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Geographical and Political Index

The capitalized entries below are independent countries, their present-day colonies, and the individual states of the United States. Natural features are treated as sub-entries unless they
span more than one political entity (e.g., Carpathian Mountains, Colorado River). Within each entry, films about the country or state are followed by those depicting its geographical regions (e.g., northeastern), followed in turn by films which mention particular towns, cities or provinces, in alphabetical order.

All references are to film accession numbers; thus the AS prefix in film AS-86.13.29 indicates that users will find a description of the film in the Asia section of this guide, in numerical order. The index provides the common, Anglicized version of country names and also includes former names if a change has occurred since 1960. However, the index always retains former colonial names when substitute terms are not available (e.g., the former French Equatorial Africa, now four independent nations).

AFGHANISTAN, AS-86.13.29, AS-87.2.1; (northeastern), AS-75.6.1,
   AS-81.5.2; Baghlan, AS-75.6.1; Balkh Province, AS-75.2.1;
   Bamian, AS-91.21.3; Faizabad, AS-91.21.3; Hindu Kush,
   AS-75.6.1; Istalif, AS-91.21.3; Kabul, AS-87.2.1, AS-91.21.3;
   Khawak Pass, AS-75.6.1; Nahrin, AS-75.6.1, Nahrin, AS-81.5.2;
   Oxus River (Amu Darya River, AS-91.21.3; Salang Pass,
Africa, IN-84.1.1, IN-93.7.1; East Africa, AF-85.4.1; West
   Africa, AF-77.1.5
ALABAMA, NA-86.7.2; Moundsville, NA-86.8.2, NA-86.8.4; Moundville
   State Park, NA-86.8.1
ALASKA, Alukseevee Island, NA-93.16.2; Aniakchik, NA-93.1.5;
   Barrow, NA-93.1.4; Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, NA-82.6.1;
   Holy Cross, NA-93.1.5; Homer, NA-81.5.3; King Island,
   NA-93.1.1, NA-93.1.2, NA-93.1.3, NA-93.1.4, NA-93.1.5; Kodiak
   Island, NA-82.2.1, NA-82.2.2, NA-86.12.1; Little Diomede
   Island, Bering Strait, NA-93.1.6; Nome, NA-86.5.1; Our Point,
   NA-82.2.2; Point Barrow, NA-86.5.1; Point Lay, NA-93.1.4; Taku
   Glacier, NA-93.1.5; Uyak Bay, NA-82.2.2; Valley of 10,000
   Smokes, NA-93.1.5; Wainwright, NA-93.1.4
ALGERIA, AF-87.1.1, AF-91.13.8, CB-90.3.3; (northeastern),
   AF-82.5.2; (northern), AF-82.5.1; Ain Beida, AF-82.5.2,
   AF-82.5.3; Biskra, AF-82.5.1, AF-82.5.2, AF-82.5.4; Bougie
   (Bejaia, AF-82.5.3; Canrobert, AF-82.5.1; Chauoui, AF-82.5.2;
   El Kantara, AF-82.5.1, AF-82.5.2; Kasbah, AF-82.5.2; Kramica,
   AF-82.5.1; Mechta el Arbi, AF-82.5.3; Tamanrasset, AF-82.5.4;
   Tebessa, AF-82.5.3; Timgad, AF-82.5.1
AMERICAN SAMOA, Pago Pago, OC-93.3.3 (see also Samoa; Western
ANGOLA, AF-87.9.26; (southern), AF-83.11.1; (southwestern);
   AF-83.5.1, AF-83.5.2, AF-83.5.4; Kanini River, AF-83.11.1;
   Mocamedes Desert, Mbambi region, AF-83.5.5
Antarctica, IN-89.22.31
Appalachia, NA-89.15.1, NA-89.15.2
Arctic Regions, NA-91.21.15, NA-93.16.4, NA-93.16.6; Canadian,
   NA-78.1.1/85.11.7, NA-93.16.6
ARGENTINA, SA-93.24.2; Buenos Aires, SA-93.24.25
ARIZONA, NA-91.14.2; Broken Flute Cave, NA-87.5.1; Canyon de
   Chelly, NA-91.14.2; Canyon Del Muerto, NA-87.5.2; Cataract
   Canyon, NA-91.9.1; Chilchinbito, NA-92.3.1; Grand Canyon,
   NA-91.20.19; Havasupai Reservation, NA-91.9.1; Kingman,
   NA-91.20.19; Navajo reservation, NA-92.3.1; Painted Desert,
   NA-91.20.19; Petrified Forest, NA-91.20.19; Window Rock,
   NA-84.18.1, NA-90.16.3, NA-91.14.2, NA-92.3.1
Arkansas River, NA-87.6.4
Asia, IN-84.1.1
AUSTRALIA, OC-85.9.1, OC-91.8.11; Arnhem Land, on the Gulf of
   Carpentaria, OC-91.8.7; Broome, OC-90.7.10; Townsville,
   OC-90.18.2; Wyndham, OC-90.7.10
AZORES, IN-91.20.15; Pico Island, EU-93.24.23
BARBADOS, CB-89.22.11
Basutoland: see Lesotho
Belgian Congo: see Zaire
BENIN, AF-77.1.1, AF-87.9.26, AF-89.16.1, AF-89.16.2; Abomey,
BERMUDA, NA-90.3.2
BOLIVIA, SA-87.13.1, SA-87.13.2, SA-93.24.2, SA-93.24.25,
   SA-94.1.3; Igavi Province, SA-86.11.7; Lake Titicaca,
   SA-87.13.1; Munecas Province, Department of La Paz, SA-75.2.2
Borneo, OC-76.6.1 (see also Kalimantan Province, Indonesia;
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, Mostar, EU-91.20.9; Sarajevo, EU-91.20.9
BOTSWANA, AF-83.9.1, AF-91.13.11
BRAZIL, CB-93.8.1, SA-86.16.2, SA-88.16.10, SA-93.24.25,
   SA-94.1.4; (northeastern), SA-86.13.31, SA-86.13.32; Amazon
   Basin, SA-81.5.1, SA-84.16.1, SA-84.16.3, SA-84.16.5,
   SA-84.16.6, SA-84.16.8, SA-84.16.9, SA-84.16.11, SA-84.16.16,
   SA-84.16.17, SA-84.16.18, SA-84.16.19, SA-91.18.23, SA-94.6.1;
   Amazon River, SA-94.1.1, SA-94.6.1; Belem, SA-85.11.6; Boa
   Vista, SA-94.6.1; Brasilia, SA-93.24.2; Clevelandia,
   SA-94.1.1; Manaus, SA-94.6.1; Maranhao, SA-86.13.17; Mato
   Grosso, SA-76.5.1, SA-94.1.2, SA-94.1.5, SA-91.7.1; Mato
   Grosso region, SA-85.11.4, SA-85.11.6; Paraguay River,
   SA-76.5.1; Rio Branco (Roraima), SA-94.6.1; Rio de Janeiro,
   SA-90.4.3, SA-90.1.3; Rio Mar (Rio Branco), SA-94.1.1; Rio
   Negro, SA-94.1.1, SA-94.6.1; Salvador, SA-93.24.5; Santo
   Antonio, SA-94.1.1; Sao Luis, Maranhao, SA-92.4.1; Sao Paulo,
   SA-76.5.1; Serra do Parima, SA-94.6.1; Xingu River, SA-76.5.1,
British Solomon Islands: see Solomon Islands
BURMA, AS-81.5.7, AS-90.22.1, AS-91.2.1, AS-93.24.13; Inle Lake,
   AS-90.22.1; Kentung, AS-90.22.1; Namkhan, AS-90.22.1; Pagan
   (former capital), AS-89.2.6; Rangoon, AS-90.22.1; Taunggyi,
   AS-90.22.1; Yaung-whe, AS-90.22.1
BURUNDI, AF-88.3.1
CALIFORNIA, Big Sur, AS-84.9.1; Carmel, NA-90.17.1, NA-93.24.35;
   Klamath Reservation, NA-84.18.1; Klamath River, NA-84.18.1;
   Los Angeles, NA-93.24.27, NA-94.4.2; Mt. Tamalpis, AS-84.9.1;
   San Francisco, AS-84.9.1, IN-91.20.15, NA-93.24.12
CAMBODIA, AS-89.2.12; Angkor Wat, AS-75.4.1, Angkor Wat,
   AS-89.2.1; Phnom Penh, AS-89.2.1
CAMEROON, Babanki Kingdom (Kedjum Keku), AF-88.8.1; Bafut
   Kingdom, AF-88.8.1; Northwest Province, AF-88.8.1
CANADA, Alberta, NA-91.20.22; Baffin Island, NA-78.1.1/85.11.7;
   British Columbia, NA-87.9.17; Calgary, Alberta, NA-91.20.22;
   Ellesmere Island, NA-78.1.1/85.11.7; Fort Nelson, British
   Columbia, NA-93.16.4; Fort Ruppert, Vancouver, British
   Columbia, NA-87.17.4; Hudson Bay, NA-89.22.32; Igloolik,
   northeast Melville Peninsula, Northwest Territories,
   NA-91.9.2; James Bay, NA-93.16.3; Jones Sound,
   NA-78.1.1/85.11.7; Kuyait (northeastern Frobisher Bay),
   NA-93.26.1; Labrador, Newfoundland, NA-91.10.1; Mackenzie
   River, NA-93.16.6; Manitoba, NA-87.9.15; Northwest
   Territories, NA-89.22.32; Nova Scotia, NA-87.9.12; Nulliak
   Cove, Labrador, NA-91.10.1; Quebec, NA-87.9.20, NA-87.9.21;
   Queen Charlotte Island, British Columbia, NA-87.9.17;
   Saskatchewan, IN-84.19.3; Strait of Georgia, British Columbia,
   NA-93.24.3; Victoria, British Columbia, NA-93.24.42
Canal Zone: See Panama
Cape of Good Hope, AF-91.20.8
Caroline Islands: see Pacific Islands (Trust Territory of the)
Carpathian Mountains, EU-90.7.8
Central America, IN-84.1.1
Ceylon: see Sri Lanka
CHAD, AF-82.1.1, AF-91.21.5; Fort-Lamy, AF-82.1.1; Lake Chad,
CHILE, SA-93.24.2; Easter Island, OC-89.22.22; Punta Arenas,
CHINA, EU-76.4.1, IN-93.7.1; (southwestern), AS-83.13.1; Beijing
   (Peking), AS-81.5.6; Canton, AS-89.9.4; Chongqing (Chong
   Qing), AS-81.5.6; Chou Chia Keo, AS-83.13.1; Choukoutien,
   AS-81.5.6; "Dragon Bone" Mountains, AS-81.5.6; Guanxi
   Province, AS-88.13.1; Kowloon border region, AS-88.21.10;
   Kweichow province, AS-83.13.1; Long Bow Village, Shanxi
   Province (North Central China), AS-88.5.1, AS-88.5.2,
   AS-88.5.4; Murkoden, Manchuria, AS-89.2.8; Shanghai,
   AS-86.6.2; Szechuan Province, AS-81.5.6, AS-83.13.1; Tientsin
   (northeastern China), AS-89.2.8; Wang Wu Chai, AS-83.13.1;
   Wuhan (Hankow), AS-81.5.6; Yangtze River, AS-81.5.6; Yellow
   River Valley, AS-88.5.6; Yunnan Province, AS-81.5.7,
   AS-83.13.1, AS-88.13.1
COLORADO, NA-76.1.1; Boulder, NA-91.20.19; Durango, NA-87.5.2
COLUMBIA, SA-93.24.2
Columbia River, NA-91.20.5
Congo: see Zaire
COOK ISLANDS, OC-90.18.1, OC-90.18.2; Aitutaki Atoll,
   OC-86.13.18; Pukapuka Atoll, OC-86.13.35
COSTA RICA, Calderon Munoz, CA-91.20.21; Irazu volcano,
   CA-91.20.21; San Jose, CA-91.20.1, CA-91.20.21; Turialba,
Cote d'Ivoire: see Ivory Coast
CROATIA, Dalmatian coast, EU-87.9.2; Dubrovnick, EU-91.20.9;
   Sibenik, EU-91.20.9; Zagreb, EU-91.20.9
CUBA, CB-93.8.1; Havana, CB-90.3.1, CB-90.3.3, NA-89.20.1
Dahomey: see Benin
Dalmatian Coast, EU-91.20.9
DENMARK, NA-91.10.1
Easter Island: see Chile
ECUADOR, SA-85.5.1, SA-85.11.6, SA-93.24.2; Cuenca, SA-91.20.10;
   Gualaceo Village, SA-91.20.10; Loja, Zamora Chinchipe
   Province, SA-78.3.1; Quito, SA-91.20.10
EGYPT, AF-83.1.1, AF-89.16.2, AF-89.22.23, AF-90.10.5,
   AF-90.10.9, AF-91.13.12, IN-76.4.1; Aswan (Assuan),
   AF-90.7.11; Cairo, AF-79.1.1, AF-86.11.8, AF-89.16.1,
   AF-89.17.1, AF-90.10.10, EU-91.20.4; Luxor, AF-90.7.11;
   Memphis, EU-91.20.4
EL SALVADOR, CA-91.20.1; Ilobasco, CA-91.20.21; Izalco volcano,
   CA-91.20.1; Lake Ilopoango, CA-91.20.21; San Salvador,
   CA-91.20.21; San Vicente, CA-91.20.21
England: See Great Britain
Equatorial Africa: see French Equatorial Africa
ETHIOPIA, AF-84.19.6; (southwest), AF-93.14.2; Addis Ababa,
Europe, IN-76.4.1, IN-84.1.1
FIJI, OC-85.9.1, OC-89.2.5, OC-89.18.2, OC-91.20.25; Lautoka,
   OC-91.20.11; Taveuni, OC-91.20.11; Vanua Levu, OC-91.20.11
FLORIDA, NA-89.20.1; Big Cyprus Reservation, NA-86.11.9;
   Okefinokee Swamp, NA-82.4.1
FRANCE, Alsace, EU-91.20.2; Avignon, EU-91.20.2; Brittany,
   EU-91.20.2; Calais, EU-91.20.26; Cannes, EU-91.20.2;
   Carcassonne, EU-91.20.2; Carnac, NA-91.10.1; Chamonix Valley,
   EU-91.20.26; Chamonix-Mont Blanc, EU-91.20.2; Dordogne,
   EU-82.5.7; Limoges, EU-91.20.2; Lyon, EU-91.20.2;
   Mont-Saint-Michel, EU-91.20.2; Moravia, AF-82.5.3; Nancy,
   EU-91.20.2; Nice, EU-91.20.2; Normandy, EU-91.20.2; Paris,
   Paris, AF-82.5.1; EU-89.17.2, EU-91.20.2, IN-84.19.3; Riviera,
   EU-90.10.2; Rocher de la Peine, AF-82.5.3; Rouen, EU-91.20.2;
   Seine River, EU-89.17.2, EU-91.20.26; Tuc d'Audoubert,
   AF-82.5.3; Wisternitz, AF-82.5.3
FRENCH GUIANA, SA-94.1.1; Cayenne, SA-94.8.2; Devil's Island,
   SA-94.8.2; Maroni River, SA-94.8.2; Saint Georges, SA-94.1.1;
   St. Laurent, SA-94.8.2; Tumac Humac Mountains, SA-94.8.2
FRENCH POLYNESIA, Bora-Bora, OC-91.20.11, OC-91.20.25; Moorea,
   OC-91.20.11, OC-91.20.25; Raiatea, OC-91.20.11; Rangiroa
   Atoll, OC-91.20.11; Tahiti, OC-84.4.3, OC-90.18.1, OC-90.19.5,
   OC-91.20.11, OC-91.20.25, OC-93.3.3, OC-94.5.1; Tuamotu
   Islands (Tahiti), OC-90.19.5
GABON, AF-82.1.1
GEORGIA, Fort Benning, NA-86.7.1; Georgia coast, NA-77.1.3;
   Kolomoki Indian Mounds State Park, NA-84.13.1; Macon,
   NA-87.17.1; Sea Island, NA-91.20.16; Suwannee River,
GHANA, AF-77.1.1; Accra, AF-91.13.9, AF-91.13.10; Asokore,
   AF-77.1.1; Elmina, AF-77.2.1
GIBRALTAR, EU-90.10.13
Glacier National Park, NA-85.10.1
Gobi Desert, AS-88.16.8 (see also Mongolia)
Great Basin, NA-94.3.1
GREAT BRITAIN, CB-89.22.10, EU-91.20.3, IN-76.4.1; Aberdeen,
   EU-91.20.12; Chester, EU-91.20.12; Clovelly, EU-91.20.12;
   Cornish coast, EU-91.20.12; Cornwall, EU-91.20.3, NA-91.10.1;
   Cotswolds, EU-91.20.12; Devon, EU-91.20.3; Dover, EU-91.20.26;
   Edinburgh, EU-91.20.12; Foey, EU-91.20.12; Lake District,
   EU-91.20.3, EU-91.20.12; Loch Lomond, EU-91.20.12; London,
   EU-91.20.3, EU-91.20.12, EU-91.20.26; Midlands, EU-91.20.3;
   Northumberland, EU-91.20.12; Saint Ives, EU-91.20.12;
   Salisbury, EU-91.20.12; St. Mary, Scilly Isles, NA-91.10.1;
   Stonehenge, EU-91.20.12; Stratford, EU-91.20.3; Sussex,
   EU-91.20.3, EU-91.20.12; Thames River, EU-91.20.26; Torquay,
   EU-91.20.12; Wiltshire, EU-91.20.3
Great Smoky Mountains, NA-91.20.16
GREECE, (northern), NA-93.20.12; Aegean Islands, EU-91.20.4;
   Athens, EU-87.14.1, EU-89.17.2, EU-91.20.4; Corinth,
   EU-91.20.4; Greek Isles, EU-90.10.2; Kos Island, EU-91.20.4;
   Mykonos, EU-91.20.4; Rhodes, EU-91.20.4; Santorin, EU-91.20.4
GUAM, OC-80.2.1, OC-90.2.1
GUATEMALA, CA-91.7.4, SA-93.24.2, SA-93.24.25; Alta Verapaz,
   CA-91.21.4; Antigua, CA-91.20.1, CA-91.20.21;
   Chichicastenango, CA-85.10.2, CA-91.20.1, CA-91.20.21;
   Guatemala City, CA-91.20.1, CA-91.20.21; Lake Atitlan,
   CA-85.10.2, CA-91.20.1; Quetzaltenango, CA-91.20.21; Quirigua,
   CA-91.20.21, CA-92.8.2; Santiago, CA-85.10.2
GUINEA, AF-89.16.1, AF-89.16.2
GUYANA, SA-93.24.16; Berbice, CB-91.1.1
HAITI, CB-87.9.1, CB-92.9.2, CB-92.9.3, CB-93.8.1; Mirebalais,
   CB-77.1.2; Plaisance, CB-92.12.1; Port-au-Prince, CB-90.3.3;
   Sucrie de Nasch, CB-93.8.1; Ville Bonne Heure, CB-90.1.5
HAWAII, IN-93.7.1, OC-84.4.2; Diamond Head, AS-84.9.1; Honolulu,
   OC-89.14.1, OC-91.20.17; Kauai, OC-91.20.17; Maui, OC-89.20.2,
   OC-91.20.17, OC-91.20.25; Pali overlook, AS-84.9.1; Pearl
   Harbor, OC-91.20.17, OC-91.20.25; Waikiki, AS-84.9.1,
   OC-91.20.17, OC-91.20.25; Wake Island, IN-91.20.15
Himalayas, AS-91.21.8
Hindu Kush, AS-75.2.1, AS-81.5.2
Holland: see The Netherlands
HONDURAS, CA-91.20.21
HONG KONG, AS-81.5.7, AS-86.6.2, AS-88.21.2, AS-88.21.3,
   AS-88.21.10, AS-88.21.13, AS-88.21.14, AS-88.21.15, IN-76.4.1,
   IN-91.20.15, IN-91.21.10; Kowloon, AS-88.21.10
HUNGARY, EU-91.20.9
IDAHO, Sun Valley, NA-91.20.18
ILLINOIS, NA-76.1.1; Chicago, AF-82.5.1, NA-93.24.41
INDIA, AS-85.7.1, AS-86.1.1, AS-86.13.13, AS-87.9.11, AS-89.2.2,
   AS-89.2.16, AS-89.2.17, AS-89.2.18, AS-91.8.12, AS-93.4.1,
   AS-93.24.13, IN-76.4.1, IN-91.21.10, OC-76.6.1; (southern),
   AS-86.13.9; Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh), AS-80.3.1; Assam,
   AS-85.7.1; Bombay, AS-80.3.1, IN-84.19.3; Burpali, Orissa,
   AS-83.10.2; Delhi, AS-91.2.1, IN-91.20.15; Dhrangadhra,
   AS-86.9.2, AS-86.9.4; Ganjam Province, AS-84.2.2; Goa,
   AS-80.3.1; Gujarat, AS-86.9.1, AS-83.10.1, AS-84.17.1; Hunsur,
   AS-86.13.8, AS-86.13.11, AS-86.13.12; Jaipur (Rajasthan),
   AS-80.3.1; Jammu and Kashmir, AS-93.4.1; Kashmir, AS-89.2.2,
   AS-91.21.8; Kerala, AS-76.2.1, AS-77.3.1, AS-77.3.2,
   AS-77.3.3, AS-77.3.4; Kulu Valley of the Himalayas, AS-91.8.3;
   Ladakh, AS-86.11.6, AS-91.21.8, Lukil Valley, Ladakh,
   AS-86.1.2; Mathoo Village, Ladakh, AS-86.13.3, AS-86.13.4,
   AS-86.13.5, AS-86.13.6; Mathura, AS-89.2.3; Mundgod,
   AS-86.13.9, AS-86.13.14, AS-86.13.15; Mussoorie, AS-80.3.1;
   Nagpur (Maharashtra), AS-80.3.1; New Delhi, AS-87.9.11,
   IN-91.20.15; Nilgiri hills (Orissa Province), AS-87.9.11;
   Orissa, AS-84.2.2, AS-86.13.7; Puri, AS-84.8.1, AS-91.2.1;
   Rajasthan, AS-84.2.1; Santal village, Bihar State, AS-83.4.1;
   Sholapur, Maharashtra district, AS-80.5.1; Sikkim, AS-85.7.1,
   AS-87.11.1; Srinagar, AS-91.21.8; Udaipur, Rajasthan district,
   AS-80.5.1; Uttar Pradesh, AS-89.2.3
INDONESIA, AS-93.24.38, OC-85.9.1; Bali, AS-89.2.10, AS-89.2.14,
   AS-93.4.1, IN-76.4.1, IN-93.7.1, OC-76.6.1, OC-90.7.6,
   OC-93.3.4; Bandjarmasin, South Kalimantan Province,
   OC-89.18.1; Denpensar, Bali, AS-93.18.1; Irian Djaja,
   OC-76.6.1, OC-78.1.2/85.11.5, OC-87.4.1; Jakarta, Java,
   AS-91.8.1; Java, AS-88.16.5, AS-89.2.15, AS-93.24.13,
   IN-76.4.1, IN-93.7.1, OC-93.24.4; Jogjakarta, Java,
   OC-93.24.4; Kajubihi, Bali, AS-94.18.1; Kapunduk, East Sumba,
   AS-88.17.2; Lake Toba, AS-91.8.16; Maheng Mata, West Sumba,
   AS-88.17.4; Mangganipi, West Sumba, AS-88.2.2, AS-88.17.5;
   Mentawai, OC-76.6.1; Nias, OC-76.6.1; Padang Highlands,
   Sumatra, OC-76.6.1; Penyaringan, Bali, OC-81.1.1; Subang
   (Western Java), AS-91.8.14; Sulawesi, AS-91.6.1; Sulu, Java,
   AS-91.8.4; Sumatra, AS-81.5.9, AS-91.8.11, IN-76.4.1; Sumba
   (West), AS-88.2.1, AS-88.2.3, AS-88.2.4, AS-88.2.5,
   AS-88.17.1, AS-88.17.6; Surabaya, Java, AS-91.8.2, OC-87.4.1;
   Tungjuk, Bali, AS-91.8.10; Weiha, West Sumba, AS-88.17.3
IOWA, NA-86.11.2; Council Bluffs, NA-91.20.5; Sioux City,
IRAN, AS-87.2.1; (northeastern), AS-88.14.1; (northwestern),
   AS-85.12.1; (southern), ME-90.3.4, ME-90.13.1; Liqvan,
   ME-85.6.1; Mt. Sabalan, AS-85.12.1; Mughan Steppe, AS-85.12.1;
   Zagros range, ME-90.13.1
IRAQ, ME-81.3.1; Bagdad, ME-81.3.1; Baghlan, AS-81.5.2; Sulimani,
IRELAND, Doolin, County Clare, EU-94.7.1, EU-94.7.2
Irian Djaja (Dutch New Guinea): see Indonesia
ISRAEL, Gethsemane, ME-90.10.8; Haifa, ME-90.10.12; Jerusalem,
   ME-90.10.7; Nazareth, ME-90.10.12; Sea of Galilee,
   ME-90.10.12; Tel Jemmeh, ME-90.14.1; Tiberias, ME-90.10.12
   (see also Israeli-occupied Jordan)
Israeli-occupied Jordan, Bethlehem, ME-90.10.8
ITALY, Amalfi, EU-91.20.4, Arno River, EU-89.17.2, Capri,
   EU-91.20.4, Fiume, EU-90.10.2, Florence, EU-89.17.2, Lake
   Como, EU-91.20.26, Lake Maggiore, EU-91.20.26, Mt. Vesuvius,
   EU-89.9.8, Naples, EU-86.3.1, EU-89.9.8, EU-90.10.2,
   EU-91.20.4, Pompeii, EU-91.20.4, Positano, EU-91.20.4,
   Ravello, EU-91.20.4, Rome, EU-89.9.8, EU-90.7.9, EU-90.10.6,
   Sicily, EU-90.10.2, Sorrento, EU-91.20.4, Venice, EU-89.9.8,
   EU-89.17.2, EU-90.7.4, EU-91.20.26
IVORY COAST, AF-77.2.1, AF-89.16.1, AF-89.16.2; Yho, AF-94.8.1
JAMAICA, CB-86.2.1, CB-86.2.2, CB-86.2.3, CB-90.3.3, CB-91.11.1,
   IN-93.7.1; Blue Mountains, CB-91.12.1/93.15.1, CB-91.12.2;
   Kingston, CB-89.22.10, CB-90.3.1; Kingston (west), CB-91.11.1,
   CB-92.1.1; Moore Town, CB-91.12.1/93.15.1, CB-91.12.2; Morant
   Bay, CB-92.1.1; Portland, CB-89.8.1; Rio Cobre River,
   CB-90.3.1; St. Catherine, CB-89.8.1; Trench Town, west
   Kingston, CB-92.1.1
JAPAN, AS-82.3.2, AS-84.9.1, AS-89.2.9, AS-89.22.12, AS-89.22.14,
   AS-91.2.1, AS-93.24.8, AS-93.24.18, AS-93.24.19, AS-93.24.40,
   IN-76.4.1, SA-86.16.2; Chikaphumi (near Asahikawa on
   Hokkaido), AS-93.6.4; Chitose River, AS-93.6.1; Gifu,
   AS-91.20.14; Hakodate, AS-82.3.1; Hakone National Park,
   AS-91.20.14; Hozu rapids, AS-89.2.7; Inland Sea, AS-91.20.14;
   Ishihama, AS-89.22.12; Iwate region, AS-89.22.12; Kegon Falls,
   AS-91.20.14; Kobe, AS-82.3.1; Kyoto, AS-82.3.1, AS-91.20.14,
   IN-91.20.15; Lake Chuzenji, AS-91.20.14; Mashiko, AS-86.6.1,
   AS-86.6.2; Matsushima, AS-82.3.1; Mt. Fuji, AS-89.2.7; Moji,
   AS-82.3.1; Nagara River, AS-82.3.1; Nagasaki, AS-82.3.1;
   Nagoya, AS-91.20.14; Nara, AS-91.20.14; Nara, IN-91.20.15;
   Nibutani, Hokkaido, AS-93.6.2, AS-93.6.3; Okitsu, AS-91.20.14;
   Omura, AS-82.3.1; Saru River, AS-93.6.2; Shinkansen,
   AS-91.20.14; Shiraoi, Hokkaido AS-93.6.1; Tokyo, AS-82.3.1,
   AS-89.9.3, AS-89.9.5, AS-89.22.13, AS-91.20.14, AS-93.24.38,
   IN-84.19.3; Unzen, AS-82.3.1; Yokahama, AS-82.3.1, AS-82.3.2;
   Jordan, Dead Sea, ME-90.10.11
JORDAN, ME-90.10.8; Jericho, ME-90.10.11 (see also
   Israeli-occupied Jordan)
Kalahari Desert: see Namibia; South Africa
KENTUCKY, NA-83.8.1, NA-93.20.1; Blue Grass region, NA-91.20.16
KENYA, AF-79.1.1, AF-83.1.1, AF-85.11.1, AF-85.11.2, AF-86.11.8,
   AF-89.9.6, AF-91.13.12, AF-91.20.8, AF-91.21.6, AF-93.5.1;
   (northwestern), AF-83.2.1, AF-83.2.2, AF-83.2.3, AF-83.2.4;
   Amboseli-Masai Reserve, AF-91.20.8; Maragoli Hills, AF-78.2.1;
   Mombassa, AF-89.17.1; Nairobi, AF-89.16.1, AF-89.17.1,
   AF-91.20.8; Nkaroni, AF-93.5.1; Rumuruti, AF-85.11.1,
   AF-85.11.2, AF-85.11.3; Sapoitit (Chepto), AF-93.5.1,
Khyber Pass: see Pakistan
Klamath River, NA-84.18.1
KOREA, AS-86.6.2, AS-87.9.11, AS-89.2.8, IN-76.4.1; Kyongju,
   AS-81.5.5, AS-86.6.2
LAOS, AS-81.5.7
LEBANON, IN-91.20.15; Baalbek, ME-90.10.16; Beirut, EU-90.10.2,
   ME-90.10.3, ME-90.10.16; Dog River, ME-90.10.16
LESOTHO, AF-91.13.11
Limpopo River, AF-93.29.1
LOUISIANA, NA-89.22.16; New Orleans, NA-91.20.16
MACAO, AS-88.21.5, AS-88.21.6, AS-88.21.10
MAINE, NA-91.10.1, NA-93.20.8
MALAWI, AF-86.11.8; Blantyre and Limbe, AF-86.11.8
MALAYSIA, AS-89.11.1, AS-89.11.2, AS-91.2.1, AS-93.24.38,
   OC-85.9.1; Borneo, OC-76.6.1
MALI, AF-89.16.1, AF-89.16.2, AF-93.24.28; Bamako, AF-87.9.26;
   Gao, AF-87.9.26; Mopti, AF-87.9.26; Sangha, AF-87.9.26;
   Timbuktu, AF-87.9.26
MARSHALL ISLANDS, Arno Atoll, OC-83.3.1
MAURITANIA, AF-89.16.1, AF-89.16.2
MEXICO, CA-85.10.2, CA-88.4.1, CA-89.22.3, CA-89.22.4, IN-76.4.1,
   NA-87.16.1, SA-93.24.2, SA-93.24.25; Acapulco, CA-91.20.6,
   CA-91.20.13, CA-93.24.33; Amecameca, CA-91.20.20, EU-91.20.9;
   Baja California, NA-93.24.36; Basihuare, Chihuahua,
   CA-87.15.1; Chamula, CA-91.20.13; Chican, CA-85.8.1; Chichen
   Itza (Yucatan Penninsula), CA-93.24.31; Chipinque Mesa,
   Monterrey, CA-91.20.6; Cozumel, CA-91.20.13; Cuernavaca,
   CA-91.20.6, CA-93.24.33; Fortin de las Flores, CA-91.20.6;
   Guadalajara, CA-91.20.13; Guanajuato, CA-91.20.20; Guanajuato,
   EU-91.20.9; Horsetail Falls, Monterrey, CA-91.20.6; Huasteca
   Canyon, Monterrey, CA-91.20.6; Huejotzingo, CA-89.4.1;
   Huihuatzio, CA-91.20.6; Jalisco, CA-89.3.2, CA-89.4.4;
   Janitzio, CA-91.20.6; Laguna de Xochimilco (Xochimilco Lagoon,
   CA-87.9.7; Mazatlan, CA-91.20.13; Merida, CA-91.20.13; Mexico
   City, CA-85.10.2, CA-91.16.2, CA-91.20.6, CA-91.20.20,
   CA-91.20.21, CA-93.24.33, EU-91.20.9; Michoacan, CA-91.20.13;
   Monterrey, CA-91.20.20, EU-91.20.9; Oaxaca CA-89.22.1,
   CA-89.22.7, CA-91.20.13; Patzcuaro, CA-91.20.6, CA-91.20.13;
   Patzcuaro Lake, CA-91.20.6; Popocatepetl, CA-91.20.6; Puebla,
   CA-91.20.13, CA-91.20.20, CA-91.20.21, EU-91.20.9; Puerto
   Vallarta, CA-91.20.13; Samachique, Chihuahua, CA-82.10.2; San
   Andres Coamiata, Jalisco, CA-89.3.1, CA-89.3.3, CA-89.4.5,
   CA-93.11.1; San Ignacio, Chihuahua, CA-87.15.1; San Luis
   Potosi, CA-81.5.8; San Miguel de Allende, CA-91.20.6; Santa
   Clara del Cobre, CA-91.20.6; Tabasco, CA-91.20.13; Tampico,
   CA-91.20.20, EU-91.20.9; Taxco, CA-91.20.6, CA-91.20.13,
   CA-91.20.20, EU-91.20.9; Tehuacan Valley, CA-89.22.24,
   NA-87.16.1; Tehuantepec, CA-91.20.20, EU-91.20.9; Teotihuacan,
   CA-89.22.5, CA-91.20.6, CA-91.20.21; Tocuaro, CA-91.20.6;
   Tuxpan de Bolanos, CA-82.10.1; Uxmal (Yucatan Penninsula),
   CA-93.24.31; Veracruz, CA-89.22.6, CA-91.20.20, CA-91.20.21,
   EU-91.20.9; Xochimilco, CA-85.10.2, CA-91.20.6, CA-91.20.13,
   CA-91.20.20, EU-91.20.9; Yucatan, CA-90.8.1; Yucatan
   Peninsula, CA-89.22.24, NA-89.20.1, NA-87.16.1; Zimapan,
   CA-91.20.6, CA-91.20.20, EU-91.20.9; Zinacantan Village,
MICHIGAN, AS-93.21.2
MICRONESIA (Federated States of), Pohnpei (Ponape), OC-87.9.31;
   Truk (Chuuk), OC-87.9.31; Yap, OC-80.1.1, OC-87.9.30,
Middle East, IN-76.4.1
MINNESOTA, Black Duck, NA-84.18.1; Cass Lake, NA-84.18.1
MISSISSIPPI, Mississippi River, NA-91.20.16; Natchez, NA-91.20.16
MISSOURI, Independence, NA-91.20.5; Kansas City, NA-91.20.5; St.
   Louis, NA-91.20.5
Missouri River Basin, NA-83.13.2
MONACO, Monte Carlo, EU-91.20.2
MONGOLIA, AS-89.18.3, Gobi Desert, AS-88.16.8, AS-89.18.3
MONTANA, Anaconda, NA-91.20.5; Cheyenne, NA-92.8.1; Crow Agency,
   NA-83.6.1; Glacier National Park, NA-85.10.1; Great Falls,
   NA-91.20.5; LameDeer, NA-87.12.1; Missoula, NA-91.20.5
MOROCCO, Fez, AF-90.7.3; Marrakesh, AF-90.10.14
MOZAMBIQUE, AF-93.29.1, AF-94.2.1
NAMIBIA, AF-83.11.1; (northwestern), AF-83.5.1, AF-83.5.2;
   Gautcha, AF-83.11.6; Kackoveld, AF-83.5.3; !Kubi, AF-83.11.6;
   !Nama, AF-83.11.6; Nyae-Nyae region of the Kalahari Desert,
   AF-83.11.2, AF-83.11.3, AF-83.11.4, AF-83.11.5, AF-83.11.6,
   AF-83.11.8, AF-89.22.28, AF-91.18.1, AF-91.18.2, AF-91.18.3,
   AF-91.18.4, AF-91.18.5, AF-91.18.6, AF-91.18.7, AF-91.18.8,
   AF-91.18.9, AF-91.18.10, AF-91.18.11, AF-91.18.12,
   AF-91.18.13, AF-91.18.14, AF-91.18.15, AF-91.18.16,
   AF-91.18.17, AF-91.18.18, AF-91.18.19; Windhoek, AF-87.9.27,
NASSAU, CB-90.3.3
NEBRASKA, NA-89.6.1; Omaha, NA-91.20.5; Omaha Reservation,
NEPAL, AS-80.4.1, AS-86.13.21, AS-86.13.30, AS-87.9.11;
   (western), AS-86.13.22; Ason Tol, AS-80.4.1; Helembu Valley,
   AS-90.5.1; Kathmandu, AS-89.5.1; Kathmandu Valley, AS-86.13.2,
   AS-89.5.1, AS-93.4.1; Melemchigaon village, Helambu valley
   (Central Nepal), AS-87.7.1; Melemchi, AS-87.7.1, AS-90.5.1;
   Thecho, Kathmandu Valley, AS-86.13.1, AS-86.13.2, AS-86.13.16;
   Thimi, Kathmandu Valley, AS-86.13.2
NEVADA, Las Vegas, NA-91.20.19
New Guinea: see Irian Barat; Papua New Guinea
New Hebrides: see Vanuatu
NEW MEXICO, NA-76.1.1, NA-82.5.5, NA-87.16.1, NA-90.16.5,
   NA-91.14.3; Acoma, NA-90.7.1, NA-91.14.1; Acomita, NA-90.7.1;
   Chaco Canyon (Pueblo Bonito), CA-89.22.24; Gallup, NA-87.9.6,
   NA-91.14.1, NA-92.5.1, NA-93.24.41; La Plata District,
   NA-87.5.1; Mesa Verde, NA-91.14.1; Santa Clara Pueblo,
   NA-91.14.3; Santa Fe, NA-90.7.2, NA-90.9.1, NA-90.16.4; Zuni,
NEW YORK, EU-90.10.2, EU-94.7.1, EU-94.7.2, NA-92.9.4, NA-92.9.7,
   NA-92.9.8; Brooklyn, NA-92.9.5, NA-92.9.9; Harlem,
   NA-93.24.10; Lower East Side of Manhattan, NA-89.22.19; New
   York City, CB-92.9.6, IN-91.20.15, NA-89.22.30, OC-82.7.1;
   Putnam County, NA-93.20.7; Queens, NA-93.20.12; Williamsburg
   section of Brooklyn, NA-84.10.1, NA-84.11.1
NEW ZEALAND, OC-89.2.13, South Island, OC-93.3.3
NICARAGUA, Managua, CA-91.20.21, NA-89.20.1
NIGER, AF-89.16.1, AF-89.16.2, AF-89.22.21, AF-90.1.2,
   AF-93.14.1; Bilma Oasis, AF-89.22.21
NIGERIA, AF-77.1.1, CB-92.9.6; Abeokuta, AF-77.1.1; Aliade,
   AF-82.11.1; Gboko, AF-82.11.1; Jos Plateau, AF-82.11.2,
   AF-85.3.1; Lagos, AF-90.1.4; Mbahor village, AF-82.11.1,
   AF-82.11.1; Miango village, AF-82.11.2; Ogbomosho, AF-90.21.1;
   Oyo, AF-89.19.1
Niger River, AF-90.21.1
Nile River, AF-90.7.11, AF-93.29.1 (see also White Nile)
Nile Valley, AF-86.11.8
North America, IN-84.1.1
NORTH CAROLINA, NA-93.20.2; Kitty Hawk, NA-91.20.16
NORTH DAKOTA, Bismarck, NA-91.20.5
Northern Rhodesia: see Zambia
NORWAY, NA-91.10.1; Varanger Fjord, NA-91.10.1
Nubian Desert: see Sudan
Nyanza, Lake (Lake Victoria), AF-91.21.6
Nyasaland: see Malawi
OKLAHOMA, Cantonment, NA-94.17.1; Tulsa, NA-85.2.1; Wagoner
   County, NA-91.19.1
OREGON, (southeastern), NA-94.3.1; Crater Lake, NA-91.20.5;
   Klamath River, NA-84.18.1; Mount Hood, OC-82.7.1
   OC-87.9.31; Ifalik Atoll, OC-75.3.1, OC-86.13.27, OC-86.13.28;
   Ulithi, OC-87.9.30, OC-87.9.31; Western Carolines, OC-80.2.1;
   Woleai Atoll, OC-75.3.1, OC-86.13.19, OC-86.13.25, OC-92.2.1
PAKISTAN, Kashmir, AS-91.21.8; Khyber Pass, AS-80.3.1, AS-91.21.3
Palau: see Pacific Islands (Trust Territory of the)
PANAMA, CA-91.16.6, CB-90.3.1; Barriles, CA-87.8.1; Canal Zone,
   CA-91.20.1, CB-90.3.3, CB-90.3.1, IN-93.7.1, OC-82.7.1;
   Chagres River, CA-91.20.1; Palo Santo, CA-87.8.1; Panama City,
   CA-91.16.7, CA-91.20.1, CA-91.20.21; San Blas Islands,
Panama Canal: See Panama
PAPUA NEW GUINEA, OC-78.1.2/85.11.5, OC-82.7.2, OC-84.19.1,
   OC-89.1.1, OC-91.7.3, OC-91.20.25, OC-92.13.1, OC-93.23.1;
   Apangai (east Sepik), AS-93.4.1; Arona Valley, OC-77.4.1;
   Baliem River, OC-93.27.1; Butem, Western Province, OC-90.20.3;
   Enga Province, OC-84.7.1, OC-84.7.2, OC-84.7.6, OC-84.7.8,
   OC-84.7.9, OC-84.7.10; Fly River, OC-82.7.1, OC-89.1.1,
   OC-91.5.1; Goroka Valley, OC-77.4.1; Kainantu region,
   OC-77.4.1; Kalabahai, OC-93.3.3; Kasapu, Enga Province,
   OC-84.7.4, OC-84.7.5, OC-84.7.11; Kikori River, OC-82.7.1;
   Kiriwina Island (Trobriand Islands), OC-93.24.29; Kopiri
   Village, Ialibu, Southern Highlands Province, OC-90.20.2,
   OC-90.20.3; Kundiawa, OC-77.4.1; Lagaip Valley, OC-84.7.1;
   Lake Habbema, OC-93.27.1; Lake Murray, OC-82.7.1; Mount Hagen,
   AS-93.4.1, OC-77.4.1, OC-87.9.9, OC-91.20.25; Mt. Wilhelmina,
   OC-93.27.1; Obweria, Milne Bay Province, OC-90.20.3; Ok-Tedi
   River, OC-82.7.1; Oluweta, Milne Bay Province, OC-90.20.3;
   Papua, OC-93.3.3; Pere Village, Manus Province, OC-90.15.1;
   Port Moresby, AS-88.20.1, AS-93.4.1, OC-82.7.1; Samarai
   Island, OC-82.7.1; Sepik River, OC-82.7.1, OC-91.5.1,
   AS-93.4.1; Simbai Valley, Madang District, OC-84.14.1; Snow
   Mountains, OC-93.27.1; Star Mountains, OC-90.20.1, OC-90.20.2,
   OC-90.20.3; Strickland River, OC-82.7.1, OC-89.1.1; Tifalmin,
   West Sepik Province, OC-90.20.2, OC-90.20.3; Tipitipi River,
   Enga Province, OC-84.7.3; Tourename, Enga Province, OC-84.7.7;
   Trobriand Islands, OC-88.11.1, OC-88.11.2, OC-90.20.3; Waghi
   Valley, OC-77.4.1, OC-91.20.25; Western Highland, OC-91.20.25
PARAGUAY, SA-91.21.9, SA-93.24.2
PENNSYLVANIA, Schuylkill County, NA-83.12.1
Peoples Republic of China: see China
PERU, IN-91.21.10, NA-87.16.1, SA-88.9.1, SA-88.12.1, SA-93.20.4,
   SA-93.20.11, SA-93.24.2; Andes, SA-93.20.3, SA-93.20.13,
   SA-93.20.14; Cuzco, SA-91.20.10; Machu Picchu, CA-89.22.24;
   Mayobamba, SA-85.5.2; Sepa River region, SA-85.11.6; Upper
   Tambo River, SA-84.3.1; Yanque, Colca Valley, SA-88.18.1
PHILIPPINES, AS-81.2.3, AS-86.11.1, AS-88.21.10, AS-93.24.38,
   IN-76.4.1; Abra, AS-81.2.1; Apayao, Kilinga-Apayao Province,
   AS-81.2.1; Baguio, northern Luzon, AS-93.4.1; Banaue, Ifugao
   Province, Luzon, AS-81.2.1, AS-88.20.1; Bangad, AS-88.21.1;
   Bontoc, AS-81.2.1, AS-88.21.1; Chico River, AS-81.2.1,
   AS-88.21.1; Cordillera Central (southern), AS-88.21.1; Culion,
   AS-81.2.2; Ifugao Province, AS-81.2.1; Ilocus Sur, AS-81.2.1;
   Intramuros, AS-81.2.4; Kalinga (northern), AS-81.2.1; Lake
   Taal, AS-88.21.12; Luzon, AS-81.2.1, AS-81.2.4, AS-88.20.1,
   AS-88.21.1, AS-93.4.1; Manila Bay, AS-81.2.4; Manila,
   AS-81.2.4, AS-88.21.11, AS-88.21.12; Mt. Data, AS-88.21.1; Mt.
   Mayon Volcano, AS-81.2.3; Pagsanjan Falls, AS-88.21.8,
   AS-88.21.10; Pasig River, AS-81.2.4; Sabangan, AS-81.2.1;
   Tagaytay, AS-88.21.12
PORTUGAL, EU-93.19.1; Estoria, IN-91.20.15; Lisbon, IN-91.20.15;
   Madiera, CB-90.3.3; Sintra, IN-91.20.15
PUERTO RICO, IN-76.4.1, CB-93.3.1
Rhodesia: see Zimbabwe
Rio Grande Valley, NA-90.7.2
Ruanda-Urundi: see Burundi; Rwanda
RUSSIA, Amur River, EU-89.7.1; Chukotka (Chukotski) Peninsula,
   EU-89.7.2; Kazim (Siberia), EU-93.12.1; Siberia (northeast),
RWANDA, Billingyama, AF-89.17.1
Sahara Desert, AF-82.5.1, AF-89.22.21
Samoa, OC-85.9.1, OC-87.9.30, OC-90.7.7 (see also American Samoa;
   Western Samoa)
SCOTLAND, EU-93.20.10
Sea Islands, NA-77.1.3
SENEGAL, AF-89.16.2, AF-93.24.26; Dakar, AF-89.16.1
SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO, Belgrade, EU-91.20.9; Skopje, EU-91.20.9
Serengeti Plains: see Tanzania
Shiloh National Military Park, NA-86.12.2
Siberia: See Russia
SIERRA LEONE, Freetown, AF-89.16.1
SINGAPORE, IN-76.4.1, IN-93.7.1
SOLOMON ISLANDS, Adigege, OC-75.5.1; Cassi-Cassi, OC-75.5.1;
   Guadalcanal, OC-75.5.1, OC-91.20.25; Malaita, OC-75.5.1; Savo
   Island, OC-91.20.25; Sulufo, OC-75.5.1
SOUTH AFRICA, AF-79.1.1, AF-85.4.1; Cape of Good Hope,
   AF-91.20.8; Cape Town, AF-79.1.1, AF-85.4.1, AF-86.11.8,
   AF-89.17.1, AF-91.20.8, AF-91.20.24, AF-93.3.2, AF-93.29.1;
   Durban, AF-85.4.1, AF-89.16.1, AF-91.20.8, AF-91.20.24,
   AF-93.29.1; Hluhluwe, AF-91.20.8; Johannesburg, AF-91.13.11,
   AF-91.20.8, AF-91.20.24; Kalahari Desert, AF-93.24.6,
   AF-83.11.1, AF-83.11.4, AF-89.22.28; Kruger National Park,
   AF-91.20.8; Kruger Park, AF-86.11.8; Mkuze, AF-91.20.8; Natal
   Park, AF-91.20.24; Paarl, AF-91.20.8; Pretoria, AF-91.20.8,
   AF-91.20.24; Sophia Town, AF-91.13.11; Soweto, AF-91.20.8;
   Table Mountain, AF-91.20.24; Table Mountain, AF-86.11.8,
   Tobruk, AF-91.13.11; Transkei, AF-91.20.8, AF-91.20.24;
   Zululand, AF-91.20.8
South America, IN-76.4.1, IN-84.1.1, IN-93.7.1
SOUTH CAROLINA, NA-86.11.4, NA-91.20.16; Big Smoky Mountains,
   NA-86.11.5; Charleston, NA-91.20.16; Sea Islands, NA-93.20.6
SOUTH DAKOTA, Bad Lands, NA-91.20.18; Belle Fourche, NA-88.10.1;
   Black Hills, NA-91.20.18; Cheyenne River Agency, NA-88.10.1;
   Great Plains, NA-91.20.5; Pine Ridge Reservation, NA-92.8.1;
   Rapid City, NA-87.6.1; Rosebud Reservation, NA-92.8.1; Spirit
   Mound, NA-91.20.5; Wind Cave National Park, NA-88.7.1
South Pacific, EU-90.10.3, OC-90.7.13
SOUTH VIETNAM, Ban Don, AS-88.15.1; central highlands,
   AS-88.15.1; Cheo Reo, AS-88.15.1; Cho Gang, AS-88.15.1; Cu
   Pong (Buon Ho district, Ban-Me-Thuot area), AS-88.15.1; Dac
   Lac Province, AS-88.15.1; Dalat, AS-88.15.1; Gai-lai-Kontum
   Province, AS-88.15.1; Lam Dong Province, AS-88.15.1; Lang Co,
   AS-88.15.1; Pleiku, AS-88.15.1
Southern Rhodesia: see Zimbabwe
South-West Africa: see Namibia
SPAIN, Granada, EU-90.10.4, EU-90.10.18; Sierra Nevada Mountains,
Sri Lanka, AS-89.9.2, AS-93.4.1, AS-93.24.13, IN-76.4.1,
   IN-91.21.10; Colombo, AS-89.9.1; Kandy, AS-89.9.1, AS-93.4.1;
   Srinagar, AS-93.4.1
ST. LUCIA, CB-89.22.8, CB-89.22.9
Straits of Dardanelles, ME-90.10.3
Straits of Gibraltar, AF-82.5.1
SUDAN, AF-79.1.1, AF-82.1.1, AF-83.1.1, AF-86.11.8; Khartoum,
   AF-89.16.1; Rejat, Mongalla Province, AF-82.1.1; Nubian
   Desert, AF-79.1.1; Omdurman, AF-90.7.11
Suez Canal, AF-83.1.1
SURINAM, Dreetabiku, SA-91.21.1; Lawa River, SA-91.21.1; Saramaka
   River, SA-77.1.4; Tapanahoni River, SA-91.21.1
SWAZILAND, AF-91.13.11; GeGe, AF-83.7.1; Lomahasha, AF-83.7.2
SWEDEN, Bohustlan, NA-91.10.1
SWITZERLAND, Brienz, EU-91.20.7; Geneva, EU-91.20.7, EU-91.20.26;
   Jungfraujoch, EU-91.20.7; Lake Geneva, EU-91.20.7; Lake
   Maggiore, EU-91.20.7; Locarno, EU-91.20.7; Lucerne,
   EU-91.20.23; Lugano, EU-91.20.7; Matterhorn, EU-91.20.23;
   Morcote, EU-91.20.7; Neuchatel, EU-91.20.7; Rhine River,
   EU-91.20.7, EU-91.20.23; Rhone Valley, EU-91.20.23; Simplon
   Pass, EU-91.20.7; Ticino, EU-91.20.7
SYRIA, Damascus, IN-91.20.15, ME-90.10.17
Tahiti: See French Polynesia
TAIWAN, AS-87.9.11, AS-88.21.7, AS-88.21.9, AS-88.21.10,
   IN-76.4.1; Kaoshiung, AS-88.21.9; Mu-Tan (Sun Moon Lake,
   AS-88.21.4; Sun Moon Lake, AS-88.21.4, AS-88.21.10; Tainan,
Tanganyika: see Tanzania
TANZANIA, AF-85.11.2, AF-91.13.12, AF-91.15.1, AF-91.21.6;
   Arusha, AF-90.7.11; Ekoma (Ikoma?), AF-91.21.6; Lake Manyara,
   AF-90.7.11, AF-91.21.6; Lake Tanganyika, AF-88.3.1; Mt.
   Kilamanjaro, AF-79.1.1, AF-89.17.1; Serengeti Plains,
   AF-88.3.1, AF-91.21.6; Zanzibar, IN-93.7.1
TENNESSEE, Pickwick Landing, NA-86.8.3; Shiloh National Military
   Park, NA-86.12.2; Smokey Mountains, NA-91.4.1; Tennessee
   River, NA-86.8.3
TEXAS, NA-92.7.2; Lewisville, NA-92.7.2; San Antonio, CA-91.20.21
THAILAND, AS-87.9.11, AS-90.7.5, AS-93.24.38, IN-76.4.1,
   IN-91.21.10; Bangkok, AS-75.4.2, AS-87.9.11, AS-89.2.4,
   AS-91.8.15, AS-92.10.1, IN-91.20.15; Chiengmai, AS-92.10.2;
   Doi Suthep mountain, AS-92.10.2; Nong Lub, AS-91.8.8
THE NETHERLANDS, EU-90.7.12, EU-90.7.14; Holland, EU-90.7.12,
   EU-90.7.14; Island of Marken (Markham), EU-90.7.14
TIBET, AS-87.9.11, AS-93.24.13; Boudhanath, AS-87.9.11; Lhasa,
   AS-81.4.1, AS-86.4.2
TONGA, OC-89.12.1, OC-90.19.1, OC-91.20.11; Tongatapu,
   OC-90.19.2, OC-90.19.3
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, Lavantio, Trinidad, CB-90.1.1;
   Port-of-Spain, CB-90.3.1; Trinidad, IN-93.7.1
Trobriand Islands: see Papua New Guinea
Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands: see Pacific Islands
   (Trust Territory of the)
TUNISIA, Carthage, AF-90.10.15; Tunis, AF-90.10.15
TURKEY, ME-87.9.10, ME-90.10.3; Buyukada, IN-91.20.15; Istanbul,
   ME-90.10.3' Istanbul, IN-91.20.15; Sea of Marmara, ME-90.10.3
UGANDA, AF-82.1.1, AF-83.1.1, AF-83.2.5, AF-83.2.6, AF-83.2.7,
   AF-83.2.8, AF-85.11.2, AF-86.11.8, AF-91.13.12, AF-93.29.1;
   (northeast), AF-91.13.1; Kabalega Falls (Murchison Falls),
   AF-91.20.8; Kabalega Falls National Park, AF-91.13.13;
   Kampala, AF-91.20.8; Karamoja District, western, AF-83.2.6;
   Lake Bunyonyi, AF-89.17.1; Mt. Elgon region, AF-85.1.1,
   AF-85.1.2; Ruwenzori Mountains, AF-86.11.8
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.), see Armenia,
   Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
   Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,
   Ukraine, Uzbekistan
UNITED STATES, IN-76.4.1; (Northwest Coast), NA-87.17.4;
   (Northwestern). NA-89.20.1; (southeastern), NA-90.12.1
URUGUAY, SA-93.24.2
VANUATU, Aoba, OC-75.5.1; Banks Islands, OC-75.1.4; Lendombwey,
   OC-75.1.1; Malekula, OC-75.1.1, OC-75.5.1; Pentecost Island,
   OC-75.1.3; Tanna Island, OC-75.1.2; Uripir, OC-75.5.1; Vila,
VENEZUELA, Amazon Basin, SA-81.5.1, SA-84.16.1, SA-84.16.3,
   SA-84.16.5, SA-84.16.6, SA-84.16.8, SA-84.16.9, SA-84.16.11,
   SA-84.16.16, SA-84.16.17, SA-84.16.18, SA-84.16.19,
   SA-84.16.24, SA-91.18.23, SA-91.18.24; Caracas, CB-90.3.1,
   SA-91.20.10; Lake Maricaibo, SA-93.24.2
Victoria, Lake: See Nyanza, Lake
VIETNAM, AS-91.2.1 (see also South Vietnam)
VIRGINIA, Williamsburg, NA-91.20.16
WASHINGTON, Seattle, NA-91.20.5
Washington, D.C, AF-82.5.1, NA-82.6.1, NA-86.11.10, NA-91.20.16,
   NA-93.24.21, NA-93.28.1
Western Carolines: see U.S. Trust Territory of the Pacific
WESTERN SAMOA, Sava'ii, AS-93.4.1 (see also American Samoa;
West Indies, SA-86.16.2 (see also Cuba, Haiti, Dominica, Jamaica,
   Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago)
WEST VIRGINIA, NA-92.9.1; Scrabble Creek, NA-84.19.4
White Nile, AF-82.1.1, AF-89.16.1 (see also Nile River)
WISCONSIN, AS-86.1.1; Deer Park, NA-86.1.4
WYOMING, Cody, NA-91.20.18; Mammoth Hot Springs, NA-91.20.18
Yugoslavia: see Bosnia and Herzegovina; Croatia; Macedonia;
   Serbia and Montenegro; Slovenia
ZAIRE, AF-82.1.1, AF-85.11.1, AF-85.11.2, AF-86.11.8, AF-88.3.1,
   AF-89.17.1; Buta, AF-82.1.1; Dungu, AF-89.17.1; Eboyo,
   AF-91.13.6, AF-91.13.13; Epulu, AF-91.13.4, AF-91.13.5,
   AF-91.13.13; Epulu River, AF-91.13.3; Gombari, AF-82.1.1;
   Ituri forest, AF-85.11.1, AF-85.11.2, AF-86.11.8, AF-88.3.1,
   AF-91.13.3, AF-91.13.4, AF-91.13.5, AF-91.13.6, AF-91.13.7,
   AF-91.13.13; Kinshasa, AF-91.13.13; Kisangani, AF-91.13.13;
   Kopu, AF-91.13.13; Musafu, AF-91.13.6
ZAMBIA, AF-85.4.1
Zanzibar: see Tanzania
ZIMBABWE, AF-85.4.1, AF-94.2.1; Bulawayo, AF-85.4.1;
   Matabeleland, AF-91.20.8; Victoria Falls, AF-79.1.1,
   AF-85.4.1, AF-91.20.8

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