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The modern color copy prints show Clayton Jeffries (b. 1887) as a boy and as a man. Jeffries has been described simply as a half-blood from Alamance County, North Carolina. The donor believes he is an Occaneechi.

DATE: No date

QUANTITY: 2 prints

CALL NUMBER: Photo Lot 89-39


The material consists of prints and copy negatives of images from a Honolulu stock agency. Included are photographs from Matthew W. Stirling's New Guinea expedition and Edward A. Salisbury's expedition to Micronesia. Other relate to Irving Johnson, Ray Jewell, and Cyril von Baumann. The images show ethnological subjects, expedition members, and scenic views.

DATE: 1920s-1930s

QUANTITY: 51 items



CALL NUMBER: Photo Lot 82-11


Included are copy prints of photographs and postcards. There are many portraits, including some of Father Peter J. Powell. Also common are views of modern pow-wows. Tribes represented are the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Dakota, Kiowa, and Sauk and Fox. Photographers include Bert Bell, Reece Kinkaid, Horace Poolaw (a Kiowa), and John O'Leary.

DATES: 1930s-1970s

QUANTITY: ca. 75 items


CALL NUMBER: Photo Lot 74-12

OLBRECHTS, FRANS M. (1899-1958), Papers

Frans M. Olbrechts studied linguistics and folklore in his native Belgium and became one of that country's leading anthropologists, recognized for his museum work, teaching, and scholarship. In all these areas, his work was strongly concerned with art, magic, and popular culture.

Olbrecht's earliest work outside Europe was among American Indians. In 1925, while studying with Franz Boas as a postdoctoral fellow of the Committee for the Relief of Belgians Education Foundation, he was introduced to the Bureau of American Ethnology staff. It was subsequently arranged for him to carry out field work among the Cherokee of North Carolina, using as the basis of his inquiries the so-called Swimmer Manuscript of Cherokee formulas copied by James Mooney, of the Bureau of American Ethnology. His work resulted in James Mooney, The Swimmer Manuscript: Cherokee Sacred Formulas and Medicinal Prescriptions, revised, completed, and edited by Frans M. Olbrechts, Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 99, Washington, 1932.

The papers are largely limited to the materials Olbrechts collected during his work with the Cherokee, although a few miscellaneous materials are included. There are copies of manuscripts by James Mooney and a few diaries and expense notes. There is also a very small amount of correspondence with Louis Allen, R.D. Holt, Gladys A. Reichard, and Morris Swadesh.

Sound recordings relating to this collection are in the Library of Congress.

DATES: ca. 1926-1931

QUANTITY: ca. 5.7 linear meters (ca. 20 linear feet)

ARRANGEMENT: (1) Vocabularies; (2) vocabularies, phonology, morphophonemics, and syllabary; (3) grammar; (4) texts with no translations; (5) texts with translations; (6) disease-name papers; (7) Wilnoti formula papers; (8) botanical notes and specimens; (9) myths and miscellaneous ethnographic notes; (10) photographs of Iroquois masks; (11) personal, unidentified, and reference materials


CALL NUMBER: Manuscript 4600

OMWAKE, HENRI GEIGER (1907-1967), Papers

A school official in Delaware, H. Geiger Omwake was an active amateur archeologist and an authority on pipes that Europeans traded to American Indians. His study of the subject began in the 1940s and continued until his death.

Omwake was one of the main organizers of the Archeological Society of Delaware, the Sussex County Society of Archeology and History in 1948, and the Kent Archaeological Society in 1965. He was a member of the Delaware State Archeological Board.

The papers include letters, notes, drawings, clippings, photographs, bibliographies, lists, reports, manuscripts, and copies of a mimeographed form "Survey of Pipes of European Manufacture Traded to the Indians in the Eastern States." Many papers relate to the pipe collection that Omwake donated to the Smithsonian.

Omwake's correspondents include American Museum of Natural History, Albert J. Anderson, George Arentz, Junius Bird, Glenn A. Black, Mark F. Boyd, Peter A. Brannon, Edward Brooks, Elias B. Bull, Ripley P. Bullen, E.K. Burnett, Douglas S. Byers, Arch Cauzier, Dorothy Cross, Tom Demarest, John C. Ewers, Charles H. Fairbanks, Karl D. Fernstrom, Jr., P.S. Flegel, Stanley E. Gifford, Charles E. Gillette, Amos R. Green, James B. Griffin, Alfred K. Guthe, Carl E. Guthe, Gilbert Haggerty, Robert F. Hall, J.C. Harrington, Charles F. Hayes III, G.C. Helbers, Paul R. Huey, Ivor Noël Hume, Frederick Johnson, Arthur R. Kelly, Kenneth E. Kidd, W. Fred Kinsey, Jerome Knowles, Edward McM. Larrabee, William C. Lazarus, Julius Lopez, Ernest F.

Mair, K. Marochen, Robert Marx, William B. Marye, Ronald J. Mason, George McBeath, Ben C. McCary, Carl F. Miller, P. Schuyler Miller, Robert D. Mohr, Robert S. Neitzel, B.H. O'Neil, Adrian H. Oswald, Lewis M. Purnell, George Quimby, Elizabeth Ralph, George M. Reynolds, William A. Ritchie, Maurice Robbins, Roland Wells Robbins, E.H. Rogers, Irving Rouse, Harry L. Scoff, William H. Sears, Frank Maryl Setzler, Carlyle S. Smith, G. Hubert Smith, Ralph S. Solecki, Stanley G. South, Frank G. Speck, Richard E. Stears, Charles Steen, Robert L. Stephenson, Theodore Stern, Iain C. Walker, C. Malcolm Watkins, C. A. Weslager, Gordon R. Willey, John Witthoft, Alan R. Woolworth, and Charles F. Wray.

DATES: 1940s-1960s

QUANTITY: ca. 2.7 linear meters (ca. 9 linear feet)

ARRANGEMENT: (1) Alphabetical file; (2) notebooks; (3) subject file; (4) correspondence; (5) miscellany

FINDING AID: Draft box list


The lot includes formal and informal portraits of five generations of a California family. Some members are of the San Paschal band of Luiseños; others are Gabrielinos. Only one person is in Indian dress. The others are in modern dress, some in military uniforms and a couple in wedding attire.

Many photographs are snapshots. Only one photographer is identified: Cortez Studio, San Diego.

DATE: No dates (probably 1890s-1990s)

QUANTITY: 14 copy prints

FINDING AID: List provided by the donor Franklin G. Orosco.

CALL NUMBER: Photo Lot 93-4


Oschinsky was a physical anthropologist at the University of Toronto and formerly a curator at the National Museum of Canada. East was a researcher at the University College of Wales. The papers consist of a manuscript entitled "The Cranial Morphology of Arctic Mongoloids: A Statistical-Morphological Study." Work on the manuscript was in progress at the time Oschinsky died. It concerns his general interest in "morphological studies dealing with the osteology of human groups at the subspecies and lower taxonomic levels" (James Edward Anderson).

DATES: 1960s

QUANTITY: .08 linear meter (.25 linear foot)


The copy print of the Menominee leader was made from a daguerreotype in the Oshkosh Public Museum.

DATE: No date

QUANTITY: 1 print

RESTRICTION: The print was acquired for reference purposes only. Copies should be obtained from the Oshkosh Public Museum.

CALL NUMBER: Photo Lot 82-33

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