Register to the Papers of
Glynn Ll. Isaac

Part 3

By Barbara Isaac and Susan McElrath

National Anthropological Archives
Smithsonian Institution


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The negatives from Olorgesailie and Olduvai had been cut and filed by an unknown criteria. Most of them were printed up and mounted on cards, with identification information. (See Card Box File 9.) At a later point in Berkeley, Glynn arranged for the Nakuru negatives to be printed. These are less well identified, which is true of the Nakuru record as a whole. Glynn’s interest transferred to Koobi Fora in 1970; and the writing up of the work at Nakuru devolved onto those graduate students who utilized it for their dissertations (Merrick and Nelson, and later, Gifford-Gonzalez).

Box 102 (continued)
1 Cambridge University excavation at Creswell Crags, Mother Grundy’s Parlour; Paris,
Les Eyzies 1960
2 Abri Pataud, digging with Hallam Movius 1960

East Africa
0 Libya, with Eric Higgs (Cambridge University) 1961
1 Olorgesailie - air photos of Rift Valley, Masai manyattas, pets, including Leakey’s
Sykes monkey 1961
1.1 Air views of Olorgesailie and Rift Valley; Ron Clarke 1961-1963
2 Kariandusi; building at Olorgesailie; Richard and Jonathan Leakey at Langata with
Zinjanthropus 1962
3 Olorgesailie views; excavation of elephant tusk; Masai wells; excavation at DE/89,
early stages 1962
4 Olorgesailie exposures; Magadi railroad; Lake Kwennia; staff; army helicopter; wedding
feast 1961-1962
6.6 Olorgesailie DE/89; Rift Valley 1962-1963
7 Olorgesailie Main Site; DE/89, H/9, E/8 1962
11 A, B Aerial photographs taken from army helicopter C, E other aerials 1962, 1963
?? Olorgesailie DE/89 before removal of thatched cover; Evi, Fi-iv, MFS, making fire
16 Olorgesailie DE/89; Catwalk; views of Kedong Gorge; Cii, iii, iv, v, vi, Fi, ii 1963-1964
19 Olorgesailie Catwalk Trench A (A, B, C, Dii-vi, Ei, ii); De/89 1963-1964
20 Olorgesailie Catwalk Trench A (A); DE/89 (Bi, Di, ii); surface survey 1963-1964
5 Olduvai Gorge, Mary’s camp; Nairobi; Ron Clarke at Masai manyatta 1962
6 Machakos (Ai-v, Bv, vi); Olorgesailie, dwarf mongoose (Avi, Bi),
Glynn lancing boil (Diii, iv) DE/89 (Ei, ii, F, G); Olduvai (Eiii, iv) 1962
10 Louis Leakey knapping stone tools; Kinangop Christmas parade 1962
9 Rift valley; Dar-es-Salaam; Zanzibar 1962
12 Natron Peninj Delta (Tanganyika), Hugo Van Lawick photographing newly discovered
australopithecus mandible (Eii, iii); mandible in situ (E), Barbara cleaning mandible
(Giii) 1964
13 Natron - arrival of mandible in Nairobi; Ron Clarke cleaning mandible in Centre for
Prehistory; RAF transport plane on delta 1964
14 Excavation of Prospect Farm site by Barbara Anthony, Harvard University; Rift Valley;
Njoro River Cave (Evi)
17 Expedition to Suswa volcanic caves to explore hyaena lair 196

East Africa B
1 Olorgesailie Trial Trench Member 10 Hollow (Ai-v); Catwalk (B)
bifaces from Catwalk (C-G) 1964
2 Olorgesailie Olkeju River Gorge (frames 1-12); Catwalk; Lava Hump Site (#31-35)
19 Olorgesailie bone weathering experiment 1962-1965
3 Gamble’s Cave sections cut by Louis Leakey, administered as Prehistoric Site 1964
4 Magadi Stream experiment (See Kroeber Society pub); Kamba bird trap 1964,
6 Isimila, Tanzania 1970
8 Natron expedition (National Geographic) crossing lake on raft; excavation MHS 1964
9 Natron field survey; camp scenery; Sonjo villages from air 1964
10 Natron Sonjo hunter (William), camp scenes, Phillip Leakey; RHS excavation;
Richard Leakey and Allan Musset at table 1964
11 Natron excavation of MHS, Sonjo irrigated gardens, landscapes and camp by river 1964
12 Natron field survey, stone artefacts - bifaces 1964
12b Natron bifaces from RHS and MHS 1964
13 Natron, excavated bifaces 1964
14 Natron visit by UC Berkely group 1969
16, 17 Visit to Melka Kunture, Ethiopia, after discovery by Gerry Dekker: Glynn Isaac,
Barbara Isaac, Mary Leakey, landscape, surface scatters 1964
18 Mombasa Diani Beach, fossilized teeth 1963-1964
20 Unidentified landscapes 1962-1965

East Africa O 2x2
1 Olorgesailie Masai Moran; Site I3, hearth (Aiii), handaxe on end (Diii) 1962
2 Olorgesailie I3, roof raising (Biii), handaxe on end (Dii, iii) 1962
3 Olorgesailie main enclosure 1962
4 Olorgesailie DE/89 Land Surface 7 after removal of banda cover 1962
5 Olorgesailie DE/89 Land Surface 7 after removal of banda cover, Barbara at plane table
6 Olorgesailie DE/89 Land Surface 7 after removal of banda cover, Barbara at plane table
7 Olorgesailie H/9 (Ai, ii, Bii, iii, Ci-iii); LS 10 (Aiii, Dii); geological pit (Di) 1963
8 Olorgesailie H/9 1963
9 Olduvai Iraaqw houses en route (Ai, Bi); Barbara with dalmation; Barbara at DK (Ciii)
13 Olorgesailie DE/89, Simopithecus long bones
14 Olorgesailie Catwalk H/6, Trench A levels V and VI, main floor just above K6 1962
15 Olorgesailie Mountain Foot Site 1962
16, 16c Olorgesailie early photographs of artefacts 1964
17 COLOR negatives Prospect Farm - excavated by Barbara Anthony 1964

Olorgesailie Artefacts, including stereo runs
I3 1-2
DE/89 LTR 1-2; DE/89 1-2
H/6 1-5
H/9 1-5
Trial Trench 1-5
B2 1-5
B4 1-8
MID 1-7
Meng 1-7
Friday Beds 1
Basal Beds A 1, Basal Beds B 1
Hog 1
Ol Keju Nyiro, LHS, MHS 1

Box 103
East Africa C
UC Berkeley Research Group
1 Naivasha/Nakuru; Nderit Drift (E, G) 1969-1970
2 N/N Prettejohn’s Gully 1969-1970
3 N/N Grids and maps, GrJi 1 1969-1970
4 N/N Site plans 1969-1970
5 N/N excavation, Prolonged Drift 1969-1970
6 N/N site maps 1969-1970
7 N/N site plans 1969-1970
8 N/N site plans 1969-1970
9 N/N excavation Prolonged Drift 1969-1970
10 N/N geological sections 1969-1970
11 N/N excavation Prolonged Drift 1969-1970
12 N/N excavation Prolonged Drift, Rift Valley, Masai manyatta 1969-1970
13 N/N visit to Ukambani; Prolonged Drift 1969-1970
14 N/N excavation Prolonged Drift 1969-1970
15 N/N excavation Prolonged Drift; close-ups of floor 1969-1970
16 N/N excavation Prolonged Drift 1969-1970
18 GvJ.1
19 GvJ.1
20 N/N excavation Prolonged Drift, close-ups of floor 1969-1970
21 N/N excavation Prolonged Drift 1969-1970
22 N/N excavation Prolonged Drift, close-ups of floor 1969-1970
24 N/N Visit to Ukambani - Iuani, Machakos 1969-1970

Koobi Fora: Rudolf (R)
1 HAS (FxJj 3) surface finds as originally discovered; the late Bill Bishop sitting on the KBS
tuff A iv; FxJj 1, Bii-iv; aerials Civ, D, E; landscapes F. G 1969
2 FxJj 1 (KBS) A, B, C; FxJj 3 (HAS) Eii-G1 1970
10 FxJj 1 (KBS) early excavation, artefacts; visit to Olorgesailie Dii-Ei Catwalk, with
concretions; LS 10, bandas 1970
11 Area survey 1970
12 FxJj 3 (HAS) early excavation; end of season staff photograph1970
3 El Molo butchery and fireplace 1970
Shangilla youth using stone flakes he himself had made in order to be able to skin and
butcher antelope limb (See pub.) 197?
4 FxJj 1 plane tabling, and excavation 1971
5 FxJj 3(HAS) B-D; FxJj 1 (KBS) Ai-iii, E, G, 1971
6 Artefacts from FxJj 3 (HAS) A, B, Ci, ii, F; FxJj 1 (KBS) Ciii-E, G 1971
7 FxJj 1 (KBS) bone fragments in situ; camp mealtime 1971
8 FxJj 1 (KBS) excavated artefacts in situ 1971
9 FxJj 1 (KBS) A, Bi; end of season ngoma; staff record shot 1971
14 ??; Modern bone scatters F, G 1972
15 Surface survey, modern bone scatters 1972
16 Modern bone scatters A; Ofer bar Yosef Bii, iii 1972
FxJj 1 artefact in situ; excavation shots 1972
17 FxJj 1 A, D, E; dead oryx Dii; FxJj 11 with Jack Harris B, C; air views G 1972
18a Air views Area 105; FxJj 1 Civ; FxJj 1 assemblage F. G 1972
18b Excavated artefacts, Karari scrapers A, B - FxJj 18 A, Bi, FxJj 16
Bii, iii, Fiv, Gi; FxJj 1 Fi, ii 1972
18c FxJj 10 (NMS) excavation shots 1973
18d FxJj 20 site complex surface scrape A, Bi (probably 20AB), and
beginning excavation Bii-?Ci; 20E Cii-Dii; FxJj 20AB Fi,ii 1973
19a Landscape and survey, day one A, B, C, Di; day two Dii, E, F. G 1976
19b Continuation of day 2 1976
19c Suregei survey; surface find, handaxe Eii-iv; MSA Fi-iii; modern weathering Fiv, G
19d Modern bone weathering A; discovery of hominid and excavation B-G 1976
19e Excavation of hominid, Richard and Meave Leakey 1976
19f Derati-Shin traverse 1976
19g End of Derati-Shin traverse; Diane Gifford, modern bone Biii; Richard excavating
hominid C 1976
20 FxJj 50 Kitibe excavating tusk; pieces in situ A, B, -Civ; Nick experimenting with
throwing; butchery with stone tools 1977
21 FxJj 50 Biv-Gi; Nick and Kathy replication experiments A-Biii; experiments with water
transport Giii-vi 1977
22 FxJj 50 excavation C-G; water transport experiment A,B 1977
23 FxJj 50 1977
24 FxJj 50 1977
25 FxJj 50 B, C; Jeanne Sept botanising Di, ii; concretions at FxJj 50 Diii, iv; GaJi 5 Dv,
Ei-iv; Jack at head of table Ev 1977
26 Hominid Footprints Site, excavated by Kay Behrensmeyer 1979
27 Hominid Footprints Site 1979

Mt. St Helens
Visit to mountain after eruption by UC Berkeley Old World Prehistory graduate students to study ash falls. 1980

Peninj Delta, Natron
1 UCBerkeley expedition - road clearing, survey 1982
2 UCBerkeley - artefacts; surface survey; cutting road to MHS 1982

Hadza, Tanzania
1 Annie Vincent (Old World Prehistory, UC Berkeley) - graduate research into acquisition
and consumption of tubers by Hadza 1984

Larry Keeley, use only
[Miscellaneous negatives]



Box 103 (continued)

East Africa [C]
Black and white prints. Negatives of these were probably taken by the students who were working on the excavations, and who eventually utilized the research for their Ph. D. dissertations - Harry Merrick and Charles Nelson.

Natron, Tanzania, Koobi Fora; copyright as marked
Olorgesailie monograph plates
Olorgesailie - large prints
Other, large format - for the record, not Isaac copyright

Box 104
Roll 1-20
Roll 5
Roll 6 FxJj 63
Roll 9
[Miscellaneous prints]



Card Box 1
Olorgesailie Research
[Find cards - DE/89] [Definitions] ND

Card Box 2
Olorgesailie Research
[Find cards - DE/89, H/9, F/89] ND

Card Box 3
Olorgesailie Research
[Find cards - H/9] ND
Koobi Fora Research Project
[Find cards - Fw/Jj 3] ND

Card Box 4
Koobi Fora Research Project
[Find cards- FxJj 1, 3, 18, 18IH, 20] ND

Card Box 5
Koobi Fora Research Project
[Spit cards - FwJj 1, FxJj 10, 11, 12B, 18, 18GS, 18IH] ND

Card Box 6
Koobi Fora Research Project
[Spit cards - FxJj 20, 20E, 20AB, 1805, 1806, 999] F ND

Card Box 7
Koobi Fora Research Project
[Spit cards and find cards for FxJj 1, FxJj 3]

Card Box 8
Mounted prints: early East Africa
Negatives series EA; EA B; EA O

Card Box 9
Unmounted prints: later East Africa
Negative series EA R.
Various : Les Eyzies; Libya; Olorgesailie; Rift Valley; Louis Leakey; weathering experiment;
Natron; Naivasha/Nakuru; Hadza; Mt. St. Helens; Glynn

Card Box 10
Glass mounted 2x2 color slides of Olorgesailie (unique);
Various other negatives, copy negatives and prints

Card Box 11
Bibliographic Cards



Flat Storage Box 1
Koobi Fora Research Project
Site records
[Pencil drawings of stone artefacts and bones - all sites]

Flat Storage Box 2
Koobi Fora Research Project
Berkeley Research
Printouts, U. Pittsburgh 1981

Flat Storage Box 3
Koobi Fora Research Project
Printouts 1980

Flat Storage Box 4
Koobi Fora Research Project
Printouts 1980-1981

Flat Storage Box 5
Olorgesailie Research
[Printouts] - “Data Matrices - Large Tools”, “Various” 1967

Flat Storage Box 6
Olorgesailie Research
[Printouts] - “All Scrapers”, [Small tools], “Misc. Flake Data - Olorg + Comp”,
[Various] 1967

Flat Storage Box 7
Olorgesailie Research
“Computer 1967 program, information etc.” [Berkeley], [Printouts] - “Bivar. plots.
lge tools all untransformed variable pairs” 1967

Flat Storage Box 8
Olorgesailie Research
Isaac and Corrucini
[Printouts] - “Canonical Correlations and non-PCA Printout”, “Morphometrics” 1973

Flat Storage Box 9
Naivasha and Nakuru Research
Site Records
[Pencil drawings of stone artefacts] GrJi 1, 11; GsJi 1, 2 1969-1970

Natron Research
Site Records
Tool Data
[Pencil drawings of stone artefacts]
“ MHS, RHS” 1964
[1981 season including Bayasi] 1981
[1982 season including Kamare and Kipalagu] 1982

Flat Storage Box 10
Thesis Text - “The Acheulian Site Complex at Olorgesailie” 1968

Flat Storage Box 11
Air Photos
Koobi Fora - various generations of air photos and published overlays

Flat Storage Box 12
Air Photos
Natron [some copy negs]

Flat Storage Box 13
Olorgesailie artefacts mounted stereos

Flat Storage Box 14
Large format contacts for B&W negatives

Flat Storage Box 15
[Dried fig and other plant leaves]
Cape Town - Zoology III - Drawings 1958
[Lecture - “Seeking Earliest Man” NSF Phonograph Album]
[Unidentified small maps and sections]
[Identified small rolled maps]
Cat Walk Plot
X Section Profile Archeology Plot A East Fork R. [Kay] 1975



f = field original (primary information); / = first interpretation of data

Small Map Folder 1
1 Geological map of Natron area; tracing paper 1979.14
2, 3, 4 Three original geological reconstructions on deteriorating paper
5 Sketch plan of Peninj area on tracing paper, based on air photos
6 Sketch plan of the Peninj Delta exposures of the Peninj Group: “Map of gullies around KJS”
On tracing papers.
7. Sketch map of the exposures of the Peninj Group in the Maritanane area; tracing paper

Small Map Folder 2
1/ Site RHS - levelling of floor; tracing paper in poor condition.
2/ distribution of artefacts on floor; tracing paper in poor condition
3/ Site MHS - stratigraphic column.
4/ draft of section; tracing paper in poor condition
5f Site NMG - step trench - east face
6f Profile along ridge to west of CFG
7f NMG - north face
8f East face of second step trench (no location)
9f Third step trench - south face (no location)
10 Kipalagu - geology
11 Kipalagu - north and south
12 Kipalagu - east
13 Outcrop trace of patchily fossiliferous Humbu Formation
14 Outcrop Strip III, eastern part of Loc.2.
15 Outcrop Strip III, western part of Loc 2.
16f Mugulud (RHS) plot of artefacts

Small Map Folder 3
Naivasha-Nakuru area
1/ Levelling data and contours for “Prolonged Drift” and sites GrJi 1 and GrJi 11
2f Site map for GrJi 1/GrJi 11, 1969-1970
3 Paper version of above, with additional information
4 Geological columns including Prospect Farm Formation
5 Section from Mt. Eburru to Lake Natron, including GrJi 11
6 Enderit Drift section s (geological columns)
7/ Section from Enderit River, along base of Trolley track cutting
8/ North-west side of Enderit Drift, Oldobeye Member
9/ Enderit Drift - the lower protions of the Miti Mingi Member
10/ Enderit River Formation; hand-colored on paper
11 Enderit River Formation without color, but with annotations
12 Enderit Drift - copy of Isaac’s field sheet
13 Enderit Drift - copy of Buckland’s field sheet
14 Unidentified map
15 Four distributions maps of bone at GrJi 1 (Prolonged Drift)
16 Fourteen distribution maps of fauna at GrJi 1 (Prolonged Drift)

Small Map Folder 4
1f Colored tracing of faulting/geology around Mt. Olorgesailie; acetate. [RC 3]
2f Tracing of topography within Main Site enclosure; tracing paper. [RC 12]
3f Ditto, annotated blackline.
4f Main Site, composite stratigraphic diagram.
5f Section of I 1 - western bounding scarp 1961
6f I 2 - a fault trough by the Ol Keju Nyiro Hill on the Magadi Road 1962
7f I 3 site plan 1:360, 1965
8 I 3 site plan [F2B]
9 I 3 trench I and ?VII part [F 3]
10 I 3 sections trench VIII [F 5]

Small Map Folder 5
“Old tracings of Mary Leakey’s Olorgesailie sections made by G. Ll. I. at Olorgesailie”
1/ Section along south face of Trial Trench.
2 Section along north face of Trial Trench
3 Plan of Trial Trench
4/ Plan of east face of Trial Trench
5 Site 10 section along west face of Hog I (torn)
6 Site 10 sections along north face of Middle Trench (MID)
7 Site 10 Hog north, section along north face
8f Profile in Trial Trench/Mid area prior to excavations
Richard Wright’s drawings
9 Per Ardua
10 Per Ardua south section
11 Per Ardua trench XI, north face
12, 13 Per Ardua east face

Small Map Folder 6
1/ DE/89 plan illustrating relationships of “Occurrence A” (lens M7a) to other site features;
2/ Lower Tuff Runnel plot; tracing paper
3/ Three reconstructions of sections through EF/89, DE/89 with contained fauna; paper with
two tracings
4f DE/89 sections (main) [F20]
5f DE/89 Horizon B Extension, plot of floor [F18]
6f DE/89 Plot 2 Horizon B: plot of floor, section (NW) 6
7f DE/89 Horizon B, plot section (NE) 5 [F16]
8f F/89 1, sections and floor
9f EF/89 plot [F8]
10f H/6 2, sections [F32]
11f H/6 Trench A sections
12f, 13f, 14f Three plots of H/6 Trench A floor
15 Possible H/6 plot
16 Perhaps early surface plot of H/9
17f M/10 2 sections and floor (F33)
18f Hippo Banda plot
19f Lower Horizon Sites (LHS) contour map with geology [F42]
20f LHS sections [F44]
21, 22 Two xeroxes of plans of Hippo Banda, later versions

Small Map Folder 7
Acetates of the Olorgesailie monograph figures

Small Map Folder 8
Koobi Fora
1,2,3 Layout and key to Hunting Survey aerial maps of Koobi Fora Area. Due to a fire at
Hunting Survey, these are no longer available. J.W.K. Harris (Rutgers) has some
of the originals.
4/ Reconstruction of geological section, Areas 129, 130, 131, 108; tracing paper
5 Reconstruction of geological section, Area 118
6, 7, 8 Prep material for geological fence diamgrams and sections
9/, 10 Prep material for three-dimensional map of Koobi Fora
11/ Kay Behrensmeyer’s reconstructed geological column, Area 105
12/, 13 Hal Frank’s preliminary correlated sections in Areas 103 and 131
14/ Scatter Between the Patches - preliminary Karari Escarpment Sketch Map
15 Scatter Between the Patches - Karari Escarpment Sketch map 1974
16 Scatter Between the Patches #V
17 Profile

Small Map Folder 9
Koobi Fora
1 FwJj 1 Area 6 isometric trench section (Map 1)
2/ FwJj 1 geological columns (Map 2)
3f FwJj 1 sections; torn (Map 3)
4f FwJj 1 sections (Map 5)
5f FwJj 1 sections and map of floor (Map 6)
6f FwJj 1 grid plan 1973 (Map 7)
7f FwJj 1 artefact plan, 1973 extension (Map 8)
8f FwJj 1 split, snapped and split flakes distribution map (Map 9)
9f FwJj 1 angular fragments distribution map (Map 10)
10f FwJj 1 whole flakes distribution map (Map 11)
11f FwJj 1 refitted pieces distribution map (Map 12)
12, 13, 14 FwJj 1 corrections to isometrics

Small Map Folder 10
Koobi Fora
1f FwJj 2 surface plot
2f Site 999 sections
3f Sections identified as perhaps 999 by J. W. K. Harris
4f Karibu Pig Site (KPS) surface plot and section (Map 1)
5f KPS plot of fauna (Map 2)
6 KPS section (Map 3)
7 KPS site plan
8, 9f Triangulation plan of “Tool Site Area” [105]; tracing, and annotated black line
10f Section at 105/S1 tuff outcrop, 1971 (Map 5)
11f Profile roughly east, to West Beacon to Knife Edge Ridge near section 105.10
1971 (Map 6)
12f Profile 105 - Knife Edge to Western Ridge, 1971 (Map 8)

Small Map Folder 11
Koobi Fora
1 FxJj 1 contour map with annotations; blackline (2 versions)
2,3 FxJj 1 isometric reconstructions of contours with trenches; paper; plastic
4 FxJj 1 isometric reconstructions of area around trenches
5 FxJj 1 isometric reconstruction of ancient land surface
6f FxJj 1 artefact and bone plot with later additions (Map 3)
7,8 Two acetate versions of 6
9 Paper version of 6 with annotations
10f FxJj 1 geological sections through KBS area, 1970 (Map 9)
11/ FxJj 1 geological trench
12f FxJj 1 1969 trench profile, drawn in 1971 (Map 7)
13/ FxJj 1 geological sections reconstructed
14f FxJj 1 geological sections, 1971 (Map 13)
15f FxJj 1 geological sections N.E. Ridge Geological Trench C, 1971 (Map 11)
16f FxJj 1 geological sections, north wall 1971 (Map 12)
17f KBS SE extension plot of bone, 1971 (#32)
18f FxJj 1 SE extension plot of artefacts, 1971 (# 36)
19 FxJj 1 plot of stone and bone on graph paper, with two stapled annotated additions
20 FxJj 1 bone and stone plot by total number of pieces (#24)
21 FxJj 1 bone and stone plot by average weight (#26)
22 FxJj 1 SE extension bone/teeth plot (#21, #22)
23 FxJj 1 bone plot, pieces not in situ

Small Map Folder 12
Koobi Fora
1 FxJj 3 outcrop S III, acetate tracing
2, 3, 4 FxJj 3 site plot; blackline with annotated tracing paper copies
5 FxJj 3 two tracing paper draft
6f FxJj 3 and FxJj 4 profiles at dated tuff ourcrop (#2)
7,8 FxJj 3 isometrics
9f FxJj 3 profile of trenches - section along east wall (Map 1)
10 FxJj 3 section of east wall (Map 2)
11f FxJj 3 section of step trench C, 1971 (Map 4)
12f FxJj 3 profile of south wall (Map 5)
13f FxJj 3 section of trench at about 20E (Map 6)
14f FxJj 3 surface plot including hippo bones, 1970 (Map 7)
15 FxJj 3 stone/bone by spit, 1971 (Map 8)
16 FxJj 3 plot of bone and teeth, 1970-1971, blackline (#20)
17 FxJj 3 plot of bone and teeth by average weight in grams, 1970-1971, blackline (#21)
18 FxJj 3 plot of bone and teeth by total weight per m2 (#22) blackline
19 FxJj 3 plot of bone and teeth by no. of pieces per m2 (#23) blackline
20/ FxJj 3 coded plot of hippo bones
21f FxJj 3 surface finds in area plotted on five pieces of tracing paper
22 FxJj 3 two computer-plotted surface stone
23 FxJj 3 plot of stones in diagonal cross sections

Small Map Folder 13
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 10 sketch plan of site complex with artefact numbers, 1972 (Map 2)
2f Fxjj 10 contour map 1972 (Map 1)
3/ FxJj 10 site grid with contours and plotted surface finds, with stapled notes
4f FxJj 10 profile, back of north wall 1973 (Map 6)
5f FxJj 10 profile geological trench 1973 (Map 7)
6f FxJj 10 profile Trench D 1973 (Map 8)
7f FxJj 10 profile Trench E 1973 (Map 9)
8f FxJj 10 profile Trench F 1973 (Map 10)
9f FxJj 10 profile Trench F2 1973 (Map 11)
10f FxJj 10 profile Trench G 1973 (Map 12)
11f FxJj 10 profile Trench Z, with stapled annotations 1973 (Map 13)
12f FxJj 10 profile Trench Z, east wall 1973 (Map 14)
13 FxJj 10 vertical section plotting excavated and surface pieces 1972, blackline (Map 19)
14 FxJj 10 horizontal plot of excavated and surface pieces 1972 (Map 18)
15 FxJj 10 replot (?) plan (Map 16)
16 FxJj 10 plan of excavated grid and surface artefacts, 1973 (Map 4)
17-21 FxJj 10 plans of excavated artefacts by spit (Maps 20-24)
22 FxJj 10 artefact plan 1973

Small Map Folder 14
Koobi Fora
1, 2f FxJj 11, two maps of site and Area 130: contour maps and plot, 1972, acetate
3 FxJj 11 plot of surface finds by type (Map 3)
4 Blackline of 3, annotated; Glynn’s notes on back
5 FxJj 11 section and plot of excavated artefacts, annotated xerox plus geological column and
appended note
6 Blackline and tracings of 5, rearranged and amended
7, 8 Acetate and xerox version of 5, annotated

Small Map Folder 15
Koobi Fora
1 FxJj 15 contour plan, tracing paper
2/ FxJj 15 “Valley” cross-section showing geological step trenches (Map 3)
3 Acetate of 2
4f FxJj 15 Excavation Area #A (#1) surface plot of artefacts (Map 2)
5f FxJj 15 two geological columns (131-06, 131-05), (Maps 5, 6)
6f FxJj 15 west and east facing cut in KBS bank north of site (Maps 7, 8)
7 Acetate of 15, 16
8 FxJj 15 preliminary correlation diagram, acetate
9 FxJj 15 isometric view of channel, sands, tuff blocks and fauna excavation, 1974

Small Map Folder 16
Koobi Fora
1 FxJj 16 Zefe Kaufulu’s map of area, blackline
2 FxJj 16 Glynn’s notes for monograph figure - very fragile on tracing paper
3/ FxJj 16 map of excavated localities (Map 2)
4 FxJj 16 in situ plot of finds, blackline copy with annotations
5f FxJj 17 column from geological trench A (Map 2)
6f FxJj 17 south and west walls of excavation, 1973 (Map 3)
7/ FxJj 17 floor plan (Map 3)
8 FxJj 17 isometric of excavation, annotated blackline

Small Map Folder 17
Koobi Fora
1 FxJj 18 map around site by Zefe Kaufulu, blackline
2 FxJj 18 contour map of site complex, xerox annotated with trenches
3 2 used as mock up for figure by Glynn
4 FxJj 18 early version of geological map
5 FxJj 18 Geological Trench A, south wall, blackline
6f FxJj 18 sections, Geological Trench 8 and 9
7f FxJj 18 GS surface scatter of artefacts
8f FxJj 18 GS, sketch plan of unexcavated area, Lower Horizon 1974
9f FxJj 18 IHS Geological Trench opposite excavation, north and south walls
10 FxJj 18 IHS isometric reconstruction
11 FxJj 18 NS isometric reconstruction
12 FxJj 18 NS floor plot, blackline

Small Map Folder 18
Koobi Fora
1 FxJj 20, Zefe Kaufulu’s map, blackline
2 FxJj 20 early version of geological map, paper annotated
3 FxJj 20 site complex and associated channel, acetate
4f FxJj 20 geological sections, Main trench west wall, geological trench
5f FxJj 20 transect and correlated sections diagrams, Main, 20E and 20AB
6 FxJj 20 transect and correlated section diagrams 20S to 20M
7 FxJj 20 site complex, surface artefact distribution and contour map, annotated xeroxes
8 FxJj 20 grid of site complex
9 FxJj 20 plot of extension and surface levels
10 FxJj 20 unidentified excavation grid
11f FxJj 20 Main geological sections, Squares 1 and D, 1978-79 (Map 23)
12 FxJj 20 Main distribution plot, acetate
13, 14 FxJj 20 Main isometric; Main isometric with annotations
15 FxJj 20 Main summary of distribution of bone and teeth by square

Small Map Folder 19
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 20E artefact plot, 1973
2,3 FxJj 20E horizontal and vertical distribution of tools, utilized and fauna; of flakes and flake
fragments. acetate
4 FxJj 20E isometric reconstruction
5 FxJj 20E second version of isometric annotated
6 FxJj 20E summary of distribution of stone, bone and bone/teeth by square
7 FxJj 20AB horizontal distribution map by type of tools, utilized, bones and teeth,
flakes (Map 12)
8 FxJj 20 AB horizontal distribution map by type of angular fragments, core and
cobble fragments (Map 11)
9 FxJj 20AB isometric reconstruction with stapled annotation
10,11,12 FxJj 20AB site grids, blackline

Small Map Folder 20
Koobi Fora
1a FxJj 21 isometric reconstruction; vertical distribution of tools by type
2a FxJj 23 horizontal and vertical distribution plots by type: tools, utilized, flakes
and bone; flake, core and cobble fragments, with stapled annotations (Map 3)
3 FxJj 23, acetate version of 2
4 FxJj 23 annotated xerox version of above

Small Map Folder 21
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 37 section, east wall of Trench B
2, 3 FxJj 37 Trench B horizontal and vertical distribution maps for excavated
artefacts and bones, acetate
5-11 FxJj 37 progressive versions of isometric reconstructions of Trench C
12f FxJj 38 beginning levels of 38SE and 38E
13f FxJj 38 sketch map of area with plot of sites (Map 1)
14/ FxJj 38 stratigraphic relationship of NW, E and SE (Map 2)
15f FxJj 38 extension to NW, plan of surface artefacts
16/ FxJj 38NW horizontal and vertical plan of artefacts, by type (Map 6)
17 As above 16, acetate
18/ FxJj 38 NW isometric reconstruction
19f FxJj 38 Site 1806, hominid extension site, plotted bone (Map 5)
20f FxJj 44 grid, levellings and plotted surface finds

Small Map Folder 22
Koobi Fora
1, 2 FxJj 50 excavation plan/grid
3f FxJj 50 beginning levels - J. W. K. Harris 1977
4f FxJj 50 beginning levels of extension, J. W. K. Harris
5f FxJj 50 sketches of sections, west and south walls, J. W. K. Harris
6f FxJj 50 surface plot of artefacts, J. W. K. Harris
7 FxJj 50 horizontal plan of artefacts, Trenches A, AA, B and BB (Ellen Kroll)
8/, 9/, 10/ FxJj 50 vertical projection of artefacts Trenches A, AA (2); B, BB
11/, 12/, 13/ FxJj 50 vertical projections of finds, Trenches A, AA; B, BB; C
14f FxJj 50 Geological Trench #2 east wall
15f FxJj 50 Geological Trench 6
16-23 Blackline copies of maps by A. K. Behrensmeyer 1977
Profiles of levels through FxJj 50 and Geological Trench (x3)
Composite cross-section
General stratigraphy east side of site
Geological columns Trench 2, 4 and Main

Small Map Folder 23
1f FxJj 50 Geological Trench stratigraphic sections 1978
2f FxJj 50 Trench J stratigraphic sections 1978
3f FxJj 50 Trench M stratigraphic sections 1978
4f FxJj 50 93E/125S stratigraphic sections 1978
5f FxJj 50 93E/115S and 93E/120S stratigraphic sections 1978
6f FxJj 50 stratigraphic sections 1978
7f FxJj 50 levels, tracing paper
8f FxJj 50 contact levels 7E to G1 1979
9f FxJj 50 section I profile 1979
10f FxJj 50 section II profile 1979
11f FxJj 50 Geological Trench profile 1979
12f FxJj 50 Trench S profile with column 1979, 2 pp.
13f FxJj 50 Trench Z profile 1979
14 FxJj 50 reconstructed levels of excavation
15 FxJj 50 Isometric of geological strata around site

Small Map Folder 24
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 50 geological sections, trenches C, B, BB, AA
2f FxJj 50 sections Trench D east, west and south wall 1979
3f FxJj 50 sections, trench F west, north and east wall
4f FxJj 50 Trench K section along 84E from 100S to 105S 1979
5, 6, 7f FxJj 50 Trench D three plans showing in situ finds from 3 spit levels 1978
8f FxJj 50 Trench D’ finds in situ 1979
9f FxJj 50 Trenches D/E in situ finds
10f FxJj 50 Trench F in situ finds, very fragile
11f FxJj 50 possibly Trench F in situ finds
12f FxJj 50 Trench G plot of surface pieces, torn
13f FxJj 50 Trenches AA-C, Trench H plots, torn
14f FxJj 50 Trench I, plot of finds 1979
15f FxJj 50 surface plot eastern slope 1979
16f FxJj 50 fragment of plot of pieces from surface scrape
17f FxJj 50 reconstruction of fitted pieces
18 FxJj 50 Glynn’s note of work to be done
19/ FxJj 50 Trenches B, BB, E, acetate tracings
20/ FxJj 50 Trench D, acetate
21 FxJj 50 Trench E, acetate
22, 23 FxJj 50 unidentified trenches, acetate
24 Detailed isometric reconstruction

Small Map Folder 25
Koobi Fora
1 FxJj 63 copy from Zefe Kaufulu’s notebook of his map of area around site, xerox
2f FxJj 63 Geological Trench I
3f FxJj 63 surface levels of excavate area
4o FxJj 63 corrected levels, tracing
5f FxJj 63 baulk sections
6f FxJj 63 surface plot of finds, badly torn
7, 8, 9f FxJj 63 plot of surface pieces
10 FxJj 63 surface plot over contours, xeroxes
11 FxJj 63 key to excavated areas, xeroxes
12 FxJj 63 eleven sheets of plots of excavated pieces presumably of notebooks in
other series, xeroxes
13 FxJj 63 contour of floor levels, annotated xerox
14 FxJj 63 isometric plot of excavated area
15 FxJj 64 isometric reconstruction with plot of bones

Large Map Folder 1
1/, 2/, 3/ Three reconstructed geological sections on deteriorating papers:
Section in the Mugure Dry Valley subparallel to the Peninj Group
Section at right angles to the axis of the Peninj River
Section through RHS site
4f Profile along Ridge S of JAW Site with stratigraphy and structures projected onto it from
adjacent sections to the north.
5/ Pencilled geological section through KJS on tracing paper
6/ Reconstruction of geological section over graph paper
7/, 8/ Reconstructions of geological sections ca. 1964
9f Section through RHS: Trench I west wall; Extension C Trench I; Trench I south face
10f Profile from base of west face RHS trial trench to lava towards east
11f Profile on MHS slope: MHS section on wast face; floor plot

Large Map Folder 2
1f Mid Main Gully Trench
2f KJS 1964 plane table map 1:60
3/ Geological section at KJS below and above mandible; annotated paper
4 KJS contour map; paper with annotations
5f KJS - Profile along north face of Trench II
6f KJS - Trench II east face (behind jaw).
7f KJS - Trench II first step, north face
8f KJS - Trench I north face
9f North face of KJS - Trench I
10f KJS - Trench I south face (cut into ridge)
11f KJS - Trench I north face
12f KJS - Trench I east face
13f KJS section
14/ KJS - isometric view of excavation sections: pencil draft
15/ KJS - isometric view of jaw block; pencil draft
16 KJS - isometric view of jaw block; annotated paper copy

Large Map Folder 3
Naivasha-Nakuru area
1Af Gambles Cave - Plane table map of area adjacent to Gambles Cave I
1Bf Reverse - plane table map of gully
2f Gambles Cave - Main section 1964
3f Gambles Cave west face 1964; annotated 1975
4f Gambles Cave Beach Sand - sections
5f Gambles Cave Rock Profiles
6 Copy of section of GsJi2 Trolley Track
7 Copy of geological columns GsJi 2

Large Map Folder 4
1f R.M. Shackleton’s original hand-colored geological map of Main Site 1946
2f Shackleton’s original geological sections
3/ Shackleton’s original geological column
4f/ Four versions of “Map showing Principal Exposures of the Legemunge Formation” by R.
M. Shackleton, annotated by G. Ll. I.
5f Plane table map of area around main sites, July 1962 [F 39]
6f, 7f Two plane table maps of Main Site area [F 40, 41]
8/, 9 Main site traced on paper from Shackleton with pencilled annotations; and acetate

Large Map Folder 5
1 Banda B - sections [F 21]
2 Main Site north geological sections [F 36]
3 Land Surface X vicinity trenches [F 38]
4 Geological trenches L.S.X vicinity - also D/10 1
5 Elephant tusk and vertebrae “Kanyugi’s Bone Site” 1962
6 I 3 - sections Trench VII, Trench IV [F 4]
7 I 3 - general plan [F 2]
8 Richard Wright’s “Per Ardua: Plan of trenches excavated”

Large Map Folder 6
1f, 2f, 3f DE/89 and surrounding areas - levelling maps with contours
4f DE/89 sections [F22]
5f Presumed to be DE/89 surface plot [F11]
6f DE/89 Lower Tuff Runnel (LTR) plot [F1]
7f DE/89 Horizon A, plot of floor
8f DE/89 Horizon B, plot of floor 1 (SE) [F16]
9f DE/89 Horizon B, plot of floor 2 (SW) [F13]
10f DE/89 Horizon B, plot of floor 3 (East Central ) [F12]
11f DE/89 Horizon D, plot section (west central) 4 [F15]
(Three other plots for Horizon D apparently missing)
12f EF/89 contours and surface plots [F7]
13f EF/89 sections [F9]

Large Map Folder 7
1f H/6 sections with 2 small stapled attachments [F31]
2f H/9 Surface plan and outcrop [F25]
3f H/9 Main sections [F28]
4f H/9 sections [F30]
5f H/9 sections
6f H/9 Cobble horizon plot [F26]
7f H/9 Main horizon plot [F27]
8f H/9 plot of artefacts by type
9f P+20" sections and plans
10f Q/10 and Main sections
11f LHS extension plot with two stapled additions
12f Mountain Foot Site plan

Large Map Folder 8
Koobi Fora
1/ G. Ll. I. preparation for map of Koobi Fora geology on paper
2/ Reconstruction of geological section in Areas 129-131
3/ Initial reconstruction of fence diagram - tracing paper over graph; very fragile
4/ Kay Behrensmeyer’s stratigraphic column in Area 105
5 Generalised stratigraphic columns showing location of palaeomagentic samples 1972
(by F.C.L).

Large Map Folder 9
Koobi Fora
1f FwJj 1 plane table plan, September 1972
2/ FwJj 1 sections (Map 4)
3f FwJj 1 sections (Map 6)
4 FwJj 1 preparatory isometric
5f FwJj 1 plot of S VI, Area 105 (#1). See Small Map Folder 8.
6f FwJj 1 plot of S VII, Area 105 (#2). See Small Map Folder 8.

Large Map Folder 10
Koobi Fora
1f KBS (Kay Behrensmeyer Site - FxJj 1) - FxJj 3, triangulation 1/5000 map (Map 4)
2f KBS supplementary contour plan; acetate (Map 2)
3 KBS contour map with annotations; acetate tracing (Map 2)
4 KBS blackline copy of 3m with pencilled grid
5f KBS “Tool site” plan (Map 1)
6 FxJj 1 site grid, colored as to date of excavation
7 FxJj 1 “Tool site” section 1970 (Note: GrJi 1 designation was incorrect; later changed to
FxJj 1) (Map 10)
8f FxJj 1 geological trenches, 1971 (Map 14)
9f FxJj 1 sections (Map 15)
10f FxJj 1 extension, profiles of sections, 1972 (Map 16)
11f FxJj 1 transverse trench #2, sections, 1972
12 KBS (FxJj 1) excavation grid with plots of bone and teeth; whereabouts of original not
13f FxJj 1 extension, plot of bone and stone 1972 (#34)
14f FxJj 1 SE extension plot, stone by spit, 1972 (#35)
15 FxJj 1 isometric of floor, with artefacts plotted.
16 FxJj 1 vertical plot of artefacts 1971 (# 16)
17 FxJj 1 diagonal cross-section of artefacts 1971 (# 17)

Large Map Folder 11
Koobi Fora
1 Plane table map of area around FxJj 3, 1971; blueprint
2 FxJj 3 plan with annotations, blackline with tracings attached (#1)
3 FxJj 3 profile on axial line; blackline
4f FxJj 3 profiles os step trenches A and B (Map 3)
5f FxJj 3 plot of stone and bone by spit (Map 8)
6 FxJj 3 step trenches A, B, C, blackline with annotations
7,8 FxJj 3 isometric of excavation with plotted pieces; pencil on graph, and blackline of
unknown original
9 HAS (Hippo Artefact Site - FxJj 3) isometric; blackline
10f FxJj 3 vertical distribution of stone and bone
11f FxJj 4, plan (Tuff outcrop S II) 1970
12 FxJj 4, plan, colored blackline (#1)

Large Map Folder 12
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 10 sketch plan of site complex in Area 108 - artefact survey 1972
2/ Blackline copy of 1, with staples notes
3f FxJj 10 contour map 1973 (Map 3)
4 FxJj 10 transect through site (copy of Kay Behrensmeyer original) (Map 5)
5f FxJj 10 profile of Trench B, artefact trench (Map 15)
6f FxJj 10 plot of excavated pieces, 1973 (Map 25)
7, 8 FxJj 10 vertical plots of excavated pieces; very obscure blueprints of doubtful value
9 FxJj 10 vertical plots, blackline (Map 17)

Large Map Folder 13
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 11 sections (Map 4)
2/ FxJj 11 section and plot of excavated artefacts (Map 5)
3f FxJj 15 site contour plan with excavation trenches (Map 1)
4f FxJj 15 sections, 1974 (Map 4)

Large Map Folder 14
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 16 plane table plan of surface finds (Map 1)
2f FxJj 16 sections from geological trenches 1, 2, 3 (Map 3)
3 FxJj 16 section from geological trench 4, acetate (Map 4)
4/ FxJj 16 stratigraphic correlation of sections
5 Correlation of sections at FxJj 16 and FxJj 38 (Map 6)
6f FxJj 16 in situ plot of specimens (Map7)
7 FxJj 16 plot of artefacts on floor, and against section, by type (Map 4)
8 FxJj 16 plot of artefacts on floor, by type (Map 8)
9 FxJj 17 isometric of excavation

Large Map Folder 15
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 18 plane table map of area around site
2 FxJj 18 plan of interface between base of caliche block and top of tuff - artefact and bone
rendered as symbols, 1979:78
3f FxJj 18 Geological Trench A north and west sections; Trench B #2
4f FxJj 18 sections, Geological Trench 6
5 FxJj 18 correlated geological columns
6 FxJj 18 correlated sections and site maps
7/ FxJj 18 GS, sections of 1974 excavation, west, east and north walls
8f FxJj 18 GS, sections of 1974 excavation east and north walls

Large Map Folder 16
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 18 GS surface scatter of artefacts, pieced together
2f FxJj 18 GS 1974 extension, first plot of in situ artefacts (Maps 6, 10)
3f FxJj 18 GS 1974 (includes Geological Trench 6) plot of artefacts in situ, pieced together,
second vertical excavation unit (Maps 7, 8, 9) very fragile
4,5 Duplicates of 11, 12, kept because of fragility of originals, blackline
6,7 Tracings of 11, 12, acetate
8 FxJj 18 GS isometrics of Upper and Lower Horizons
9f FxJj 18 IHS trench profile; excavation grid (Map 4)
10f FxJj 18 IHS trench section, north, west and south walls (Map 5)
11f FxJj 18 IHS contour map of interface between base of caliche block and top of tuff (Map 3)
12 FxJj 18 IHS plot of artefacts as symbols, acetate

Large Map Folder 17
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 20 site complex, surface artefacts and contour map, 1978 (Map 1)
2f FxJj 20 site transect #1, 1973
3f FxJj 20 plane table map with contours from 20E to 20S
4f FxJj 20 geological sections, Trenches D, Geological 2, 6, 7 (20E)
5 FxJj 20 site complex, surface artefact distribution and contour map, acetate
6 5 above, artefacts by type, on badly torn tracing paper with attached annotations
7f FxJj 20 Main extension , sections of south, north and east walls (Map 3)
8f FxJj 20 Main sections, Trenches C and B, Trench E
9f FxJj 20 Main sections, Squares 3, 20 East A (Map 19)
10f FxJj 20 site grid and basic levels 1973 (Map 6)
11f FxJj 20 Main trench, 1972 (Map 5)
12 FxJj 20 plot of artefacts, identified by grid
13f FxJj 20 Main plot of artefacts
14, 15 FxJj 20 horizontal and vertical distribution plots - utilized and tools (Map 7),
flakes and cobbles (Map 8)

Large Map Folder 18
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 20E geological sections west and east (Map 13)
2/ FxJj 20 E plotted artefacts, 1972 (Map 14)
3/ FxJj 20E artefact plot (Map 16)
4 FxJj 20E extension of 18 above (folded)
5f FxJj 20E plan of Extension Trench B (Map 21)
6 FxJj 20E horizontal and vertical distribution of tools, utilized and fauna (Map 18)
7 FxJj 20E horizontal and vertical distribution of flakes and fragments (Map 17)
8 FxJj 20AB sections of geological trench, north, east and south walls (Map 10)
13f Fragment of unknown map (Map 2)
14 Plot of unidentified items by square (seems to be by John Barthelme)

Large Map Folder 19
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 21 sections of Trench 100-114S, 1974 (Map 1)
2f FxJj 23 contour map of site, with plots of surface and excavated artefacts,
columns of Geologica Trenches 1 and 2 (Map 1)
3f FxJj 23 north, west walls of site trench and trenches at 97E/97S
4a FxJj 23 isometric reconstruction

Large Map Folder 20
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 33 plane table map
2f FxJj 33 site plan and plot of artefacts
3 FxJj 33 contour plan; annotated blackline
4f FxJj 33 Geological Trenches 1, and 2
5f FxJj 33 sections Geological Trench 11
6f FxJj 33 sections Geological Trench 6
7f FxJj 33 sections Geological Trench 3, 8
8f FxJj 33 Geological Trench 9
9f FxJj 33 excavation walls 1977
10f FxJj 33 section of wall 101E/88-99S; Geological Trench 5
11f FxJj 33 southern wall of excavation
12/ FxJj 33 Extension trench; tracing and applied xeroxes
13 FxJj 33 blackline of 12 annotated
14 FxJj 33 correlated geological columns
15 FxJj 33 isometric on graph paper
16 FxJj 33 annotated isometric xerox

Large Map Folder 21
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 37 plane table map of site, with contours, very fragile
2 FxJj 37 redrawn plane table map, blackline
3f FxJj 37 sections from Geological trenches I, 2, 3, fragile and torn
4f FxJj 37 sections of Trench C, south and east walls; Geological Trench 5 and
Extension, south wall, very fragile
5f FxJj 37 sections, including east wall of 108E/98-101S, 1977, very fragile
6f FxJj 37 plot of excavated artefact and bone; fragile
7/ FxJj 37 Trench B, horizontal and vertical distribution of finds by type, fragile
8/ FxJj 37 Trench C, horizontal and vertical distribution of finds by type
9/ FxJj 38 East isometric reconstruction
10f FxJj 38 Sites 1806, 1806 Trench sections (Map 3)
11f FxJj 38SE, Site 1805 hominid, plotted bones (Map 4)

Large Map Folder 22
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 50 plane table map of area around main excavations
2f FxJj 50 extension of plane table plan to west, fragile and torn
3 FxJj 50 amalgamation of 1 and 2, blackline with original coloring for geology
4f FxJj 50 south wall of geological trench 3
5f FxJj 50 sections, Trench D, west wall
6a FxJj 50 sections, Trench G, west, north and south walls redrawn from originals
7f FxJj 50 sections, Trench I, west and north walls
8f FxJj 50 Trenches B, D, E plot of in situ finds
9f FxJj 50 Trenches E and D, in situ finds
10f FxJj 50 Trench E, two levels of in situ finds
11 FxJj 50 Trenches K and L, plot of in situ finds; acetate
12/ FxJj 50 Trench D, surface and in situ finds; acetate
13 FxJj 50 Trench F, surface finds, acetate tracing
14 FxJj 50 Trenches K and L sections
15 FxJj 50 Trenches AA-C, G and H sections
16/ FxJj 50 layout on graph paper of plotted pieces, folded xeroxes

Large Map Folder 23
Koobi Fora
1f FxJj 63 plane table map of site with contours, badly torn at edges
2 FxJj 63, acetate tracing of 1
3f FxJj 63 Geological Trenches I, II, III, torn at edges
4f FxJj 63 Geological Trenches IV, IC, IB
5o FxJj 63 combined plot of surface pieces, acetate
6f FxJj 64 plan, torn

Large Map Folder 24
1f GaJi 5 Area 105 plane table contour map with plot of surface pieces, edges damaged
2f Ileret Holocene site geological column
3f Ileret Holocene site wall sections, identification queried by Glynn
4f Plot of Shangilla fishing camp 1970

Map Rolls

Roll #1
DE/89 Main, large scale plot of artefacts on floor, two sections of linen
Extension B, plot of artefacts, acetate 1979.40
Distribution of “cores/fitted flakes”, acetate 1979.41
Distribution of “other tools”, tracing paper 1979.42
Distribution of “cobbles”, acetate 1979.43
Distribution of “bones and teeth”, acetate 1979.44
Grid and contours, tracing paper 1979.45
Main sections, linen 1979.46

H/9 K7 Lower Tuff Channel grit, plot of artefacts, linen 1979.48
Baulks, acetate 1979.51
H/6 Composite floor plan, acetate 1979.47
F 26 Cobble horizon, acetate

Roll #2 Naivasha/Nakuru
f Prettejohns Gully - correlated section 2A
f Original map
f Geological columns - west side of Access gully
f Correlation in south part of gully
f Opuru to Prettejohns Gully
/ Colored geological map
f Redrafted axial section
Correlated section 2P, blackline on tracing paper 1979.34
f Prospect Farm Formation - correlated geological columns
f Correlated geological columns
f Correlated geological columns
f Correlated geological columns
/ Reconstruction - geological fence diagram, tracing paper
/ Two correlated columns, blackline with colors
/ Two on isometric paper
f Middle Enderit Geological columns - two cut and pasted graph paper plus stapled notes plus one black line
Enderit Drift circumstances of preservation 1979.29
Enderit Drift 1979.30
Eburru to Prettejohns 1979.31
Prettejohns Gully traced by G. Ll. I from field sheets 1979.32
Levelled cross section - Sections 5A and Trench A 1979.33
Three unfinished maps and geological sections
Diagrammatic simplification of stratigraphy in the corner between Mt. Eburru and the Mau
Tracings of reconstructed maps - originals with C.M. Nelson 1983.11,12,13

Roll #3 Natron
Paleomagnetic column 1979.12
Map of area with location of geological sections (?) acetate 1979.13
Sections illustrating stratigraphy of Peninj Beds 1979.15
KJS map of gullies 1979.16
Contour map 1979.17
Geological transects 1979.18
Isometric of block containing jaw 1979.19
Isometric of jaw site, acetate 1979.20
Sections, acetate 1979.21
MHS geological columns and sections 1979.22
KJS sections, acetate 1979.23
Composite section
RHS distribution of tool types by square 1979.24
Plot of floor 1979.25

Roll #4 Koobi Fora
/ Correlated stratigraphic section Area 102
Plan of FxJj 50, FxJj 20, acetate
FxJj 20 Main, distribution of tool types 1980.6
FxJj 1 geological trenches 1979.12
Geological sectionssections annotated by G. Ll. I. acetate 1977.13
Step trenches, annotated 1977.14
Geological sections, annotated 1977.15
S.E. Extension 1977.17
Bone plot by sections 1977.20
Artefact plot 1977.21
Bones and teeth by section 1977.22
FxJj 3 contour plan 1977.23
Contour plan traced by G. Ll. I and annotated 1977.24
Isometric/block diagram of area around site 1977.25
Step trenches 1977.26
Sections 1977.27
Trench profile 1977.29
Floor plot by spit 1977.31
Core/teeth plot 1977.32
Distribution on floor and by section 1977.33
Stone/bone vertical slices 1977.34
Plot of artefacts 1977.35
FxJj 4 Contour map with surface finds 1977.30
FxJj 3/4 geological sections 1977.37
PE/18:FxJj 64 floor plot with numbers 1982.1
Paleomag 1977.48-51

Roll #5 Various
f Melka Kunture - three sets of geological sections, tracing paper, 1964
SASES two blacklines of Koobi Fora areas
/ Magadi experiment, three small tracings
Various reworkings of Olduvai Zinj floor with notations on distribution; for comparison with
other sites.


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