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Photographers and publishers or distributors represented in the George V. Allen collection include Alvord, Kellogg, and Campbell (Jacksonville, Florida); E. and H.T. Anthony; Art Nouveau (Paltino) Stereograph; Bailey and Whitesides (Marquette, Michigan); Bailey, Dix and Mead (Ft. Randall); George Barker; David F. Barry; B.P. Batchelder; Bates; Beal's Gallery (Minneapolis); E.O. Beaman (of the Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region; Charles M. Bell; William Bell (Geographical and Geological Explorations and Surveys West of the 100th Meridian); Robert Benecke; Bennett and Brown (Santa Fe); H.H. Bennett; C. Bierstadt; Black Hills View Company; S.T. Blessing; J.A. Blosser; E.A. Bonine; William Brockham; Brooks; W. Henry Brown; Brubaker and Whitesides; C.B. Brubaker; William H. Buehman; Calfee and Catlin (Bozeman, Montana); H.B. Calfee; John Carbutt; C.W. Carter; Caswell and Davy; William G. Chamberlain; D.B. Chase; B.F. Childs; John N. Choate; George Clark; Climo's (St. John, New Brunswick); William Henry Cobb; Enoch Conklin; Continent Stereoscopic Company (New York); Copelin; Cosand and Moser (Caldwell, Kansas); Judge Cozzens; Croft (Oklahoma City); W.R. Cross; Cunningham and Company (Colorado Springs); Frank Currier; Edward S. Curtis; George E. Curtis; W.H. Cushing; S. Davis; J.P. Doremus; Duhem Brothers; Easton (of Oklahoma); E.L. Eaton; Adrian Ebell; Charles Eisenmann; D.P. Flanders; Florida Club (St. Augustine, Florida); N.A. Forsyth; John H. Fouch; William R. Godkin; Alexander Gardner; Goldsmith Brothers; Abner C. Goodell, Jr.; C.H. Graves; George W. Griffith; Gurnsey and Illingworth; B.H. Gurnsey; Hamilton and Hoyt (Sioux City); Hamilton and Kodylek (Sioux City); J.H. Hamilton; Hansard and Carden (Fayetteville, Arkansas); Alfred A. Hart; B.A. Hawkins; F. Jay Haynes; M.M. Hazeltine; Louis Heller; Wat Heston; Henry T. Hiester; John K. Hillers (United States Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region); W.E. Hook; Thomas Houseworth and Company; L.A. Huffman; W.H. Illingworth; H.W. Immke; G.W. Ingalls; Ingersoll View Company; International Photographic Association; William Henry Jackson (some from United States Geological Survey of the Territories); W.H. Jacoby; J.F. Jarvis; W.S. Johnson; Judd and McLeish (Syracuse, New York); Keystone (Meadsville, Pennsylvania); B.W. Kilburn and Brothers; Kirkland; J. Lee Knight; Knight and Patton; S.C. Landon; Lawrence and Houseworth (San Francisco); Leonard and Martin (Topeka, Kansas); A.A. Line; H.N. Little; Love; Maude; C.B. Manville; Alex Mark; W.I. Marshall; Alexander Martin; Martin's Art Gallery; R. Maynard; McInnes; A.C. McIntyre; J.E. Meddaugh; M.S. Mepham and Brother; D.D. Merrill; George E. Mellen; A. Miller; D.S. Mitchell; Montgomery Ward and Company; S.J. Morrow; Moulton Brothers (Salem, Massachusetts); Eadweard J. Muybridge; National Photograph Publishing Company (Washington, D.C., and Springfield, Illinois); C.H. Newcom; F.A. Nims; Timothy O'Sullivan (Geographical and Geological Explorations and Surveys West of the 100th Meridian); A.A. Palmer; Parker; George Pierron; Charles Pollack; Ted Powell; D.R. Powers; F.F. Powers; T.G. Raitt; Ramsour and Pennel; A. Frank Randall; William H. Rau; Reed and McKenney (Denver, Georgetown, and Central City, Colorado); J.J. Reilly and Company; Frank A. Rinehart; D. Rodocker; Rodocker and Blanchard; G.H. Rothrock; W. Ira Rudy; A.J. Russell; Rutter; Savage and Ottinger; Charles R. Savage; C. Seaver, Jr.; S.J. Sedgewick; Henry L. Shepard and Company; James William Shipler; O.C. Smith; John P. Soule; Seneca Roy Stoddard; Isaac W. Taber; G.W. Thorne; J.W. Thurlow; B.C. Towne; George Trager; Underwood and Underwood (Ottawa); Union View Company (Rochester, New York); Universal Photo Art Company; B.F. Upton; Carlton E. Watkins; Webster and Albee; Charles Weitfle; Julius M. Wendt; Whitney and Zimmerman (St. Paul, Minnesota); Joel E. Whitney; W.H. Williscraft; Wittick and Bliss; Wittick and Russell; G. Ben Wittick; J.R. Woodburn; Young and Chase; Charles A. Zimmerman. There is also an album donated by W.H. Simpson that includes photographs similar to some by A. Clark Vroman and Homer E. Hoopes.

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