Register to the Papers of
Laura Thompson

By Joy Elizabeth Rohde

National Anthropological Archives
Smithsonian Institution

November 2000

Part 2

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7. MANUSCRIPTS AND RESEARCH. 1935-1993. [11 ft.]

Materials arranged in subseries by document type.

These materials encompass research materials and manuscripts that relate to Thompson's anthropological work, but do not relate specifically to any particular research site. Included are short papers as well as book-length manuscripts. A number of planned texts that were never published are included in this series. Of particular interest is Thompson's "Holistic Anthropology," which represents her synthesis of anthropological theory. Correspondence relating to manuscripts and research topics are also included in this series.


Arranged chronologically; materials for large projects filed under project title at end of subseries.

These papers include unpublished manuscripts for articles, books and lectures. Research and correspondence related to specific projects are included with manuscripts. Course materials and photographs are also located in this subseries. Book projects follow article drafts and research materials. Research papers relating to "Holistic Anthropology" are filed with the manuscript. Documents filed with the core values project may overlap with Thompson's studies of Iceland and Germany; because of the broad nature of Thompson's core values work, however, these materials are included in this series. "Readings in Unified Anthropology" was a collaborative project developed and edited by Thompson.

Box 23 (cont.)

General manuscripts, 1935-1992.

Native Trade in Southeastern New Guinea, [edited copy of Ph.D. thesis for publication, c. 1935].

[Research proposals, drafts, and fellowship award from American Assoc. of University women, c. 1940, 1946].

Food habits research: study of food folkways of Indian America, [correspondence and proposal, 1941-42].

[Applied Social Science: notes, manuscripts and correspondence regarding approach and ethics (includes SfAA ethics commission materials and correspondence with Margaret Mead), 1943, 1946-47].

Perspectives in applied anthropology, [correspondence, manuscripts and notes, 1943-71 (non-inclusive)].

[Hopi abstract: response to Morenos, c. 1944].

[Education in Japan: research proposal, c. 1945?].

Box 24

Personality and Culture: [bibliographic notes, course materials and research articles, 1945-62].

[Lectures on race, ethnicity, social ethics, February 1946].

[Social ethics in the space-age, lecture, 1946].

[On civil liberties in Pacific trusteeships, speech excerpt, 1949].

Theories of culture [collected articles for research, 1950-79].

[Uses of applied anthropology: manuscripts and notes, 1951-75, n.d.]

[Toward integration in sciences of man, manuscript, 1952].

Unpublished manuscripts, outlines and notes, [1952-53, 1971, n.d.].

Course examinations, [1954-64, n.d.] (2 folders).

[Indians of Americas] lectures, [City College], fall 1954 [course materials].

[North American Indians, various articles, papers collected, c. 1955].

Method [field and theory notes, c. 1955].

[Objectives and concepts in the teaching of applied anthropology, manuscript, lecture, manuscript and notes, 1960, 1962].

[Operational anthropology: tentative outline for text, 1960].

Peoples I have known [manuscript account of program, 1960].

Box 25

Peoples I have Known, [full manuscript, 1960] (2 folders).

[Culture areas, research, c. 1961].

Nature of Culture [course notes, 1961-64].

[Planned projects, including lectures and book outline, 1961].

[Toward a Science of Mankind, introduction to second edition, 1961].

[Applied social science: notes and manuscripts re: ethics of, 1962, 1970, n.d.].

Clinical prediction: [research materials, 1962].

Cultural Ecology of the Pacific: [manuscript, related notes, and correspondence with Harry Shapiro, 1962].

Method in Cultural Anthropology, [outline for planned text, 1962].

Resettlement ms., ["Scientific anthropology: concepts and methods applied to problems of community resettlement,"] Thompson, et. al., [outlines, drafts, lectures, 1962, n.d.].

Behavior under stress / Community and environment [lectures, 1963].

Mechanical-type systems, [notes, course materials, c. 1964].

Isolated communities: [notes and outlines for planned text, 1965, 1974, n.d.].

Man-made settlements: [research and collected articles, 1966-75].

Urbanization: resistance to, and industrialization, and poverty [notes and clippings, 1966-76].

Urbanization [research notes and collected articles, 1967-75].

"Cultural Homeostasis" [manuscript, 1969].

Middle America: Aztec, Toltec, Mixtec Indians [lecture notes, c. 1969].

Population: "Self-regulating" manuscripts, 1969].

Population: "Self-regulating," related research and notes for publication, 1969].

Education and personality, [research and course notes, c. 1960s].

["A critique of the peasant concept," manuscript c. 1970].

Box 26

Edited papers for reissue, applied anthropology case studes [most collected c. 1970-71, originals date between 1949-62].

Environmental Control [plan for text, precursor to "New Image of Man," and correspondence with publisher, 1970, 1972].

Applied anthropology: [edited manuscripts for projected text on applied anthropology?, c. 1971].

[Comment for Current Anthropology, 1972].

Encyclopedia Britannica article [1974] Indians of the Southwest [notes, 1954; 1966, 1969; 1971; 1974, n.d.].

Encyclopedia Britannica article - Southwest Indians [c. 1974] (2 folders).

Fieldwork [lecture, 1974].

Folk medicine, lecture [and course descriptions,] 1974.

Ecosystem approach toward resources and population regulation, [research proposal outline, and "climax culture" manuscripts, 1975, n.d.]

Our multi-million year heritage, [submitted to] Mills [and other publishers, manuscript and letters of rejection, 1974-75].

A new image of humankind, [manuscript, 1976].

Validity in ethnology [manuscripts, research and correspondence regarding publication, 1976].

Hopi Indians / SW Indians lecture [1977].

Box 27

Technology and human space, Apr. 7-8, 1978 [conference, and research materials, 1977-79].

["How does an anthropologist operate?" Thompson's insights and research, 1978, 1981].

USSR paper- final ["An Ecosystem Approach," paper and correspondence, Russian conference, 1978-80].

"A new image for consulting anthropologists," 1979 [paper, correspondence, notes].

[Humanity's Ethnic Image, revised manuscript, 1980].

AAUW [American Association of University Women] local talk, 1981.

Trend toward unification in anthropology [lecture and manuscript drafts, 1981].

Warm Springs-Sonoma dam project: Abstracts and papers; unpub. mss. [1981].

[Seminar book review, manuscript, 1982].

Society for Applied Anthropology: Oral History [statement, 1982].

[Note to executor regarding work in progress, 1984].

[Reading notes: ecology, acculturation and values, 1984, n.d.].

["Whole-Earth ecological ethics as a conflict deterrent," notes and manuscripts, 1984].

[Indian personality project retrospective, manscripts, 1987, 1989].

"Nordic Peasants Oppose the Nazis," [original 1938, revised 1988].

Whole-earth ecological ethics as a universal need, manuscripts [1990-91].

[Possible titles for new articles, list, 1992].

["Apprenticeship to fieldwork," manuscript, 1994].

The Need for Whole-Earth Ethics, [ms. and notes, 1994, n.d.].

Global cover-up [notes about global destruction, c. 1990s].

[Toward a Science of Mankind, introduction to second edition, c. 1990].

[Applied Anthropology as key specialty, ms. draft, n.d.].

General statements [handwritten notes re: culture and anthropology, n.d.].

History of anthropology [notes, n.d.].

Hopi Indians [research, manuscript, n.d.].

[In quest of an heuristic approach to the study of mankind, abstract, n.d.].

Man and nature in Hawaii: suggestions for ms. [notes, n.d.].

Math and statistical approach in anthropology, [notes, n.d.].

[Natural resource conservation in Hawaii, manuscript, n.d.].

[Race for Life, tentative outline for proposed text, n.d.].

Reader in unified anthropology, general maps, [n.d.].

[Role of applied anthropology, draft manuscript adapted from 1944 publication, n.d.].

Some limitations of the peasant concept, n.d.

World view - Cheyenne [research materials, n.d.].

Illustrations [n.d.].

Box 28

[Maps representing all of Thompson's field sites] (2 folders).

Core Values Project, 1951-1962.

Box 28

Core values project: Rockefeller [Foundation], Institute of Ethnic Affairs, and Staudinger correspondence [includes research proposals, 1951-54].

Enduring Core Values Systems, unpublished manuscript, 1951.

[Core] values: bibliographic and [project notes, 1952, n.d.].

[Core] values in Western Civilization: [reading and bibliographic notes, 1952, n.d.].

[Core values: "Enduring Core Value Systems" manuscript, 1952].

Enduring Core Values project: pilot study report 3 [manuscript, 1952].

Enduring Core Values project: pilot study report 7 [manuscript, 1952].

[Core values:] Space and culture [research and bibliographic notes, manuscript fragment, 1957-68, n.d.].

[Core] values research: comparative study of values [including bibliographic notes, 1959-60].

Core values: [American, notes, 1962, n.d.].

[Comparative core values: bibliographic file, n.d.].

[Core values: bibliographic file, n.d.].

Holistic Anthropology, 1950-1982.

Box 28 (cont.)

Notes regarding multi-disciplinary research methods, [1950-81].

[Early manuscripts and outlines for text, 1951, 1962].

A. Emerson [correspondence, 1953, and lecture by LT, 1961].

Back from the lab [notes, course materials and manuscripts reflecting insights gained in the field, 1953-1960].

Box 29

General research notes on values, ethics, method, 1958-84, n.d.].

[Clippings and articles for research, 1964-83].

Abstract, 1967.

Publishers' correspondence, [1962, 1969-74, 1985].

[Early research notes, outlines and plans for text, 1969-72, n.d.].

Ethnic enclaves [notes and research, n.d., c. 1960s].

Development of theory [of multi-disciplinary method; notes and mss., 1971, n.d.].

Introduction [multiple drafts, including some adapted from "New Image," c. 1972-78].

Culture power [early plans and manuscripts, 1974].

Ethnic enclaves, planetary perspective, [manuscript and notes, 1974-75].

Fronts [of text: multiple tables of contents and introductions, 1974-77].

Newly rewritten parts to be substituted in ms., [c. 1974].

[Climax cultures, manuscript and notes, 1975].

Holistic anthropology [preface, chapter one, and integrated misc. manuscripts, 1975, n.d.].

Holistic anthropology preface [manuscript drafts and research, 1975].

Holistic Anthropology theory and practice [draft manuscript of those sections, 1975-78] (2 folders).

Role of human groups in ecosystem, Swietzer Seminar [research notes, articles and manuscripts, 1975, n.d.].

Box 30

Ecological Ethics library notes [and articles, c. 1976-82].

Ecological Ethics mss. [notes, and drafts of introduction, 1976-82, n.d.].

Ethnic enclaves, community development [notes, 1976-77].

[Prediction of group behavior, manuscripts and notes, 1976-78].

Some earlier ideas [on new anthropological approach: lecture, notes, 1976-77].

[Table of contents, introduction: multiple drafts, 1976-78, 1981].

Epilogue: Whither anthropology, predictions [research notes and articles, c. 1977].

Ethnic enclaves, ecological model [notes c. 1977].

["Expanding horizons," manuscript and notes, 1977].

Outlines [and collected materials from 1950, 1977-78].

[Introductions and conclusions, various manuscripts and versions, 1978-79].

[Manuscripts of portions of text and related notes, 1978-81].

Method [for study of man, appendix draft and notes,1978].

[Outline and table of contents, 1978].

Unified anthropology [partial manuscript with table of contents]1/23/78].

Ethnic Enclaves / Humanity's ethnic image: unpublished mss. [1979].

Ethnic enclaves [manuscript and related notes and manuscripts, 1979].

[Miscellaneous research notes, 1979-82, n.d.].

["Perspectives in Unified Anthropology and Global Ethics," mss. drafts and notes on evolutionary biology and ethics, 1979-82].

Box 31

Unified anthropology [partial manuscript, 1979].

[Various manuscripts all entitled Holistic Anthropology, 1981-91].

Landscape and man [notes and research materials, 1982].

Toward holistic anthropology and global ethics: [multiple drafts of paper, 1982].

[Working draft, c. 1982].

["Holistic anthropology: worthy successor to the Boas school," manuscripts, 1992].

[Bibliographic index by chapter subject, n.d.].

[Bibliographic notes, n.d.].

Cultural homeostasis [notes for introduction, n.d.].

Ecology: [research articles and bibliographic notes collected by Thompson, n.d.].

[Ethnology in planetary perspective, (chapter 1), manuscript and notes on field methods, n.d.].

Holistic anthropology applied, "A global image," [manuscript, n.d.].

[Manuscripts and notes regarding Lau, n.d.].

Peasant concept [notes, manuscript draft of chapter, n.d.].

[Peer reviews, n.d.].

Population control [manuscript, chapter 10 and research, n.d.].

Regulating human environmental impact [research articles, notes, n.d.].

Box 32

Structural insight, [manuscripts and notes, n.d.].

Theory: chapter one [draft and research, n.d.].

Theory: chapter four [draft, n.d.].

Theory: [manuscript drafts of chapters about modern biology, n.d.].

[Twentieth century values crisis, n.d.].

New Image of Man, 1972..

Box 32 (cont.)

[Draft fragment of "Hallmarks of Humanity," c. 1971?].

New Image of Man - outline [and early fragments, 1971, n.d.].

[Clinical anthropology, chapter 15, c. 1972].

Discontent under dictatorship, [chapter 17, c. 1972].

Method: [notes and ms. draft, chapter 3, 1972].

New Image of Man - early draft, 1972 (2 folders).

New Image of Man - next to last draft [c. 1972] (2 folders).

Box 33

[New Image of Man, draft manuscript, n.d. (early draft?)] (2 folders).

Readings in Unified Anthropology, [compiled c. 1975].

Box 33 (cont.)

Psychological anthropology, [notes and articles, 1941, 1975].

[Collected manuscripts and articles from various disciplines, and early outlines, 1950-67, n.d.].

Applied anthropology field guide, [drafts, 1962-63].

Isolation and cultural homeostasis, unpublished manuscript, 1967.

[Correspondence re: applied anthropology internship project, University of South Florida, 1976].

Competitive world-views / Cultural values [notes and publications, 1978].

B: OTHER MANUSCRIPTS, 1938, 1969-1993.

Arranged chronologically; materials for Beyond the Dream at end of subseries.

These manuscripts encompass non-research oriented materials by Thompson, such as book reviews, op-ed pieces and her autobiographical notes and manuscripts. Thompson, particularly later in life, wrote many statements and "insights" that reflect her political orientation and her application of her anthropological sensibilities to current events. These documents are included in this subseries.

General manuscripts, 1938-1991.

Box 33 (cont.)

Review for AA [draft and notes, 1938].

Charter of the Land [book review, c. 1969].

[Review: Quarterly Review of Biology, n.d., c. 1969].

[Other: Review, Association for Anthropology in Micronesia, 1972].

Experiencing anthropology - Life Crisis Ceremonies [drafts and speech, 1974].

Letters to the Editor and Op. Ed. [manuscripts, popular publications, 1974-75, 1991].

[Review] for AA [manuscript, and response by author], 1975.

Letters to the Editor and Op. Ed. [manuscripts, anthropological publications, 1977, 1991].

[Review fragment for Current Anthropology, 1980].

Old Age [1986, 1991, 1993 and n.d., including notes on aging, an outline for a book "Experiencing Old Age," and miscellaneous memories from her youth].

Global morality [manuscripts, correspondence and notes about environmental ethics, 1987-90].

"New life after eighty,"/ "Behold the double rainbow," work pending: [project plans, notes and manuscripts, 1989-91, n.d.]

Unpublished manuscripts, [1987, 1989 including "Economic Growth"].

[Magic and missionaries, manuscript, 1990].

Unpublished manuscripts, ["The Crucial Challenge," and "Overpopulation," 1990].

Unpublished manuscripts, [including "New World Order?" and "Over the Fence," 1991].

Box 34

New life after 80, work pending [c. 1990s].

[Reflections on art manuscript, c. 1990s].

Unpublished manuscripts [for submission to Honolulu Advertiser, n.d. including "The World's Problems"].

Unpublished manuscripts [including "Nurture Nature," "Succor the Earth," and "The World's Problems," n.d.].

Beyond the Dream, 1970-1993.

Box 34

Autobiographical notes, personal experiences, [1939, 1941, 1945, 1970, n.d.].

Comparative world images, [notes for Dream conclusion, 1970, 1980, 1984, n.d.].

Letters from South America, November - December, 1973.

[Preliminary work for Dream - notes, recollections, 1978-83, n.d.].

[Bridge to Japan, unused chapter of Dream, 1980].

Important additions [to Dream and related notes, 1980, n.d].

[Miscellaneous notes for and about Dream, 1980-91].

[Beyond the Dream preface and notes, 1982, 1989, 1992, n.d.].

[Tentative contents, notes for autobiography, 1982-83, n.d.].

Beyond the Dream second draft, 11/1/83 (3 folders).

Beyond the Dream critiques, [1983, 1984, 1987, n.d.]

Inserts? [to manuscript, 1983-86, n.d.].

Chapter 3: largely published in Beyond the Dream, [1984].

[Chapter 18: Nature, Culture and Ethics, c. 1984?].

Inserts and comments to [Dream, 1984-86, n.d.].

Notes [about recent events recorded for Dream, 1984-87, n.d.].

Box 35

Beyond the Dream additional notes, [Iceland draft, c. 1985].

Chapter 1: Gifts to Treasure, [annotated draft, 1985].

[Chapter 3: Expanding Horizons, c. 1985].

[Chapter 8: Third Reich, rough draft, c. 1985].

Chapter 9: Winter in Berlin and Escape, [c. 1985].

Chapter 11: Strategic Island of Guam, [c.1985].

Chapter 12: A cruise to the Orient, [c. 1985].

[Chapter 14:] Hopi Indian ms., [two drafts, c. 1985].

Chapter 16: Triumph in Iceland, [annotated portions, 1985].

Chapter 17: Quiet Harbor / Sam Duker [c. 1985].

Chapter 18: [Succor the Earth, 1985].

Dream unused [manuscript pages, 1985, n.d.].

Inserts, odd bits [1985, n.d.].

Life story, odd notes, [1985, n.d.].

[Manuscript fragments and notes, 1985, n.d.].

Beyond the Dream, draft 4 [part iv, c. 1986].

[Chapter 6: Interlude on Guam, 1986].

Inserts, [1986, n.d.].

"Late Harvest," copy of third draft, 1986, (3 folders).

[Miscellaneous manuscript fragments and notes for Dream, 1986-90, n.d.].

[Recollections, 1986, including "Daughters of the Desert Conference].

Twentieth Century Portraits, [notes and ms. fragments for Dream, 1986, 1988].

[Beyond the Dream, corrections list, c. 1987-88].

[Beyond the Dream notes and drafts, Guam, Hawaii, 1987].

Box 36

Beyond the Dream, third draft revised [and annotated], 1987 (3 folders).

Chapter 6: Witches and Ghosts in Fiji, [draft, c. 1987].

[Chapter 8: Another side of the Third Reich, 10/28/1987].

[Chapter 10: Interlude on Guam, multiple versions, 1987].

Chapter 12: Hula drum magic, [c. 1987].

Chapter 13: Indian Personality Project, [c. 1987]

[Dream] critique by Foster, 1987.

"Late Harvest," August 11, 1987 (3 folders).

Box 37

Possible inserts to last draft of Dream, [1987-88, n.d.].

Jazz style [research 1988-89, n.d.].

"Late Harvest," [annotated draft], 1988 (3 folders).

Beyond the Dream, [draft] 1989 (3 folders).

Last step, inserts for last draft of Dream, [and notes, 1989, n.d.].

Dream additions, [1990, n.d.].

Beyond the Dream reviews [and advertisements, 1991-93, n.d.].

[Beyond the Dream, letters of appreciation, 1993, n.d.].

Appendix [draft and related materials, n.d.].

Bibliography, "Late Harvest," incomplete, [and Fiji itinerary, n.d.].

Chapter 2: Between Two Worlds, [misc. annotated pages for inserts, n.d.].

[Chapter 15: A reckoning, n.d.].

Box 38

Chapter 18: Ecology [notes, manuscript fragments, and draft, n.d.].

Fifth draft, Dream [bibliography] and possible illustrations [charts and graphs, n.d.].

Glossary, [index cards, n.d.].

[Manuscript fragments and inserts, n.d.].

[Miscellaneous corrected manuscript fragments, n.d.].

[Miscellaneous fragments and notes re: inserts and omissions for Dream, n.d.].

[Miscellaneous portions of draft, including appendix, n.d.].

[Notes about applied anthropology for Dream, n.d.].

[Dream illustrations: negatives, n.d.].

Illustrations, [most Navajo and Papago, n.d.].

Maps, Dream, [n.d.]

Possible illustrations, Dream, 1986 [photos, requests for photos, 1983-86].

Possible illustrations, Dream, diagrams from middle 1940s.

Possible illustrations [photos] for Dream book, [n.d.].

Possible photos, Dream [including list of photos, n.d.].

C: SUBJECT FILES. 1940-1993.

Arranged alphabetically by subject. Photographs arranged alphabetically by topic.

These materials include course lecture notes and related research, clippings, articles by others as well as Thompson's reading notes.

Box 38

Arensberg, C. [manuscript, n.d.].

C [Compte, Cushing, n.d.].

Campbell, Joseph [obituaries, unpublished manuscripts about, by LT, 1988-93].

Celts, [1993].

China, [1950, 1960-61].

Collier, John [notes about, by LT, c. 1985].

Communication, [n.d.].

Dakota Sioux, [1954-67].

Darwin, Charles, [1965, 1967, n.d.].

Dobzhansky, Theodisius, [1957, n.d.].

Dreaming and sleep, [1966-71].

Durkheim, 1958-1917, [n.d.].

Box 39

Eskimo, [1974-75].

European history, cloisters, development of Roman Catholicism c. 1200 A.D., [1970, n.d.].

Evans-Pritchard, 1902-, [c. 1960].

Frazer, J.G. [n.d.].

Freud, 1856-1939, [1958, n.d.].

Goldenweiser, Alex [1963, n.d.].

Graebner, Fritz, 1877-1934, [n.d.].

Hopi Indians, [1950-69].

Inca Indians, [1959, 1977, n.d.].

India (and Hindus of Pakistan), [1940-78, n.d.] (2 folders).

Islam, [n.d.].

Kempeh, Martin, manuscript about, [1953, c. 1985].

Kluckhohn, 1904-60 [n.d.].

Kohler, Gestalt psychology [1964].

Kroeber, 1876-1960, [c. 1960].

Lapps, [including correspondence between John Collier and Karl Nickul, 1947-52].

Levi-Strauss, C. [1966, 1979, n.d.].

Liberia (notes and interviews), [1951].

Linguistics, [c. 1960s].

Main, Sir Henry, 1822-1888, [n.d.].

Malinowski, [1974, n.d.].

Marx, [1968, n.d.].

Marxism, USSR, [1980-81, n.d.].

Mead, M. [includes correspondence from Derek Freeman, 1984, 1992].

Middle and South American Indians, [1967, 1970-75, n.d.].

Morgan, L. H., [c. 1960s].

Northrop, F. S. C. [c. 1960s].

Sapir, E., 1881-1939, [c. 1960s].

Simpson, G. G., [n.d.].

Southwest Indians [1954-1960, 1976, n.d.].

Box 40

Spencer, H., 1820-1903, [n.d.].

Steward, J., 1902- [n.d.].

Symbolism, [1966, n.d.].

Tylor, E. B., 1832-1917, [n.d.].

Unilinear evolution, [c. 1960s].

Wales, [1963].

Weber, Max, 1864-1920, critique of, 1963.

Westermarck, [n.d.].

White, Leslie, 1900- [c. 1960s].

Whorf, [n.d.].

Wissler, Clark, 1870-?, [c. 1960s].

Women's movement, [n.d.].

Yurok Indians (values), [n.d.].


Box 40

[Central America, slides].

[Ethnography, unidentified].

Hopi Indians, illustrations, [n.d.].

Mainly Hopi Indians: arts, architecture and ceremonies [slides].

[Native Americans, Arizona (primarily Second Mesa)].

[Southwest Indians, travel slides]. [Note - Box 40 continues with Series 8)


All undated. Original order.

These indexed files are ordered variously by subject and author. Materials cover a vareity of topics, from anthropological theory to Hawaiian culture. Many notes are bibliographic in nature, although some are based upon Thompson's field work. The index files are stored separately so their numbers reflect their storage location.

Box 53-54

Carded references (unordered, various sets).

Box 55

Hawaiians, [by subject, n.d.].

Personality, [by author, n.d.].

Personality [development and testing, by subject, c. 1950s (Indian Personality Education and Administration Project)].

[Applied anthropology, miscellaneous subjects, n.d.]

[Miscellaneous cultures, by location, n.d.].

[General bibliographic notes, by author and subject, n.d.].

56 Unified anthropology, [by author, n.d.].

Iceland [unordered, n.d.].

Icelandic, [unordered, n.d.].

Japanese, [unordered and by author, n.d.].

Hawaiian [unordered, n.d.].

Lauan, [unordered, n.d.].

[Native Americans in the Southwest, by author and subject, n.d.].

[General bibliographic notes by author and unassigned (3 separate sets), n.d.].

Box 57

Applied anthropology notes.

Box 58

Theory [in anthropology, reading notes].

E: SOUND RECORDINGS. 1949, 1962.

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Two records include Thompson's excerpts from "Radio University" in 1949. One cassette includes Thompson's 1962 lecture, "Is a science of man emerging?"

Box 59 (oversize)

Haiti, folk music.

Icelandic national anthem.

"Is a science of man emerging?" [talk by Thompson], 1962.

India, native song.

Radio university, [talks by Thompson], 1949.


Arranged alphabetically by correspondent or subject. Incoming and outgoing materials.

These materials include correspondence with colleagues, publishers and editors that are unrelated to specific research sites. Reviews of and comments about Thompson's publications are also included, filed under publication or project title. Many files include or consist only of reprints and publications sent to Thompson by her colleagues. Correspondence with Lawrence Kelly relates to his research about John Collier and the Indian Personality, Education and Administration Project, and includes Thompson's insights into Collier's work and character.

Box 40

American Anthropological Association, [1969, 1979, 1985].

Association for Applied Anthropology in Oceania [1983, 1986-87].

Association for Applied Anthropology in Oceania, [1990-92].

Bainton, Barry [c.v., 1984?].

Collier, John [inquiries regarding, 1990].

[Comments and requests regarding various articles, 1951-52].

Box 41

Count, Earl [manuscripts and reprints, 1964, 1966-67, n.d.].

["Culture in Crisis," comments and reviews, 1950-52].

["Culture in Crisis" comments and reviews, 1957-58].

["Cultural Homeostasis" requests for reprints, 1967].

[Day, A. Grove: reprint, 1991].

[Deelstra, Fjeerd, 1978-].

Emerson, Alfred [1959, 1962, 1964, 1966-7, 1976].

Emerson, Alfred [reprints, 1943-62, n.d., non-inclusive].

Emory, Kenneth [1974, 1992 including obituary and biographical drafts by Thompson].

[Ethnomedicine: journal for interdisciplinary research, 1970].

Faculty Welfare Trustees, [1970-71, 1978].

Ferguson, Frances [1976, 1978].

Golde, Peggy, [1966].

[Handy, E. S. Craighill; reprint, 1967].

Haskell, Edward [reprint and announcement, 1970, 1977, n.d.]

Hawaiian Anthropological Association, [1986].

Honigmann, John [1959-62, 1965, 1976, 1978].

[Hopi Way, comments and reviews, 1950-51, n.d.].

Human Relations Area Files, [1980].

Institute of Ethnic Affairs, 1946-51 [including manuscripts and press releases, 1945-77, non-inclusive].

K [Kemper to Kushner, 1978-83].

Box 42

Kelly, Lawrence [1971-77].

Kelly, Lawrence [1978-79]

Kelly, Lawrence [1980-84, and related clippings].

Kerr, Barbara, [1982].

Kluckhohn, Clyde [1953, and about Kluckhohn, 1984].

Kooijman, Simon; reprint, 1978].

Lee, Dorothy [reprints, 1940-75, non-inclusive].

Leighton, Dorothea, Rorschach monograph [and other correspondence, 1962-82, non-inclusive].

Leighton, Dorothea [1984-85, 1990 (draft of obituary)].

Lovekin, David, [1977].

Luomala, Katherine [1951-66, 1982, 1992, including reprints].

Maslow, A. H. [manuscripts, 1961, 1967].

Mason, Leonard, [manuscripts, 1971, 1981].

[Micronesian Area Research Center, 1977].

National Anthropological Archives, [regarding Thompson collection; correspondents include Robert Havighurst; 1970-87, non-inclusive].

[North Carolina State University, request for information, 1981].

NY Teachers Pension Association Inc., [1981-83].

"Objectives and Concepts" [comments, 1960].

Peasant conference, Wenner-Gren, [including conference program and Thompson's notes, 1964, 1967-70].

Random House, Secret of Culture permissions, [1965, 1968-70].

Rotman, Arthur [1984].

Science of Mankind comments, [1961-63].

Science of Manikind comments, McGraw-Hill [correspondence and reviews, 1962-63].

Science of Mankind [reviews and press release, 1961-63, n.d.].

[Secret of Culture [comments and reviews, 1967, 1970].

Self-regulating population correspondence [including requests for reprints,1967-71, 1976].

Box 43

["Self-regulating population" correspondence: requests for reprints, 1970]. (2 folders)

["Self-regulating population" request for reprints with Thompson's regrets, 1970].

Silverman, Martin, [1960-61].

Sinha, D. P., Birhor of Bihar, India [manuscripts and reprints sent, 1961-68].

Smith, Marian [reprints and obituary, 1954, 1961; includes letter from F. de Laguna, 1965].

Spindler, George [1972].

T [Tomcheff, Daniel, 1965].

Thurnwald, R. C. [ms., n.d.].

Tucci, [Giovanni, 1963, 1967]

Tupou, Manu [1962-64].

Vayda, Andrew [1967 with reprints and manuscripts].

Verene, Donald [with articles on Giambattista Vico, 1977-78].

W [Weaver, Ruth, 1982-83].

Wein, Hermann [papers sent by, 1953-62, n.d.].

Box 44

Wenner-Gren Southwest conference [Daughters of the Desert, including catalogue, 1985-87].

Werner, Oswald [1967-68].

Wolfe, Alvin, [monograph, Human Resources Institute, 1981].

Women's Association of Hilton Head, [1982-83].

X-Y-Z, [1981].

9. PUBLICATIONS. 1932-1991. [8 in.]

Arranged chronologically.

This series includes copies of articles and books by Thompson throughout her career. Many copies are annotated. One work by Thompson's colleagues and annotated by her is included at the end of the series.

Box 44

["Archaeology of the Marianas Islands," 1932.]

["Native Trade in Southeast New Guinea,", 1935].

[Articles, 1937, 1941-42].

[Articles - Lau, Fiji - 1938].

["Southern Lau, Fiji: An Ethnography, 1940] (2 folders).

Box 45

["Steps toward colonial freedom," 1943].

[Articles, 1944-45].

[Articles, 1946-48].

[Articles, 1949-51].

[Personality and Government, 1951].

[Articles, 1954-56].

[Articles, 1959-60, 1963, 1965].

[Articles, 1965-69].

[Articles, 1974, 1976, 1979].

[Articles, 1981, 1983, 1987, 1991].

[Other authors:] Kluckhohn and Leighton, The Navaho [annotated copy, 1946].

10. PERSONAL PAPERS. 1905-1997. [2.25 ft.]

Arranged alphabetically by subject; photographs located at end of series.

Thompson's personal papers represent the span of her life. Included are academic records, childhood diaries and school transcripts, correspondence with family and friends, financial records, and Thompson's will. This series also encompasses articles written about Thompson and professional materials such as awards, bibliographies and vitae. Materials relating to Thompson's high school classmate and third husband, Sam Duker, are also included. Of particular interest are Thompson's Rorschach test of 1945 and her personal writings from late in life.

Box 46

[Academic records: Mills College, Bernice Bishop Museum and University of California at Berkeley, 1927, 1932, 1937-39].

[Address books, n.d., c. 1980s].

Ancient Order of the Chammori, [membership certificate, 1977]. (See: Oversize - Box 59).

[Ancestry:] Balch house and geneology, [1964, 1971, n.d.].

Announcements: lectures delivered [by Thompson, c. 1960s-80s].

Appliances, [1988-89].

[Appointment books, 1963-66].

[Appointment books, 1967-70].

[Appointment books, 1972, 1974, 1976-77].

[Appointment books, 1980-81, 1988-89].

[Appointment books, 1990-91].

Arcadia [rest home].

[Articles and clippings about Thompson, 1925-92, n.d., non-inclusive].

Awards [and notices of recognition or appreciation, 1928, 1949, 1961-97, n.d.].

Balch, Maud (Thompson,) "Memories," [n.d.].

Bibliographies [and vitae, 1963-92, n.d.].

[Biographical materials including geneology, c. 1950, 1972, 1979, 1991, 1996, n.d.].

[Calendar, 1925-26].

Box 47

Copyrights and royalties, [1945-80].

[Correspondence: "C," 1977-83].

[Correspondence:] Catherine Moran, Katie K. and other members of Duker family, 1978-82].

[Correspondence:] Eleanor Lawrence [with clippings about husband, 1965-70].

[Correspondence: family, friends and students, 1989-93].

[Correspondence:] Harriet Haskell, 1927-83 [1977-83, 1990] (5 folders).

[Correspondence:] K. Luomala, [1971-79].

[Correspondence: Kathie Fox, 1973].

[Correspondence: Kensill family, [1981-83].

[Correspondence: miscellaneous and unidentified, 1957-81, n.d.].

Box 48

[Correspondence:] Peters', Lifemasters [1980-82].

[Correspondence: Robbie Franklin, 1975, 1978].

[Correspondence: "S,"1976].

[Correspondence:] William T. Lawrence, [1970-83, 1992].

[Correspondence with family, 1982-83].

[Creative] writings from Mills [College, c. 1926].

[Diary and report card, 1915].

[Diary, 1980-82].

[Drawings by LT, n.d.].

Drugs [notes to identify users].

[Financial recordbook, 1980-90].

[Financial records:] Bishop Trust Co., [1985-96].

[Financial records:] property appraisals, [1980, 1983, n.d.].

Information in the event of [Thompson's] death, [1980-94].

Insurance [1985-86].

Laura Thompson Rorschach test, [1945].

[Lists, miscellaneous: groceries, errands, etc., n.d.].

[Malinowski Award materials and Society for Applied Anthropology, 1978-81].

Malinowski Award certificate, 1979. (See: Oversize - Box 59).

Manuscript: Old Age, Successful Aging [drafts and notes, 1988-97].

Manuscript: Old Age, Successful Aging [research articles].

Manuscripts: recollections [and other, 1986-95].

Manuscripts and notes: worldly reflections, anthropology, and misc., 1981-94].

[Memorabilia: letters c. 1930].

Box 49

Mills College [alumni and reunions, 1973-79].

[Miscellaneous unidentified memorabilia, c. 1970s-90s].

Nutrition [notes regarding, c. 1980s].

Parties [shopping and guest lists, 1974-82].

Psychotherapy [notes, 1979-83, n.d.].

Punahou Academy, Class of 1923 [alumni publications, 1984, 1993].

Sam Duker Estate, [1978].

Sam Duker: letters to, [from Laura Thompson, 1963-78].

Sam [Duker's] biography [1979-80].

Sam [Duker's] letters [to Thompson, 1970-72, n.d.].

Sam [Duker's] memorial lecture, [1978-79].

Sam Duker's papers [vitae, memorial arrangements, etc., 1960s-78].

Southwest Indians interview and video [introduction, 1990].

Thompson... talks about her parents and memories, part 2 [c. 1980s, two drafts] (2 folders).

Travel: Laura's letters [to family and friends from abroad, 1928-35 (including Germany) and 1950, 1977].

Tuting, B. J. [short story by, c. 1930s].

[Unidentified address list, n.d.].

Will, [1984-93] (2 folders).

William Thompson of Honolulu, [1942-47] and unpublished manuscript about by Thompson, [1977].

[Photos: Album fragments, unidentified, childhood and young adulthood].

Box 50

[Photos: album - Thompson, family and friends, 1935-41].

[Photos: Childhood album, c. 1905-10].

[Photos: Childhood album, c. 1910-15].

Photos for review for Dream illustrations, 1990.

[Photos: Hawaii, art and culture, slides].

[Photos:] in Guam, 1987.

Photos: leftover, [for inclusion in Dream?, c. 1920s-70s, including family, friends and field sites].

Photos: miscellaneous, Laura [friends, family and travel, n.d.].

Photos: Sam Duker years, 1963-78.

[Photos:] South Carolina slides

[Photos:] students, [1955-66, n.d.].

[Photos: Thompson, 1925-39].

[Photos: Thompson, 1947-63].

[Photos:] Thompson family, Punahou classmates, Mills College.

[Photos:] Thompson, late photos, [1977-90s, n.d.].

[Photos:] Thompson, late photos [with family and friends, c. 1980s].

[Photos: Thompson receiving reward, c. 1991]. (See: Oversize - Box 59).

Photos to be rephotographed [of Thompson, 1947-73, n.d.].

[Photos: unidentified, n.d.].

[Portrait, Thompson, 1928]. (See: Oversize - Box 59).


End Part 2

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