Register to the Papers of
Eugene I Knez (Part 3)

1920s–2000, With Information
Dating Back to 1481

By Alan L. Bain

National Anthropological Archives
Smithsonian Institution

December 2002

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Box 16

George Clayton Faulk, 1876-1886. (6 folders) First American to learn Korean, Faulk graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1876. He served two cruises on the Asiatic squadron. Upon returning to Korea with members of the first Korean embassy to the United States in 1884, Faulk was assigned as Naval Attache to that country. Faulk was returned to the United States when his position to have Korea maintain its independence ran contrary to Chinese politics, and was unsupported by the United States. Faulk left the navy and went to Japan where he married a Japanese woman and became a businessman. Dissatisfied with what he felt were corrupt business practices, he became a teacher. Faulk was found on a roadside, dead at the age of thirty-six. Files includes copies of Faulk's correspondence and notes on Korean culture and his travels in that country. There are also photographs of Korea and Faulk and a short biography of his life. Photographs are in folder 6.

Field methods and equipment

Film - Anthropology, 1966-1973

Film Reviews by Knez and Jiae Knez, circa 1964

Folklore. Contains various folklore definitions, 1958.

Box 17

Foreign Currency Grants, 1966-1967, and undated. Contains announcements on how to apply for grants.

Formosa - collections, 1960. Contains price lists of various objects and photographs of the objects listed.

Games and Toys. Contains a bibliography, undated.

Gustavus Goward Collection, 1959-1964.

Health Insurance, 1960. Contains federal pamphlets.

Human Relations Area File, 1959-1970.

Hwang, Su-young, Professor, 1972. Contains biographical data.

Hunter College - (grade books), 1954-1955, 1957-1959. Also contains the minutes of the Anthropology Division at the College, 1958-1959.

International Council of Museums, 1973-1974, and undated

Iftikhar, Samuel, 1971


"Bidri Work," monograph, 1974. Noted as confidential.

Dance programs, 1965

Exhibits, 1960-1965

General, 1960-1966

Anthropological research, 1967

"Wanchos," unpublished monograph by P. C. Dutta, Assam, 1964

"The Changing Lushai Society," K. Saigal, Assam, undated

Box 18

"The Noctes," P. D. Dutta, undated

"Mizo People," P. K. Hranga, undated, with two brochures

United States - Japan Centennial, 1960


Arms and Armor, 1960-1976

Exhibit information, 1962. Contains photographs of Tokyo used for exhibition panels, objects in the exhibition, installation shots, and a blueprint of the exhibition.

American activities, 1948-1968. Includes a proposal for "An Institute for American Studies in Japan"; bulletins, The Japan-American Society in Washington, 1960-1963; a folder on a commemorative ceremony, The First Japanese Diplomatic Mission to the United States, 1860-1960, with a photograph of the Japanese delegation taken at the Navy Yard, Washington, D. C., 1860; and a photograph of old friends at the Japan Society, undated, with Knez, possibly in New York City, circa 1949.

Ethnology (Kanaseki, Takeo [?]) Collections. A list of Professor Kanaseki's reports, papers, monographs, journals, and library, which may have been transferred to Stanford University. Looks like a very important collection of writings on Japanese ethnology, archeology, culture, religion, folk life, history, and objects and artifacts. Documents other Asian countries as well, in particular, Formosa and Manchuria. The collection dates from circa 1918-1944. Kanaseki was a professor of comparative anatomy. He devoted his life to the archeology and folk-art of the Korea-Kyushu-Ryukyu-Formosa area.

Folk Art (Arts and Crafts), 1964-1965. Contains a lecture by Knez, undated; bulletin, The Japan-American Society of Washington, 1965; and collection list of objects transferred to the Museum.

Japanese Folk Art, Data for Slides, undated

General, 1961-1967

Intellectual and Cultural Activities, 1958 and undated

Japan Society Forum, 1958-1960

Photo-cards and Guide Books, circa 1960

Three Photo Diagrammatic Representations. Includes the representation of the famous eighth century Japanese bronze statue of Gakko or Chandraprabha located in the Yakushiji monastery at Nara; "Ephiphany of Supreme Illumination;" and "The Cosmogram of the Matrix of Supreme Compassion." Material is in oversize map case drawers. All three representations came from Lokesh Chandra, New Delhi, India. Since the material is out of context it needs to be studied to see if all three represent Japanese Buddhism.

Box 19

Jouy, Pierre L. Handbook of the Jouy Collection of Ancient and Modern Korean and Chinese Works of Art, Art Gallery of Edward Grey, 1888.

Jugoslavia. Contains a report on god-parenthood in southern Jugoslavia, 1964.

Kinship Data. Contain "An Evolutionary sketch of Russian Kinship," undated.

Kim, Song Sik, 1971-1972

Korean Costumes, 1965-1967. Includes correspondence with a biography of Kim, Soon Ja.

Korean Culture, General, 1955-1964. Includes histories from the Foreign Service Institute; list of Korean potteries on exhibition at Hunter College; and United States Naval Academy description and photograph of a Korean standard.

Korea, General, 1967-1971. Includes an article and editorial comments on "Traditional Stratification System in Korea: A Study of the Paekchong," no author and undated.

Korean-Western Organizations/Korean Organizations in the USA, undated, 1955-1964. Contains newsletters and newspapers including Korea Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1961, 1964.

Korean Anti-Communist Literature, undated, with translations

Korean Art, 1950-1966. Includes correspondence from Knez on the shipment of National Museum and Yi Collections from Seoul to Pusan during the Korean War, the role of President Rhee and National Museum director Kim, Chewon; the criticism Kim received from government officials, and the difficulty transferring the collections to Hawaii for safe-keeping, 1951; letter from Paik, L. G., Minister, Ministry of Education, thanking Knez for the transfer of the art collections to Pusan and the possibility of transferring eight crates to the Korean Embassy in Washington, D. C., December 24, 1950; letter from United States Representative Hugh D. Scott, Jr., thanking Knez for the Korean art objects he sent him and arrangements for future shipments, 1950; letter from Woodbridge Bingham, University of California, Berkeley, to Secretary of State Dean Acheson about the Department of State getting involved in transferring the Korean collections to either Japan or the United States during the Korean War; newspaper article about Knez's Korean art collection and his role in transferring the National Collection to Pusan; newspaper article about the Korean art exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a photograph of Jiae Choi [Knez], 1958; newspaper photograph of Kim, Chewon; newspaper article on the opening of the first Korean Trade Center, New York City, with photograph of Jiae Choi, 1958; newspaper articles on the Hunter College Korean art exhibition arranged by Knez with photographs of him and Jiae Choi, 1956.

Korean Biographies, personal histories, circa 1961 and undated. Contains a curriculum vitae of Chun, Woo Sung.

Korean Biographies, 1960 and undated. Contains a list of Korean curators, university professors, and educators, which is drafted on National Museum of Korea, Duksoo Palace, stationary, circa 1950s(?).

Korea, 1945-1947, 1969. Contains a memorandum from Song, Suk Ha to Knez, 1946, stating the collections that were needed and were to be exhibited before the Museum of Anthropology, Korea, could be opened. Within the memorandum there are staffing needs and a conceptual organization chart and arrangement of exhibitions. There is a copy of "Introduction of the Korean Educational Administration," 1946; list of Korean staff in the Department of Culture, National Department of Education, circa 1946; press release, "Reopening of Korean National Museum," 1945; a letter from Choe, Seung Man (1969) enclosing publications on the "Bureau of Culture, Department of Education," 1947, and "Outline of Administration of Cultural Affairs," 1946, both of which were written in Korean. The folder also includes a 1946 dispatch from Captain Knez to the United States Army requesting funds to be dispersed to Cheju Island for exhibition payment; a 1946 invitation from Kong, Sung Hak, Vice-President, Confucian Association, inviting Knez to the Confucian spring festival; a recommendation from Lt. Colonel Pittenger, 1946, for Knez to study as a graduate student at Yale University; and a postcard from Kim, Chewon about scholarships for the National Museum and an offer to bring Knez research material, December 6, 1947.

Korean Ceramics. Contains a proposed master's thesis , undated, no author.

Korea: Cheju-Do [Cheju Island]. Contains an extracted article about the Island, "Cheju Do and Its Economy," written in 1930, with maps. Includes original and copy of armband worn by and list of Korean members of the Cheju-do field expedition, 1946; travel orders for Cheju-do field trip, 1946; request for reimbursement of funds, Knez to U. S. Army Military Government, February 5, 1946; and "Seven Native Folk songs From Cheju-Do," transcribed by Russell G. Mason, March 1946 (Australian military?).

Korea: Cheju Island, USIA Survey, 1950-1951. Contains an unsigned Knez memorandum to the Base Commander at Chinhae, asking for his support of a United States Information Service (USIS) representative in the area to promote news services, 1950; USIS allotment schedule, personnel, monthly operation reports, organization table, and refugee relief status, Pusan, 1950; plans for evacuating USIS staff at Pusan to Cheju Island, 1951; Cheju Island report for possible USIS operations on the Island, 1951, Cheju Island survey information and information written in Korean, 1951.

Box 20

Korean Culture and History, General, circa, 1945-1955, with information dating back to 1883. Contains a list of diplomatic documents of the late Yi Dynasty prepared by Lee Sang-Eun, Director, Asiatic Research Center, Korea University, undated; working draft on the history, culture, ethnology, agriculture, commerce, and economics of Korea; journal of Captain Appleman, August-September 1945, Historian, XXIV Corps; and an article about Yu Kitchun, with the first Korean diplomatic mission to the United States, Salem, Massachusetts, 1883, and his life in Korea.


Drama/Motion Pictures, 1956, and undated. Contains information on the Sin-Hyup Theatrical Company.

Dance Programs, 1958-1966. Contains materials on the Korean Dance Festival, 1959, with photographs and newspaper and magazine articles about Jiae Choi [Knez] and photographs of the dance festival at the Smithsonian along with a letter from the Korean Ambassador to Knez thanking him and Mrs. Knez for displaying Korean culture through the dance program at the Smithsonian, 1959; photographs of Dr. and Mrs. Kim, Chewon in Korea Today, 1958, and information on Korean night, Washington, D. C., 1963.

Language, circa 1968

Exhibitions, 1958

Ethnology, 1958

Material Culture, 1950, 1964, 1972. Includes 1972 interviews on material culture in the Kimhae region.

Box 21

Korean and Manchurian Cultures. Contains a tentative plan for a Master's thesis, undated, Knez(?).

Korean Music

Korean National Science Museum and Center, 1966-1967. Contains correspondence, reports, and photographs documenting the conference of American and Korean delegates to initiate planning for the development of a National Science Museum Center. Includes photographs of Knez and Frank A. Taylor, 1966.

Korea: News release written by Knez concerning discovery of a Paekchae tomb, undated.

Korean Poetry

Korean Reception at the Smithsonian Institution, March 14, 1957. Reception was held for Korean Prime Minister, Chung, Il Kwon.

Korea: Religion. Contains "Notes on Religious Situation in Korea," based on a ten-week study for the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, 1946.

Korea: Slides, Lists. Contains a slide catalog, 1956, and other lists.

Korea: Socialization. Contains two lectures Knez gave at the Smithsonian Associates, 1967.

Korea: Student. Contains The Korean Student, 1959.

Korea: Proposed Smithsonian Sponsorship of a Meeting on Korean Studies, 1967.

Korean Studies Conferences, 1966-1968.

Korea: USIS, 1949-1951. Includes photographs of the facility at Pusan, outdoor and internal exhibitions, including captured North Korean equipment, USIS staff preparing photograph and news posters and news leaflets, the Pusan USIS library and staff, Knez, and correspondence on the operations of the Pusan center. Contains a telegram from Dean Acheson requesting Knez as temporary appointee for Arts and Monuments, April 25, 1951; request from United States Embassy, Korea, to Secretary of State, which would enable Knez to take required leave in Korea to complete a village study, August 1, 1951; Chairman, National Assembly of Republic of Korea, thanking Knez for copies of USIS daily bulletins, 25 August 1950; travel orders for Knez in Korea, 1950. Contains a list of emergency staff at the American embassy for the duration of the Korean War along with their promotions. Includes correspondence from Langdon Warner, 1951, about transporting the Korean national collection to Honolulu; 1951 dispatch from the Republic of Korea to the Honolulu Academy of Arts regarding the care of the Korean national collection.

Box 22

Korea: Yongyang [Yang Yang Gun] Research Project. Includes a Korean Publication Evaluation Report on Pak-Woo, published in North Korea, 1952, and the publication itself, in Korean; various Korean slogans (translated and in Korean); information about Yongyang-Gun under North Korean occupation and a field report of the area to Committee II as part of a report which included Kangnung, UN General Assembly, UN Commission for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea. Includes request that Knez and five Korean staff researchers be given permission from the Eighth Army to conduct a village study and orders from Eighth Army Headquarters to Knez to proceed to Yang Yang Gun to conduct an anthropological study, 1952, and travel orders to Taegu, 1952.

Korea: Language Instructions, localities, etc.

Laos - general, circa 1967. Contains background information on travelers from Laos and information about Laos, including ceremonies, public health and welfare, religion, and Buddhism.

Library belonging to Knez, 1999. Includes appraisal and approval of Knez's library going to the Smithsonian Institution Libraries and the transfer of his publications.

Loans of specimens, 1962, 1967. Includes materials on Smithsonian assistance on a Department of State exhibition for visit of the King and Queen of Nepal, 1967.

Mailing Lists

Maps of Asian Countries

Mekong Valley Project. Salvage operation projects.

Malaya - general

Middle East. Consists of publications about the region.

Mongolia. Contains publications and an article about the area.

Moos, Felix, 1962

Motion Pictures - Anthropology, 1968. Includes a "Proposal for a National Ethno-Film Center," 1968, by Matthew Huxley and Majorie Halpin.

Motion Picture Film, "Silla's Twin Tumulus," 1975

Move off Mall of NHB, 1971


Collections, 1976-1977. Includes a final report to the National Science Foundation, 1976, "Systematic Research Collections in Anthropology: An Irreplaceable National Resource."

Music - Ethnology, 1959, 1962

Philosophy, operations, and bibliographies

Reports and announcements, 1959-1964

Work projects, 1960-1964

National Anthropological Archives, 1982-

Navajo Linguistics, undated

Near East and Mediterranean Areas, 1955 and undated

Box 23

Nepal, 1963-1970. Includes Knez paper, "On the Yeti and the Serpas," undated.

Newspaper Clippings, 1960-1970. Contains Korean and American newspapers. Includes a report by Kim, Chewon, Director, National Museum, Korea, "Vacant Korean Section at the Smithsonian Institution," circa 1961; and an editorial on the "Knez Pagoda" by Kim, Won-yong, 1970.

Osgood, Cornelius, 1956-1970

Office Files, Study of

Pakistan - general, 1960-1976. Contains photographs of Sindhi people, 1960s.

Papers, Outlines, and Articles on Anthropology - written by E. Knez and others, 1945-1998. Contains an outline for an ethnology of Puget Sound; field trip to Cawlitz Indians; "Some Theoretical Implications in a Village Study;" "Some Religious Concepts of Puget Sound Indians;" "Asiatic Cultural Influences in Prehistoric North America;" "Some Aspects of Japanese Institution Building in Korea;" "Museums as Communication Systems;" "Ke Mutual Aid Groups;" "The Modernization of Three Korean Villages, 1951-1981;" and Kim, Chewon, "Masterpieces of Korean Art in America."

Perry, Matthew (Commander) - Collection, 1969. Contains a memorandum from Robert Elder to Knez about the Perry objects that were returned from various exhibitions, 1969.

Personnel Procedures - Civil Service pay, 1968

Peruvian Culture. An exhibition catalog on Peruvian Textiles, undated.

Publications - organizations/Asian and Anthropological

Photographs/Slides - costs, circa 1960-1965, 1976. Includes photograph, presentation ceremony of the "Certificate of Achievement: to Professor Hsi-Mei Yang," 1963; photograph that includes Frank Taylor and Knez, Seiko Hokama (curator, Shuri Museum), and Kaoru Omine (private collector), looking at photographs on an exhibition regarding Ryukyu textiles, 1963; a 1963 Department of Anthropology staff photograph; and information about a general set of Korean slides.

Photographs - various. Contains photographs of Korean objects; Malay Shadow Play Theater, 1961; Hindu objects and Indian villagers.

Untitled Folder. Contains a typewritten copy, "Primitive Religion," no author, undated.

Box 24

Purchase orders, 1966

Purchase - items to be purchased, undated

Repair and Restoration. Contains a report on a lantern, 1964.

Reprints, 1937-1953. Contains several articles by David C. Graham.

Research Proposals, reviews and funding, 1958-1969

Royal Asiatic Society - Korean branch, 1959-1960

Ryukyuan, 1954-1965. Contains information about Ryukyu textiles, archeological explorations, and culture; magazine articles; and photographs of textiles.

Services and Funds Requested, 1960

Sex Behavior, 1966

Box 25

Shipping instructions, 1963-1975

Sikkim, 1975. Contains correspondence and information regarding Sikkim's problems with India.

Sikkim: the Hidden Kingdom. Photographs of Alice S. Kendall. Presented at the Smithsonian Institution, November 17, 1971.

Sindhi - Correspondence, 1969-1975. (2 folders) Contains photographs of pottery makers and nomads; a report to the Ford Foundation and data for Sind life group, "Sindhi Roofscape," 1963; "Thatta," 1958; and various photographs depicting Sindhi cultural life, Sindhi jewelry, and other objects.

Photographs/Miscellaneous. Includes color slides of Sindhi jewelry and Sindhi people; publications on North Sind and monuments of Pakistan.

Proposed "Scheme for a Sindhi Village Project for Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D. C.," prepared by Bashir O. Kausar, Karachi, March 1961 (oversize drawer)

Sri Lanka, Tape 1. Interview with Cecile Kotawaluwa, a Kandyan dancer, undated.

Sri Lanka, Tape 2, 1978

Tibet, 1975-1978

Pakistani rubbings (traveling exhibition), circa 1964.

Smithsonian Institution:

Anthropology Steering Committee, 1971

Archives, 1972-1973. Includes Fortune magazine articles about S. Dillon Ripley and the Smithsonian, 1977.

Associates, 1966-1968

Bicentennial Celebration, 1965

Building Services, Requisitions for, 1973-1975

Education and Training Program, 1965-1971

Box 26

Smithsonian Institution (continued):

Exhibits Committee, 1974-1975. Includes information on an Iranian exhibition and Knez's critique of the Ice Age Mammals and the Emergence of Man Hall.

Committee on Decorative Arts, 1976-1977

Jeoug-chul Rhie (SI Workshop Program), 1976-1978

History, 1946, 1970

Employee Welfare/Recreation Association, 1964

Federal Employee Health Benefit Program, 1959, 1963

Incentive Award Nomination for Knez, 1964

Islamic Archives, 1972, 1974. Contains copies of correspondence with Mrs. Myron Bement Smith regarding her husband's papers.

Funds, Research/Collection, 1967, 1970, and undated

Museum of Man, 1974-1977

NMNH, Museum Shop Committee, 1976

Smithsonian Office of Anthropology libraries, 1963

NMNH Exhibits Committee, 1972

NMNH Space Committee, 1974

Smithsonian Institution, PAEC, 1975

PAEC Review, 1965-1967, 1975

PAEC/NHM, 1976

Photographic Services, Requisitions for, 1973-1978

Policies and Practices, 1962-1978

Box 27

Smithsonian Institution (continued):

Publications, 1961-1970, and undated

Requisitions for Supply Services, 1974-1978

Smithsonian Office of Anthropology:

General, 1965-1976. (3 folders) Includes staff meeting minutes, internal memoranda, S. Dillon Ripley speeches concerning anthropology, proposals for an increase in SOA staff, organization charts, and photograph of the Department of Anthropology, undated, under United States National Museum sign.

Accession Policy for the Department of Anthropology, 1978

Annual Reports, 1967-1978. Includes detailed information on Knez's activities, 1967-1969.

Anthropologist Emeritus (Knez) and correspondence with the Department of Anthropology, 1979

Budget Planning/Plan of Operations, 1966-1980. Contains budget estimates for Knez's work.

Illustrations, scientific, 1966-1977

Italian Village Collection transferred to NMHT, 1977

Loans/gifts, 1966-1969

Laboratories, 1965-1978

Box 28

Smithsonian Office of Anthropology (continued):

Laboratories, work requests. Contains proposed accession form, undated.

Personnel: New staffing possibilities, 1961-1976

Personnel: Placement, forms, procedures

Personnel Supervised, undated

Personnel: Research Assistants, 1963-1972

Personnel: Visiting scholar, Professor Wonmo, Dong, circa 1972

Personnel: Volunteers, student assistants, interns, short-term visitors, museum study appointments, and post-doctoral fellowships:

Hong-kyoon An, 1976 and undated. Service evaluation checklist and contract.

Kristan Austin, 1974

Martha M. Cappelletti, undated

Hyup Choi, 1971-1974, 1998. Includes a copy of a letter from Choi to Knez thanking him for a copy of the publication, The Modernization of Three Korean Villages, 1951-1981, 1998.

Vivien Delima, 1968-1975

C. Paul Dredge, 1973

Judy Frater, 1976

K. Ghose, 1974

Personnel: Volunteers, student assistants, interns, short-term visitors, museum study appointments, and post-doctoral fellowships (continued):

Karen Moss, 1973-1974. (2 folders) Includes a report on "Chinese Export Porcelain to the American Market."

Martin A. Nettleship, 1973

Martha S. Sharma, 1974-1975

Arlyn Sharpe, 1973

Rebecca Tiger, 1974

Personnel record:

Lumpkin, Jane, 1969-1971

Myers, William Greg, 1970

Sease, Catherine, 1969

Stone, Donna, 1969

Box 29

Smithsonian Office of Anthropology (continued):

Staff Research, 1965-1967. Contains memoranda from SOA staff on projects and research interests, 1965-1966, requested by Sol Tax; research project (budget) planning, 1966, for FY 1968; major projects by SOA staff through the Foreign Currency Program; interesting information about the proposed revision of the Handbook of North American Indians.

Urgent Anthropology, 1967 and undated

Social Organization (paper). Notes taken by Knez from Dr. Murdock's course, undated.

Sohn, Pow-Key, 1967-1969

Social Science Research Council. Items newsletter, 1959-1960.

Specimens lost or stolen, undated

Specimen to be identified. Contains a photograph of a ceremonial camel saddle, undated.


Knez. Bethesda-Chevy Chase Roundtable, 1963

Knez. Dinner session speaker, Kutztown State College, Pennsylvania, 1963.

Knez. Talk at Pusan National University, 1970

Sri Lanka. Thovil dance program, with Knez introduction, NMNH, 1978

State Department, 1961-1962. Documents Knez's speaking engagements at the Foreign Service Institute.

Thank you letters for various contributions to colleges and universities, 1961-1962.

State Department - Educational and Cultural Affairs, 1965. Contains a list of international arrivals during the year.

Stoor, Leo, Dr., 1959-1961.

Storage, policies and methods, 1965 and undated. Includes a draft redefining storage policies and methods, undated; and a photograph of a storage cabinet.

Storage, redefinition of, 1955-1972, and undated. More draft plans for changes in storage policy, 1955-1972.

Syracuse University, 1958-1972. Includes an evaluation of the Doctor of Social Science Program at Syracuse; Social Science Program alumni newsletter; and a list of graduates, their positions, publications, and speeches.

Tibet: Franz Michael in collaboration with Eugene Knez, draft, "Rule by Incarnation: Tibetan Buddhism and Its Impact on Society and States," 1980. Published in 1982.

Tibetan Manuscripts collected by Jane Werner, 1974

Travel, 1960-1977. (2 folders) Includes detailed travel reports by Knez up to 1968.

Box 30


Mexico, 1974. Includes a 1939 National Geographic map of Central America.

Pakistan, 1973-1975. Includes an abstract by Knez on Hindi studies in Washington, DC, 1975.

Bhutan, 1972-1973

Trip to Europe and Asia, 1973

Pakistan Seminar, 1975. Includes Knez talk on Sindhi studies in Washington - a prospectus, given at an International Seminar on "Sind through the Centuries."

Hawaii, 1975 (1974-1975). Knez was to be a visiting scholar at the Center for Korean Studies and attend a regional conference of the Association for Asian Studies.

Trip to see Professor Osgood, 1975

Trip to the American Anthropological Association Meeting, San Francisco, 1975

Trip to the Association for Asian Studies, Meeting, Toronto, 1976

Field Trip to India/Korea, 1976. Trip includes stops at Hawaii, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and Pakistan.

Ladakh, 1976. Includes travel to Korea, Italy, India, Japan, and Pakistan.

One envelope containing itinerary, vouchers, and invoices for Knez's travel to Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, Pakistan, and Italy, 1976.

Box 31

Trips (continued):

Korea/Japan, 1970

Korea/Japan, 1976. Includes travel to Pakistan, India, and Italy. Contains correspondence documenting Knez's collecting trip and contacts.

Korea/Japan, 1966. Includes a letter of introduction by S. Dillon Ripley and some correspondence with contacts.

Dr. Knez - Detail, Asia, 1960. Documents travel for Knez's collecting activities during 1960, which include the countries of Pakistan, India, Burma, Malaya, Thailand, Viet Nam, China, Korea, and Japan.

Human Relations Area Meetings File, 1962-1965

Pakistan, 1968 (labeled 1969) (2 folders)

Detail - Trips, 1957-1965. Trips to various United States cities.

Association for Asian Study meeting, 1970

One envelope containing vouchers and airline tickets for trip to Asia, 1960.

Thailand - general, 1962-1968. Includes class and culture information about North Thailand; information about Thai music; bronze castings of snails from Thailand (with photographs), 1967; Thai bronze work; the McFarland family of Siam; and the Black Tai of Vietnam and Laos.

Theory - anthropology, circa, 1956-1958. Includes lecture notes and a draft article by Knez, "Some Theoretical Implications in a Village Study," circa 1957.

Box 32

Recent Travel:

Trip to Seoul, 1977 (1976-1977). Includes correspondence concerning the possibility of having two traveling exhibitions, "Korean Village in Transition" and "Yi Dynasty Classical Life Style," go to Korea; designs for the Yi exhibition along with lists of artifacts to be installed inside model Korean homes during the Yi period; and correspondence with colleagues and friends in Hawaii, Japan, and Korea.

New York City Trip, 1977. Travel to attend Vincent S. R. Brandt's talk on the "Rural Society in South Korea."

Association for Asian Studies, New York City, 1977.

Association for Asian Studies, Chicago, 1978.

Training and Teaching, plans and activities, 1966-1967

Translation Project, 1965

Textiles - cleaning and preservation, 1961

Textiles/Textile Museum, circa 1962

Tape recorders. Contains commercial information about recorders.

Urgent Anthropology, 1966. Documents a meeting held in Tokyo. Contains a transcript of the Urgent Anthropology session.

Van der Heydt - collection, 1967

Viet Nam, 1960, 1968. Contains a description about a Vietnamese collection and photographs of the collection.

Viet Nam - general. Includes a linguistic map of central and south Vietnam, 1968.

Visiting scholars, scientists, 1967

Washington State Museum. Contains Eugene I. Knez field notes, undated.

Yablonsky, Gabrielle, 1974. Contains information about a collection she loaned to the Smithsonian and various grant proposals and information about her proposed research in Bhutan.

Yale University. Contains letter from Lt. Colonel Aubrey O. Pittenger to the Dean of the Graduate School, Yale University, about Knez's responsibilities and activities as Chief of the Bureau of Culture, Korea, April 25, 1946.


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