Register to the
Photograph Collection of the White Fathers
(Society of Missionaries of Africa)

By Robert Leopold, Daisy Njoku
and Marion Rawson

National Anthropological Archives
Smithsonian Institution

October 2000

Part 2

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Farming - Algeria.

Farming - Congo.

Farming - Ghana.

Farming - Malawi [file is empty]

Farming - Mali.

Farming, Rwanda (see - Cattle, Rwanda. s.f.)

Farming, Tanganyika.

Farm implements - Tanganyika.

Farm implements - Uganda

Farming - Upper Volta.

Farming - Zambia.


Ferry - Congo

Ferry - Ghana

Ferries - Malawi

Ferries - Tanganyika (see - Depatrues, Tang. s.f.)


Film-making. Mali.


Fishing - Congo

Fishing - Ghana

Fishing - Mali.

Fishing - Tanganyika

Fishing - Uganda

Fishing - Rhodesia


Flowers - Congo


Food - Ghana [eating, preparing, birthday celebration]

Food - Tanganyika.

Food - Uganda.

Food - Upper Volta.


Funerals - Congo.

Funeral - Ghana.

Funeral (Pagan) - Tanganyika [includes "Pagan Burial Service", a page long with descriptions to match pictures - not all pictures are in file]

Funerals - Uganda.

Funerals - Upper Volta.


Games - Ghana.

Games - Malawi

Games, Rwanda

Games - Tanganyika.

GIRLS [shows jewerely, hobbies, posed group shots...]

Girls - Algeria.

Girls - Cameroon. (see - Sisters, African. s.f.)

Girls - Congo. (see - Men, Cong. s.f. small pic. of blind man with girl.) (see - Scouts, Congo. s.f.)

Girls - Gabon.

Girls - Ghana.

Girls - Kenya. (see - Children, UNICEF, l.f.)

Girls - Malawi

Girls, Mali.

Girls - Nigeria.

Girls - Ruanda-Urundi

Girls - Senegal

Girls - Sudan.

Girls - Tanganyika. (see - Masai, Tanganyika. l.f.)

Girls - Tunisia.

Girl Guides & Girl Scouts Uganda.

Girls - Uganda

Girls Hostel - Uganda [includes negatives and 3 short biographies on students at the hostel]

Girls - Upper Volta

Girls - Zambia (see - Lay Mission Workers, Rhodesia. s.f.)


Granary - Ghana

Granaries - Malawi.

Granaries - Upper Volta. (see - Fr. de Decker's series, l.f. Upper Volta - "Nayalge Youth Village")


Graves - Algeria.

Graves, Congo.

Graves, Ghana.

Graves - Mali.

Graves - Nigeria.

Graves - Tanganyika

Graves, Cemetary, Ganmarth, Tunisia

Graves - Uganda


Guides, Girl - Ghana. [same as "Girl Guides & Girl Scouts" organization listed under GIRLS]


Hair-cuts - Algeria.

Hairdo's Congo.

Hairdo's Ghana

Hair cut - Ghana.

Hair-do's - Ruanda-Urundi.

Hair Dresser Tanganyika (see - Masai, Tang. l.f.)

Hair-do's - Upper Volta.

Hair-dresser and Hair-do's - Zambia.


Handicrafts - Algeria.

Handicraft (other than weaving) Ghana.

Handicrafts - Metal Craft, Ghana.

Handicraft - Malawi.

Handicraft - Mali.

Handicrafts - Rwanda (see - Cattle, Rwanda. s.f.)

Handicraft Tanganyika

Handicrafts - Upper Volta.


Dispensary - Congo

Dispensary - Algeria.

Dispensaries - Ghana (see also "Hospitals" + "Yaws")

Dispensary - Malawi

Dispensary - Mali.

Dispensaries - Tang.

Hospital - Algeria. (see - The Prescence of the Church in Algeria, l.f. (Father de Decker's series) - No. 169/65.)

Hospitals - Congo

Hospitals - Ghana.

Mua Hospital - Malawi [includes negatives]

Hospital - Malawi (see - Visiting, Malawi. s.f.)

Likuni Hospital, Lilongwe Malawi.

Hospital - Mali.

Hospital - Nairobi, Kenya

Hospital Dedication, Oshogbo, Nigeria.

Hospitals - Tanganyika. [empty file]

Hospitals - Sengerema, Tanganyika.

Hospitals - Eye Clinic Upper Volta (see - Doctor Goarnisson, Upper Volta, s.f.; Father Goarnisson, W.F.)

Hospitals - Sumve, Tanganyika. (see - Dispensaries, Tanganyika. s.f.; Nurses - Mary Julius)

Hospitals - Upper Volta

Hospital - Drodro, Zaire [includes negatives]

Hospital - Zambia.


Hunting - Congo.

Hunting - Ghana

Hunting - boys - Ghana. (see - "Bows and Arrows, Ghana." various pictures of boys, with bows and arrows, and hunting.)

Hunting - Malawi.

Hunting - Mali.

Hunting - Nigeria.

Hunting - Ruanda-Urundi.

Hunting - Tanganyika

Hunting traps, Tanganyika.

Hunting - Uganda. (see - Hippopotamus, Uganda)

Hunting - Zambia.


Huts - Algeria.

Houses - Congo

Huts - Congo

Huts - Ghana

Hut - Construction - Ghana

Hut - Decoration - Ghana

Huts - Steps - Ghana

Huts Kenya.

Huts Malawi

Huts - Mali. (see - Domestic, Mali. s.f.)

Huts - Nigeria.

Huts - Ruanda-Urundi.

Huts - Tanganyika

Houses, Tunisia.

Huts - Uganda.

Huts - Upper Volta.

Huts - Zambia.


I.B.L.A. - Tunisia. Institute de Belles Lettres Arables.


Irrigation, Ghana.

Irrigation - Algeria.


King Solomon's Mines - Congo.

King and Queen - Rwanda-Burundi. (see - Pygimies, Rwanda. s.f. Pic. of King with Chief of Pygmies.)


Lay Mission Workers - General

Lay-workers - Malawi.

Lay Mission Workers Rhodesia. (see - Construction, Rhodesia, s.f.) [includes negatives]

Lay Workers - Tanganyika


Lepers - general

Lepers - Congo.

Lepers - Ghana

Lepers Malawi.

Lepers - Mali [some of the captions say Sudan]

Leper - Tanganyika (see - Sisters, White, Tang. s.f. Pic. of Sister Lia recieving Bronze medal.) for gruesome pictures, see this file!

Lepers - Zambia.


Manual work, Algeria.

Manual work - Congo.

Manual work - Ghana.

Manual Work, - Malawi.

Manual work, Nigeria.

Manual work - Rwanda

Manual Work - Tanganyika

Manual Work - Uganda.

Manual work, Upper Volta.

Manual Work - Zambia.


Markets - Algeria.

Markets - Congo

Markets - Ghana.

Markets - Malawi

Markets - Mali.

Markets - Morocco

Markets - Nigeria.

Market, Rwanda

Markets - Tanganyika

Markets (Souks) Tunisia. (see - Street Scene, Tunis.)

Markets - Upper Volta.

Markets - Zambia.


Marriage - Ghana. (see - Evolue, Ghana. s.f.)

Marriage - Congo.

Marriage - Malawi.

Marriage - Nigeria. (see - Misc. Yoruba Tribe, Nigeria. s.f.)

Marriage - Tanganyika. (see - Father Paul Heon, W.F. s.f.)

Marriage - Uganda. (see - Cathedral, Rubaga - Uganda. Small file. Picture of two Africans being married at the main altar of the Cathedral. The Nuptual Mass is in process.) (see - Margaret Gets Married - Uganda. s.f.)

Marriage - UGanda. 2. "Margaret Gets Married" Uganda.

Marriage - Upper Volta

Marriage - Zambia.


Mary - Algeria.

Mary - Congo.

Mary - Ghana.

Mary Malawi.

Mary - Nigeria.

Mary - Rwanda-Burundi

Mary - Tanganyika (see - Chapel, Kabanga, Tang. s.f.)

Mary - Tunisia.

Mary - Uganda. (see - Benedict Kiwanuka. Uganda Self - Government, File #2. s.f.)

Mary - Rubaga Cathedral, Uganda.

Mary - Upper Volta

Mary - Zambia.


Mass - Algeria.

Mass - Cameroon

Mass - Ghana (see - Scouts, Ghana.)

Mass - Malawi (see - Priests, African. s.f. Nyasaland.)

Mass - Nigeria

Mass - Rwanda-Burundi

Mass - Sudan

Mass - Uganda. (see - Cathedral, Rubaga - Uganda Picture of the Nuptual Mass in process, at the main altar of the Cathedral.)

Mass - Tanganyika.

Mass - Upper Volta.

Mass: Mass - Zaireian Rite [includes negatives] (see - Priests, African, Congo. s.f.)

Mass - Zambia.


Men, Algeria.

Men - Cameroon.

Men - Congo. (see - Manual work, Congo. s.f.; Men - l.f.)

Men (single) - Ghana (see also: "Hats" and "Head Shots" and "Tattooing")

Men, groups - Ghana

Men, Kenya.

Men - Malawi.

Men - Morocco

Men, Mali.

Men - Mozambique

Men - Nigeria.

Men, Rwanda-Burundi

Men, Senegal.

Men - Tanganikya. (see - Communion, Tang. for picture of two convert centenarians recieving Holy Communion from Fr. Joseph Kelly, C.S.Sp.)

Men, Tunisia.

Men - Uganda.

Men - Upper Volta

Men - Zambia.


Ministry - Tanganyika.


Mission, Algeria.

Mission, Kadutu - Congo. (see - Father Rene de Vos, W.F.)

Missions - Malawi

Deep Bay Mission, Malawi. (see - Missions, Malawi. l.f.)

Likuni Mission, Lilongwe, Fr. Braun. Malawi.

Nkata Bay Mission, Malawi [include negatives and a slide] (see - Missions, Malawi. l.f.)

Missions - Mali

Mission, Karema - Tanganyika.

Mission, Ntungamo - Tanganyika.

Mission, Nyegezi - Tanganyika.

Mission - Uganda

Mission - Upper Volta.

Yako Mission, Upper Volta.

Mission - Zambia.


Miscellaneous -- Lips, Congo. [not really miscellaneous, as all are of lips with objects in them]

Miscellaneous - Plants - Congo.

Miscellaneous Tool - Congo.

Miscellaneous - Egypt Pyramids

Miscellaneous - Ghana.

Miscellaneous Firewood - Ghana. [could also be "manual labor" or "domestic"]

Miscellaneous Love Story - Candida, Ghana [includes negatives]

Miscellaneous Machinery - Ghana. [could also be "manual labor"]

Miscellaneous - Ghana. Marion Congress. Nandom. '58

Miscellaneous People, White - Ghana.

Miscellaneous Police - Ghana.

Miscellaneous Politics - Ghana.

Miscellaneous - Rope, Ghana.

Miscellaneous - Sling-Shot, Ghana.

Miscellaneous Spears - Ghana.

Miscellaneous - Stools, Ghana.

Miscellaneous - Tobacco, Ghana.

Miscellaneous - India.

Miscellaneous - Malawi [one picture of a kiln]

Miscellaneous - Morocco

Miscellaneous - Nigeria. Yoruba Tribe. (Marriage, Nigeria. s.f.; Bishop McCoy, Consecration, Nigeria. s.f.)

Miscellaneous -- Lips. Rwanda-Burundi.

Miscellaneous Erosion, Tanganyika.

Miscellaneous - First Caravan, White Fathers 1878.

Miscellaneous - Independence Day, Tanganyika 12/9/62. [includes negatives]

Miscellaneous, Cavaransery - Tunisia.

Uganda - Original W.F.s with orphans. Miscellaneo

Miscellaneous Martyrs of Uganda. (see - Buses, Uganda. s.f.; Cathedral, Rubaga-Uganda. s.f.; Wayland, Mass. s.f.; Cardinal Agagianian, s.f.) [several pages of White Fathers calendar torn out and included]

Miscellaneous - Special Awards - Uganda.

Miscellaneous - Sese Islands, Uganda.

Miscellaneous -- Catholic Action - Zambia.

Miscellaneous -- Seminar - Zambia. [includes 2 page story that goes along with photos by Fr. Goulet]

Miscellaneous - Zambia.


Monuments - Algeria.

Monuments, Congo

Monuments, Rwanda

Monument, Tunisia.


Mosques, Algeria.

Mosques - Tanzania.

Mosques - Tunisia.

Mosque - Sidid-bou-Said, Tunisia.

Mosques - Upper Volta.

Mosque - Zambia


Mothers, Algeria

Mother, Congo (see - Mother - l.f.)

Mothers - Cameroon

Mothers - Gabon.

Mothers - Ghana. (see also "Tatooing" and "Families")

Mothers - Kenya

Mothers - Malawi. (see - Hospitals, Malawi, s.f.)

Mothers, Mali.

Mothers and babies. (John XXIII). Mozambique. [includes negative]

Mothers, Nigeria. (see - Mother, l.f.; Nigeria, l.f.)

Mothers, Rwanda-Burundi. (see - Cattle, Rwanda, s.f.)

Mothers, Tanganyika (see - Masai, Tang. l.f.; Mothers, l.f.)

Mothers, Bedouin, Berber, Tunisia.

Mothers - Uganda (see - Mother - l.f.)

Mothers, Upper Volta.

Mother - Zambia.


Motorcycles, Congo

Motorcyles - Malawi. (see - Departure, Malawi. s.f.)

Motorcyles - Ghana.

Motorcyles - Tanganyika (see - Boys, Smiling, Tang. s.f.)

Motorcyles - Uganda (see - Priests, White. Uganda. "Day in the life of White Father" - l.f.)

Motorcyle - Zambia.


Mountains, Algeria.

Mountains - Congo (see - Mountains - l.f.)

Mountains - Tanzania

Mountains - Tanganyika. Ascent of Mt. KIlimanjaro.

Mountains, Tunisia. (see - Cities, Tunisia. picture of Salammbo with Bou-Kornine, (mountain) in the background)


Museum - Tanzania


Musical Instruments - Algeria.

Musical instruments - Congo.

Musical Instruments - Ghana. (see - Bands, Ghana. s.f.)

Musical instruments - Malawi.

Musical instruments - Mali.

Musical instruments - Rwanda.

Musical instruments - Tanganyika.

Musicial instruments - Tunisia.

Musicial instruments, Uganda

Musicial instruments Zambia.


Nurses, African - Congo.

Nurses, African - Ghana.

Nurses, African - Tanganyika.


Ordination - Ghana.

Ordinations - Malawi

Ordinations - Carthage, Tunisia. (see - Father Dionne, Ordination, s.f.)

Ordination - Uganda. (see - Bishop Kiwanduka Uganda. l.f. several pics. in folder of ordinations of African priests.)


People - Algeria

People - Ghana

People - Malawi

People - Nigeria.

People - Tanganyika

People - Uganda

People - Zambia.


AFRICAN LEADERS. (Missi) [includes Missions d'Afrique by Peres Blancs, February 1961]

Crowley, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick

de Spinola, General Antonio President of Portugal

Lawson (Congo), Major Richard (Br.)

Leopold of Belgium.

Sheed, Frank J.

de Foucauld, Charles. Algeria. [includes negative of "Fr. De Foucauld's Tomb"]

Tavares, Dr. Alvaro da Silva Governor General, Angola

Livingstone and Stanley. Congo.

Kiba, Simon Senegal Ed. AFRIQUE NOUVELLE

Busia, Dr. Kofi P.M. of Ghana

Nkrumah, Dr. Kwame Prime Minister of Ghana. (see - Miscellaneous - Politics, Ghana. s.f.)

AOKO, Guadencia - Kenya Personalities

Balzer, Hella Malawi.

Seydou, Mr. Amadou (Personalities) Niger

Portugese Governors.

Hannan, Father Michael, (Shona Bible). Rhodesia.

Smith, Ian P. Minister Rhodesia

General Abboud - Sudan. (See large file - Abboud, Ferik I, General - President of the Sudan.)

KIWANUKA, Benedict (Uganda) No. 1

Kiwanuka, Benedict, Uganda self-government File #2.

Lule, Daniel (D.C. student) [includes selections from June-July 1959 and January-February 1959 of White Fathers Missions]

Young, William. Layworker. Accident in Rwenzori Mts.)

Livingstone, David - (monument) Tanganyika.

Mother Teresa Bojaxhui (India)

Nyerere, Julius. Tanganyika. (see - Republic Day, Tanganyika. l.f.; Cardinal Rugambwa. s.f.; Pope Paul VI. l.f.)

Bourguiba, President. Tunisia. (see - Pope John XXIII picture of the Holy Father standing with Bourguiba.)

Conombo, Mr. Joseph Upper Volta.

Personalities, Women, Zambia.

Peyton, Father Rosary Crusade. [includes "Report on the Rally of the Family Rosary Crusade Held at Santa Maria Mission, Chilubi Island, Vicariate of Kasama (C. Africa) on the 9th of September 1955."]


Pipes - Ghana.

Pipes - Tanganyika.

Pope John Paul II's African visit.


Portraits - Ghana.

Portraits - Nigeria. (Fr. Lacasse) Calabar, mixed tribes

Portraits - Nigeria. (Fr. Lacasse) Owerri (Ebo tribe)

Portraits - Southern Rhodesia (Fr. Lacasse) Dreyfontein

Portraits (Fr. Lacasse) - Zambia. Kitwe.

Portraits (Fr. Lacasse) - Zambia. Chikuni.


Pottery, Algeria

Pottery - Ghana.

Pottery-Close-Ups - Ghana

Pottery - Zambia.


Priests, African - Congo (re: Father Rene Guirma - Diocese of Ougadougou, Upper Volta see small-file folder: "Father Bell - Tour of 1961-62" for photo of Father Rene Guirma, brother of Frederick Guirma, ambassador from the Upper Volta to the United States and United Nations, chatting with Father Bell, etc.)

Priest (African) - Ghana.

Priest - Fr. Abate (Alexis), African (see - Bishop Dery, Ghana. l.f.; Father Pwamang, Ghana. s.f.; Father J. Alfred Richard, s.f.)

Priest - Fr. Akanlu (Rudolph), African (see - Ordination, Ghana. Pictures of the two Fathers ordination by Bishop Bertrand, W.F.) (More pictures of Fr. Akanlu may be seen in Fr. Pwamang's folde.)

Priests, African, Ghana. Rev. Lawrence Kyemaalo. (More pictures of Fr. Lawrence may be seen in Fr. Pwamang's folder.)

Priest - Fr. Pwamang (African) Father died 9/74

Priest, African. Malawi.

Priests, African. Tanganyika.

Kabeya, Rev. John (Kiongozi)

Priests - African Uganda. [includes clipping from May 1961 White Fathers Missions on Drum Notes]

Priest, African. Upper Volta.

Priests, African. Zambia.


Priests, white. Algeria.

Priests, white - Congo. (see - School Classes, Congo. s.f.)

Priest - white. Congo Fr. Placide Tempels, O.F.M.

Priests, White. Ghana. (see - Brothers, White, Ghana. s.f.; Construction, Ghana. s.f.)

Priests, White - Malawi.

Priests, White - Nigeria.

Priests, white - Rwanda

Priests - White. Sudan.

Priests, white - Tanganyika.

Priests, White. Tunisia.

Priests - White - Uganda. (see - Misc. section. Original W.F.s with orphans. s.f.)

Priests, white - Upper Volta.

Priests, White - Zambia.


Printing - Congo.

Printing - Ghana.

Printing - Malawi.

Printing - Rwanda-Burundi. (see - Buildings, Rwanda-Burundi. s.f.)

Printing - Tanganyika (see - Kabeya, Rev. John (Kiongozi), s.f. (Priests, African sec))

Printing - Uganda. (see - Musizi, l.f.; Priests, White. Uganda. l.f. "Day in life of W.F.")

Printing - Zambia (see - Buildings, Zambia, s.f.)


Processions - Congo

Processions - Ghana

Processions - Malawi.

Processions - Rwanda-Urundi.

Processions - Tanganyika

Processions - Palm Sunday, 1961. Tang.

Processions - Uganda


Professional Centers Algeria

Professional Centers Sahara


Pygmies - Congo (see - School Children, Congo. s.f.; Pygmies of Ituri Region, l.f. Fr. de Decker's series.; Sisters, White, Congo. s.f.)

Pygmies - Ruanda-Burundi.

Pygmies - Uganda.


Rectories - Ghana.

Rectories - Nigeria.

Rectories - Tanganyika (see - Village, Kilulu. Tang. s.f.; Bishop Durning, Tang. s.f.)

Rectories - Uganda.

Rectories, Upper Volta.

Rectory - Zambia.


Refugees, Rwanda


Rivers & Lakes. Algeria.

River - Boats - Lakes - Congo.

Rivers & lakes - Ghana.

Rivers and Lakes, Kenya

Rivers and Lakes Malawi. (see - Missions, Malawi. l.f.)

Rivers & Lakes - Mali.

Rivers & Lakes - Tanganyika. (see - Buildings, Tang. s.f.; Catechists, Tang. s.f.; Domestic, Tang. s.f.; Scenery, Tang. s.f.; Seminarians, Tanzanaia, s.f.)

Rivers and Lakes, Tunisia. (see - Rivers and Lakes, l.f. for duplicate of this photograph - large sized.)

Rivers & Lakes - Uganda.

Rivers and Lakes - Zambia.


Roads - Tanganyika. (see - Mountains, Tanzania. s.f.)

Roads - Zambia.


Rock formation - Algeria

Rock formation - Ghana.

Rock Formation - Tanganyika

Roads - Uganda.


Safari-car-Desert. Algeria.

Safari - Congo.

Safari - Ghana.

Safari - Kenya

Safari - Malawi.

Safari - Tanganyika. (see - van Dam, Frans, W.F. pictures of Father taken on safari with members of the Masai tribe)

Safari - Uganda.

Safari - Upper Volta.

Safari, Zambia.


Scenery - Congo.

Scenery - Algeria.

Scenery, Desert - Algeria.

Scenery, Ghana.

Scenery - Malawi. (see - Missions, Malawi. l.f.)

Scenery - Mali.

Scenery, Rwanda (see - Cattle, Rwanda. s.f.)

Scenery, Tanganyika.


Scenery, Tunisia - Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia.

Scenery, Uganda. (see - Martyrs of Uganda, l.f.; Father de Decker's series.)

Scenery - Zambia.


Scholastics, Classroom - Tunisia.

Scholastics - Tunisia.


Schools - Algeria.

Schools - Congo

Schools - Ethiopia

Schools - Ghana.

Schools - Ghana. St. Charles Secondary sch. (see - HASKEW, Paul, W.F. ORIGINALS A-L. Article entitled "ST CHARLES SECONDARY SCHOOL" received March 21, 1960.)

Schools - Malawi.

School - Marymount, Mzuzu diocese, Malawi.

Schools - Mali

Schools - Tanganyika. (see "BUILDINGS")

Schools - Uganda.

Schools - Upper Volta.

School - Zambia.


School Children - Algeria.

School Children - Congo.

School children, Ethiopia

School Children - Ghana

School chidren, Kenya (Handicapped)

School Children - Malawi.

School chldren - Nigeria.

School Children - Tanganyika.

School Children - Uganda.

School Children - Upper Volta

School Children - Zambia. (see - Bishop Pailloux, s.f. pic. of the Bishop with children.)


School classes - Congo

School classes - Ghana.

School classes - Kenya (see - Children, UNICEF, l.f.)

School Classes - Malawi.

School classes - Rwanda-Burundi

School classes, Uganda.

School classes - Tanzania

Tanz. School classes - language


School flag - Congo.


School Library - Ghana.


School on Wheels - Zambia. (appeal)


School Plays - Ghana.

School plays - Malawi

School plays - Tanganyika.


School Students - Congo.

School Students - Ghana. (see - Bottom drawer for thick packet of photos taken by A.R. Lebel. All single shots of boys.)

School students - Rwanda Burundi.

School-Students Tanganyika.


School students - Upper Volta.

School students - Zambia


School teachers, Congo

School Teachers - Ghana

School teachers - Nigeria.

School-Teachers - Tanganyika

School teachers - Uganda

School teachers - Upper Volta

School Teachers - Zambia


Scouts - Congo (see - Congo, l.f.)

Scouts - Ghana

Scouts - Malawi.

Scouts - Nigeria.

Scouts - Zambia.


Seminarians - African.

Seminarians - Algeria.

Seminarians - Congo.

Seminarians - Ethiopia

Seminarians - Ghana.

Seminarians - Kachebere Malawi.

Seminarians, Rumpi, Malawi

Seminarians - Mali.

Seminarians - Nyegezi, Tanganyika

Seminarians - Tanganyika.

Seminarians - Uganda.

Seminarians, Bukalasa, Uganda

Seminarians. Upper Volta.

Seminarians - Zambia.


Seminary - Baudouinville, Congo.

Seminary - St. Joseph's Navrongo. Ghana. Minor seminary. (For picture of St. Victor's Seminary see Father Richard's file.)

St. Victor's Major Seminary, Tamale, Ghana. [includes negatives]

Seminary - Malawi (see - Construction, Malawi. s.f.)

Seminary, Kachebere Malawi.

Seminary - Kasina (Dedza) Malawi

Seminary - Rwanda-Burundi. (see - Churches, Rwanda. s.f.)

Seminary, Tanganyika (see "BUILDINGS"; Chapel, Tanzania, s.f.)

Seminary - Nyegezi, Tanganyika. (see also "Seminarians, Nygegezi")

Seminary - S. Louis Carthage, Tunisia.

Seminary - Bukalasa, Uganda.

Seminary - Kabale Uganda

Seminary, Katigondo Uganda. (see - Martyrs of Uganda, l.f.; Father de Decker's series.) [includes "Katigondo" by Yves Tourigny, W.F. in March 1961's White Fathers Missions and "Golden Jubilee with a Difference" by Y. Tourigny, W.F. a narration to photos and "Katigondo" (2 page narration to photos) and 2 page description of the seminary]

Seminary - Kisubi, Uganda. (see - Chapels, Uganda. s.f.)

Seminary - Kitabi, Uganda

Seminaries - Upper Volta (see - Chapel, Upper Volta. s.f.)


Shops - Congo.

Shops - Ghana.

Shops - Dakar, Senegal.

Shops - Tanganyika

Shops - Uganda.


Sleeping Sickness Ghana.

Small pox - Malawi.

T.B. - Tanganyika.

Sleeping Sickness Uganda.


Sign - South Africa


Sisters - African (Cameroon)

Sisters - African Congo.

Sisters (African) Ghana.

Sisters, African - Guinea.

Sisters, African, Malawi. (see - Hospitals, Malawi. s.f.)

Sisters - African. Mali. (see - Archbishop Leclerc, s.f.)

Sisters, African, Nigeria.

Sisters - African Zambia.

Sisters - African. Rwanda-Burundi.

Sisters, African Sudan.

Trucks - Sudan.

Sisters - African Karema Tanganyika

Sisters - African Mwanza Tanganyika (see - Father James Meade, (Africa) s.f.)

Sisters - African - Uganda (For pic. of Bannabikira Sisters (Daughters of Mary) see "Seminary, Katigondo" file.)

Sisters - African Upper Volta.


Sisters, White - Algeria. (For pictures of W.S. Convent see Buildings - Convent, W.S. - Algeria. s.f.)

Sisters, White - Congo (For a White Sister with a group of small children - see - Children, small file.)

Sisters, White - Ethiopia

Sisters (White) - Ghana (see - Guides, Girl. Ghana. s.f.; Sisters, African. Ghana. s.f.)

Sisters, White (Dispensary) Ghana.

Sisters (White) Teaching - Ghana

Sisters (White) Visiting - Ghana.

Sisters, White - Malawi

Sisters, White - Nigeria.

Sisters, White, Rwanda-Burundi

Sisters-White-Tanganyika (see - Dr. Schroeder, Tang. s.f.; Girls, Tang. s.f.; Ferries, Tang. s.f.)

Sisters, White - Tunisia.


Sisters-White Upper Volta

Sisters-White Zambia.


Sports - Ghana.

Sports - Malawi.

Sports - Nigeria. (see - Misc. Yoruba Tribe, Nigeria. s.f.)

Sports - Rwanda-Burundi.

Sports - Tanganyika.

Sports - Tunisia.

Sports - Hike - Scholastics. Tunisia.

Sports - Uganda.


Storm - Congo


Street Scene, Algeria. (see - Fr. de Decker's series, l.f. Sahara: Social Action of the Church in,)

Street Scene - Rwanda-Burundi.

Street Scene - Tanganyika.

Street scene - Tunisia. (see - Souks - Tunis.)

Street Scene - Uganda.


Swimming - Ghana.

Swimming - Malawi.

Swimming - Tanganyika.

Swimming - Tunisia.

Swimming - Uganda.

Swimming - Zambia.


Tattooing - Ghana.


Thibar, Tunisia.


Tractors - Burundi

Tractors - Congo

Tractors - Ghana.

Tractors - Tunisa.

Tractors - Uganda.

Tractor - Zambia [file empty of pictures]


Teachers Training College Navrongo St. John Bosco [includes St. John Bosco's Training College Year Book '46-'47]

Teacher Training college (St. John Bosco) Malawi.

Trade Training Center, Bamako, Mali.

Social Trg. Centers, Tang. Nyegezi, (Mwanza) [includes negatives, clippings from White Fathers Missions April 1962 and from Missions D'Afrique des Peres Blancs February 1962 and a booklet entitled "Social Training Center, Nyegezi", illustrations for article in Petit Echo No 517 July 61 pp. 373]

Teacher Training Center, Butiti - Uganda. (For letter and article accompanying these pix. see - CHAPUT, Robert, W.F. in "White Fathers" letter file, 2nd drawer.)

S.T.C. Bobo-Dioulasso, Upper Volta (C.E.S.A.O)


Train - Congo

Trains - Tanganyika


Trees - Congo.

Trees - Algeria.

Trees - Ghana.

Tree Cutting - Ghana.

Trees - foliage. Ghana.

Trees - Malawi.

Trees - Mali.

Trees - Nigeria.

Trees, Rwanda [empty file]

Trees - Tanganyika.

Trees - Tunisia.

Trees - Uganda.

Trees - Zambia


Trucks, Algeria

Truck - Congo. [includes negatives]

Trucks - Ghana.


Trucks - Kenya.

Trucks - Malawi.

Trucks - Nigeria.

Trucks - Tanganyika

Trucks - Tunisia.

Trucks - Upper Volta

Truck - Zambia.


State University, Ghana.

Dar-es-Salaam University, Tanzania.


Villages - Algeria.

Villages - Congo. (see - Idiofa diocese, Congo. s.f. (diocese sec))

Villages - Ghana.

Village - Cheshi. Ghana.

Village Council

Village - Malawi

Villages - Mali.

Village - Tanganyika.

Village, Kilulu - Tanganyika

Villages - Upper Volta.

Village - Council. Upper Volta.

Village - Zambia.


V.I.P.'s - Ghana

V.I.P. - Malawi.

V.I.Ps - Mozambique.

V.I.Ps. - Rwanda-Burundi.

V.I.P. - Tanganyika

V.I.Ps - Tunisia.

V.I.P. - Uganda.


Visiting - Algeria.

Visiting - Congo.

Visiting - Ghana.

Visiting - Malawi.

Visiting - Mali.

Visiting - Nigeria.

Visiting - Tanganyika.

Visiting - Tunisia.

Visiting - Uganda.

Visiting - Upper Volta

Visiting - Zambia.


Volcanoes - Congo

Volcanoes - Rwanda


Water holes - Algeria.

Water holes - Mali.

Sahara - Water Pump, Water dam

Water holes - Tang.

Water - dam. Algeria.

Water - Reservoir. Algeria.

Water Holes - Ghana.

Water pots - Ghana.

Water Tanker - Ghana.

Wells - Ghana

Malawi Well Project

Water pots - Nigeria.

Water tanks - Tanzania

Water tower - Tanzania. Father Gardner's project.

Water Wheel - Tanganyika.

Water Pump - Uganda. [includes short article on "Three Bishops at Brother's Jubilee"]

Water Tanks - Uganda.

Water-pump - Upper Volta

Water - Wells - (Fr. Bisson) Upper Volta

Water - Wells: Yako Reg. Upper Volta

Water - Zambia.

Waterfall - Zambia.


Weaving - Algeria.

Weaving - Congo.

Weaving - Ghana.

Weaving - Malawi.

Weaving - Mali.

Weaving - Nigeria.

Weaving - Rwanda-Burundi.

Weaving - Tanzania

Weaving - Upper Volta.


White Fathers with Children Ghana.

W.Fs. with children Malawi.

White Fathers & Children. Tanganyika.

White Fathers with Tanganyikans.

W.Fs with children. Togo.

White Fathers & Scholastics Tunisia.

W.Fs. with children - Zambia. (see - Visiting, Zambia. l.f.; Safari, Zambia. l.f.)


Witch Doctors - Congo.

Witch Doctor - Ghana.

Witch-Craft - Ghana.

Witch doctor - Mali Witchcraft - Mali.

Witch doctor - Rwanda-Burundi.

Witch Doctor - Tanganyika.

Witchcraft - Tanganyika.

Witch Doctor Witchcraft - Upper Volta.

Witchcraft - Zambia.


Women, Algeria.

Women - Congo.

Women - Gabon.

Women - Ghana. (see - Hairdos, Ghana. s.f.; Tattooing, Ghana. s.f.; Mothers, Ghana. s.f.; Village, Cheshi. Ghana. s.f.)

Women Kenya

Women - Kenya UNDUGU

Women - Malawi.

Women - Mali. (see - Film-making, Mali. s.f.)

Women - Niger

Women - Nigeria.

Women - Rwanda-Burundi.

Women - Tanganyika. (see - Construction, Tanganyika. s.f.; Masai, Tang. l.f.; Girls, Tang. s.f.)

Women, Berber, Bedouinm, Tunisia.

Women, Uganda [includes negatives]

Women - Upper Volta.

Women - Zambia. (see - Personalities, Women, Zambia. s.f.)


Yaws - Ghana. (see also "Hospitals" and "Dispensaries")

Yaws - Tanganyika.

Yaws - Uganda.


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