Register to the
Photograph Collection of the White Fathers
(Society of Missionaries of Africa)

By Robert Leopold, Daisy Njoku
and Marion Rawson

National Anthropological Archives
Smithsonian Institution

October 2000


Scope and Content Note

Arrangement of the Collection


The Society of Missionaries of Africa, commonly known as the White Fathers or Pères blancs, was founded in 1868 by Cardinal Charles M. Lavigerie, the first Catholic Archbishop of Algiers. Nicknamed “White Fathers” for their distinctive habit resembling the white robes of the Algerian Arabs, their order was originally dedicated to the education and conversion of the people of Central and Northern Africa. In 1876 and 1881 two groups of missionaries were sent across the Sahara to open mission in the Sudan, but efforts failed when their African guides revolted. Over 23 missionaries died before a post was established in Timbuktu in 1890. The White Fathers also succeeded in establishing missions among the Berbers of Jurjura (Algeria), in the Sudan, Uganda, Tanganyika (now Tanzania) and the upper Congo by the 1880s. Despite resistance from local chiefs and governments, the society continued to expand, setting up hospitals, elementary, normal and technical schools and seminaries in Africa as well as training schools in Canada, Belgium, Holland, Germany and France. After World War II the society's influence declined, though it still operates today.


Scope and Content Note

The collection includes approximately 20,000 black-and-white photographic prints, most ranging in size between 3x5 and 5x7 inches. The verso of many of the prints have English or French captions affixed to them. Crop marks and comments occasionally appear on the prints.

The original arrangment of the collection, which has been retained, was intended to facilitate the retrieval of images for the society's publications, such as White Fathers Magazine. The collection is divided into four series: 1) African prints arranged by subject; 2) prints of the society's missionaries arranged by name; 3) photographs of Europe and America, including the Washington, D.C. headquarters and its staff; and 4) miscellaneous materials, including commercial postcard collections in their original wrappings, photographic negatives (many arranged by photographer's name) and unlabeled rolls of negatives. This register describes only the photographs of Africa in Series 1, which comprise about 80% of the collection.

The subject headings reproduced here were typed verbatim from the original file separaters. The abbreviation s.f. refers to a subject file, while l.f. refers to a large file or broad category of prints. [The archivist's annotations are enclosed in square brackets.]

The photographs depict a wide variety of themes and subjects. Catholic religious life is well represented in the collection. Native African religious practices are also represented, but are found under subject headings such as Witch Doctors Witch Craft. A large number of images relate to education, construction projects, handicrafts, flora and fauna. African personalities, both religious and secular, are also depicted. Countries represented include: Algeria, Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta), Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria, Rhodesia (check), Rwanda (Ruanda-Urundi), Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia The greatest number of prints concern Ghana, followed by Tanzania. A smaller number of prints concern Ethiopia, Guinea, Liberia, Mozambique and Senegal.

The collection was received from the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the society in September 1998. Also received at that time were 118 titled 16mm film prints and various duplicates of these titles in 16mm negative and workprints with associated magnetic audio tracks. In all, the films and footage include 510 items comprising roughly 300,000 feet.

Records of the society are maintained by the White Fathers Generalate in Rome. For additional information, see: Annexes des Archives de la Maison généralice des Pères blancs (Rome: [s.n.], 1970) and René X. Lamey, "Archives de la Société des Missionnaires d'Afrique (Pères Blancs)" in Guida delle fonti per la storia dell'Africa a sud del Sahara negli archivi della Santa Sede e negli archivi ecclesiastici d'Italia / a cura di Lajos Pâasztor. (Zug, Switzerland: Inter Documentation Co., c1983, pp. 388-413).

Arrangement of the Collection


Airbase, Algeria

Airplane - Raptim

Airplanes - Kenya

Airplanes - Malawi

Airplanes - Tanzania

Airplanes - Zambia


Airport - Gabon

Airport - Ghana.

Airport - Uganda.


Altars - Ghana. (see - Catechist Training School, Navrongo,

Ghana. s.f.)

Altars - Ghana. (Sacrificial)

Altars - Tanzania.

Altars - Uganda.


Camels - Algeria. (see - Father de Decker's series, l.f. Sahara: Social Action of the Church in)

Camels & Riders - Algeria. [reference on calendar picture to "Photo in large file. See 'Safari, Algeria'"]

Cattle - Algeria.

Donkeys - Algeria.

Goats - Algeria.

Horses - Algeria.

Sheep - Algeria.

Antelope - Congo (see - Scouts, Congo. s.f.) (see - Congo, l.f.)

Bee hives - Congo

Cattle - Congo

Chameleons - Congo

Chimpanzee - Congo

Elephants - Congo

Giraffes - congo

Lions - Congo

Locusts - Congo

Spider - Congo

Ant Hill - Ghana [actually termite hill]

Bats - Ghana

Caterpillar - Ghana.

Cats - Ghana

Cattle - Ghana

Cattle Heads and Feet - Ghana

Chickens - Ghana (see - Boys with Pets. Ghana. s.f.) [includes negative of "boy with chicken" photo]

Crocodiles - Ghana

Dogs - Ghana

Donkeys - Ghana

Goat - Ghana

Horses - Ghana

Insects - Ghana

Lizard - Ghana [2 pictures of crocodiles]

Mice - Ghana [actually rats]

Monkeys - Ghana (see - Catechist Training School, Navrongo, Ghana. s.f.)

Ostrich - Ghana

Porcupine - Ghana

Sheep - Ghana

Snakes - Ghana

Impala -- Kenya

Antelope - Malawi. (see - "Hunting, Malawi")

Cattle - Malawi.

Crocodiles - Malawi.

Donkey head - Malawi.

Lizards - Malawi.

Snakes - Malawi.

Antelope - Mali

Boars - Mali.

Horses (& riders), Mali

Locusts - Mali.

Cattle - Rwanda-Burundi.

Snakes - South Africa

Ant hills - Tanganyika. [actually termite hills]

Antelope heads - Tanganyika. (see - "Hunting, Tang")

Boars - Tanganyika.

Buffalo heads - Tanganyika.

Cattle - Tanganyika.

Elephants - Tanganyika.

Leopards - Tanganyika.

Leopard skins - Tanganyika.

Lions - Tanzania.

Lizard - Tanganyika.

Rhinoceros - Tanganyika.

Snakes - Tanganyika. (see - Seminarians, Tanzania s.f.)

Camels & Riders - Tunisia.

Gazelle - Tunisia.

Horses - Tunisia. (see - Thibar, Tunisia.)

Sheep - Tunisia.

Antelopes - Uganda (For photos of antelopes with White Fathers - see - Father Tetreault; Father Tardiff; Father Duffy)

Cattle - Uganda (see also large file - "Cattle")

Cheetah - Uganda. (For picture of cheetah with White Father - see - Father Fournier)

Crocodiles - Uganda.

Donkeys - Uganda. (For photo of WF. with donkey - see - Father Tetreault)

Dogs - Uganda.

Elephants - Uganda.

Giraffes - Uganda.

Hippopotamus - Uganda. (see - "Hunting, Uganda")

Hyenas - Uganda.

Leopards - Uganda (For photos of leopards with White Father - see - Father Tetreault)

Lions - Uganda

Lizards - Uganda

Rats - Uganda

Rhinocerous - Uganda

Snakes - Uganda (For photos of snakes with White Father - see - Father Tetreault)

Vultures & Ostrichs - Uganda (For White Fathers with ostrich - see - Father Tardiff; Father Wiseman)

Zebras - Uganda

Horse - Upper Volta. (see - "Chiefs, Upper Volta" for a picture of a chief on horseback) [file contains no pictures]

Leopard, dead - Upper Volta.

Mice -- Upper Volta.

Scorpion - Upper Volta.

Elephants - Zambia.

Leopards - Zambia.

Locusts - Zambia.

Wart hog - Zambia.



Belgium - Art (African)

Cameroon - Art.

ART, Native - Congo (see - Belgium, Art. s.f.)

Gabon - Art

Art - Ghana

Art - Malawi [includes negative of painting in chapel]

Art - Mali

Mozambique - Art

Art - Nigeria.

Art - Rhodesia. No. 1.

Art - Rhodesia. No. 2 Seima Mission, Gwelo D. (see - Churches, Rhodesia. s.f.) [includes carbon copy of "Les Jeunes Artistes De Serima, En Rhodeie" by Dr. Gregor Dopychai]

Art - Senegal

Art - Tanganyika. (see - Chapel, Kabanga, Tang. s.f.)

Art - Tunisia

Art - Mosaics, Tunisia. (Museum at Bardo)

Art - Upper Volta [includes one color postcard]


Babies - Algeria

Babies - Congo

Babies smiling - Congo.

Babies with pets - Congo.

Babies - Ghana (see - Miscellaneous, Stools, Ghana. s.f.)

Babies smiling - Ghana.

Babies crying - Ghana. (see - Seminarians, Ghana. s.f.)

Babies with children - Ghana.

Babies with pets - Ghana.

Babies, twins and triplets, Ghana.

Babies - White - Ghana.

Babies - Malawi.

Babies - Mali.

Babies - Nigeria.

Babies - Rwanda-Burundi.

Babies - Tanganyika

Babies with children - Tanganyika. (see - Families, Tanzania. s.f.)

Babies - Uganda

Babies with children - Uganda

Babies - Zambia.


Bananas - Congo.

Bananas - Ghana.

Bananas - Malawi.

Bananas - Tanganyika.

Bananas - Zambia.

Bananas - Uganda (see - Father de Decker's series, l.f. Uganda, The Bannabikira. Pic. #565, 665, 765)


Bishops - Ghana.

Bishops - Tanganykika.

Abuy, Raphael Nze, Bishop - Guinea.

Agagianian, Cardinal. (see - Cardinal Rugambwa, Public Consistory l.f.; Missionary Congress, Lyons, France. l.f. (US Prov); Pope John XXIII, s.f.; Pope Paul VI, l.f.; Ecumenical Council, l.f.; Martyrs of Uganda, l.f.; Bishope Gassongo, s.f.) [includes clipping from The Advocate 6/21/60]

Akanlu, Bishop Rudolph Ghana

Amissah, John K. Archbishop, Ghana. (see - Superior General, Father Volker, W.F. l.f. (Non-African sec).)

Arinze, Bishop Francis [only includes clipping from The Messenger

Bertrand, Gerard, W.F. Bishop. Ghana. (see - Bishop Dery - s.f.; Archbishop Kiwanuka, W.F. s.f.; Ordination, Ghana. s.f.; Ecumenical Council, 1962, l.f. pic. no. 2.; Pope John XXIII - l.f.; Family, Ghana - s.f.; Bishops, Ghana (Ghana Episcopate, '59); Priests, white - l.f. (US Prov); Sisters, African, Ghana. s.f.; Bishop Peter Dery, Ghana. s.f.; Confirmation, Ghana. s.f.; Processions, Ghana. s.f.)

Biayenda, Cardinal Emile, Congo

Bigirumwami, Aloys, Bishop - Rwanda (see - Ecumenical Council 1962, l.f. Pic. No.1.; Bishop Andre Perraudin, W.F. s.f.; Bishope Peter Dery, l.f.; Cardinal Leger, African trip. l.f.)

Blomjous, Bishop, W.F. Tanganyika (see - Cardinal Rugambwa - s.f.; Archbishop Mark Mihayo - s.f.; Dr. Eleonora Schroeder, Tang. s.f.; Ecumenical Council, 1962, l.f. pic. No. 3.; Ecumenical Council, 1962, l.f. Pic. No. 13. CIPA; Rome, General House, Visitors, s.f.

Bretault, Joseph, Bishop W.F. Upper Volta (see - Ecumenical Council 1962. l.f. pic. No4.)

Bronsveld, Cornelius, W.F. Bishop. Tanzania.

Busimba, Joseph, Congo. Bishop.

Butibubage, Bishop Renatus Tang. (see - Ecumenical Council 1962, l.f. Pic. No. 3.; Bishop Lanctot, W.F. s.f.; Cardinal Rugambwa, s.f.)

Cabana, Joseph, W.F. Bishop. (Retd.) Uganda. (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962, l.f. pic. No. 3.; Bishop Kiwanduka, Uganda. l.f. (l. group pic. old); Ordination, Uganda. s.f.; Cardinal Rugambwa, s.f.; Brothers, White, Uganda. s.f.; Priests, White. Uganda. s.f.) [includes negatives of Bishop Cabana and press release (?) on Cabana's resignation as archbishop of Rubaga]

Callens, Michel - W.F. Bishop Tunisia

Cardijn, Joseph, Cardinal Young Christian Workers.

Champagne, Gabriel, W.F. Bishop Ghana. (see - Bishop Peter Dery, Ghana. l.f.; Ecumenical Council, 1962, l.f. Pic. No. 2.; Bishops, Ghana. (Episcopate, 59) sf)

Chitsulo, Cornelius Bishop. Malawi.

Cleire, Richard, Bishop. Congo. (see - Ecumenical Council, l.f.)

Courtemanche, Fermin, W.F. Bishop. Zambia.

Courtois, Stephen, W.F. Bishop. Mali (see - Ecumenical Council, l.f.)

Daubechies, Marcel, W.F. Bishop Zambia (see - Ecumenical Council, l.f. Picture No. 2.)

Bishop Ddungu - Uganda Consecration. (see - large file; Ecumenical Council, 1962 - l.f. Pic. No. 3.; Ecumenical Council, 1962 - l.f. Pic. No. 12 CIPA; Julius Nyerere, Tang. l.f.; Ecumenical Council, l.f. No. 9; Seminary, Katigondo, Uganda. s.f. (as Father Ddungu); Martyrs of Uganda, l.f.; Ecumenical Council, l.f.) [includes 3/19/62 Catholic News Bulletin on consecration]

de Montclos, Didier, W.F. Bishop. Mali. (see - Consecration, Bishops - l.f.; Ecumenical Council, l.f.)

Deprimoz, Laurent, W.F. Bishop (Deceased) Rwanda.

Bishop Peter Dery, Ghana (see - Father Coolen, W.F. s.f.; Bishop McCoy, W.F. Consecration. s.f.; Father Charles Lebel, W.F. s.f.; Father Pwamang, Ghana. s.f. (as priest); Ecumenical Council, 1962. l.f.; Ordinationa, Ghana. s.f.; Cardinal Rugambwa, Public Consistory. l.f.; Archbishop Zoungrana, l.f.; Archbishop Zoungrana, l.f.; C.S.M.C. - l.f. (Non-Af); Consistory, Rome, 1960. l.f.; Father David Clement, W.F.; Ordination, Father Clement, l.f.; Father L'Heureux, W.F. s.f.)

Dud, Ireneus. Bishop - Sudan. (see - Vatican Council, 1962. l.f. phonto No. 706/8; Catechists, Sudan. s.f.)

Dupont, Andrew, W.F. Bishop - Upper Volta. (see - Fr. de Decker's series, l.f. "Upper Volta")

Durning, D.V., C.S.Sp. Bishop. Tanganyika.

Durrieu, Louis. W.F. Bishop - Upper Volta (see - Ecumenical Council 1962, l.f. Pic. No. 4.; Bishop Zoungrana, s.f.; Jubilee, Algeria - l.f.; Bishop Cabana, W.F. Uganda. l.f.; Pope Pius XII - l.f.; Bishop Kiwanduka, s.f.; large file, U.S. Prov.; Pope John XXIII, s.f.; Rome, General House, Visitors. s.f.)

Fady, Joseph, W.F. Bishop. Malawi. (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962, l.f. Picture No. 2.)


Furstenberg, Adolphe, W.F. Bishop. Zambia. (see - Ordinations, Zambia. l.f. (Conix))

Gagnon, Bishop Michel, WF Djibouti

Gahamanyi, John Baptist, Bishop - Ruanda (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962, l.f. Pic. No. 1.; Ecumenical Council, 1962, (with Sibomana))

Gassongo, Gesingo Benedict Bishop Congo. Brazza.

Gatimo, Caesar Bishop. Kenya.

Geeraerts, Xavier, W.F. Bishop. Congo

Grauls, Anthony. Bishop. Urundi. (see - Processions, Rwanda. s.f.; Ecumenical Council 1962-63. l.f. CIPA pic.)

Holmes-Siedle, James, Bishop. Tanganyika. (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962, l.f. pic. no. 3.; Hospitals, l.f.; Priests, White - l.f. (US Prov); Rivers & Lakes, Tang. s.f.; Dr. Adrian Atiman - s.f.; Ecumenical Council, 1962. (with Jobidon); Chapel, Kabanga, Tang. s.f. (Af. Sisters)) [includes paragraph press release (?)]

Bishop Horst Rhodesia deceased

Jacquier, Gaston Bishop. Algeria.

Julien, Oscar (Can.) WF. Bishop, deceased. [includes pamplet in French and 5/61 pp. 22-24 of White Fathers Missions on Julien]

Kabukasansha, Clement Bishop. Zambia.

Kalilombe, Bishop Patrick Malawi WF [includes Curriculum Vitae (?)]

Kilasara, Joseph, Bishop, C.S. (Moshi) Tanganyika. (see - Consistory, Rome 1960.; Bishop Sipendi, Tanzania. s.f.)

Kiwanduka, Joseph. A/Bp. WF. Uganda. (see - Bishop Ddungu - s.f.; Bishop Streicher, W.F. s.f.; Cardinal Rugambwa - s.f.; Cathedral, Rubaga - Uganda. s.f.; Ecumenical Council, 1962, l.f. Pic. No. 3.; Katigondo Seminary Jubilee, 1961. s.f.; Brothers, African, Uganda. s.f.; Bishop Cabana, WF. Uganda. s.f.; Martyrs of Uganda, l.f.; Ecumenical Council, l.f.; Cardinal Agagianian, s.f.)

Knox, James Cardinal. Malawi.

Kozlowiecki, Adam, S.J. Archbishop. Zambia

Kpiebaya, Bishop Gregory

Kubu, Thomas Bishop Congo

Lacaste, Bernard, Bishop. Algeria.

Lacousiere, Francois, W.F. Bishop. Uganda. (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962. l.f. Pic. No. 3; Bishop Kiwanuka, Uganda. l.f.; Cardinal Rugamabwa, s.f.; Ecumenical Council, 1962. l.f. Pic. No. 12. CIPA; Ecumenical Council, 1962. (With Trudel); Seminary, Katigondo, Uganda. s.f.; Cardinal Leger, African trip. l.f.; Ecumenical Council, l.f.)

Lamont, Donal, Bishop Rhodesia

Lanctot, Alfred, Bishop W.F. Tanganyika. (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962 - l.f. Pic. No. 3.; Ecumenical Council, 1962 Photo No. 706/8; Cardinal Rugambwa, s.f.; Father Peyton, s.f. (Personalities); Cardinal Leger, African trip. l.f.)

Lavigerie, Cardinal Tunisia [includes one negative]

Leclerc, Peter, Bishop. Mali. (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962. l.f. Picture no. 4.; Ecumenical Council, l.f.; Archbishop Thiandoum, s.f.)

Lesourd, Jean, W.F. Bishop. Upper Volta. (see - Bishop Dery, Ghana. l.f.; Ecumenical Council, l.f.)

Livinhac, Bishop, W.F.

Maanicus, Bishop Anthony Central African Rep.

Mabula, Bishop Bernardo, Tanz

Maillat, Eugen, W.F. Bishop. Guinea.

Makarakiza, Andrew, WF. Bishop - Urundi (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962. lf. Pic. No. 1.; Cardinal Leger, African trip. l.f.) [includes newspaper clipping on Makarakiza]

Malula, Joseph, Cardinal Zaire

Manning, Cadinal Timothy Los Angeles

Martin, Joseph, Bishop, W.F. Urundi (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962. l.f. pic. No. 1.)

Matthysen, Alphonse, W.F. Bishop. (Deceased) Congo

McCann, Cardinal Owen - South Africa. [includes Curriculum Vitae]

McCoy, Owen, Bishop. W.F. Consecration. Nigeria. (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962. l.f.; Confirmation, Nigeria. s.f.; Hospital Dedication, Oshogbo, Nigeria. s.f.)

Mercier, Georges, Bishop W.F. Laghouat, Algeria (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962. l.f. Pic. No. 4; Jubilee, Algeria - l.f.; Pope Piux XII - l.f.; Bishop Pailloux, WF. Rhodesia - s.f.)


Mihayo, Mark, A/Bishop. Tang. (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962. l.f. Pic. No. 3; Archbishop Kiwanuka, Installation, Rubaga. s.f.; Julius Nyerere, Tang. l.f.; Ecumenical Council, l.f. (with Volker); Seminary, Katigondo, Uganda. s.f.; Bishop Sipendi, Tanzania. s.f.)

Milingo, Archbishop Emmanuel Zambia

Molin, Paul, W.F. Bishop. Mali

Morlion, Urbain, W.F. Bishop Congo

Bishop Morin - deceased (see - Priest, white. l.f. (Non-Af); Sisters, African, Ghana. s.f.)

Msakila, Charles, Bishop - Tanganyika. (see - Ecumenical Council 1962, l.f. Pic. No. 3.; Archbishop Mark Mihayo, s.f.; White Sisters, Profession, Franklin. s/f/; Pope John XXIII. s.f.) [includes newspaper clipping "Mheshimiwa sana Karoli Msakila Askofu wa Karema"; 4/59 White Fathers Missions pp 4-10; 3 page or so in length articles on Msakila]

Mukasa, Mgr. Victoro - Uganda. (see - Seminary, Katigondo, Uganda. s.f. "Jubilee") [includes biography dated 10/63]

Mwoleka, Bishop Christopher Tanzania

Nkalanga, Gervase Bishop. Uganda.


Nsubuga, Emmanuel Msgr. Uganda. (see - Kiwanduka, Benedict. Uganda Self-Govenment. File #2.; Cardinal Leger, African trip. l.f.; Mass, Uganda, s.f.)

Ntuyahaga, Bishop. Burundi. (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962 l.f. Pic. No. 1.; Ecumenical Council, 1962, Pic. No. 706/10; Ecumenical Council, l.f.

Ogez, Jean-Marie, W.F. Bishop. Uganda.

Otunga, Maurice, Bishop. Kenya.

Bishop Pailloux Zambia. (see - Ecumenical Council 1962, l.f. pic. No. 2.; Chiefs, Rhodesia - s.f., Ecumenical Council 1962, l.f.; Priests, White, Nyasaland. s.f.; Fr. Anthony Coninx, l.f. (his own photos))

Perraudin, Andre, Bishop W.F. Ruanda-Urundi (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962. l.f. Pic. No. 1.; Ecumenical Council 1962. l.f. CIPA pic) [includes "Pour la premere fois au coesur de l'Afrique Noire" and "Un Eveque Noir Confere L'Episcopat a un Pretre Europeen" both 2 pages in length]

Bishop Perrin, Carthage Tunisia. (see - Father Dionne, Ordination. s.f.)

Pignedoli, Segio Archbishop

Pinier, Paul Pierre, Bishop. Algeria

Prefects Apostolic - Mali & Guinea

Roy, Alexandre, W.F. Bishop Zambia.

Cardinal Rugambwa, Laurian (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962. l.f. Pic. No. 3.; Republic Day, Tang. l.f.; Archbishop Mark Mihayo - s.f.; Seminary, Katigondo, Uganda. Jubilee, 1961. s.f.; (for negs.) Card. Rugambwa negs. bottom drawer; Martyrs of Uganda, l.f.; Cardinal Agagianian, s.f.; Bishop Sipendi, Tanzania. s.f.) [includes 8-9/61 p. 11 White Fathers Missions and 10/61 pp 21-22 White Fathers Missions]

Sangare, Luc Bishop - Mali

Sangu, James Bishop. Tanzania. [includes clipping from "Newsletter - July - August, 1976 - p.3" and p. 30 of The Messenger]

Sibomana, Joseph, Bishop - Ruanda (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962, l.f. Pic. No. 1.; Ecumenical Council (with Ghamanyi)

Sipendi, Bishop Joeseph Tanzania (see - Bishop James Sangu. s.f.)

Socquet, Emile, W.F. Bishop. Upper Volta

Paita, Bishop James, Zambia

Stephanos I Sidarouss Patriarcyh of Alexandria, Egypt.

Bishop - Marcel St. Denis


Sweens - Bishop, W.F.

Thevenoud, Joanny, WF Bishop Upper Volta

Thiandoum, Hyacinthe Archbishop. Senegal. (see - Archbishop Dosseh, Togo, l.f.)

Trudel, William (Can.) Bishop, WF.

Tsiahoana, Albert J. Bishop. Malagasy

Ukec, Gabriel, Bishop Congo

Usanga, Brian Davis Bishop. Nigeria.

van Oorschot, Antoine, W.F. Bishop. Tanganyika (Dr. Joe Foust, Tang. s.f.)

van Steene, Louis, Bishop. WF Congo. (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962. l.f. pic. No. 1.) [includes cover of May 1961 White Fathers Missions]

Walsh, Francis, W.F. Bishop.

Yago, Bernard Archbishop. Ivory Coast (see - Archbishop Thiandoum, s.f. Senegal)

Yemmereu, Maram Asnote Archbishop. Ethiopia.

Yougbare, Dieudonne, Bishop. Upper Volta.

Cardinal Zoungrana, W.F. Upper Zolta (see - Ecumenical Council, 1962. l.f. Pic. no. 4.; Bishop Andrew Dupont, W.F. s.f.; Archbishop Thiandoum, s.f.) [includes clipping Petit Echs, mai 1960]

Socquet, Emile, W.F. Bishop. Upper Volta

Bands - Ghana.

Bands - Malawi

Bands - Rwanda-Burundi

Bands - Tanganyika

Bands - Zambia.


Baptism - Ghana.

Baptisms - Malawi (see - School, Marymount, Mzuzu D., Malawi. s.f.)

Mozambique - Baptism

Baptism - Nigeria

Baptism - Tanganyika

Baptism - Tunisia.

Baptism - Upper Volta.


Bark Cloth - Uganda (see - Bishop Kiwanuka, Uganda. l.f.; Girls, Uganda. s.f.)


Baskets - Ghana

Baskets - Rwanda-Burundi


Beer - Ghana

Beer - Nigeria

Beer - Tanganyika

Beer - Uganda

Beer - Zambia


Bells - Ghana

Bells - Mali

Bells - Tanganyika (see - Churches, large file. Van Overschelde picture of bells - I6-22 No Congo "Bells" file.)

Bells - Upper Volta (see - Chapel, Vupper Volta. s.f.)


Benediction - Ghana

Benediction - Tanzania

Benediction - Upper Volta


Bicycle - Congo

Bicycles - Ghana

Bicycles - Malawi

Bicycles - Tanganyika

Bicycles - Uganda (see - The Grail in Uganda, l.f.; Father de de Decker's Series, l.f. Uganda, The Bannabikira. Pic.#1265)

Bicycles - Upper Volta (see - Churches, Upper Volta. s.f.)

Bicycles - Zambia


Crane, crowned - Congo

Heron - Congo (see - Birds, Congo. l.f. same picture, only large size)

Marabou - stork - Congo [file is empty]

Birds - Ghana

Bird Traps - Ghana

Ducks - Ghana

Pigeons - Ghana

Eagle - Malawi

Crownbird - Tanganyika

Marabou-stork - Tanganyika

Birds - Uganda


Boats, Canoes - Congo

Boats - Ghana

Boats - Malawi

Boats, Canoes, Mali

Boats - Tanganyika

Boats, Canoes - Uganda

Boats - Zambia.


Bows and Arrows - Congo.

Bows and Arrows - Ghana (sse - "Hunting, boys, Ghana. s.f.; Games, Ghana. s.f.)

Bows and arrows - Uganda.


Boys - Algeria (see - "de Falco, Jean, W.F." for pictures of boys with Father.)

Boys - Cameroon

Boys - Congo

Boys, Altar. - Congo

Boys - Groups, Congo

Boys, smiling - Congo [includes calendar picture, acutal photo is in "large file"]

Boys - Gabon

Boys - Altar. Gabon

Boys, Ghana (see - Bows and Arrows, Ghana. s.f.; Hunting, Boys, Ghana. s.f.; Tattooing, Ghana. s.f.; Bananas, Ghana. s.f.)

Boys, 2's & 3's - Ghana

Boys, little - Ghana.

Boys, single - smiling, Ghana.

Boys, groups - Ghana.

Boys with pets - Ghana

Boys, white - Ghana.

Boys, smiling, groups, Ghana.

Boys Kenya

Boys - Malawi

Boys - Mali. [includes appeal to help starving boy and picture; picture as is in "Boys, groups - Ghana"; 2 negatives labelled "starving children"]

Boys, Nigeria. (see - Misc. Yoruba Tribe, Nigeria. s.f.)

Boys, Altar. Nigeria.

Boys, Rwanda-Burundi.

Boys - Tanganyika

Boys, smiling. Tang. (For two pictures of boys, smiling see - "Bananas" - Tanganyika 1. Boys by car with bananas on head of one. 2. Small boy on shouldes of bigger boy, reaching for banana.) [includes pp. 5-6 of August-September 1961 White Fathers Missions] (see - Hunting, Tang. s.f.)

Boys, Altar. Tanganyika (see - Mass, Tang. s.f.)

Boys, Tunisia

Boys, Uganda. (see - Hunting, Uganda. s.f.; Bows and Arrows, Uganda. s.f.; Archbishop Joseph Cabana, s.f.; Huts, Uganda. s.f.)

Boys, Altar. - Uganda

Boys - Smiling - Uganda (For picture of boy, smiling and holding a bunch of bananas on his head - see - "Bananas" Uganda.)

Boys - twins. Uganda.

Boys - Upper Volta.

Boys - Zambia

Boys, Altar - Zambia.


Brick making - Congo

Brick making - Ghana

Brick making - Malawi

Brick making - Nigeria

Brick making - Tanganyika

Brick making - Zambia


Bridges - Ghana

Bridge - Malawi

Bridges - Mali

Bridges - Tanganyika

Bridges - Uganda

Bridges - Upper Volta

Bridges - Zambia


Brothers, African Congo

Brothers, African Ghana

Brothers, African Malawi

Brothers, African Rwanda

Brothers, African Tanganyika

Brothers, African Uganda

Brothers, African Upper Volta


Brothers - white, Congo.

Brother Aiden, W.F. Ghana.

Brothers, White - Ghana. (see - Construction, Ghana - s.f.)

Brothers, White, Machinery, Ghana

Brothers, White. Workshop - Ghana.

Brothers - White. Malawi.

Brothers, White - Rwanda-Burundi

Brothers, White - Tanganyika (see- Ferries, Tang. s.f.)

Brothers, White - Uganda [includes narration for pictures, labelled "A Picture Story" by Fr. Y. Tourigny, W.F.

Brother Paul-Anthony (Joseph Sullivan)

Brothers, white - Upper Volta

Brothers - Zambia. White.


Buildings - Algeria (see also: SCENERY, and STREET SCENES)

Buildings - Convent, W.S. - Algeria

Buildings - Palace, Algeria.

Buildings - Congo

Buildings - Malawi

Buildings - Nigeria.

Buildings - Ghana (see - Catechist Training School, Navrongo, Ghana s.f.)

Buildings - Rwanda-Burundi.

Buildings - Tanganyika (see - Rivers & Lakes, Tang. s.f.)

Buildings, Tunisia.

Buildings - Fort, Spanish at Gammarth - Tunisia

Buildings - Roman Ruins, Dougga, Tunisia.

Buildings - Uganda

Buildings - Upper Volta

Buildings - Zambia.


Buses - Uganda.

Buses - Ghana.


Calisthenics - Congo.

Calisthenics - Ghana.

Calisthenics, - Malawi.

Calisthenics, Rwanda

Calisthenics - Tanzania

Calisthenics - Zambia.


Cars - Ghana.

Cars - Kenya

Cars, Uganda

Cars - Zambia. (see - Roads, Zambia. s.f.)


Catastrophe - Ghana. [forest fire, flood, motorcycle accident]

Catastrophe - Mozambique [flood]

Catastrophes - Nigeria. (see also large file.) [tornado damage]

Catastrophe - Rwanda [backs of pictures labeled: Batutsi refugees in Uganda. Destitution and displacement for a once prosperous people.]

Catastrophe - Tanganyika. [fire damage]

Catastrophe - Uganda [tornado damage]


Catechism - Congo. (see - Sisters, African, Congo. small file. picture of African sister giving instruction to group of women and children.)

Catechism - Kenya

Catechism - Ghana (see - Brothers, African. Ghana. s.f.)

Catechism - Malawi

Catechism - Mali.

Catechism - Ruanda-Urundi. (see - Fr. de Decker's Series, l.f. Burundi, Beneterezia & Benemariya. Pic. #1965) [includes postcard of a picture found in Catechism - Congo]

Catechism - Tanganyika

Catechism - Uganda

Catechism - Upper Volta

Catechism - Zambia.


Catechists - Congo

Catechists Training School Navrongo, Ghana.

Catechists - Ghana (see - Catechist Training School, Navrongo, Ghana. s.f. group of catechists.)

Catechists - Malawi.

Catechists - Mali.

Sudan - Catechists

Catechists - Amede - Tanganyika. (For documentation on Amede see "Catechists" file in top drawer of filing cabinet. see - Churches, Kahangala, Tang. s.f. (Amede's church)) [includes one negative]

Catechists - Tanganyika. [includes folder containing pictures and negatives labeled: Home for Catechist Dar es Salaam]

Catechists - Uganda. (see - Miracle at Kable, Uganda. l.f.) [includes press release on Marsiale Ntwantwa by Uganda Catholic Information, 1/28/63]

Catechists - Upper Volta & Burkina Faso. (see - Sisters, African, Upper Volta. s.f.) [negative of "Buzye"]

Catechist - Zambia.


Cathedral - Fort-Lamy Chad.

Cathedrals - Congo. Bukavu & Kasongo.

Cathedral of Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Cathedral, Kumasi - Ghana

Cathedral - Conakry, Guinea.

Cathedral - Ivory Coast

Cathedral - Kabgayi. Rwanda

Cathedral - Dare-es-Salaam Rulenge Tanzania.

Cathedral of Carthage, Tunisia.

Cathedral at Hippo, Tunisia.

Cathedral at Tunis

Cathedral, Rubaga - Uganda (see - Rubaga Cathedral, Uganda. l.f.) (see - Mary, Rubaga Cathedral. Several pix. of the erection of the Independence day memorial on Oct. 9, 1962. It is a statue of OUr Lady Queen of the World.) [3 page press release Rubaga Cathedral by Y. Tourigny, W.F. for Uganda Catholic Information]

Cathedral - Bob Dioulasso Upper Volta

Cathedral - Koudougou Upper Volta.

Cathedral - Ouagadougou Upper Volta


Chiefs - Congo

Chiefs - Ghana (see - Bishop Bertrand, W.F. s.f.; Village, Cheshi. Ghana. s.f.; Bishop Champagne, W.F. s.f.)

Chiefs - Malawi.

Chiefs - Mali.

Chiefs - Nigeria. (see - Nigeria, l.f.)

Chiefs - Rwanda-Burundi.

Chiefs - Tanganyika

Chiefs - Uganda

Chiefs - Upper Volta.

Chief - Zambia.


Children - Algeria.

Children - Congo.

Children - Nativity Scene. Congo.

Children - Orphans. Congo.

Children - Ghana (see - Pots-Water, Ghana. s.f.; Village, Cheshi. Ghana. s.f.)

Children Nativity Scene Ghana

Children Kenya (see - Children, UNICEF, l.f.)

Children - Malawi.

Children - Mali.

Children - Nigeria. (see - Misc. Yoruba Tribe, Nigeria. s.f.)

Children - Rwanda-Burundi.

Senegal - Children

Children - Tanganyika

Children: Nativity Scene Tnaganyika.

Children, Bedouin, Tunisia.

Children, Togo

Children - Uganda

Children - Upper Volta

Children - Zambia. (see - Lay Mission Workers, s.f.)

Children: Nativity scene - Zambia


Chapels - Algeria.

Chapel - Beligum [memorial chapel of Congo]

Chapels - Congo.

Chapels - Ghana

Chapels - Malawi.

Chapels - Nigeria.

Chapels - Rwanda Burundi

Chapels - Tanganyika (see - Buildings) (see - Social Training Center, Nyegezi, Tan. s.f.)

Chapel, Kabanga, African Sisters, Tang.

Chapels - Tunisia.

Chapels - Uganda.

Chapels - Upper Volta. (see - Bells, Upper Volta. s.f.; Seminaries, Upper Volta. s.f.)

Chapels - Zambia

Churches - Algeria.

Churches - Congo.

Churches - Ghana.

Church - Bolgatanga. Ghana.

Church - Daffiemo. Ghana.

Church - Jirapa - Ghana.

Church - Kaleo. Ghana.

Church - Ko, Ghana.

Church - Nandom - Ghana (see - Markets, Ghana. A market taking place in front of the church.) [on reference paper, this file is refered to as "St. Theresa's Church, Nandom. Ghana."]

Church - Navrongo Ghana.

Churches - Malawi. (see - Missions, Malawi. s.f.; Crowds, Malawi, s.f.)

Churches - Mali.

Churches - Nigeria. (For inside view of ILOBU Church, Nigeria, see - "Art" - Nigeria.

Churches - Rhodesia. Serima Mission, Gwelo D. (see - Art, Rhodesia, Serima Mission. s.f.)

Churches - Rwanda-Burundi.

Churches - Bukoba - Tanganyika (see "BUILDINGS")

Churches - Dare es Salaam Tanzania

Churches - Itaga, Tanzania Tabora, Diocese

Churches - Kahangala Tanganyika.

Churches - Karema Tanganyika (see "BUILDINGS")

Churches, Kasulu, Tanzania

Churches - Kigoma - Tanganyika. (see "BUILDINGS")

Churches, Marumba, Tanzania

Churches, Mbeya Tanzania.

Churches - Mwanza - Tanganiyka. (see "BUILDINGS")

Churches - Ngudu Tanganyika.

Churches - Ntungamo Tanganyika

Churches - Sengerema Tanganyika.

Churches - Tabora Dio. Tanzania.

Churches - Tunisia.

Churches - Uganda. (see - Consturction, Uganda. s.f.; Teacher Training Center, Butiti, Uganda. s.f.; Miracle at Kabale, Uganda. l.f.)

Churches - Upper Volta. (see - Brothers, white, U. Volta. s.f.)

Churches - Zambia.


Port - Algeria.

Timimoun - Algeria.

Cities, Towns and Ports, Congo.

Dakar - Senegal.

Port Said, Egypt

Cities, towns and ports Tanzania

Carthage, Tunisia.

Cities, Tunisia. (Salammbo, Port. Tunis)

Corbous, Tunisia. (Mineral Water center.)

Port - Tunisia.

Sidi-bou-Said, Tunisia. (town)


Hats - Ghana.

Sandals - Ghana.

Ceremonial Dress - Nigeria. (see - Nigeria, l.f.)

Bracelets - Uganda.


Communion, Congo. (see - Priests, African. Congo. s.f.)

Communion - Ghana.

Communion - Malawi

Communion - Nigeria.

Communion - Rwanda-Burundi

Communion - Tanganyika (see - Men Tang. s.f.; Chapel, Kabanga, Tang. s.f.)

Communion - Uganda (see - Priests, White, Uganda. "Day of a White Father" - l.f.)


Confession - Congo

Confession - Ghana

Communion - Sudan

Confession - Tanganyika


Confirmation - Ghana

Confirmation - Nigeria


Construction - Congo.

Construction - Ghana.

Construction - Church Ghana.

Construction - Malawi.

Construction - Mali.

Construction - Nigeria.

Construction - Rwanda

Confession - Sudan.

Construction - Tang. (see - Village, Kilulu. Tang. s.f.; Hospitals, Sengerema, Tang. s.f.)

Construction - Uganda

Church - construction - Uganda (see - Churches, Yerya. Uganda. Picture of a church being built by Brother Oliva.) [On Uganda Catholic Information letterhead, "Building a New Church" Picture story by Y. Tourigny, W.F.]

Construction - Upper Volta.

Construction - Zambia.

Construction, Zambia. Church, Twingi Mission.


Couples - Ghana

Couples - Malawi.

Couples - Nigeria.

Couples - Tanganyika

Couples - Uganda. (see - "Huts, Uganda" picture of couple standing outside a hut.)

Couples - Zambia.


Crowds - Congo (see - Churches, Congo. s.f.)

Crowds - Ghana (see - Baptism, Ghana. s.f.)

Crowds - Malawi. (see - Mary, Nyasaland. s.f.; Churches, Nyasaland. s.f.)

Crowds - Nigeria.

Crowds - Uganda. (see - Mass, Uganda. s.f.; Martyrs of Uganda, s.f.; Cardinal Agagianian, s.f.)

Crowds - Tanganiyka

Crowds - Upper Volta (see - Mass, Upper Volta. s.f.)

Crowds - Zambia.


Dancing - Algeria.

Dancing - Congo. (see large file, Dancing, for pic. of African dancers. Beochout.) [No pictures of actual dancing, just of costumes.]

Dancing - Ghana (see large file for pic. of modern dancing in Ghana and African dancing.)

Dancing - Liberia

Dancing - Malawi. (see - Likuni Mission, Lilongwe, Nyasaland s.f.)

Dancing - Mali.

Dancing - Nigeria. (see large file, Dancing, for two pics. of girls from the Women's Training College at Enugu. 1 pic. shows the "Queen" of the Efik dance.)

Dancing - Rwanda-Burundi (see - World's Fair, l.f. (Non-Af. sec))

Dancing - Tanganyika. (see - Masai, Tang. l.f.)

Dancing - Tunisia.

Dancing - Uganda. (see - Bishop Kihangire, Consecration. Uganda. l.f.; picture of the "Bwola" dance.)

Dancing - Upper Volta

Dancing - Zambia.


Departure - Ghana [boats, ferries, and cars]

Departure - Malawi [motorcyles, airplane]

Departure - Mali [ferry]

Departure - Tanganiyka (see - Airplanes, Tanzania s.f.) [canoe, railroad, boat, airplane]

Departures - Uganda


Idiofa dioceses - Congo


Dr. Blanc, Claude - WF Upper Volta [file is empty]

Dr. Adrian Atiman - Tanganyika [includes negatives, WFM's cartoon "The Grand Old Man"] (see - Art in 3rd drawer. Duplicate sketches in ink.)

Doctor Cooper - Ghana [in regard to his death, Washington Post clipping and two personal correspondences]

Dorsey, Dr. William

Dr. Joseph Foust. Tanganyika. [includes negatives]

Dr. Eleonora Schroeder - Tanganyika (see - Hospitals, Sumve, Tanganyika. s.f.) [female doctor]

Dr. Namboze, Josephine. Uganda. (see - Archbishop Kiwanuka, Installation, Rubaga, Uganda. s.f.; The Grail in Uganda. l.f.; Cardinal Agagianian, s.f.) [includes negative of picture of Dr. Josephine Namboze - Uganda's first Woman Doctor and biography on Uganda Catholic Information]

Dr. Goarnisson, W.F. Upper Volta. (see - Father Goarnisson, W.F.; Hospitals, Eye Clinic, Upper Volta. s.f.; Fr. de Decker's series, l.f. "Upper Volta")


Domestic, Algeria. [cooking]

Domestic, Congo [washing, ironing, cooking, harvesting sorghum, wedding]

Domestic - Dahomey

Domestic - Ghana [washing, eating, cooking]

Domestic - Kenya

Domestic Malawi.

Domestic Mali.

Domestic, Nigeria.

Domestic (center) Senegal

Domestic - Tanganyika [washing, cooking]

Domestic, Tunisia.

Domestic - Uganda. [clipping from March 1961 White Fathers Missions, p. 25 on pumping water]

Domestic - Upper Volta.

Domestic - Zambia.


Drums - Congo

Drums - Ghana (see - Bands, Ghana - s.f.)

Drums - Nigeria. (see - Misc. Yoruba Tribe, Nigeria. s.f.)

Drums - Rwanda-Burundi

Drums - Tanganyika (see - Drums, l.f.; Bands, Tanganyika. s.f.; Catechists, Amede, Tang. s.f.)

Drums - Uganda

Drums - Zambia.


Earthquake - Morocco


Evolue - Congo.

Evolue - Ghana. (see - Weddings, Ghana. s.f.; Village, Cheshi. Ghana. s.f.)

Evolue - Nigeria.

Evolue - Tanganyika [includes negatives]

Evolue - Uganda.

Evolue - Tunisia.

Evolue - Zambia.


Extreme Unction - Ghana

Extreme Unction - Sudan

Extreme Unction - Tanganyika.


Families - Algeria.

Families - Cameroon.

Families - Congo

Families - Ghana (see - Mothers)

Family - Malawi.

Family - Mali. (see - Domestic, Mali. s.f.)

Family - Nigeria.

Families - Ruanda-Urundi.

Family - Tanganyika

Families - Tunisia.

Family - Uganda. (see - "Catechist - Uganda" for pictures of catechists with their families.)

Family - Zambia.


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