.10 (see also actors)
drawing, in sand, OC-91.8.7; with yarn, CA-89.3.2
drinking, games, AS-88.5.1
drought, AF-94.2.1, CA-85.8.1; effects of, AF-91.13.1, AF-91.13.2
drugs, dealing of, NA-93.28.1; hallucinogenic cactus, SA-92.11.1;
   heroin, AS-81.5.7; marijuana, CB-86.2.1 (see also alcoholic
   beverages; opium; peyote; soma)
drums and drumming, AF-77.1.1, AF-82.11.2, AF-83.7.1, AF-83.7.2,
   AF-85.1.1, AF-85.1.2, AF-90.1.4, AF-93.24.34, AF-93.29.1,
   AS-80.5.1, AS-86.6.2, AS-87.7.1, AS-89.2.3, AS-89.2.6,
   AS-89.2.12, AS-89.2.17, CB-77.1.2, CB-89.8.1, CB-90.1.1,
   CB-91.1.1, CB-91.11.1, CB-91.12.1/93.15.1, CB-91.12.2,
   CB-92.9.2, CB-92.12.1, EU-87.9.8, EU-89.7.1, NA-82.6.1,
   NA-86.5.1, NA-89.6.2, NA-93.1.1, NA-93.16.6, OC-75.1.1,
   OC-87.9.9, SA-77.1.4, SA-92.4.1; apinte, SA-91.21.1; barrel
   drum, CB-88.16.10; double membrane drum, AF-87.9.27; gourd
   drum, AF-87.9.26; Latin drums, AF-90.1.4; legba dancers and
   drummers, AF-77.1.1; slit gongs, AF-91.13.6, OC-75.5.1;
   Solomon Ilori (Nigerian master drummer), AF-93.24.34; steel
   drums, CB-90.1.1
Drupa ceremonies, AS-86.13.10
Duga of Meko (master Yoruba woodcarver), AF-89.19.1
dugout canoes, NA-88.22.1
dwellings, AS-81.2.1; caves, AS-91.21.3; emblematic dwelling,
   NA-87.17.4; hogans, NA-77.5.1; igloo, NA-78.1.1/85.11.7;
   nomadic tent houses, AS-75.2.1; stilt houses, AS-81.2.1; tent,
   EU-89.7.2 (see also housebuilding)
dyes and dyeing, AS-83.10.2, AS-86.1.2; silk, AF-90.10.14;
   stencil dyeing, AS-86.6.2; tie-dyeing thread, AS-83.10.1

earthenware figures, CA-91.16.2
earth mounds, CA-89.22.24
East Africa, as anthropological research field, SC-89.10.6
ecological adaptation, NA-94.3.2, OC-84.19.2/91.8.6; in the
   Arctic, NA-78.1.1/85.11.7 (see also cultural ecology)
ecology, AF-91.13.1 (see also cultural ecology)
economic development, rural, AF-78.2.1
economic diversification, AS-81.5.2
economy, domestic and women's roles, AF-83.5.2, AS-85.12.1
education, AS-91.8.15, NA-79.2.1, NA-92.3.1; schools, AF-89.22.23
   (see also childrearing; children; initiation; missions)
effigies, carved, AS-81.2.1
egungun, AF-90.21.1
elegbara dancers, AF-77.1.1
embroidering, CA-89.3.1, CA-89.4.5
emigration, CB-89.22.10
Emir of Kano, Nigeria, AF-77.1.1
English language, NA-93.24.39
entertainment, white South African, AF-91.13.11
environment: see ecology
envy, cultural constructions of, AF-93.14.1
epics, Tibetan Ghesar Epic, AS-86.13.7
epidemic, of filaria (dramatized), OC-94.5.1; measles,
ethics, Buddhist, AS-86.1.2
Ethiopian parliament, AF-91.3.1
ethnic identity, EU-93.12.1, NA-87.9.12
ethnic relations, OC-78.1.2/85.11.5 (see also initiation)
ethnohistory, CB-91.1.1
Europe, and anthropological fieldwork, SC-89.10.19
European adventurers, in Papua New Guinea, OC-89.1.1
Evans-Pritchard, E. E. (anthropologist), SC-89.10.26
evolution, NA-93.24.1
exchange, AS-88.2.5, OC-93.24.29; ceremonial, OC-75.1.1,
   OC-75.1.2, OC-84.7.4, OC-84.7.7; competitive, AS-88.2.1,
   OC-88.11.1; of food offerings, CA-89.3.3; gift exchange,
   OC-84.7.7, SA-84.16.17, SA-94.1.2; intervillage, SA-84.16.1;
   of labor, AS-90.5.1; of livestock, AF-83.2.4; ritual,
   AS-88.2.2 (see also potlatch; reciprocity)
exhibition, of other cultures, NA-93.16.5, NA-93.16.6
exorcism, AS-83.13.1, AS-87.7.1, AS-93.6.2, AS-93.6.3; through
   dance, AS-89.2.2
exports, SA-93.24.2

face painting: see bodily adornment
facial markings, see bodily adornment
Fairbanks, Charles (archaeologist), SC-89.10.7
fairs, AS-88.5.1
family interactions, SA-84.16.19 (see also domestic activities)
family life, AF-89.22.23, AS-86.13.13, AS-89.22.14, NA-76.3.1,
   NA-78.1.1/85.11.7, NA-87.3.1, NA-89.22.27, OC-84.14.1; changes
   in, AS-89.22.13, NA-89.22.27; comparative perspectives,
   IN-84.19.3; conflicts, AS-81.5.2 (see also adoption by single
   parents; domestic activities; gay parents)
family relations, SA-84.16.11; women's perspectives, AS-88.5.3
family size, attitudes about, AF-78.2.1
farming: see agriculture; cash crops; cultivation
feasting, AS-88.2.3, AS-88.2.4, AS-88.2.5, AS-88.17.4,
   AS-88.20.1, AS-91.8.8, AS-93.6.1, NA-93.1.1, OC-75.3.1,
   OC-78.1.2/85.11.5, OC-91.7.3, OC-93.23.1; ritual, AS-88.2.1
Feast of All Saints Day, AS-81.2.4
Feast of St. Paulinus, EU-86.3.1, NA-84.5.1, NA-84.10.1,
feathered headdresses and head-ruffs: see headdresses
Fela: see Sowande, Fela
Fenenga, Franklin, NA-88.1.1
Fenton, William (anthropologist), SC-89.10.3
fertility, and reproduction, AF-78.2.1; rites, AS-77.3.2,
   AS-88.2.3, AS-88.2.4, AS-88.2.5, AS-88.17.1, AS-88.17.6,
   CB-91.11.1, OC-75.1.3 (see also birth control)
Festival of Harirajpur, AS-84.2.2
Festival of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, CB-90.1.5
festivals, AS-84.8.1; agricultural, AF-82.11.2; Balinese Arts,
   AS-93.18.1; Bear, AS-82.3.1, AS-93.6.4; bluegrass, NA-93.20.6;
   Buddhist Festival of Lights, AS-90.22.1; cherry blossom,
   AS-82.3.1; Giglio, EU-86.3.1, NA-84.5.1, NA-84.10.1,
   NA-84.11.1; Gypsy, EU-91.20.2; of Harirajpur, AS-84.2.2;
   harvest, NA-92.6.1, OC-90.7.6; Holi, AS-89.2.3; Molam,
   AS-86.13.14; Nara, AS-87.7.1; of Our Lady of Mount Carmel,
   CB-90.1.5; Pacific Festival of Arts, OC-90.18.1, OC-90.18.2;
   Pancare, AS-80.4.1; Samyak (Nepal), AS-80.4.1; Smithsonian
   Folklife, CB-89.8.1; Tupu Tsezchu, AS-87.7.1
fiddlers and fiddling, NA-93.20.7, NA-93.20.8
field and track events, OC-89.14.1
filmmaker, relations with subjects, SA-93.20.13
finger cymbals, AS-80.5.1
fire-eating, CB-91.1.1
firewalking, AS-82.3.1, AS-84.2.2, AS-90.22.1, OC-89.18.2
fireworks, AS-88.5.1, AS-91.20.14
first contact scenes, OC-87.4.1, SA-76.5.1, SA-78.3.1, SA-85.11.6
first fruits ritual, CA-82.10.1
fishing, AS-91.8.16, NA-82.6.1, NA-84.18.1, NA-87.9.21,
   NA-87.9.22, NA-87.9.25, NA-91.9.2, NA-93.1.1, NA-93.1.2,
   NA-93.16.6, OC-75.3.1, OC-80.2.1, OC-83.3.1, OC-86.13.25,
   OC-87.9.31, OC-91.8.7, SA-85.11.6; ice, NA-93.1.3, NA-93.1.5;
   with nets, AF-93.3.2; with nets and basket traps, NA-87.9.18;
   with poisons, OC-89.18.2, SA-84.3.1; spear fishing, SA-94.1.1;
   sponge fishing, NA-89.20.1
Fitzhugh, William (anthropologist), NA-91.10.1
flagellation, AS-84.2.2, CB-91.1.1
flagellente sect, AS-81.2.3
flax growing, NA-87.9.20
Florida Park Service, SC-89.10.7
flower arranging, AS-91.20.14
flutes, AS-89.2.6, AS-89.2.12, EU-87.9.8, OC-90.20.2, SA-93.20.13
Folk Craft Movement (Japan), AS-86.6.2
folklore, Florida, SC-89.10.23
folk songs, NA-87.9.21, NA-87.9.22
folk therapy, SA-88.9.1
Fontein, Jan (art curator), OC-93.24.4
food, consumption of, AF-83.11.2; and gender, AF-83.9.1;
   preparation of, AF-83.5.4, AF-83.5.5, AF-83.7.2, AF-83.11.3,
   AF-83.11.6, AF-89.22.23, AF-90.21.1, AF-91.13.9, AF-91.13.10,
   AS-85.12.1, AS-86.13.5, CA-89.22.7, CB-92.9.3,
   NA-78.1.1/85.11.7, NA-88.10.1, NA-93.1.2, NA-94.3.2,
   OC-78.1.2/85.11.5, OC-84.14.1, OC-92.2.1, SA-86.13.31,
   SA-86.13.32; production of, IN-91.21.10; serving, AS-86.13.5,
   AS-90.7.5 (see also collecting; cooking; cuisine)
foodways: see cooking, cuisine and food preparation
football, NA-93.1.3
foot binding, AS-88.5.1, AS-88.5.3
forced labor, AF-82.1.1
Fort Abraham Lincoln, NA-91.20.5
fossils, human, NA-93.24.1
Foster, George (anthropologist), SC-89.10.9
foundation rites, dedication of a house or monastery, AS-89.2.6
Frederick Russel Burnham, route of, AF-85.4.1
Frederick Wulsin (explorer), AF-82.1.1
Freeman, E.C., footage associated with his papers, AF-86.11.8
Freer Gallery of Art, NA-86.13.20
Frijoles Canyon, NA-92.5.1
Frisbee and whiffle ball, OC-90.15.1
Frontier Days (Cheyenne, Montana), NA-92.8.1
funerals, AF-82.5.1, AF-83.9.1, AF-88.8.1, AS-87.7.1, AS-88.2.4,
   AS-88.5.1, AS-88.15.1, AS-88.17.1, AS-88.17.2, AS-88.17.3,
   AS-88.17.4, AS-88.17.6, AS-93.6.1, CB-92.12.1, NA-87.17.2,
   OC-75.3.1, OC-76.6.1, SA-86.11.7, SA-86.13.31, SA-86.13.32;
   ceremony, AF-93.29.1, AS-83.13.1, OC-75.5.1; feasts,
   OC-93.24.29; rites, OC-75.1.1, OC-84.7.7; royal, OC-90.19.2;
   and song, AF-94.2.1 (see also graves; mortuary rites and
furniture making, SA-91.20.10

Galarza, Ernesto (writer), NA-93.24.32
Gallup Ceremonials, NA-87.9.6, NA-92.5.1
gambling, AS-94.18.1 (see also cockfighting)
gamelan, OC-93.3.4
game reserve, AF-93.3.2
games, AF-83.11.4, AF-83.11.6, AF-83.11.8, AF-87.9.26,
   EU-91.20.12; basket-and-dice, NA-86.11.5; board games,
   AF-91.13.9; boy's hunting games, AF-91.18.9; children's,
   AS-86.13.5, AS-88.5.1, IN-76.4.1, NA-87.17.3, NA-93.1.1,
   NA-93.1.4; masking underlying social tension, AF-91.18.11;
   tossing games, NA-86.5.1 (see also athletic sports;
   leisure-time activities)
Gandara, Manuel (anthropologist), SC-89.10.24
Ga-ngon Monastery, AS-86.11.6
Garns, Stanley (anthropologist), SC-89.10.27
gathering: see collecting (food)
gauchos, SA-93.24.2
gay parents, NA-89.22.27
Geisha girls, AS-93.25.1
gender, AF-90.1.2; and bodily adornment, AF-88.16.7; and carving,
   AF-83.9.1; and the division of labor, AF-83.9.1, AF-93.14.2,
   AS-85.12.1, AS-88.14.1; and domestic activities, AF-84.19.6;
   and food consumption and preparation, AF-83.9.1; male, and
   initiation rites, AF-91.13.5; roles, SA-84.16.3
generations, NA-87.3.1
George Phebus (NMNH Processing lab), AS-91.17.1
gift-giving, SA-76.5.1 (see also exchange; reciprocity)
Giglio Festival, EU-86.3.1, NA-84.5.1, NA-84.10.1, NA-84.11.1
giveaway, NA-89.6.2
Glacier National Park, NA-91.20.18
glass blowers, CA-89.22.1
glass staining, EU-91.20.12
Gluckman, Max (anthropologist), SC-89.10.26
godparenthood, CA-90.8.1
Gohe Samaja ceremony, AS-86.13.11
gold prospecting, OC-91.5.1
Goldschmidt, Walter (anthropologist), SC-89.10.6
golfing, NA-90.3.2
gondola race, EU-89.9.8
gongs, AS-81.2.1, AS-88.15.1; bronze, AS-81.2.4
Good Friday rituals, AS-81.2.3
government, central, and culture change, CA-85.8.1; civilian
   administrator, AS-91.8.14; councils, NA-77.5.1; and
   development, AF-89.22.26; effect of policies on pastoralists,
   AF-83.2.7; Parliament (Ethiopia), AF-91.3.1; role of leaders,
   AF-91.18.10; town chief receiving obeisance, AF-90.21.1;
   tribal council, AF-83.11.8; Zuni, NA-90.9.1 (see also
Grand Canyon, NA-92.6.1
Grand Canyon National Park, NA-91.20.19
Grand Tetons, NA-91.20.18
graves, AF-83.11.1; building of, AS-88.17.4; of Cecil Rhodes,
   AF-85.4.1; cemetery, AS-81.2.4 (see also funerals; megaliths;
   mortuary rites and practices; tombs)
Great Pyramid, AF-90.10.9
Great Zimbabwe ruins, AF-85.4.1
Greek Orthodox icons, NA-87.9.14
Griffin, John (archaeologist), SC-89.10.7
Grinnell Glacier, NA-91.20.18
grooming: see personal hygiene
group solidarity, SA-86.13.17
guitar, AF-90.1.4, EU-87.9.8, NA-93.20.5; making, CA-89.3.3
guru-disciple relationship, AS-91.8.12
Guru Rimpoche, AS-87.7.1
Gypsy festival, EU-91.20.2

Haas, Mary (anthropologist), SC-89.10.1
hairdressing: see bodily adornment
Haitian Vodun: see Vodun, Haitian
Halkias, Pericles (clarinetist), NA-93.20.12
hallucinogens: see drugs
Hamada, Shoji (famed potter), AS-86.6.1
Hanamendoka Palace, Nepal, AS-80.4.1
handclapping, OC-89.2.5
Harris, Robert King, NA-92.7.2
Harris, William Wade, AF-77.2.1
Harrist Church, AF-77.2.1
Hartley, Carr (big game hunter), AF-85.11.1
harvest, AF-90.10.14, AS-86.13.13, AS-88.17.6, AS-91.8.8; dance,
   AS-88.21.7, AS-89.2.10; festival, NA-92.6.1, OC-90.7.6
Hawaii National Park, OC-91.20.17
headdresses and headwear, AF-91.13.1, AF-91.13.13, AS-81.2.1,
   AS-88.21.7, AS-91.21.8, NA-83.6.1, NA-83.6.2, NA-87.12.1,
   OC-89.1.1, OC-93.3.3, SA-76.5.1, SA-78.3.1, SA-85.11.6,
   AF-87.9.27, NA-87.9.18; feathered, AF-89.17.1; head-ruffs,
   AF-88.16.7, AF-93.29.1; ostrich plume, AF-85.11.2
headhunting, reenacted, SA-85.11.4
healing, AS-86.1.2, AS-93.6.1, OC-90.2.1, SA-84.3.1, SA-90.4.1;
   and dance, AF-91.18.14; rites and ceremonies, AF-77.2.1,
   AF-91.18.6, CB-91.11.1, CB-91.12.1/93.15.1, CB-91.12.2,
   EU-89.7.1, NA-93.24.35 (see also accupressure; curing; herbal
   medicine; medicine)
health care, NA-92.3.1 (see also healing)
Hebrew, SC-89.10.2
Hellskog, Erika, NA-91.10.1
Helluska Society, NA-89.6.2
Henry, Jules (psychological anthropologist), SC-89.10.15
Henry, Zunia (anthropologist), SC-89.10.15, SC-89.10.16
herbal medicine, practitioners of, AF-83.7.1, AF-83.7.2;
   preparation of, AS-86.1.2
herding, AF-83.5.1, AF-86.11.8, AS-75.2.1, AS-85.12.1, AS-87.7.1,
   AS-88.16.6, AS-88.16.8, NA-90.16.5, NA-91.14.2, SA-75.2.2;
   reindeer, EU-89.7.2, NA-86.5.1; sheep, AS-87.2.1
Heruka ceremonies, AS-86.13.10
hierarchy, and women's grade-taking rites, OC-75.1.1
Hill, James J., NA-89.20.3
Hinduism, CB-91.1.1; ordeals, AS-80.3.1; philosophy, AS-91.8.3;
   rites and ceremonies, OC-81.1.1; Shiva celebration, AS-84.2.2;
   shrines and temples, OC-90.7.6, OC-93.3.4; worship, AS-77.3.1,
hippies, NA-93.20.7
Holi festival, AS-89.2.3
Holiness Church (Pentecostal), NA-84.19.4
homesteads, organization, AF-83.5.5
honey collecting: see collecting
Honujatra celebration, AS-84.2.2
Hooten, William, SC-89.10.27
Hopi-U.S. relations, NA-79.2.1
horseback riding, NA-91.14.3, NA-92.8.1
horsemen, AS-88.16.8
horse racing: see racing
Hossay religion, CB-91.11.1
housebuilding, AF-78.2.1, AF-87.9.27, AF-88.16.7, AF-91.13.3,
   AF-91.13.5, AS-83.4.1, AS-90.5.1, CB-92.12.1; carving,
   SA-77.1.4; and gender, AF-83.9.1; igloo, NA-91.21.15; skerm,
   AF-83.11.2; yurt, AS-88.16.8 (see also building construction;
housewarming rites, AS-93.6.2
Howells, William White (anthropologist), NA-93.24.1
Hrdlicka, Ales (physical anthropologist), NA-82.2.1, NA-82.2.2,
Huayno music, SA-93.20.14
Hubbard, Bernard, S.J. (Jesuit priest), NA-93.1.5
hula, OC-84.4.1, OC-88.6.1; dance positions, OC-84.4.2
human biology, intra-ethnic variation, AF-88.16.7 (see also
   physical anthropology)
human evolution, IN-89.22.25; fossil evidence for, NA-93.24.1
human head, shrinking, SA-85.11.6
human remains, repatriation, NA-93.10.1
human skull, excavation of, AF-87.1.1
humor, AS-84.2.1, AS-86.9.1, AS-86.9.3 (see also clowns)
Hunt, Agnes, NA-87.17.4
hunters and gatherers, activities, AF-83.11.3, AF-83.11.4,
   AF-83.11.5; former, AF-91.13.1; and social change,
   AF-91.18.13; techniques, OC-91.8.5 (see also collecting;
   hunting; trapping)
hunting, AF-83.11.4, AF-83.11.8, AF-85.11.1, AF-91.21.5,
   AF-93.24.6, AS-88.15.1, EU-89.7.2, NA-78.1.1/85.11.7,
   NA-86.5.1, NA-87.9.25, NA-91.9.2, NA-91.21.15, NA-93.1.1,
   NA-93.16.2, OC-91.8.7, SA-86.13.32, SA-91.7.1; bow-and-arrow
   manufacturing, AF-83.11.2; boy's games, AF-91.18.9; for coon,
   NA-88.16.3; with dogs, AF-91.13.3; expeditions, AF-83.1.1,
   AF-90.7.11; and gender, SA-84.16.1; for mammoths, NA-92.7.1;
   manufacture and use of accoutrements, AF-91.18.8; with nets,
   AF-88.3.1, nets, AF-91.13.3, AF-91.13.7; and race relations,
   NA-88.16.3; as rite of passage, AF-91.18.18; simulated by
   Turkana for film, AF-85.11.2; skills, SA-84.16.2; tactics,
   AF-89.22.28; taught to children, AF-91.18.4; for tigers,
   AS-85.7.1; for walrus, NA-93.1.6 (see also hunters and
   gatherers; trapping)
Huscher, Harold (archaeologist), NA-86.7.2

iconography, pre-Columbian, SA-88.9.1; religious, AS-75.4.1
identity, and acculturation, NA-94.4.2; male, AF-85.1.1;
   Mexican-American, NA-94.4.3
Igun (Egungun) ceremony, AF-77.1.1
ikat saris, AS-83.10.1
illness, CA-85.8.1 (see also curing; healing; medicine)
Ilori, Solomon (Nigerian master drummer), AF-93.24.34
Imario (Balinese dancer), AS-94.18.1
immigrants, CB-94.4.1; U.S., NA-81.5.3, NA-84.10.1, NA-84.11.1,
   NA-87.9.13, NA-89.22.19, NA-89.22.30, NA-92.9.8, NA-93.20.12,
   NA-93.24.12, NA-94.4.3
imports and exports, CB-89.22.11
inauguration, Governor of Zuni and Tribal Council, NA-90.9.1
Indian Creek archaeological site, NA-88.1.1
Indian reservations, social and economic conditions, NA-86.11.2
individuality, SA-86.13.17; cultural constructions of, AF-93.14.1
inheritance, AF-83.9.1; matrilineal, AS-91.8.11
initiation, AF-91.13.5; boy's, AF-85.3.1, AF-94.2.1;
   cicatrization during, AF-91.13.4; and ethnicity, AF-91.13.5;
   girl's, AF-87.9.27, AF-91.13.13, AF-93.5.1; Kalachkra Tantra,
   AS-86.1.1; Ku Klux Klan, NA-93.24.21; and liminality,
   AF-91.13.4; and lunar calendar, AF-85.3.1; male, AF-84.19.6,
   AF-85.1.1, AF-85.1.2, AF-91.13.4,AF-91.13.13; ordeals,
   AF-91.13.4, AF-91.13.5, AF-91.13.13; rites, CA-82.10.2,
   NA-86.1.4, OC-93.23.1, SA-85.11.4, SA-86.13.31; of sadhus,
   AS-80.3.1; and seclusion of pubescent girls, AF-91.13.3;
   songs, OC-90.20.2; of Swazi diviners, AF-83.7.1; symbolism,
   AF-91.13.4 (see also life-cycle events; rites of passage)
installation ceremonies, CA-82.10.1, CA-93.11.1, CB-93.8.1,
   OC-90.19.3; appointment of an abbot, AS-86.13.11; inauguration
   of Governor of Zuni and Tribal Council, NA-90.9.1; investiture
   of the Dalai Lama, AS-81.4.1, AS-86.4.1
inter-ethnic interactions, AS-84.17.1; with Europeans, AF-93.29.1
inter-ethnic relations, AF-91.13.1, AF-91.13.2; and bare-knuckle
   fights, AF-91.13.11; economic and ritual, AF-91.13.4; and
   initiation rites, AF-91.13.5; between sedentary villagers and
   nomads, AF-91.13.3
international borders, SA-94.1.1
International Buddhist Meditation Center, NA-93.24.27
international relations, AF-91.3.1
intervillage political relations, OC-88.11.1
investiture, of the Dalai Lama, AS-81.4.1, AS-86.4.1
iron-forging: see metalworking
irrigation, AS-75.2.1, AS-84.17.1, AS-88.14.1, NA-91.9.1;
   methods, AF-89.22.23; rice terraces, AS-81.2.1, AS-82.3.1
Ishi, NA-84.19.5
Islam, rites and ceremonies, AF-82.1.1, AF-82.5.3; growth and
   evolution, ME-93.24.14; shrines, AS-88.14.1 (see also mosques,

Jerusalem Center for Anthropological Studies, SC-89.10.2
jewelry, AF-85.11.2 (see also personal adornment)
John Frum cargo cult, OC-75.1.2
joking relationship, AF-91.18.19
Joseph Monserrat, CB-94.4.1
judicial proceedings, OC-78.1.2/85.11.5, OC-84.7.6
judo, AS-91.20.14
juggling, AS-86.9.1, AS-86.9.3, AS-93.25.1
Ju Ju music, AF-90.1.4
jumping rope, NA-93.1.3

Kabaka royal tombs, AF-86.11.8
Kabuki theater, AS-91.20.14, AS-93.24.19
Kagan, Jerome, NA-87.16.3
Kalachakra, NA-86.1.4
kava, OC-75.1.2, OC-90.7.7
kayak building, NA-87.9.25
Kehoe, Alice, NA-91.10.1
Kennedy, Stetson (anthropologist), SC-89.10.23
Kibbutz, ME-93.24.9
Kilepak, John, NA-90.17.1
kinship, AF-84.19.6, AF-91.13.3, AF-91.18.13, SA-84.16.1;
   classification, AF-91.18.2; fictive, CA-90.8.1; intervillage,
   AF-83.5.3; structure, SA-81.5.1
kite flying, OC-91.8.11
Kluckholn, Florence R., SC-89.10.27
Knez, Eugene (anthropologist), AS-91.17.1; footage associated
   with, AS-86.11.6
knitting, AS-91.21.8
Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park, NA-84.13.1
kora, AF-87.9.26
Kraus, Susan Applegate, NA-83.6.2
Kroeber, Alfred (anthropologist), SC-89.10.1; and Theodora,
Kromanti religion, CB-89.8.1, CB-91.12.1/93.15.1, CB-91.12.2
Ku Klux Klan, NA-93.24.21, SC-89.10.23
Kuksu cult, NA-93.24.11
kula, OC-93.24.29
Kumina, CB-92.1.1
Kwasidei ceremony, honoring chief's ancestors, AF-77.1.1

labor, forced, AF-91.18.2; women's manual, AS-80.3.1
labor exchange, AS-90.5.1 (see also exchange; reciprocity)
laka-laka, OC-89.2.13, OC-89.12.1
laments and lamentations, OC-78.1.2/85.11.5, OC-90.20.2 (see also
land, disputes over, AS-84.17.1; divers, OC-75.1.3; reform,
   SA-93.24.25; scarcity, AF-78.2.1
language, OC-84.7.2; and technology, NA-93.24.39 (see also
   discourse; English; Hebrew; linguistics; literacy; Muskwakan;
   nonverbal communication; Quechua; sign language; Sirenikski)
Latin America, as anthropological research field, SC-89.10.21a
Lawton, Thomas, NA-86.13.20
leadership roles, and ceremony, AS-91.8.11; hereditary,
Leahy Expedition to Papua New Guinea, OC-77.4.1
Leaky, Lewis, interviewed, AF-87.16.2
Leaky, Richard, interviewed, AF-87.16.2
leather, hide preparation, AF-83.11.2; tooling, NA-87.9.25;
   working, AF-83.2.8, AF-90.10.14
legba dancers and drummers, AF-77.1.1
leisure-time activities, AF-91.18.12, NA-83.13.2; card playing,
   NA-93.1.1, NA-93.1.3; for Europeans (or Americans),
   AF-87.9.28; golfing, NA-90.3.2; horse racing, NA-90.3.2; pony
   racing, AS-89.18.3 (see also athletic sports; boating;
   cockfighting; games)
Leon, Nicolas, SC-89.10.22
leprosy, AF-90.21.1; treatment for, AS-81.2.2
Lewis Cotlow Third African Expedition, AF-85.11.2
libations, AS-88.21.7, SA-91.21.1; of sake, AS-93.6.1 (see also
   offerings; sacrifice)
life-cycle events, OC-75.3.1; puberty ceremony dance, SA-91.21.9
   (see also initiation; rites of passage)
life history, Eskimo or Caribou, NA-93.16.1
lime kilns, AS-81.5.6
liminality, AF-91.13.3, AF-91.13.5 (see also initiation; rites of
linguistics, SC-89.10.1, SC-89.10.25 (see also language)
lip plugs, AF-85.11.2
literacy, SA-93.24.25
liu shen wind instrument, AS-83.13.1
Logan Museum, AF-82.5.3
Logan Sahara expeditions, AF-82.5.3
logging, AS-81.2.4, NA-82.4.1, NA-87.9.21, NA-87.9.22
log racing, SA-86.13.31
looms, AF-89.19.1, AS-83.10.1; backstrap, CA-85.10.2 (see also
   spinning; weaving; textiles)
love, women's perspectives on, AS-88.5.3

Machu Picchu, CA-89.22.24, NA-87.16.1
Macumba religion, SA-90.4.1, SA-90.4.3
Madrasi religion, CB-91.1.1
magic, OC-75.3.1, OC-88.11.1, OC-93.24.29, SA-84.16.13,
   SA-84.16.14; attack, SA-84.16.10; beliefs and practices,
   SA-75.2.2; sympathetic, AS-93.6.3
Mahakala puja, AS-86.13.8
mambos, CB-93.8.1 (see also priests and priestesses)
Mammoth Hot Springs, NA-91.20.18
mammoth hunting, NA-92.7.1
mandala, AS-86.13.11; construction, AS-86.13.9
Mandup ceremonies, AS-86.13.10
mangrove swamps, NA-89.20.1
manhood, cultural constructions of, AF-93.14.1 (see also
manufacturing, cement, AS-82.3.1; hemp rope, AS-81.2.4; hunting
   accoutrements, AF-91.18.8; shipyards, AS-82.3.1; shoes,
   AF-91.21.6; silk, AS-91.20.14; steel, AS-82.3.1
"map and plot" method of cataloguing, NA-92.7.2
marathon race, NA-84.18.1
marijuana: see drugs
Markel, Norman (anthropologist), SC-89.10.1, SC-89.10.2,
marketing, AF-78.2.1, AS-91.8.10, CB-91.12.1/93.15.1
markets, AF-77.1.1, AF-77.1.5, AF-79.1.1, AF-82.5.3, AF-82.5.3,
   AF-82.11.1, AF-87.9.26, AF-89.16.1, AF-89.17.1, AF-91.13.5,
   AF-91.13.9, AF-91.20.24, AF-91.21.5, AF-93.29.1, AS-75.2.1,
   AS-81.2.4, AS-82.3.1, AS-86.6.2, AS-88.2.4, AS-88.5.1,
   AS-88.5.6, AS-88.16.5, AS-88.20.1, AS-88.21.14, AS-89.2.10,
   AS-89.2.14, AS-89.2.15, AS-89.5.1, AS-89.9.3, AS-91.21.8,
   AS-92.10.1, AS-94.18.1, CA-85.10.2, CA-91.20.1, CA-91.20.13,
   CA-91.20.20, CA-91.20.21, CA-91.21.4, CA-93.24.33, CB-77.1.2,
   CB-88.16.10, CB-92.9.3, EU-90.7.8, EU-91.20.2, EU-91.20.9,
   IN-91.20.15, NA-89.20.1, OC-84.7.9, OC-87.9.9, OC-90.7.6,
   OC-93.3.4, SA-75.2.2, SA-91.20.10; Algerian, AF-82.5.1,
   AF-82.5.2; horses, AS-89.18.3; Muski bazaar, AF-90.10.10;
   pottery, SA-91.20.10 (see also bazaars; marketing; shopping)
market women, AF-77.1.5, CB-90.3.1
marriage, AF-83.11.8, AS-90.5.1; alliances, AF-83.2.4;
   arrangements, AF-83.2.4; Chinese ideas about, AS-88.5.1; and
   competition for brides, AF-91.18.2; feast, OC-93.24.29; to
   ghosts, AF-84.19.6; rules, AF-91.18.2; trial,
   NA-78.1.1/85.11.7; women's perspectives on, AF-83.2.2,
   AS-88.2.3, AS-88.5.3 (see also courtship; weddings)
Marshall expedition, AF-83.11.2
martial arts, AS-89.2.16
Martin, Mungo (Kwakiutl carver), NA-93.24.42
Maru religion, NA-93.24.11
masked dance, AS-87.9.11, AS-89.2.4, AS-90.22.1, AS-91.21.8,
   CA-91.16.2, CA-91.21.4, NA-86.11.5, NA-87.9.18, OC-93.3.4,
masks and masking, AF-87.9.26, AF-90.21.1, AF-91.13.4,
   AF-91.13.5, AF-91.13.13, AS-84.2.2, AS-86.13.8, CA-89.4.1,
   NA-90.16.4, NA-91.14.1; carving of, NA-86.11.5; changes in,
   over time, AF-91.13.5; and clowns, NA-91.14.1; fabrication of,
masonry, stone, AF-89.17.1
Masu Minagawa, AS-86.6.2
Mayan, architecture, CA-89.22.29; ruins, NA-87.16.1
Mead, Margaret (anthropologist), NA-90.17.1, OC-90.15.1,
   SC-89.10.20; on childrearing and national character,
media industries, AS-93.24.18
medical investigation, SA-94.6.1
medicine, AF-83.7.2, AF-83.11.8, AS-77.3.2, OC-75.3.1; Chinese,
   AS-88.5.1, AS-88.5.5; herbal, AF-83.7.1 (see also curing;
   healing; herbal medicine)
medicine lodge, NA-94.17.1
Medina, Andres (anthropologist), SC-89.10.25
meditation, AS-91.8.3, NA-93.24.27
megaliths, AS-88.17.4, OC-89.22.22 (see also graves; tombs)
mental illness, AS-88.5.1
Mesa Verde, NA-76.1.1
metallurgy, lost-wax bronze casting technique, AF-87.9.26
metalworking, AF-77.1.5; blacksmiths, ME-90.10.17; hammering,
   OC-91.8.11; iron-forging, AF-77.1.1; silver smithing,
   NA-92.3.1 (see also metallurgy)
Mexican anthropology, and archaeology and history, SC-89.10.24;
   development of, SC-89.10.21
migrant workers, NA-89.20.1 (see also migration)
migration, AF-78.2.1; annual, AS-81.5.2, ME-90.3.4; seasonal,
   AS-85.12.1; wage labor, AS-90.5.1 (see also migrant workers)
military, African-Americans in the, NA-93.24.2; brass bands,
   AS-80.5.1; soldiers, AF-87.9.26; in Taiwan and Formosa,
   AS-87.9.11; U.S., in Korea, AS-87.9.11; veterans, NA-93.24.27
milling, OC-80.2.1
Mimbres site, NA-82.5.5
Minagawa, Masu, ceramic painter, AS-86.6.1
mine construction, OC-90.20.3
mining, AF-85.4.1, NA-92.3.1, OC-77.4.1, OC-91.5.1, SA-93.24.2,
   SA-93.24.16; anthracite coal company, NA-83.12.1; coal,
   AS-81.5.6; diamonds and gold, AF-91.20.24
missionaries, OC-88.11.1; influences of, OC-91.8.7; influences on
   clothing, AF-83.9.1 (see also Christianity; missions; mission
missions, SA-84.16.15, SA-84.16.16; Catholic, AF-82.1.1,
mission schools, AF-79.1.1, NA-83.6.1, NA-83.6.2, OC-80.2.1,
Mississippian Mounds, NA-76.1.1
Mitchell, Clyde (anthropologist), SC-89.10.26
modernization, AS-89.22.13 (see also acculturation; development
Moko jumbies, CB-92.9.6
Molam Festival, AS-86.13.14
Moloney, Mick (Irish folklorist), EU-94.7.2, EU-94.7.1
monasteries, AS-91.21.8, EU-90.10.1, AS-87.11.1; Buddhist,
   AS-86.13.3, AS-86.13.4, AS-86.13.6, AS-86.13.8, AS-86.13.10,
   AS-86.13.11, AS-86.13.12, AS-86.13.14
monasticism, AS-86.13.9; life and ceremonials, AS-86.13.3,
   AS-86.13.4, AS-86.13.6
money, shell, OC-75.5.1
monks, AS-89.2.7
Mora, John (anthropologist), SC-89.10.18
Moro Cult, OC-75.5.1
Morris, Roland (American Ambassador), AS-82.3.2
mortality, notions about, AS-88.17.6
mortuary rites and practices, AF-88.8, AS-88.20.1, AS-93.6.1,
   NA-86.8.2, SA-86.11.7; burial mounds, AS-81.5.5, NA-83.8.1,
   NA-85.2.1; mourning, OC-93.24.29; reburial, AS-88.17.3; and
   totem poles, NA-87.9.17 (see also cremation; funerals; graves;
mosques, AS-75.2.1, ME-90.10.17; architecture, AF-90.10.15;
   Alabaster, AF-90.10.10; the Citadel, AF-90.10.10; Mosque of
   Moulaildris, AF-90.7.3
mothering: see childrearing
Mound State Monument Museum, NA-86.8.1
Mound State Park, NA-86.8.2
Moundville State Park, NA-86.8.4
Mountford, C. P. (anthropologist), OC-91.8.5
mourning, OC-93.24.29 (see also funerals; laments and
   lamentation; mortuary rites and practices)
movement training, AS-86.13.14
Mt. Mayon Volcano, eruption, AS-81.2.3
Mt. Vesuvius, EU-89.9.8
mummification, OC-78.1.2/85.11.5
Murchison Falls National Park (Uganda), AF-86.11.8, AF-91.13.13
museum collections, NA-88.22.1
Museum of Anthropology (Mexico City), CA-91.20.13
music, AF-83.5.1, AF-83.11.4, AF-85.11.2, AF-89.22.23, AS-75.2.1,
   AS-77.3.2, AS-81.2.4, AS-81.4.1, AS-88.5.1, AS-89.2.3,
   AS-91.8.10, CA-91.16.6, CB-89.8.1, IN-87.9.4, NA-84.10.1,
   NA-86.11.3, NA-87.9.12, NA-87.9.13, NA-87.9.14, NA-87.9.15,
   NA-87.9.19, NA-87.9.20, NA-92.9.1, NA-93.20.12, OC-81.1.1,
   OC-87.9.9, OC-90.20.3, OC-93.24.4, OC-94.5.1, SA-90.4.3;
   "beggar band" performance, AF-91.13.11; calypso, NA-92.9.5;
   chanting, AS-76.2.1; and Chopi history and values, AF-94.2.1;
   opera, AS-88.5.1; religious music and shepherding functions,
   SA-93.20.3; social contexts of performance, AF-91.18.3;
   Tibetan opera, AS-86.13.10 (see also musical instruments;
musical instruments, AF-83.5.1, AF-83.11.3, AF-83.11.6,
   AF-87.9.26, AF-87.9.27, AF-91.21.5, AS-80.5.1, AS-81.2.4,
   AS-89.2.6, AS-89.2.12, CA-87.9.7, CA-89.3.1, CA-89.3.2,
   CB-87.9.1, CB-91.11.1, EU-87.9.8, EU-91.20.12, ME-87.9.10,
   NA-87.9.6, NA-87.9.12, NA-87.9.25, OC-81.1.1, OC-87.9.30,
   OC-90.20.2; bamboo, AS-93.24.38; bottle, AF-90.1.4;
   construction of, NA-87.9.19; hunting bows, AF-91.18.3; liu
   shen (wind instrument), AS-83.13.1 (see also musicians)
musicians, AS-77.3.4, AS-87.9.11; African, AF-82.5.1, AF-87.9.26;
   Ju Ju, AF-90.1.4
Muskwakan language, NA-86.11.2
Muslims, AS-75.2.1, AF-82.1.1; pilgrims, AS-89.2.3 (see also
mysticism, AS-93.24.24
mythology, AS-89.11.1, AS-89.11.2, NA-87.9.17, NA-93.24.42,
   SA-84.16.1, SA-84.16.9, SA-88.18.1; creation myths,

N!ai (!Kung woman), AF-83.11.8, AF-91.18.13
Nambudiri, Agnicayana ritual, AS-76.2.1; Vedic tradition,
naming ceremony, NA-92.8.1
Nara Festival, AS-87.7.1
narrative performance and oratorical style, comparative aspects,
national characteristics, IN-84.19.3
National Congress of the American Indians, NA-87.6.1, NA-87.6.2,
   NA-87.6.3, NA-87.6.4
National Indian Policy Conference, NA-87.6.2
nationalism, ceremonies, AF-91.13.5
nationalization, SA-93.24.16
National Museum (Cairo, Egypt), AF-90.10.10
National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution,
National Park Service, SC-89.10.7
nation-building, AF-83.2.7, SA-93.24.16
Native American Rights Fund, NA-87.6.3
Navajo, anthropological fieldwork among, SC-89.10.14
Navajo Fair, NA-90.16.3
Navajo-Hopi Improvement Act (1950), NA-92.3.1
neolithic peoples, OC-84.19.1
Nepal, King of, AS-80.4.1
Nesuhwe, ceremony honoring ancestors, AF-77.1.1
net making, NA-87.9.19
Newfoundland Museum, NA-91.10.1
Nkrumah, Kwame, AF-91.13.9, AF-91.13.10; statue of, AF-91.13.3
Noley, Grayson, NA-94.4.4
nomads, AS-75.2.1, AS-75.6.1, AS-85.12.1, AS-81.5.2; Algerian,
   AF-82.5.2; Berber, AF-82.5.6; forest, AF-91.13.4
nonverbal communication, SA-84.16.9
North-west Scientific Expedition of Australia (1917), OC-90.7.10
nose, adornment of, OC-93.3.3; flute, AS-81.2.4
nursing, AF-83.11.3, AF-91.18.7
Nutinin, Hugo (anthropologist), SC-89.10.13
Nyabinghi Order, CB-86.2.1, CB-89.8.1

Ochs, Bill (Irish folklorist), EU-94.7.1, EU-94.7.2
offerings, AS-84.2.2, AS-94.18.1, CA-90.8.1, CB-90.1.5; food,
   AS-87.7.1 (see also libations; sacrifice)
Offutt Air Force Base, NA-91.20.5
Old Faithful, NA-91.20.18
Olmec ruins, CA-91.20.13
Olympics (1968, Mexico), CA-89.22.5
opera, AS-88.5.1
opium, and the local economy, AS-81.5.7; processing, AS-81.5.7;
   smoking, AS-88.21.10, AS-88.21.13; trade, AS-81.5.7 (see also
oratory, OC-75.5.1; ritual, AS-88.2.3; Vedic textual recitation,
   AS-76.2.1 (see also discourse; language; storytelling)
ordeals, AS-84.2.2; Hindu, AS-80.3.1 (see also initiation)
ornamentation: see bodily adornment and personal adornment
ornithology, in India, AS-85.7.1
outriggers, OC-82.7.1 (see also boating)
overpopulation, AF-78.2.1

Pacific Festival of Arts, OC-90.18.1, OC-90.18.2
Painted Desert, NA-91.20.19
painting, AS-93.6.4; cave wall paintings, AF-91.21.5, OC-91.8.5;
   of a ritual effigy, AF-89.19.1; ritual sand painting,
   AS-77.3.2; rock, NA-93.24.36; screen painting, AS-91.20.14
Palazzo Vecchio, EU-89.17.2
palmwine, AF-91.13.5
Palo religious tradition, CB-93.8.1
Panama Canal, CA-91.20.21
Pan-American highway, SA-91.20.10
Pancare festival, AS-80.4.1
panpipes, OC-90.20.2, OC-87.9.9, SA-84.3.1
paper making, AS-86.6.2
paper mill, NA-93.20.8
parades, NA-87.17.1, NA-90.16.3, NA-90.16.4, NA-92.8.1,
Pardon, Walter (ballad singer), NA-93.20.9
Parthenon, EU-89.17.2
pastoralists, AF-83.5.4, AF-88.3.1, AF-88.16.7, AF-90.1.2,
   AS-81.5.2, AS-88.14.1; Berber, AF-82.5.6; care of livestock,
   AF-83.2.6; forced sedentarization of, AS-84.17.1; and gender,
   AF-83.9.1; Herero and Tswana, AF-83.11.3; importance of
   cattle, AF-84.19.6; intimacy with cattle, AF-84.19.6; Jie,
   AF-83.2.5, AF-83.2.6, AF-83.2.7, AF-83.2.8; Kuvale, AF-83.5.5;
   semi-nomadic, AF-83.2.4; Turkana, AF-83.2.1, AF-83.2.2,
   AF-83.2.3; weddings, AF-83.5.3 (see also animal husbandry;
Payne, John Howard, grave of, AF-90.10.15
pearl, diving for, AS-91.20.14; industry, AS-82.3.1
Pei, Mario (linguist), NA-93.24.39
Pei Wen Zhone (archaeologist), AS-81.5.6
Pellegrini (big game hunter), AF-85.11.2
penal institutions, SA-94.8.2
penis sheaths, OC-75.1.3
Pentecostals, NA-84.19.4
percussion instruments, NA-88.16.3; makata sticks, AF-91.13.3,
   AF-91.13.4, AF-91.13.13
personal adornment, AF-83.5.5; at wedding, AF-91.13.3 (see also
   bodily adornment; clothing)
personal hygiene, AS-83.4.1, OC-86.13.25, OC-86.13.27,
   SA-86.13.31, SA-86.13.32; communal grooming, OC-86.13.19;
   mutual grooming, SA-91.18.23 (see also bathing; bodily
Petersen, Eric Brink, NA-91.10.1
Petrified Forest National Park, NA-91.20.19
petroglyphs, CA-91.16.7, NA-91.10.1
peyote, CA-81.5.8; ceremony, CA-89.3.1; dance, CA-82.10.1;
   gathering, CA-89.3.2, CA-93.11.1
philosophy, Hindu, AS-91.8.3
phrenology, AS-89.18.3
physical anthropology, SC-89.10.11, SC-89.10.22, SC-89.10.27;
   anthropometry, AS-83.13.1; craniometic measurements,
   OC-87.4.1; dental observations, AS-83.13.1; phenotypes,
Piazza di San Marco, EU-89.17.2
pilgrims and pilgrimages, AS-88.14.1, AS-89.5.1, CB-90.1.5;
   Muslim, AS-89.2.3
Piliga Indians, anthropological research among, SC-89.10.15
P.L. 83-280, NA-87.6.3
plantation, CA-91.20.1
play, AF-91.13.3, AS-86.13.14, AS-86.13.16; children's,
   AF-91.18.1, AF-91.18.17, AS-91.8.15, IN-84.19.3, NA-87.12.1,
   NA-91.9.1, OC-80.1.1, OC-84.7.5, OC-86.13.19, OC-90.15.1,
plays, miracle, AS-86.9.1, AS-86.9.3
Pleny Coups, Chief, NA-83.6.1, NA-83.6.2
poetry, OC-89.12.1
politics, and dance, AF-88.8.1; intervillage, SA-84.16.1;
   meetings, OC-92.2.1; rally, SA-93.24.25 (see also alliances;
   authority; government)
polo, AS-91.21.8
polygyny, women's perspectives on, AF-83.2.2
Pond, Alonzo (expedition leader), AF-82.5.1, AF-82.5.4, AF-82.5.8
Port au Choix Museum, NA-91.10.1
porters, African, AF-82.1.1
possession: see spirit possession
potlatch, NA-87.9.18
potters, AS-76.2.1, AS-84.8.1, CA-85.10.2, CA-89.22.1, NA-77.5.1,
pottery, OC-91.8.11; Berber, AF-82.5.2; making, AF-78.2.1,
   AF-89.19.1, AF-90.21.1, AF-93.5.1, AS-82.3.1, AS-83.4.1,
   AS-86.1.2, AS-86.6.1, AS-91.2.1, CA-82.10.2, CA-87.9.7,
   EU-91.20.12, NA-76.1.1, NA-86.11.10, OC-76.6.1, OC-93.3.4,
   SA-85.11.4; by coiled technique, CA-91.16.2, CA-91.16.7,
   NA-86.11.4, SA-78.3.1; market, SA-91.20.10; matching and
   reconstruction, NA-92.7.1, NA-92.7.2; restoration, NA-92.7.2;
   Wedgewood, EU-91.20.12
poverty, U.S., NA-93.24.10, NA-93.24.32, NA-94.4.2
pow-wow, NA-89.6.2; significance for Omaha, NA-89.6.1
praise singers, AF-77.1.1 (see also bards)
prayer, AS-94.18.1, CB-86.2.1; Buddhist, AS-86.1.2
pre-Columbian archaeological sites, CA-91.20.13
pregnancy, OC-75.3.1
prehistory, western U.S., NA-94.3.1
priests and priestesses, AF-91.13.1, AS-76.2.1, AS-88.2.1,
   AS-88.2.3, AS-88.2.5, CB-77.1.2, NA-94.17.1; Herero,
   AF-83.9.1; Salesian, SA-84.16.16; Shinto, AS-82.3.1; Vodun,
   NA-92.9.4 (see also Catholicism, mambos; religious syncretism)
Project Camelot, SC-89.10.13
prophylactic rites, AF-91.13.5, AS-86.1.2, AS-88.2.5, SA-87.13.1
propitiation of Gods, AS-88.5.6
prospectors, SA-78.3.1
protective rites: see prophylactic rites
psychotropic substances, SA-84.3.1; hallucinogenic cactus,
   SA-92.11.1 (see also drugs)
puberty: see life-cycle events; initiation
Pueblo I and II, NA-86.12.3
Pueblo III, NA-87.5.1
Pueblo Bonito, NA-76.1.1
pueblo ruins, NA-90.7.2
puja, AS-86.13.15
puppets, AS-86.6.2, OC-75.5.1, OC-93.24.4; shadow, AS-77.3.3;
   shows, AS-93.24.19
purification rites, AS-93.6.3, CB-90.1.5.
pyramids, AF-90.10.9, EU-91.20.4

Quayasamin, Oswaldo (artist and sculptor), SA-91.20.10
Quechua language, SC-89.10.18

race, and democracy, SA-93.24.5; and violence, NA-93.24.21
racing, horse, NA-90.3.2, NA-92.5.1; gondola, EU-89.9.8; kayak
   and umiaq, NA-93.1.1; log, SA-86.13.31; marathon, NA-84.18.1;
   oxen, OC-93.24.4; pony, AS-89.18.3; wagon, NA-92.8.1
racism, CB-94.4.1; and religious discrimination, CB-94.4.1; white
   supremacist groups, SC-89.10.23
Rada religious tradition, CB-93.8.1
Radcliffe-Brown, A. R. (anthropologist), SC-89.10.18
radio station, NA-92.3.1
railroads, monorail, NA-91.20.5
rainmaking, AF-83.5.1, CA-82.10.1, CA-90.8.1; Himba, AF-83.5.1
rallies, marches and demonstrations, NA-93.24.21
Ramadan, AF-82.1.1; celebrated in Algeria, AF-82.5.3
Ramela celebrations, AS-84.2.2
ranching, NA-79.2.1, NA-90.16.5, NA-91.14.2 (see also animal
   husbandry; pastoralists)
raphia processing, OC-83.3.1 (see also weaving)
Rastafari Movement, CB-86.2.2
reasoning (communal discourse), CB-86.2.1
reciprocity, OC-88.11.1, OC-93.24.29, SA-84.16.1, SA-84.16.7,
   SA-84.16.17 (see also exchange; gift-giving; potlatch)
recreation, AS-75.2.1; children, AS-89.2.3; in Eskimo society,
   NA-86.5.1; thigh slapping contest, AS-81.2.1 (see also
   athletic competitions; athletic sports; boating; games;
   leisure-time activities)
Redfield, Robert (anthropologist), SC-89.10.17
reflexivity, in anthropological fieldwork and filmmaking,
refugees, AS-93.21.2; camps for, AS-87.9.11; Chopi in Zimbabwe,
religion, AS-89.11.1, AS-89.11.2, AS-91.6.1; and cultivation,
   CA-85.8.1; images, AS-80.4.1; of the Luhya, AF-78.2.1;
   movements in the U.S., NA-77.1.3; rites and ceremonies,
   AF-90.21.1 (see also Abakua; ancestors; Arara; Bole Maru;
   Buddhism; Candomble; Catholicism; Christianity; Congo; Dalai
   Lama; discrimination; divination; Hinduism; Hossay;
   iconography; Kromanti, Macumba; Madrasi; Maru; offerings;
   Palo; priests and priestesses; Rada; religious syncretism;
   revitalization movements; revival; sacrifice; Shouters; snake
   handlers; spirit possession; totemism; Umbanda; Vodun;
   Yoruba-inspired religious tradition)
religious syncretism, CA-82.10.2, SA-75.2.2, SA-88.18.1,
   SA-90.4.3, SA-93.24.25
relocation programs, NA-94.4.2
Renwick Gallery of Art, NA-86.11.10
repatriation, NA-93.10.1; to Cheyenne, NA-93.10.1; of human
   remains, NA-93.10.1
representation, in anthropological fieldwork and filmmaking,
   AS-88.17.5; by self and other, SA-93.20.11
reproduction, AS-90.5.1
rescue operations, NA-93.16.4
resorts, AS-82.3.1, IN-91.20.15, NA-91.20.16 (see also tourism)
revitalization movements, OC-75.1.2
Revival, CB-92.1.1
Reygasse, Maurice (expedition leader), AF-82.5.4
Rhodes-Livingston Institute (Zambia), SC-89.10.10
rickshaw vehicles and operators, AF-85.4.1, AF-86.11.8,
   AF-91.20.24, AF-93.3.2, AF-93.29.1; performing for tourists,
Ripley, S. Dillon (ornithologist), NA-86.13.20
rites of incorporation, AF-83.5.2, AF-83.5.3
rites of passage, AF-91.21.5, OC-81.1.1; baby-naming ceremony,
   AF-83.5.1; housewarming rites, AS-93.6.2; and hunting,
   AF-91.18.18; ship launching, AS-82.3.2 (see also funerals;
   life-cycle events; weddings)
rites of purification: see purification rites
ritual, commentary about, AS-76.2.1; cycles and dance,
   OC-84.14.1; devotions, AS-89.5.1; implements and their
   construction, AS-76.2.1; material and spatial aspects of,
   AS-76.2.1; native exegesis, AS-88.2.5; processual and spatial
   elements of, AF-77.2.1; of purification, AS-76.2.1; rehearsals
   of, AS-76.2.1; specialists, CB-91.1.1; warfare, AS-88.17.1,
   OC-84.19.1 (see also exchange; funerals; life-cycle events;
   rites of passage; marriage)
ritual exchange: see exchange, ceremonial; reciprocity
ritual oratory: see oratory, ritual
rivalry, institutionalized patterns of, AS-86.13.29; sibling,
   OC-92.2.1; social, AS-86.13.29
River Basin Survey, NA-91.19.1
Roan Bear, Chief, NA-88.10.1
Roberts, Christopher (musicologist), OC-90.20.1, OC-90.20.2,
Roberts, John (anthropologist), SC-89.10.13, SC-89.10.14
rock engravings, NA-87.5.2
Rock of Gibraltar, EU-90.10.13
Rocky Mountains, NA-91.20.22
rodeo, NA-90.16.3, NA-91.14.1, NA-92.5.1, NA-92.6.1
Rolls Royce, EU-91.20.12
Romero, Xavier, SC-89.10.22
rope making, AS-83.4.1, CB-77.1.2, OC-86.13.19, OC-86.13.25
Rowe, John (anthropologist), SC-89.10.12
Royal Cambodian Ballet, AS-75.4.1
royalty, AF-77.1.1, AS-80.4.1, AS-80.5.1, AF-91.3.1, AS-91.8.4,
   OC-89.18.1, OC-90.19.2, OC-90.19.3; coronations of,
   OC-90.19.3; dance by, OC-89.2.13; funerals for, OC-90.19.2;
   palaces of, AS-91.20.14; tombs of, AF-82.5.4; weddings of,
rubber, IN-91.21.10
Rubin, Vera (anthropologist), SC-89.10.20, SC-89.10.21a
Rubin de la Borbolla, Daniel (anthropologist), SC-89.10.21,
rugs, making of, AS-89.2.8, NA-87.9.12; production and
   distribution of, AS-87.2.1; weaving of, ME-90.10.3
ruins, Tunisian, AF-90.10.15
Russell, Micho, EU-94.7.2
Russian Orthodox Church, NA-93.16.1

Sabloff, Jeremy A. (anthropologist), SC-89.10.14
sacrifice, AF-83.5.1, AF-83.5.3, AF-84.19.6, AF-85.1.1,
   AF-85.1.2, AS-76.2.1, AS-84.2.2, AS-88.2.2, AS-89.5.1,
   CA-89.3.1, CA-89.3.2, CA-89.4.4, CB-91.1.1, CB-92.9.2,
   OC-81.1.1; bear, AS-93.6.1; buffalo, AS-88.2.1, AS-88.15.1;
   chicken, AF-93.24.28, AS-88.2.3; dog, AS-88.2.3; at funeral,
   AS-88.2.4; prescribed butchering of animal, AF-83.5.3;
   reindeer, EU-89.7.1; water buffalo, AS-80.5.1, AS-83.13.1 (see
   also libations; offerings)
safari, AF-85.4.1, AF-88.3.1, AF-89.9.6, AF-91.7.2
sailing: see boating
St. Peter's Square, EU-89.9.8
Salote Tupou III, Queen, funeral of, OC-90.19.2
salvage archaeology: see archaeology
Samurai, AS-93.25.1; swords, AS-91.17.1
Samyak Festival, Nepal, AS-80.4.1
Sand Creek Massacre (1864), NA-93.10.1
Sapir, Edward (anthropologist), SC-89.10.1, SC-89.10.2,
Sapir, J. David (anthropologist), SC-89.10.3
scarification: see cicatrization
School of the American Research, NA-90.9.1
Scott, Reverend (human rights activist), AF-91.13.11
scribes, AF-90.10.14
sculptures, butter, AS-86.13.8; Egyptian, AF-83.1.1
seances, AS-87.7.1
Selassie, Emperor Haile I, AF-91.3.1
self-determination, NA-87.6.3
self-help, and nation building, SA-93.24.16
Senghor, Leopold Sedar, AF-93.24.26
Senghor, Maurice, AF-93.24.26
serpent-handling, NA-92.9.1
sewing, AF-90.1.2, NA-93.1.4
sex roles: see gender
sexual inequality, AF-93.14.2
sexuality, OC-88.11.1
Shackleton, Sir Ernest (explorer), IN-89.22.31
shadow puppets, AS-77.3.3, AS-84.2.2, AS-89.2.10
shamanism, AS-77.3.1, AS-83.13.1, AS-87.7.1, EU-89.7.1,
   NA-93.24.11, OC-76.6.1, SA-76.5.1, SA-84.16.1, SA-84.16.10,
Shango, ritual effigy of, AF-89.19.1
Sharp, Lauriston (anthropologist), SC-89.10.18
shelter: see dwellings; housebuilding; building construction
Sherfy, Brother John, NA-89.15.1, NA-89.15.2
ships, building of, NA-87.9.12, NA-87.9.20, NA-87.9.21,
   NA-87.9.22; shipboard rituals, AF-83.1.1
Shoji Hamada, AS-86.6.2
shopping, AS-93.24.19 (see also bazaars; markets; marketing)
Shouters, NA-77.1.3
shrines, AS-91.20.14, ME-81.3.1; Buddhist, AS-89.2.10, AS-89.5.1;
   Cambodian temples, AS-75.4.1; consecration of, AS-77.3.3;
   Hindu, AS-87.9.11; Islamic, AS-88.14.1; Wailing Wall,
siblings, interactions between, SA-86.13.32, rivalry between,
sign language, NA-85.10.1, OC-84.7.2 (see also nonverbal
silk manufacturing, AS-91.20.14
Simba Rebellion (Zaire), AF-91.13.4, AF-91.13.5
Simonsen, Paul, NA-91.10.1
singing, AF-91.18.14, AS-93.6.4, CB-92.1.1, EU-94.7.1, EU-94.7.2,
   NA-84.19.4, NA-87.9.18, NA-92.9.1, NA-93.1.1, NA-93.16.6,
   NA-93.20.5, OC-84.7.1, OC-84.7.4, OC-86.13.27, SA-84.3.1;
   funeral dirges, AS-88.17.2; in Hindi and English, CB-91.1.1;
   Jie herdsboys' songs, AF-83.2.6; !Kung, AF-83.11.8; to promote
   fertility, SA-93.20.13; and social commentary, AF-94.2.1;
   Swazi, AF-83.7.1; Swazi, AF-83.7.2; and technological change,
   NA-93.20.2; and village participation, AF-94.2.1 (see also
   chanting; music; songs)
sing-sing, OC-77.4.1, OC-78.1.2/85.11.5, OC-87.9.9
Sioux Indians, anthropological fieldwork among, SC-89.10.16,
   SC-89.10.17; Dog feast, NA-88.10.1
Sirenikski language, EU-89.7.2
sisal production, IN-91.21.10; rope manufacture, CB-92.9.3
Siskin, Edgar (anthropologist and rabbi), SC-89.10.2
sitar, AS-80.5.1, AS-89.2.17
skating, AS-91.20.14
slash-and-burn agriculture: see cultivation, swidden
slavery, AF-82.5.4
slit gongs, AF-87.9.27, OC-75.5.1, OC-89.18.2
Smith, M. G. (anthropologist), SC-89.10.20
Smithsonian Folklife Festival, CB-89.8.1
Smithsonian Institution River Basin Surveys, NA-88.1.1
Smithsonian Institution salvage archaeology, NA-83.13.2
Smithsonian's Maritime Archaic Archaeology project, NA-91.10.1
Smithsonian's Urgent Anthropology Program, NA-89.13.1
smoking, opium, AS-88.21.10; pipe, AS-80.5.1; tobacco,
   AF-91.13.3, OC-91.8.7 (see also cigar rollers)
smuggling, fictional account of, SA-94.1.3
snakes, handling of, AF-89.16.1, NA-84.19.4; rituals involving,
soccer, AF-91.13.9, OC-84.14.1, SA-86.13.31
sociability, AF-91.18.3, AF-91.18.12, CB-92.12.1, NA-91.9.1,
   OC-84.7.1, OC-84.7.8; beer drinking, AF-83.11.8; Jie,
   AF-83.2.8; !Kung San, AF-83.11.3, AF-83.11.4, AF-83.11.6;
   male, AS-75.2.1; women, AF-91.18.7 (see also leisure-time
   activities; recreation)
social change, hunters and gatherers, AF-91.18.13
social class, SA-93.24.25; in Thailand, AS-91.8.15
social dance: see dance
social dramas, AS-88.2.5
social interaction, among householders and villagers, AS-86.13.21
socialization, OC-75.3.1, OC-86.13.25, OC-86.13.27, OC-86.13.28,
   OC-86.13.35, SA-84.16.1, SA-84.16.4, SA-86.13.31 (see also
   childrearing; children; discipline; education; initiation)
socializing: see sociability
social structure, SA-75.2.2 (see also division of labor; domestic
   life; kinship; village organization)
solidarity, SA-86.13.17
soma drinking, AS-76.2.1
songs, AS-86.9.2, AS-86.9.4, CB-92.9.2, OC-89.12.1, OC-90.20.1,
   OC-90.20.2, OC-90.20.3; cycles, SA-93.20.11; Herero,
   AF-83.9.1; at funerals, AF-94.2.1; of Kentucky mountaineers,
   NA-93.20.1 (see also music; singing)
sorcery, AF-94.8.1 (see also witchcraft)
Sorenson, E. Richard, NA-86.13.20
sound recording, NA-87.9.6
Southeastern Archaeological Conference, NA-90.12.1
Sowande, Fela, AF-93.24.34
Space Needle, NA-91.20.5
spears, AF-91.13.1; fishing with, SA-94.1.1 (see also fishing)
speechmaking: see oratory
spinning, AF-89.19.1, AS-87.7.1, AS-88.14.1, AS-88.16.6,
   AS-91.21.8, EU-90.7.8, NA-91.4.1; cotton, AF-89.19.1 (see also
   textiles; weaving)
spirit mediums, AS-87.7.1, AS-93.6.3
spirit possession, AF-83.7.2, AF-84.19.6, AS-77.3.1, CB-91.1.1,
   CB-92.1.1, CB-92.9.2; SA-84.16.10, SA-90.4.3; by ancestral
   spirits, AF-77.2.1
spirits, Vodun, NA-92.9.4
sponge fishing, NA-89.20.1 (see also fishing)
sports: see athletic sports
standing stones, NA-91.10.1
stilt dancing, AS-88.5.1, AS-88.5.2, AS-88.5.6
stilt houses, OC-82.7.1
stilt walkers, CB-90.3.1, CB-92.9.6
Stirling, Matthew (anthropologist), CA-87.8.1
stone axes, OC-84.14.1
stone-dragging ceremonies, AS-88.17.4
storytelling, AF-83.11.4, OC-84.7.1, OC-84.14.1, OC-92.2.1,
street theatre, AS-89.9.5
street vendors, AF-86.11.8, AS-91.21.3 (see also bazaars;
Stuart, E. J. (explorer), OC-90.7.10
subsistence activities, AF-77.1.1, AF-82.5.3, AF-91.13.3,
   AF-91.13.5, AS-75.2.1, AS-81.2.1, AS-86.1.2, AS-86.13.1,
   AS-86.13.2, AS-86.13.3, AS-86.13.4, AS-86.13.5, AS-87.7.1,
   CA-82.10.1, CB-77.1.2, NA-82.6.1, NA-86.5.1, NA-91.9.1,
   OC-75.3.1, OC-84.19.2/91.8.6; Arctic region, NA-91.9.2
   NA-93.1.1; NA-93.16.2; NA-93.16.6; and gender, SA-84.16.1;
   among the !Kung, AF-83.11.6, AF-83.11.8; AF-83.11.3; in
   Melanesia, OC-75.1.1; among the Zimba, AF-83.5.4
sugar cane, OC-82.7.1; harvesting, CB-89.22.11; press, AS-81.2.1;
Sultan of Borneo, OC-89.18.1
sumo wrestling, AS-91.20.14, AS-93.24.40
Sun Dance ceremony, NA-92.8.1, NA-94.17.1
Sun Valley, NA-91.20.18
Sunsum Edwuma, healing ritual, AF-77.2.1
supernatural, ritual relations with, AF-84.19.6 (see also
sweat bath, NA-91.9.1; lodge, NA-92.6.1
swidden cultivation: see cultivation, swidden
swimming, SA-78.3.1
symbolic reversals, AF-91.13.5
symbolism, bovine, AF-84.19.6; color, AF-91.13.3, AF-91.13.5; and
   pow-wows, NA-89.6.2; of village and forest, AF-91.13.3
syncretism: see religious syncretism

Taj Mahal, AS-80.5.1
Tama Reservation, NA-86.11.2
Tambor de Mina, SA-92.4.1
tambourine, EU-87.9.8
tantric training, AS-86.13.12
tapa: see barkcloth manufacture
tapioca production, SA-86.16.2
tattooing, OC-91.7.3, OC-93.3.3, AS-88.21.1
tea ceremony, AS-91.20.14; men's morning ceremony, AF-90.1.2
tea harvesting, AS-82.3.1, SA-86.16.2
techniques du corps: see bathing; nursing; swimming
technological change, and language, NA-93.24.39; and singing,
technologies, indigenous, AF-83.11.6; fire-starting, AF-93.3.2;
   stone ax making, OC-84.14.1; trap making, AF-93.5.1
teepees, NA-89.6.2
Teilhard, (archaeologist), AS-81.5.6
temple, AS-84.8.1, AS-89.2.6, AS-89.5.1, AS-91.20.14, AS-92.10.2,
   AS-93.4.1, CB-91.1.1; Buddhist, AS-87.7.1; and color
   symbolism, AS-80.4.1; construction, AS-77.3.4; AS-86.1.1;
   Japanese, AS-84.9.1; in Kathmandu, AS-87.9.11; Korean,
   AS-86.6.2; Shinto, AS-82.3.1; South Indian, AS-77.3.2,
   AS-77.3.3; Wat Phrathat Temple, AS-92.10.2 (see also churches
   and mosques)
Temple Mound Builders, NA-86.8.2
Tennessee Valley Authority, NA-86.8.3
Teotihuacan, CA-89.22.5, CA-93.24.33
textiles, AS-89.2.15; cotton spinning, AF-89.19.1; dyeing,
   AS-83.10.2; mill, NA-91.20.16; Pa Ndau cloth, AS-93.21.2;
   processing, AS-80.5.1; production, AS-88.13.1, AS-88.2.3,
   SA-85.5.1; thread making, NA-78.1.1/85.11.7; tie-dyeing of
   thread, AS-83.10.1; trade cloth, AS-81.2.1; trading,
   AS-91.8.1; woven, AF-89.19.1 (see also dyes and dyeing; looms;
   spinning; weaving)
thatching, OC-84.7.8 (see also housebuilding)
theater, rural, AS-86.9.1, AS-86.9.3
Thomas Riggs archaeological site, NA-88.1.1
Tikal, Mayan ruin, CA-91.20.1
tile making, CA-91.20.13
Tin-Hinan, Queen, tomb of, AF-82.5.4
tin whistle, EU-94.7.1, EU-94.7.2
tobacco, snuff, SA-91.21.1 (see also smoking)
Tobias, P.V., interviewed, AF-87.16.2
tombs, AF-91.21.5, AS-82.3.1, AS-89.2.8; Kabaka royal tombs,
   AF-86.11.8; of Queen Tin-Hinan, AF-82.5.4 (see also funerals;
   graves; megaliths)
tool making, NA-76.1.1
tools, stone, AF-91.21.5
tooth filing, AS-93.18.1, OC-81.1.1
torma, burning, AS-86.13.8
totemism, NA-87.9.17
totem poles, NA-93.24.42
totems, NA-87.9.17
tourism, AF-89.22.26, ME-90.10.11, NA-89.20.3, OC-89.20.2;
   economic effects of, CB-89.22.8; and ethnographic spectacles,
   AF-89.22.26; in Italy, EU-89.9.8; in Puerto Rico, CB-93.3.1;
   in the U.S., NA-89.20.1, NA-90.16.1, NA-90.16.2, NA-92.5.1
   (see also resorts)
tourists, dance performances for, AF-89.16.1; in Egypt,
   AF-90.10.9; in South Africa, AF-93.29.1 (see also resorts)
trade and trading, AF-88.3.1, AS-91.8.2, NA-78.1.1/85.11.7,
   NA-87.9.18, OC-87.4.1, SA-84.16.1; between !Kung and Germans,
   AF-83.11.8; relationships based upon, EU-89.7.2; routes,
   AF-89.22.21; trade union fraternities, CA-90.8.1 (see also
   exchange; reciprocity)
trance, AF-91.18.14, AF-91.18.6, AS-92.10.1, AS-93.6.3,
   EU-89.7.1, NA-84.19.4, SA-90.4.1, SA-90.4.3; Swazi, AF-83.7.2;
   trance-dancing, AF-83.11.3; trance-possession, SA-92.4.1 (see
   also spirit possession)
transportation, AS-80.5.1 (see also boating, railroad, ships)
trapping, AF-83.11.2, NA-93.16.3 (see also hunting)
treaties, U.S.-Indian, NA-87.6.4
tree farms, NA-91.20.5
tree ring dating method, NA-76.1.1
trials: see judicial proceedings
Tromso Museum, NA-91.10.1
Truman Library, NA-91.20.5
Tuck, James, NA-91.10.1
tug-of-war, SA-84.16.18, NA-92.5.1
Tupou IV, King, coronation of, OC-90.19.3
Tupu Tsezchu Festival, AS-87.7.1
Twelve Apostles Church, AF-77.2.1
Two Guns White Calf, Chief, NA-89.20.3

U.S. Armed Forces, NA-93.24.2 (see also military)
U.S.-Indian treaties, NA-87.6.4
Umbanda religion (Brazil), SA-90.4.1, SA-90.4.3, SA-92.4.1
University of California-Berkeley, anthropology department,
   SC-89.10.6, SC-89.10.16
University of Chicago, anthropology department, SC-89.10.21a
Ustinov, Peter (actor), NA-93.24.39

values, and music, AF-94.2.1; Japanese, AS-91.8.13
Vietnam War, and anthropologists, SC-89.10.13
village organization, AS-91.6.1; OC-84.14.1
Villas Boas, Orlando, SA-85.11.4
violence, NA-93.24.21; racial, NA-93.24.21
violin, CA-82.10.2
Vodun, Haitian, CB-77.1.2, CB-90.1.5, CB-93.8.1, NA-92.9.4;
   theology, NA-92.9.4
volcanoes, EU-90.10.1
volcanology and geology (Alaska), NA-93.1.5
Von Mering, Otto (anthropologist), SC-89.10.27
Voodoo: see Vodun

Wagley, Charles (anthropologist), SC-89.10.10, SC-89.10.5,
   SC-89.10.6, SC-89.10.8, SC-89.10.9, SC-89.10.12
wagon races, NA-92.8.1
Wailing Wall, ME-90.10.7
Walker-Arbuthnot African Expedition, AF-90.7.11
Wanamaker expeditions, NA-83.6.2
war dance: see dance, war
warfare, SA-84.16.10; ceremony for warriors, OC-76.6.1; Cheyenne
   warrior societies, NA-94.17.1; and dance, NA-87.17.4;
   memorials, NA-86.12.2; mock, AS-81.2.4, AS-85.13.1, OC-87.4.1;
   reenactments, CA-89.4.1, NA-83.6.1, NA-83.6.2; ritual,
   AS-88.17.1, OC-84.19.1, OC-84.19.1; skills, SA-84.16.2; and
   society, NA-93.24.22; and sport, OC-88.11.1 (see also
   conflicts; dance, war)
wari, SA-77.1.4
Washburn, Sherwood (anthropologist), SC-89.10.11
Washington Square Church, EU-94.7.1, EU-94.7.2
Washoe Indians, anthropological fieldwork among, SC-89.10.2
water rights, NA-79.2.1
Waterton Lakes, NA-91.20.18
Wat Phrathat Temple, AS-92.10.2
Wax, Murray (anthropologist), SC-89.10.15, SC-89.10.16,
Wax, Rosalie (anthropologist), SC-89.10.16
weapons, manufacture, SA-85.11.4
weaving, in Africa, AF-77.1.1, AF-82.5.6, AF-83.5.4, AF-89.19.1,
   AF-90.21.1; in Asia, AS-83.10.1, AS-83.10.2, AS-86.1.2,
   AS-86.6.2, AS-87.2.1, AS-88.2.3, AS-88.15.1, AS-88.16.6,
   AS-90.5.1, AS-91.21.8, AS-93.21.2; in Central America,
   CA-82.10.2, CA-89.3.1, CA-89.4.5, CA-89.22.1, CA-91.20.13,
   CA-92.8.2, CA-93.11.1, in Europe, EU-87.9.8; in the Middle
   East, ME-90.10.17; in North America, NA-87.9.19, NA-87.9.20,
   NA-91.4.1; in Oceania, OC-76.6.1, OC-80.1.1, OC-86.13.25,
   OC-87.9.30, OC-87.9.31, OC-87.9.32, OC-89.18.2, OC-91.8.11,
   OC-92.2.1; in South America, SA-84.3.1, SA-84.16.11,
   SA-85.11.4, SA-91.21.9, SA-93.20.3, SA-93.20.4, SA-94.1.4 (see
   also looms; spinning; textiles)
weaving wood, AS-87.7.1
weddings, AF-86.11.8, AF-91.13.3, AS-88.5.1, AS-91.21.8,
   AS-93.4.1, AS-93.6.1, NA-77.5.1, OC-75.5.1, OC-87.9.30,
   SA-84.3.1, SA-86.11.7; bridal attire, AS-83.10.1; ceremony,
   AF-91.13.3, AF-91.13.7; dance, AF-82.11.1, AS-88.20.1; !Kung,
   AF-83.11.2; negotiations and ceremonial, AF-83.2.4; among
   pastoralists, AF-83.5.3; preparations and celebration for,
   OC-91.20.25; procession, AS-80.5.1; procession, CB-92.12.1;
   royal, OC-89.12.1; stages of, AF-83.5.2; and symbolic bride
   capture, AS-90.5.1; among the Zulu, AF-79.1.1 (see also
   courtship; marriage)
whaling, EU-89.7.2, EU-90.10.3, EU-93.24.23, NA-86.5.1
White, Burton, NA-87.16.3
white supremacist groups, SC-89.10.23
wigs, OC-87.9.9
wildlife, AF-89.9.6, AF-90.7.11, AF-91.13.13, AF-91.7.2,
   AF-91.20.24, AF-91.21.5, AS-85.7.1, NA-82.4.1; Arctic,
   NA-91.21.15; reserves, AF-89.9.6
Wilford, Lloyd (archaeologist), AF-87.1.1
Willey, Gordon R. (archaeologist), NA-86.7.1
Williams, Steve, NA-91.10.1
Wind Cave National Park, NA-88.7.1
Window Rock, NA-91.14.2
witchcraft, AF-94.8.1, AS-94.18.1 (see also sorcery)
women, anthropology and, SC-89.10.10; domestic labor of,
   AF-82.5.1; experiences of, AF-91.18.13; ideals of purity and
   inner strength, AS-86.9.4; !Kung, AF-83.11.2; notions about
   courtship, marriage and polygamy, AS-88.2.3, AS-88.5.3; palace
   women, AS-86.9.2, AS-86.9.4; personal histories of, AS-88.5.3;
   perspectives on work, AS-88.5.3; roles of, AS-86.9.4;
   self-image of, CB-86.2.3; social position of, CB-86.2.2;
   striking, AS-88.5.1; views on marriage, AF-83.2.2 (see also
   childrearing; gender; initiation; marriage; pregnancy)
woodcarving, AF-77.1.1, AF-89.19.1, AS-87.7.1, AS-88.21.3,
   AS-91.6.1, OC-87.9.30, OC-87.9.31, OC-87.9.32, OC-90.20.3,
woodcut prints, OC-87.9.32
woodworking, CA-91.20.21, OC-87.9.30
WPA (Works Progress Administration), archaeology sponsored by,
   NA-90.12.1, NA-82.4.1, NA-83.8.1, NA-85.2.1, NA-86.8.3;
   Writers Project, SC-89.10.23
World's Fair, Milwaukee (?), NA-93.16.6; New York (?), NA-93.16.6
worship, snake, AS-77.3.2
wrestling, NA-84.18.1, OC-89.18.1, SA-85.11.4, SA-85.11.6;
   Tuareg, AF-82.5.4
Wright burial mound, NA-83.8.1

xylophone, AF-87.9.26, AS-89.2.6, AS-89.2.12

Yellowstone National Park, NA-91.20.18
yoga, NA-93.24.27
York, Annie, NA-89.13.1
Yoruba-inspired religious tradition, CB-93.8.1
Youngbear, George, NA-86.11.2

zozobra, NA-90.16.4
Zulu Zionist congregation, AF-86.11.8
Zuni, anthropological fieldwork among, SC-89.10.14; War Gods,

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