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Department of Anthropology




Abbott, William Louis, Papers

Acebes, Hector Robert, Photographs Made in Africa

Ahlborn, Richard E., Photographs Taken in the Philippines

Albert, Ethel Mary, Papers

Aleutian Island Archeological Specimens, Photographs

Algonkin Birch Bark Canoe, Views

Allen, George V., Collection

American Anthropological Association, Annual Meeting (Denver, 1965), Photographs

American Anthropological Association, Records

American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Portraits Made at the 1960 Annual Meeting

American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Records

American Dermatoglyphics Association, Records

American Ethnological Society, Records

American Indian and Hawaiian Photographs Collected by the Albertype Company (Wittemann Collection)

American Indian Public Programs, National Museum of Natural History, Photographs

American Indian Social and Political Memorabilia, Collection

American Society for Conservation Archaeology, Records

American Society for Ethnohistory, Records

Amiotte, Arthur, Slides of Artwork

Ancient Earthworks, Photographs

Anderson, George Edward, Photographs

Anderson, Susanne, Attributed Photographs

Andrews, R.R., Photograph of a Skull

Angel, John Lawrence, Papers

Anthropological Exhibits, Photographs

Anthropological Society of Washington, Records

Anthropologists at Oxford, Group Portrait

Anthropologists, Portraits

Anthropology Lantern Slides

Apache and Crow Women, Photograph

Apache Photographs

Archeology Reports and Related Material, Collection

Artsman, Colonel Gus, Photographs

Asian Photographs

Autochrome of a Building

Averkieva, Julia, Portraits


Bache, René, Collection

Baker and Johnston Photographs

Banks, Larry, Papers

Barnett, Homer Garner, Papers

Barrett, Robert Lemoyne, Papers

Barry, David F., Photographs

Barthelmess, Christian, Copy Prints from an O.S. Gordon Album

Battles of the Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee, Photographs

Beals, Ralph Leon, Papers

Bean, Robert Bennett, Lantern Slides from the Philippine Bureau of Science

Bell, Charles Milton, Photographs

Bell, Charles Milton, Photographs of an Oto Delegation and a Brule Dakota

Bertholf, Ellsworth Price, Photographs of Siberia

Bison Photographs

Blair, Larry, Collection

Blaisdell, Kenneth, Photographs of Konyak Naga of Assam

Bletzer, Keith V., Guaymi Photographs

Bloomfield, Leonard, Papers

Blue Eagle, Acee, Papers and Art Collection

Boehmer, William D., Photographs of Seminoles

Bonaparte, Prince Roland, Collection

Bonaparte, Prince Roland, Portfolio of Kalmuk Prints

Bower, Claire Ausherman, Collection

Boyce Collection of Charles Milton Bell Photographs, Copy Prints

Brady, Ed, Collection

Braun, Adolphe, Photographs

British Museum American Indian Collection, Copy Prints of Photographs

British Museum Collection of Early American Indian Photographs, Electrostatic Reproductions

Brown, Josephine E., Photographs Taken on the Fort Berthold Reservation

Brown, Samuel William, Sr. and Samuel William Brown, Jr., Portraits

Brownrigg, T. Parks, Lantern Slide Collection

Brunner, Edmund De S. and Mary B. Brunner Album of Photograph and Postcards of Asian Subjects

Buettner-Janusch, John, Papers

Bullard, Will and Roberta Bullard Locklear, Photograph

Bunnag, Surapong, Photographs

Burdick, Usher L., Collection of North American Indian Artifacts, Photographs

Bureau of American Ethnology, Records

Bureau of American Ethnology Collection of Glass Negatives of Indians

Bureau of American Ethnology Illustrations

Bureau of American Ethnology Miscellaneous Photographs

Bureau of American Ethnology Reference Albums

Bureau of American Ethnology Reprints, Artwork

Bureau of American Ethnology Subject and Geographic File

Bureau of American Ethnology-Smithsonian Illustrations

Bureau of American Ethnology-United States National Museum Illustrations

Bureau of American Ethnology-United States National Museum Photographs of American Indians and Other Subjects

Burg, Amos, Photographs of the Straits of Magellan Region

Burma State Railway Volunteer Corps

Burmese Photographs

Burnette, Robert P., Copies of Photographs from an Album

Bushnell, David I., Jr., Photographs of Mexican Atatls

Bushnell, David Ives, Jr., Photographs Made in Italy

Byam, Eber Cole, Collection of Photographs and Related Material


Cabot, William Brooks, Papers

Cain, Lee, Photographs of Tigua (Ysleta del Sur)

Carter, William Earl, Papers

Casey Collection of Lantern Slides of the Southwestern United States

Casket and Other Remains, Photographs

Casts for the Panama-California Exposition, Photographs

Caudill, William Abel, Papers

Cavendish, Marian W., Papers

Caverne du Tuc d'Audoubert, Group Portrait

Center for the Study of Man, Records

Central States Anthropological Society, Records

Ceramics at the Universidad de Trujillo, Peru

Cherokee, Cheyenne, and Nez Perce Photographs

Chichén Ítza, View of the Caracol

Chief Joseph, Tintype

Chief Showin, Portrait

Chiefs of the Six Nations and Horatio Hale, Photographs

Chinese Treadmill Pump, Photographs

Chippewa Artifacts, Photographs

Choate, John N., Negatives

Choate, John N., Prints

Christie, James Patrick, Photographs of Flathead Indians

Clark, Richard C., Collection

Collins, Henry Bascom, Jr., and William F. Fitzhugh, Portraits

Collins, Henry Bascom, Jr., Photographed in the Arctic

Collins, Henry Bascom, Jr., Photographed in the Field

Collins, Henry Bascom, Jr., Papers

Collins, Henry Bascom, Jr., Photographs

Committee on Anthropological Research in Museums, Records

Congress of the Czechoslovakian Anthropological Society, Photographs

Cooke, Sally V., Collection of Southwestern and Mexican Views

Cook, Chief Tecumseh D., Collection of Pamunkey Photographs

Cook, Raymond, Photographs

Coolidge, President Calvin, and Blackfoot Indians, Photographs

Coon, Carleton Stevens, Papers

Cooper, John Montgomery, Notes

Cooper, Paul Lemen, Papers

Cordry Mexican Mask Collection Exhibit Photographs

Cordry, Donald, Photographs of Mexican Masks

Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology, Records

Crediford, Gene Joseph, Photographs of South American Indians

Crocker, William Henry, Papers

Crow Delegation in Washington, D.C., Group Portrait

Cumming, Robert, Papers

Cummins, Marjorie W., Collection of Tache Yokuts Photographs

Curtis, Edward Sheriff, Photogravures of Photographs

Cushing, Frank Hamilton, Photographs of Archeological Work on the West Coast of Florida

Cushing, Mrs. Frank Hamilton, Photograph of a Portrait


Dakota and Crow Photographs

Dakotas at Standing Rock Reservation

Dall, William Healey, Papers

Dat-So-La-Le Baskets, Album

Department of Anthropology, United States National Museum / National Museum of Natural History, Records

Division of Archeology Reference Files
Division of Archeology Map Collection
Records of the Handbook of North American Indians
Manuscript and Pamphlet File
Urgent Anthropology Program
Antiquities Permits
Map Collection

Department of Anthropology, Division of Archeology, Latin American Photographs

Department of Anthropology, Division of Archeology, Miscellaneous Photographs

Department of Anthropology, Division of Ethnology Collection ("USNM Collection")

Department of Anthropology, Division of Old World Archeology Collections

Department of Anthropology, Division of Physical Anthropology Collection (Photo Lot 8)

Department of Anthropology, Division of Physical Anthropology Collection of Photographs of Human Bones

Department of Anthropology, Miscellaneous Photographs of Personnel

Department of Anthropology, Photographs for Annual Report, 1965

Department of Anthropology, Staff Photographs

Department of Anthropology Portrait File

Department of the Interior, Collection of the Reference Service Branch

Dick, Herbert W., Photographs Taken During the Bat Cave Expedition

Dorsey, George Amos, Portrait

Doty, Charles Edward, Photographs Made in Cuba and the Philippines

Douglass, Andrew Endicott, Photograph of Reunion of First Tree Ring Class

Dow, Arthur Wesley, Views of Laguna, Zuni, and Cliff Dwellings near Flagstaff

Drucker, Philip, Papers

Duperly, A., and Sons, Jamaican Photographs

Dutcher, Eugene S., Photographs


Easter Island Manuscripts

Easter Island Rongorongo Boards

Eastman, Seth, Portait on Dighton Rock

Egbert, William H., Collection of New Zealand Photographs

Egyptian, Middle Eastern, and European Subjects

Emma Wahbnum-Young Mahkuk Collection of Prairie Potawatomi Portraits, Copies.

Eskimo Material Photographs

Ewers, John Canfield, Photographs of Retirement Party

Execution of Pedro Prestan at Aspinwall, Panama, Photographs


Faine, John Howard, Photographs

Falconer, Mrs. J.R., Collection Relating to the Tama Reservation

Farber, Joseph C., Photographs

Feast of November 12, San Juan Pueblo, Views

Ferry, Cornelia, Photographs

Festival of American Folklife, Smithsonian Institution (4th Annual), Photographs

Fewkes, Jesse Walter, Material Relating to Mesa Verde

Fewkes, Jesse Walter, Negatives

Fischer, John Lyle, and Ann M. Fischer, Papers

Fisher Site, Loudon County, Virginia, Views

Fletcher, Alice Cunningham and Francis La Flesche, Papers

Fly, C.S., Portrait of Geronimo

Folkmar, Daniel, Collection of Philippine Photographs

Folkmar, Daniel, Illustrations for Manuscript about the Philippines

Fonseca, Harry, Slides of Artwork

Ford, James Alfred, Papers

Foster, L.F., Scrapbooks

Fouch, John H., Photographs

Fourth of July Observance at Bullhead, Standing Rock Reservation, S. Dakota, Photographs

Fraing, Robert M., Jr., Photographs of Indian Delegations

Frank, Willie, Sr., of Nisqually

Freeman, Ethel Cutler, Papers

Freire-Marreco Aitkin, Barbara, Photographs

Frick, Frank, Albums of Photographs

Fuller, Manuella, Photographs of Sind and Baluchistan Arts and Crafts


Gallagher, Orvoell Roger, Papers

Gambaro, Stephen, Alaskan Photographs

Gambaro, Stephen, Photographs

García, Héctor, Photographs of Holy Week Observances Among the Cora

Gardener, Helen Hamilton, Collection

Garner, Richard Lynch, Collection

Garner, Richard Lynch, Lantern Slides

Gatschet, Albert Samuel, Papers

Gayhead Indians of Martha's Vineyard, Photographs

Gearing, Frederick O., Notes

Genin, Auguste, Album

George Eastman House, Reference Prints of Selected Photographs of Indian Subjects and Other People

Geyer, Charles A., Drawings of Fort Snelling

Gibson, Gordon Davis, Papers

Gilbert, Gladys, Collection

Gill, De Lancey W., Prints of Negatives in Bureau of American Ethnology Collection

Goddard, Ives, Papers

Goldfrank, Esther Schiff, Papers

Goldstein, Marcus Solomon, Papers

Goldstein, Marcus Solomon, Photographs

Graham, James Reid, Collection

Grant, Robert W., Papers

Grassa, Dino J., Photographs of Waica Indians

Graves, Photographs

Graves, Willard Edwin, Burmese Lantern Slides

Grayson, Charles and Rose, Collection of Robert Flaherty Photographs

Grey, Zane and Nasha Begay

Groethe, W.M., Photographs of the Survivors of the Little Big Horn


Hadley, Lora, Photographs

Hall, I.T.H., Photographs of Mountain Scenery

Halpern, Joel M., Papers

Halstead, Whitney, Collection

Hampton Institute Students, Photographs

Handbook of South American Indians, Records

Hansen, W. Stanley and Robert D. Mitchell Collection of Photographs of Seminole Indians of Florida

Harding, David Lee, Portraits

Harrington, John Peabody, Collection of Photographs of Kiowa, Cheyenne, and Apache Indians

Harrington, John Peabody, Papers

Harris and Ewing Portrait of Jesse Walter Fewkes

Harris, Robert King, Papers

Haskall Family Collection

Hatcher, John Bell, Photographs

Haven, O.C., Photographs

Havighurst, Robert J., Papers

Hawaiian Photographs

Hegeman, Elizabeth Compton, Copy Negatives of Photographs

Heizer, Robert Fleming, Informal Portrait at Palenque

Heizer, Robert Fleming, Papers

Henry Collection, Photographs

Hickey, Gerald C., Photographs

Hickock, Wild Bill, and Others, Portrait

Hilger, Sister Marie Inez, Papers

Hill, Richard, Photographs

Hillers, John K., Photographs

Hirshhorn,  Howard H., Photographs of Seminoles

Hodge, Emlyn, Collection

Hoebel, E. Adamson, Photographs of Shoshoni and Comanche Subjects

Hoessle Studio Portrait of "Hosannageda of the Turtle Tribe"

Hoffman, Bernard Gilbert, Papers

Hohokam Canals, Arizona, Views

Hohokam Canals in Salt River and Gila River Valleys, Arizona, Aerial Photographs

Hokanson, Ann Sully, Photographs of "Plenty Coos"

Holmes, William Henry, Collection

Holmes, William Henry, Collection of Photographs of Mayan Ruins and Stelae

Honigmann, John Joseph, Papers

Hoopes, Homer.E., Photographs of the Southwest

Hoopes, Thomas Temple, Papers

Hooten, Earnest Albert, Portrait

Hoover, F. Louis and Lucille, Papers

Hopi Buffalo Dance, Photograph

Hosmer, George Leonard, Collection

Hough Family Album, Copies of Photographs

Houses in Pompeii, Views

Howard, James Henri, Papers

Hrdlicka, Aleš, Papers

Hrdlicka, Aleš, Photographs

Hughes, William E., Collection

Human and Animal Figures, Drawings

Hunt, Wolf Robe, Papers


Inca Archeology Exhibit, Photographs

Indians and Agents, Portraits

Indians of Eastern Long Island, Portraits

Indians with Members of the Law Firm of Serven and Potter

Institute of Social Anthropology, Records

International Congresses, Group Portraits

International Congress of Americanists, Group Photograph

International Directory of Anthropologists, Papers

"Inua: Spirit World of the Bering Sea Eskimo," Photographs of the Exhibit Opening

Iroquois Leaders, Photographs

Iroquois Research Institute Alaskan Material, Records

Ishi and Anthropologists at the University of California, Berkeley, Group Portrait


Jackson, Sheldon, Microfilm of Collection

Jacobson, Jacques Noel, Collection of Photographs of Indian Scouts

Japanese and Venezuelan Photographs

Japanese Junks at Sea, Views

Japanese Photographs Relating to Buddhism

Javanese Dance, Photographs

Johnson, Frederick, Papers

Jones, Melissa, Photographs of Yavapai Basketmakers

Jones, Melissa, Photographs of Yavapais of Ft. McDowell, Arizona

Jopling, Carol, Papers

Judd, Neil Merton, Papers


Kelley, Isabel Truesdell, Photographs

Kelley, Robert W., Photographs of Adolph Schultz

Kelley, W. Keith, Photographs of Hugh Lenox Scott and Plenty Coups

Kirby, Lloyd, Collection

Kirchbaum, Rollyn Osterweis, Collection

Knez, Eugene Irving, Papers

Korean Hatter and Weaver at the 1982 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Photographs

Kozak, Vladimir, Material Relating to Indians of Brazil

Krantz, Victor, Photographs

Krieger, Herbert William, Papers

Kroeber, Alfred Louis, Illustrations for Handbook of Indians of California


La Voy, Merl, Photographs

La Barre, Raoul Weston, Papers

Labrador Indians, Photographs

Laird, George, Portrait

Lala Deen Dayal, Portrait

Landes, Ruth Schlossberg, Papers

Langley, Samuel Pierpont, Portraits

Lanham, Betty Bailey, Questionnaires

Lantern Slides Made in Barbados, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, and India

Lantern Slides (Unidentified)

Laughlin, Robert Moody, Papers

Lau Chief, Portrait

Leeds, Anthony, Papers

Lehmer, Donald Jayne, Papers

Leighton, Dorothea Cross, Papers

Lente. Joe B., Negatives of Isleta Paintings and Letter

Leonard, Eugene O., Collection

Lessa, William Armand, Papers

Lewis, Todd, Collection of Photographs of Nepal

Library of Congress Copyright Deposit Collection of American Indian Photographs

Lipkind, William, Papers

Longcope, Janet, Photographs

Loomis, Harold, Photographs


Maasai Warrior Portait

Macgregor, Frances Cooke, Papers

Macgregor, Gordon, Papers

Machu Picchu and Cuzco, Peru, Views

Macos Indians and East Asian Photographs

Maduro Photographs of Panama

Maher, Robert Francis, Papers

Man in Indian Costume, Photograph

Mann, William M., Photographs

Marquis, Thomas Bailey, Papers

Marsh, Richard O., Papers

Martinez, María, of San Ildefonso, Portrait

Martínez, Maria and Family, Photographs

Martínez, Maria, and Family, Color Slides

Masferré, Eduardo, Photographs

Masferré, Eduardo, Portrait

Mason, Janie Ellis, Photographs

Mason, Leonard Edward, Papers

Mason, Otis Tufton, Papers

Mayan Codex of C.A. Smith

McBride, George McCutchen, Papers

McCarthy, Dennis, Photographs of Seris and Seri Artifacts

McClendon, Jesse F., Collection

McCombs, Solomon, Papers

McGee, WJ, Expedition Photographs

McGuire, Mrs. Judson, Photographs

McIntosh Family Portraits

McKenzie, Parker Paul, Collection of Family Photographs

McLendon, Sally, Pomo Collection

McMullen, A.B., African Photograph Collection

Mealy, Cliff, Photographs of the Indian Observance of the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Little Big Horn

Meggers, William F., Film

Mehrer, Mrs. Julian, and Ellen M. Rosee Photographs

Mekeel, Haviland Scudder, Photographs

Memorial to the First American Ground Breaking Group Portrait

Merriam, Clinton Hart, Collection

Mesoamerican Sites

Mesquakie-Cheyenne Ceremony, Photographs

Metcalf, Elizabeth H. and Sarah S, Photograph Collection

Metcalf, George and Dennis Stanford, Field Portrait

Mexican and Mesoamerican Photographs

Mexico, Views

Meyers, Joe,  Portrait of LaDonna Harris

Michael, Franz, Photographs of Tibetan Buddhists in Ladakh

Michelson, Truman, Collection

Microfilm Collection

Mikasuki Tribal Fair, Views

Mindeleff, Victor or Cosmos, Photographs

Minh, Emil, Photographs

Miser, Hugh, Photographs

Montezuma, Carlos and Doris Collester Collection of Lantern Slides

Mooney, James, Collection

Mooney, James, Photographs

Moore, Clarence B., Copy Negatives of Illustrations of Pottery

Morley, Sylvanus Griswold, and Earl Halstead Morris

Morris, Frederick Kuhn, Albums Concerning Far East Expeditions

Murra, John Victor, Papers


Nash, Philleo, Papers

National Anthropological Archives, Records

National Anthropological Archives Photographs

National Congress of American Indians, Group Portrait

National Museum of Canada, Copy Prints

National Museum of Natural History, Photographs of the Donald C. Beatty Reception: prints;  slides

Native American Photo Company Photographs

Natural History Miscellany

Navaho Archeological Sites, Photographs

Navaho Photographs

Navajo-Cornell Field Health Research Project, Records

Nell, Tom, Photographs of Tiwi

New Guinea Photographs

Newman, Marshall T., Papers

Nias Island Funeral, Photographs

Norbeck, Edward, Papers

Norbeck, Edward, Photographs of Anthropologists at the University of California, Berkeley

Norris Basin Photographs

Northeastern Anthropological Association, Records

North American Indians, Group Portraits

Numbered Manuscripts, Records and Papers

Nusbaum, Jesse Logan, Papers


Occaneechi Indian, Photograph

Oceanic Photographs from the Collection of the Pond Bureau

O'Leary, John, Photographs

Olbrechts, Frans M., Papers

Omwake, Henri Geiger, Papers

Orosco Family Photographs

Oschinsky, Lawrence, and Donald A. East, Papers

Oshkosh Portrait


Pacific Survey File

Pailet, Herman, Collection

Palmer, Edward, Papers

Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Photographs of Indians

Pan-American Institute of Geography and History, Records

Pan American Institute of Geography and History, Photographs of Delegates

Passamaquoddy Indian, Photographs

Patch, Dorothy Jenkins and Margaret Phillips Daily Collection

Peace Corps Volunteers, Papers

Pelzer, Dorothy West, Papers

Peña, Encarnación, Portrait

Perryman Family Portrait

Peruvian Indian, Photographs

Peruvian Skeletal Material

Peterson, Helen, Photographs

Pettrick, Ferdinand, Lantern Slides of Sculptures

Philippine Photographs

Philippines and Middle Eastern Subjects

Photograph of a Drum

Photographs: Miscellaneous Collections

Physical Anthropology Copyright Deposit Photographs

Pilling, James Constantine, Papers

Pine Ridge Group at the National Archives, Washington, D.C.

Piscataway Photographs: Lot 79-45; Lot 81-47

Pittier, Henri F., Photographs

Plains Drawings, Negatives

Plains Indian, Copy of Painting

Plains Indians, Photographs

Ponca Delegation, Photograph

Porht, Richard, Collection

Post, Marjorie Meriweather, Collection

Postcards from German Museums

Postcards with Indian Subjects

Potawatomi Photographs

Pottery Making in Sinaloa, Photographs

Powell Portrait

Powell, John Wesley, Exhibit Photographs, National Museum of Natural History

Powell, John Wesley, Portraits

Powers, Susan K., Collection of Family Photographs

Powhatan's Mantle, Photograph

Pratt, Richard H. and Nana Pratt, Photographs

Price, John A., Photographs

Pueblo Ruins, Photographs


Quirin, Regis, and Leon Poplawski Photographs


Rau, Charles, Papers

Red Cloud and Othniel Charles Marsh, Photograph

Reeves, Dache McClain, Papers

Reinberg, Leroy, Photographs of Alaska and Siberia

Reining, Conrad Copeland, Papers

Reisler, Lillian, Collection of Korean Photographs

Return of Henry Lookout's Manuscripts

Richards, Allen, Collection

Richards, Allen, Collection of Mexican Kickapoo Photographs

Richardson, Frederick L.W., Papers

Riesenberg, Saul Herbert, Papers

Riesenberg, Saul Herbert, Photographs of Retirement Party

Rilliet, Louis Constant Victor, Stereographic Transparencies and Prints

Rinzler, Ralph, Photographs of Traditional Korean Pottery Making

River Basin Surveys, Records

Robbins, Louise Marie, Papers

Roberts, Frank Harold Hanna, Jr., Papers

Roberts, Frank Harold Hanna, Photographs Made at Shiloh Mound

Roberts, Frank Harold Hanna, Jr., and Edwin N. Wilmsen's Papers Concerning the Lindenmeier Site, Larimer County, Colorado

Róheim, Géza, Papers


Safford, William E., Albums

Salish Spinning and Weaving, Photographs

Salsman, John G., Collection

Samuel and Mays Indian Photographs

Scenic Views of North America

Schneider, Harold Kenneth, Papers

Schueler, Carl F., Photographs

Scidmore, Eliza Ruhamah, Collection

Science Service, Records

Senyürek, Muzaffer, Papers

Setzler, Frank Maryl, Collection of Photographs and Slides

Setzler, Frank Maryl, Papers

Setzler, Frank Maryl, Portrait

Shacknasty Jim, Portrait

Shanks, Ralph W., Photograph of a Wappo Basket Weaver

Sharples, Ellen, Photographs of an Indian Portrait

Shaw, George C., Collection of Photographs of the Moro Campaign in the Philippines

Sheldon, William Herbert, Papers

Sherman, Penoyer Levi, Jr., Photographs of Philippine Physical Anthropological Subjects

Sherman, Penoyer Levi, Jr., Photographs of Philippine Schools and Other Subjects

Shipobo, David E. William, Color Slides

Shoberg, John B., Portraits of American Indians

Shufeldt, Robert W., Glass Positive from the Far Eastern Collection

Simmons, Ozzie G., Papers Relating to the Institute of Social Anthropology

Simpson, George Easton, Photographs

Sinte Gleska College Students, Group Portraits

Skull from the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Mexico, Photograph

Sleeping Ute Mountain Homemade Arts and Crafts Factory

Slusser, Mary Shepherd, Papers

Smith, Bruce David, Papers

Smith, Hale G., Photographs

Smithsonian Anthropologists, Portraits (Photo Lot 39)

Smithsonian Anthropologists, Portraits (Photo Lot 77-80)

Smithsonian Anthropology Exhibits at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Views

Smithsonian Awards Presentations to the Anthropology Staff

Smithsonian Expedition to Southern Utah, Views

Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Scenes

Smithsonian National Associates Program Research Expeditions, Field Material

Smithsonian Physical Anthropologists, Group Portrait

Smithsonian Service Awards Presentation, Portraits

Society for American Archaeology, Records

Society for Applied Anthropology, Records

Society for Historical Archaeology, Records

Society for Medical Anthropology, Records

Society for Visual Anthropology, Records

Solecki, Ralph S., Photographs of Anthropologists

Solecki, Ralph Stephan, Photographs from Archeological Survey in Alaska

Southall, Aidan William, and Marshall Barron Clinard, Material Relating to Nutrition and Crime in Kampala, Uganda

Southeastern Archaeological Conference Group Portrait

Southeastern Archaeological Conference, Records

Southern Anthropological Society, Records

South African Photographs

South American Photographs

South Pacific Photographs

Southwestern and Sonoran Subjects

Southwestern Anthropological Society, Records

Spaulding, Albert Clanton, Papers

Specimens and Exhibits, Miscellaneous Photographs

Squint Eye, Photographs of Drawings

Stabler, E. Kenneth, Collection of Jesse Walter Fewkes Photographs

Stanley-Brown, Joseph, Lantern Slide Collection

Stanley, John Mix, Stereograph of Portraits of Indians in the Picture Gallery at the Smithsonian Institution

Stearns, Richard Edwin, Photographs

Steltenkamp, Michael F., Photographs

Stereographic Negatives of Skulls

Stereograph of Indian Hunter

Stereographs of North American Indians

Stevenson, Matilda Coxe, Papers

Stevenson, Matilda Coxe, Photographs

Stewart, Thomas Dale, Papers

Stewart, Thomas Dale, Photographs Made on Trips to Guatemala and Peru

St. Francis Indian Mission Collection

Stirling, Gene, Album of Archeological Photographs

Stirling, Matthew Williams, Papers

Strong, William Duncan, Papers

Swanton, John Reed, Lantern Slides of Southeastern Indians and Views


"Tasaday Manubo" Tribe of the Philippines, Photographs

Tax, Sol, Fox Field Notes and University of Chicago Fox Field Project Records

Thompson, Laura, Papers

Thunderbird Pow-Wow, Oakland, New Jersey

Tibetan Portfolio from the Royal Russian Geographical Society

Tilton, Willis G., Collection

Tlingit Village, Slides

Tomah Joseph, Portrait

Topological and Geological Survey of the Valley of the Colorado, Stereographs

Tropical Habitation

Tulamniu Project, Records

Tunica Portraits and Artifacts

Turkey Tayac (Philip Proctor), Photograph

Turner, William Wadden, Papers


Ubelaker, Douglas Homer, Illustration for Human Bones and Archeology

Ubelaker, Douglas Homer, Photographs Taken at Retirement as Chairman

United Stated General Accounting Office Working Papers for a Review of the Implementation of Archeological Salvage Laws

United States Army Medical Museum Anatomical Section, Records Relating to Specimens Transferred to the Smithsonian Institution

United States Army Medical Museum, Composite Photographs of Skulls

United States Army Medical Museum, Photographs of Skulls (Photo Lot 6B)

United States Army Medical Museum, Photographs of Skulls (Photo Lot 73-26C)

United States Army Medical Museum Photographs of Measuring and Photographing Skulls

United States Army Physical Anthropology Photographs

United States Army Survey of Male Body Build, Negatives

United States Department of Agriculture Collection of Photographs Made During Research on Sugar Cane

University of Chicago, American Indian Chicago Conference Records

University of Chicago, Fort Berthold Project Records

Ute Portraits


Vann House in Georgia, Photographs

Vintage Prints of Indian Negatives

Viola, Herman J., Photographs of Joe Medicine Crow and Members of the Medicine Crow Family

Viola, Herman Joseph, Papers


Wallace, James H, Photographs Relating to the Trail of Broken Treaties

Wanamaker, Rodman, Collection

Ward, Herbert, Views of Paris Studio

Waring, Antonio Johnston, Jr., Papers

Washburn, Wilcomb, Documents from Indian Claims Cases

Wedel, Waldo Rudolph and George S. Metcalf, Field Portrait

Wedel, Waldo Rudolph and Mildred Mott Wedel, Papers

Wegener, E.A., Collection of Photograph of Wanapum Indians

Weldon, John Mitchell, New Mexico Collection

Wendell, Evert, Photographic Extracts from an Account Book

White, M.J.W., Philippine Artifacts

White, Wes, and Hudson Crummie, Portrait

White, Wes, Collection

Whiting, Alfred F., Papers

Wilcomb, C.P., Baskets, Negatives

Wilcox, Ellery Valdimir, Photographs of American Indians

Wilkes Expedition Oceanic Specimens

Willis, Elizabeth Bayley, Collection

Wilson, Charles Banks, Photograph of Drawing of Quapaws

Wilson, H.K., Scrapbook

Winold Reiss Paintings, Photographic Prints

Wintu in San Francisco, Group Portrait

Wirz, Dadi, Photographs

"Woodland Algonquians of Wisconsin"

Woody, Howard, Collection of Indian Postcards

Work Projects Administration Excavations in Chatham County, Georgia, and Related Specimens

Wormington, Hannah Marie, Papers

Worthley, Jean Reese, Collection of Philippine Postcards

Wright, Bill, Photographs of the Celebration of St. Anthony, Ysleta, Texas

Wright, Hamilton, Photographs

Wyrick, Bill, Photographs of the Dedication of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Museum and Cultural Center


Yegi, M., Photographs Concerning the Red Cross Society of Tokyo

Yong, David (Museum Technician) and James Mello, Portrait


Zarco, Antonio, with H. Morgan Smith, Portraits

Zehr, Howard, Portraits of Southern Cheyenne Indians

Zeis, Emmanuel, Collection

Zuni Delegation to the Smithsonian Department of Anthropology

Zuni Officials and the Zuni Lincoln Cane, Photographs


Classification of the Division of Physical Anthropology Photographic Collection

Classification of the Bureau of American Ethnology-United States National
Museum Collection of Indian Photographs

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