Register to the Papers of
Eugene I Knez

1920s–2000, With Information
Dating Back to 1481

By Alan L. Bain

National Anthropological Archives
Smithsonian Institution

December 2002


25th Choson Dynasty king
Unjoo-sa temple
Pyongang and Taedon River
25th Choson (Korea) Dynasty King (1852-1919). Reigned from 1863-1907. Knez Papers, box 110, vol. 1, p 4.9.
Unjoo-sa (temple), North Cholla, Korea, circa early 1900s, box 112, image number 289.
Pyongyang and Taedong River (Korea), circa 1920s. Box 110, vol. 2, p 10.35.
Knez Christmas
Silla tomb excavation
Korean Musician Association
Eugene Knez with mother (Ida) and sister (Rosina). “Christmas near Kernville, California,” 1939. Box 173, folder 1.
Captain Eugene Knez (far right, near telephone pole) at Silla tomb excavation, Kyongju, Korea, 1946. Box 73, “Photographs of Excavation Work.”
First concert of the Korean Musician Association, dedicated to war victims, February 15, 1946. Knez is seated in front row, 3rd person from the left. Box 173, folder 2.
Jiae Choi
Knez, Hokama, Taylor and Omine
Opening of Hall 7
Jiae Choi (wife of Knez), at a Korean dance festival, 1959. Box 20, “Korean: Dance Programs, 1958-1966.”

Viewing materials for Ryukyu Islands textiles exhibition, 1963. Left to right: Seiko Hokama, curator, Shuri Museum, Prefecture of Okinawa; Frank Taylor, director, US National Museum; Eugene Knez; and Kaoru Omine, collector, Okinawa. Box 23, “Photographs/Slides - Costs, circa 1960-1965, 1976.”

Knez with wife, Jiae Choi, in a receiving line for an exhibition in Hall seven, National Museum of Natural History, circa 1967. Box 39, “Correspondence and Data Hall 7/8.”


Chronology of the Life of Eugene I. Knez


Series Descriptions and Container Lists

SERIES 1.Accession Correspondence and Information and Examination and Reports of Collections, 1959-1977 and undated, with information dating back to 1893, boxes 1-4

SERIES 2.Subject File, 1937-1999 and undated, with information dating back to 1852, boxes 4-32

SERIES 3.Professional and Non-Professional Association Material, 1955-1980, with information dating back to 1896, boxes 33-36

SERIES 4.Exhibitions, 1960-1977 and undated, with information dating back to 1876, boxes 36-43

SERIES 5.Research Grants, 1963-1981 and undated, with information dating back to 1884, boxes 43-46

SERIES 6.Research Projects, 1909, 1929-2000 and undated, with information dating back to 1481, boxes 47-115

SERIES 7.Geographical and Publications Files, 1929-1977 and undated, boxes 116-139

SERIES 8.Korean and Chinese Writings, boxes 140-141

SERIES 9.Collection and Research Photographs, 1946-1977 and undated, boxes 142-161

SERIES 10.Motion Picture Film and Sound Recordings, 1946-1978 and undated, boxes 162-164

SERIES 11.Phonograph Recordings, 1959- and undated, with recordings possibly dating back to the 1940s, boxes 165-170

SERIES 12.Invitations and Greetings, box 171

SERIES 13.Biographical and Autobiographical Material, Family Photographs, and Notes, circa 1920s-1997 and undated, boxes 172-174

SERIES 14.Oversize, 1952-1971 and undated, box 175 and oversize map case drawers


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