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The US Army Medical Museum Records consist mainly of memoranda prepared by the AMM staff and letters and notes that document the specimens. There are also invoices, lists, labels, and printed items. Collectors, donors, and correspondents include William W. Adams, R.H. Ainsworth, Francis H. Atkins, Alaska Commercial Company, C.H. Alden, George Alden, American Geographical Society, Charles F. Artes, A. Ashbaugh, Aukland Museum (New Zealand), G.H.T.F. Axt, E.J. Bailey, Sylvanus Bailey, Spencer F. Baird, M. Baker, M.C.Barkwell, T.H. Bean, W.M. Beauchamp, Paul Beckwith, James Bell, William Bell, Edwin Bentley, L. Berlandier, E.L. Berthold, B.F. Bickley, D.M. Bine, L.W. Bliss, Franz Boas, E. Boban, Conrad Bock, Lieutenant Bonsall, Isaac M. Bower, Stephen Bowers, E.S. Boyd, Brayton, G.M.W.B. Brester, J.W. Brewer, S.B. Brinkerhoff, John Brooke, Lloyd Brooke, D.R. Brower, Paul R. Brown, F.T. Bryan, O.N. Bryan, W.F. Buchanan, T.A. Budd, H.G. Burton, Charles B. Byrne, A.B. Campbell, C.H. Campbell, W.E.Carl, W.L. Carpenter, Carlos Carvello, George Catlin, Robert Catlin, T.W. Chandler, J. Edward Cheney, E.C. Chirouse, Rufus Choate, H. Clark, J.H. Clark, Sam Clark, W.N. Clark, John J. Cochran, Mrs. Thomas Coles, William A. Collins, A.I. Comfort, J.J.M. Cook, J.G. Cooper, E.D. Cope, A.W. Corliss, D.N. Couch, Elliott Coues, J.P.Couthouy, W.H. Corbusier, Edward Cowles, Charles Crocker, T.A. Culbertson, William H. Dall, J.D. Dana, Z.T. Daniel, W.B. Davis, W.E. Day, J.S. De Corse, Wills De Hass, Calvin DeWitt, W.B. Dods, R.I. Dodge, H. Douglass, J. Drayton, William B. Drindard, E.T. Duke, R.W. Dunbar, H.K. Durant, Frank S. Earle, L.A. Edwards, F.W. Elbrey, J. Evans, T.E. Evans, W.W. Everette, Joseph Fay, E. Feilner, J.B. Ferguson, J.M. Flint, Robert Forrer, Otto Forisch, W.H. Forwood, A.P. Frick, B.E. Fryer, Robert Gale, A.H. Gawler, August Gecks, Georgetown University, George Gibbs, William Gibson, E. Giddings, Lieutenant Gillis, J. Basil Girard, T. Glover, C.E. Goddard, Adolf Goellner, J. Loomis Gould, G. Goward, Thomas Graves, C.C. Gray, K.W. Griest, G.P. Hachenburg, J. Haile, Asaph Hall, J.D. Hall, J.F. Hartigan, P.F. Harvey, V. Havard, Ferdinand V. Hayden, Isaac I. Hayes, M.A. Healey, J.A. Henriques, Joseph Henry, Henry W. Henshaw, J.S. Hittell, R.B. Hitz, H.C. Hodge, A.H. Hoff, George N. Hopkins, Thomas Horan, S.M. Horton, Howard University, P.R. Hoy, V.B. Hubbard, D.L. Huntington, F.W. Hutchinson, B.J.D. Irwin, Donald Jackson, J.H. Janeway, J.E. Jones, William H. Jones, P.L. Jouy, L.H. Junghanns, J.W. Kales, G.M. Keasbey, John T. Keay, T.J.R. Keenan, E.M. Kent, M.C. Kerr, E. Kershner, F.E.Ketchum, J.H. Kidder, George Kiefer, James P. Kimball, J.H.T. King, W. Howard King, R.M. Kirk, S. Kitching, C.W. Knight, Dr. Kollmann, Valdemar Kruidsen, L. Kumlien, John LaFourette, J.M. Lamb, F.W. Langdon, Collection Ledeboer, Edward A. Lever, Thomas M. Logan, Sydney S. Lyon, William B. Lyon, Governor MacTavish, T.C. Madison, E.J. Marsh, C.H.Mastin, Washington Matthews, L.M. Maus, William McAdams, Ely McClellan, John McClellan, M. McConnell, Charles McCormick, Lewis McCoy, Henry McElderry, C.L. McKay, J. Cooper McKee, R.C. McKinney, John J. McLean, J.M. McMeen, Thomas McMillan, B.G. McPhail, F. Meacham, Henry Meiggs, Montgomery Meiggs, Charles L. Metz, J.D. Middleton, P.M. Middleton, J.J.Milhau, Thomas Miller, Anson Mills, Thomas T. Minor, W.A. Mintzer, Clarence B. Moore, George H. Moran, E.B. Moseley, J.F. Moser, W. Mott, Alfred Muller, Rudolph Muller, C.E. Munn, A.B. Mylius, G.W. Nash, Thomas H. Nash, H. Neale, E.W. Nelson, J.S. Newberry, F.S. Newcomer, A.H. Nickerson, L.R. Nittre, A.G. Nordvi, P.W.Norris, William N. Notson, C.E. Nunn, Girard Opevis, G.H. Oliver, T.J. Page, Edward Palmer, Charles Parish, D.C. Patterson, A. Patton, S.D. Peet, Harry O. Perley, D.A. Phillips, Eli D. Pocock, J. Pope, Joseph Y. Porter, John Wesley Powell, Richard Powers, Stephen Powers, Marshall F. Price, Frederico Prieto, C.H. Raggerty, P.H. Ray, J. Reagles, Jr., M. Rankin, A. Reid, James H. Reid, R.M. Reynolds, Samuel W. Richardson, W.F. Richardson, F.M. Ring, L.E. Robinson, B.F. Rogers, J.J. Rogers, George S. Rose, J.T. Rothrock, Charles Ruby, J.T. Russell, C.M. Scammon, E.F. Schafhirt, H.S. Schell, Christian Schmidt, R.W. Schufeldt, Paul Schumacher, H. Schuber, O.H. Seeds, Mark S. Severance, W.C. Shannon, James Shaw, J.N. Sherrit, O.T. Sherman, J.R. Shotwell, A.L. Siler, J.O. Skinner, D.S. Smith, Edwin Smith, Rodney Smith, Samuel C. Smoot, David S. Snively, W.G. Spencer, E.G. Squier, A.B. Steman, C.H. Sternberg, S. Stesson, Edward Storrow, George Suckley, J.L. Suddarth, James G. Swan, Eben Swift, F.M.Symmons, S.W. Symons, W.H. Tappan, D.B. Taylor, M.K. Taylor, S. Taylor, L.S. Tesson, J.K. Thibault, L.H. Thing, Cyrus Thomas, H.L. Thomas, P.R. Thombs, S.K. Thompson, F.L. Town, of Venus Expedition Transit L.M. Turner, United States Exploring Expedition (Wilkes Expedition),University of Basel William B. Van Duyn J. Varden, R.S. Vickery, Sebastian Vidal, C. Wagner, S.T. Walker, Catharine P.Wallace, Fred G. Walters, G.K. Warren, J.G. Webb, T.C. Webb, James F. Weed, A.W. Whipple, R.H. White, W.E. Whitehead, T.E. Wilcox, Robert E. William, A.D. Wilson, P. Wolff, M.D. Wolverton, W.S. Wood, W.E. Woodward, Ezra Woodruff, J.L. Wortman, T. Wright, G. Wurdemann, Harry C. Yarrow, Lorenzo G. Yates, A.A. Yeomans, and Alfale Young.

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