Register to the Papers of
Glynn Ll. Isaac

Part 2

By Barbara Isaac and Susan McElrath

National Anthropological Archives
Smithsonian Institution



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This series documents Isaac’s student years including his course work and research at Cape Town and Cambridge, his early research trips to France and the Kampala Summer School through class notes and essays.

Box 53
[Archaeology Notes - London Institute, 12 Club Paper, Olifantsbosch Shelter, Arch. of Britain]
“Note Book 1”, “Notebook 2”, “Notebook 3” ND, 1954-1955
Cape Town
“Cape Chelles Acheul, Hand Axes - Consideration on the Classification of Form” ND
“Embryology - Echinoderm Eggs” ND
“Hangklip I Handaxes - Abstract of Records” “Hangklip ‘Technological Material’, Abstract
of Records” ND
“Livingstone 1957” 1957
“Mammal Like Reptiles” ND
“Montague Cave Hand Axes - Abstract of Records, Books I, II, III” ND
“U.C.T. Miscellaneous Archaeology Notes” [and essays] 1957 [2f]
“ZOO II - Drawings” 1957 [2f]
“ZOO II - Essays, Ecology, Genetics, Comparative Physiology” 1957

Box 54
Cape Town (continued)
“Reading Notes - Zimbabwe” ND [2f]
“Photogrammetry” ND
“Animal Behaviour” 1958
[Lecture notes] 1958
“ZOO III - Papers” See Also: Flat Storage Box 15
[Scholarships] 1959-1960

Chimanimani, Livingstone, Cambridge
“Notebook” 1959

[Notebook - Bones]
[Notebook] “History of Archaeology” [includes notes on talk re S. Africa] 1959
“Miscellaneous notes” [and essays] 1959-1961
[Notebooks] “Mesolithic Cultures of N.Europe”; Prof. Clark 1960

Box 55
Cambridge (continued)
[Notebook] “The Mesolithic Cultures of N. Europe.” Prof. Clark 1961;
“Neolithic Cultures of N. Europe” 1960
[Two notebooks] “The Paleolithic Culture of W. Europe.”
“McBurney 1960" (and 1961 - Part II) 1960
Cape Town - Cambridge [Lower Paleolithic reading notes and essays] 1959-1961
[Reading notes and essays] “Mid-Paleolithic Europe and Asia” 1959-1961
[Reading notes and essays] “Upper Paleolithic” 1959-1961
[Reading notes and essays] “Europe Upper Paleolithic” 1959-1961
[Reading notes and essays] “Upper Paleolithic of East Europe, Italy, etc” 1960-1961
[Reading notes and essays] “Europe - Paleolithic Art” 1959-1961
[Notebook - supervision notes] 1960
[Notebook] “Vac April 1960”, [France, summer vac] 1960
[Summer vacation - digging at Les Eyzies] 1960
“Archaeology, History of”, “Miscellaneous Notes” 1959-1961
“India: Stone Age”, “Notes - G.I. 1959-61” 1959-1961
“Tracings of European dated Cave Art” 1961
“Lectures - D. L. Clarke” 1966

East Africa
“Kampala Summer School” 1962
“Coryndon Memorial Museum”, “National Museum” [Reports] 1962-1965


This series contains correspondence relating to Isaac’s studies at Cambridge and with the geologist, W.W. Bishop, and the Leakey family. Correspondence with the Leakey Foundation is in the main correspondence series.

[Re Cambridge Ph. D.] [See also C. B. McBurney] 1962-1973
[General] 1961-1967 [5f]
“Bishop, W.W.”, “Bishop, W.W. Memoral Trust” 1963-1983
“L.S.B. Leakey”, “R.E.F.Leakey”, “Margaret Leakey” 1961-1966 [RESTRICTED]
“Leakey Family” 1967-1985 [2f] [RESTRICTED]

Correspondence (continued)
“C. B. McBurney” 1964-1985 [RESTRICTED]
“Celia Nyamweru” 1966-1983 [RESTRICTED]
Pan African Congress “V”, “VI” 1963, 1967


This series documents sites and museums which Isaac visited such as Olduvai, Mount St. Helens as well as collections he consulted.

Box 57 (continued)
Isimila/Abri Ohla
“Flake data for Thesis” 1959, 1966
“Gasr el Daun” 1961
“Warren Hill, Sturge Collections” 1961
“Kilwa Kisiwani” 1962
“Olduvai” 1962-1963
“Lake Kwennia; Garrick’s; Ukambani; Kajiado, etc.” 1962-1969
“Kagera” 1963
“Bone Counts” 1963-1966
“S.T.I.C., Casablanca”
Musee de l’Homme - Sidi Zin; Institut de Paleontologie Humaine” 1963, 1966
“Melka Kunture” 1964
[Tool outlines] [Collections Musee de l’Homme] 1966
“Visit to B. Area with W. W. Bishop” 1969
“Sterkfontein”, “Swartkrans” 1972
“Ubeidiya and other sites in Israel” 1971
“Terra Amata”
[Notes, analysis, tool outlines] 1972
“Vallonet”, “Baume Bonne”, “Arago”, “Hortus” 1972
“Vertesszollos” 1973
“Kaloambo Falls” 1976

Box 58
“Namibia”, “Australia” 1976
“Cape Town and S. Africa”
[SASQUA] 1979
“Mt. St. Helen’s” 1980
“Ituri Forest” 1984
“Torralba” [Chicago] ND


This series documents experiments conducted by Isaac.

Box 58 (continued)
“Bone Dispersal Experiment, Olorgesailie” 1964-1965
“Magadi Handaxe Experiment” 1964-1971
“Trampling Experiment - preliminary artefact/sand” [Drake’s Bay] 1967
“Wyoming” 1975-1983

This series contains a complete set of Isaac’s publications including monographs, pre-publication and reviews.

Box 59
#1-10 ND, 1964-1967
#11-18 1968-1971
#19-26 1972-1973
#27-30 1974-1975
#31-41 1975
#42-50 1976
#51-59 1977-1978
#60-70 1979-1981
#71-78 1981-1983

Box 60
#79-86 1983-1986
Reviews 1967-1985
Lists 1970-1989
“The First Human Economy”, Venice Exhibit 1985

Pre-publication and Reviews
#1 “Olorgesailie - a Review” 1964
#6,7 “Geological History”, “New Evidence” 1963
#8 “Precision and Definition” 1966
#11 “Notes on Proportional Frequency” 1968
# 14, 15 “COWA Survey and Bibliography for Equatorial Africa” and “East Africa”
#16 “The Diet” 1971
#18 “Archaeological Traces” 1971
#19 “Chronology and Tempo” 1971
#20 “Radiocarbon Dating” ND
#24 “Early Phases” 1969
#25 “Hominid Fossils” 1973
#27 “Paleomagnetic Stratigraphy” 1974
#28 “Age of Early Acheulian Industries” 1973-1974
#30 “Varieties of Culture” 1972-1973
#31, 32 “Muddle in the Middle”, “Stratigraphy and Patterns” 1972-1973
#33 “Sorting Out the Muddle in the Middle” 1974

Box 61
#34 “Earliest Man and Environments” 1974-1975
“Nairobi Conference - Discussion, Summaries” 1973
#36 “Archaeological Evidence” 1976
#37 “Plio-Pleistocene Artefact Assemblages” 1973-1976
#38 “Human Origins” 1976
#41 “The Activities” 1974-1976
#42 “Early Hominids” 1976
#44 “Slide Set” 1976
#46 (3) “Vestiges and Traces” 1976
#47 “The Karari Industry” 1975-1976
#48 “Stages of Cultural Elaboration” 1974-1976
#50 “Early Stone Tools” 1972-1976
#51 “Olorgesailie” 1974-1978 [2f]
#52 “Squeezing Blood” 1977-1978

Box 62
#53 “Food-Sharing” 1976-1978
#55 “First Geologists” 1975-1978
#56 “Olorgesailie Formation” 1975-1978
“Olorgesailie Formation Map” 1975-1978
#57 “Food-Sharing -NM” 1978
#58 “Early Man Reviewed” 1978
#60 “Human Ancestors” 1978-1980
#61 “Philosophy of Archaeology” 1977-1979
#62 “Emergence of Man” 1980
#63 “Casting the Net” 1980
#64, 65 “A Method for Determining”, “Early Pleistocene Site Locations” 1977-1980
#66 “FxJj 50” 1980
#67, 68 “Pattern of the Past”, “Stone Age Visiting Cards” 1976-1980

Box 63
#69 “To What Extent” 1975-1981
[Data] 1975-1981 [4f]
#70 “Archaeological Tests” 1979-1981
#71 “Analytical Archaeology” 1981
#72 “Small Is Informative” 1981
#73 “Evidence for Predation” ND
#74 “Hoe Leefden Onze Voorouders?” 1976-1982
#75 “Earliest Archaeological Traces” 1972-1982
#76 “Bones in Contention” 1980-1983

Box 64
#77 “Aspects of Human Evolution” 1982-1983
#78 “Early Stages” 1983
#79 “Aspects of the Evolution” 1982-1983
#80 “Archaeology of Human Origins” 1979-1985
#81 “Pleistocene Sites” 1978-1984
#82 “Foundation Stones” 1980-1985
#83 “The First Human Economy” 1984-1985
#84 “Ancestors of Us All” 1984
#85 “One Hundred Years” 1983-1984
#86 “Long Term History” 1984-1985
“The Archaeology of Human Origins - Papers by Glynn Isaac” 1986-1990
“Smuts Paper”, DeVore, Isaac and Pilbeam 1983- ND

Box 65
#i “Biology of Love” [Preface to] 1978-1981
#a “Review of Southern Africa”, #d “The Emergence of Man”, #k “Life in the Pliocene”,
#1 “Early Hominids and Fire”, #p “Loss of Robusticity” 1966-1982
[Requests for use of illustrations] 1976-1999

Olorgesailie: Archaeological Studies of a Middle Pleistocene Lake Basin in Kenya.
Chicago University Press, 1977
Koobi Fora Research Project Vol. V: Plio-Pleistocene Archaeology
Clarendon Press, 1997



This series contains manuscripts by Isaac that were never published.

Box 66
“First Men in Africa” Prentice Hall 1962-1964
“Two Lower Acheulian Sites in the Humbu Formation near Lake Natron, Tanzania” and
“Investigations at the Site which Yielded the Natron (Peninj) Australopithecine
Mandible” 1969, ND
“First Traces” [Seminar - Cambridge 1976] 1969-1976
“Africa in the Pleistocene” [INQUA] 1973
[For Arete Encyclopaedia] 1978
“Early Stone Tools” [For Washburn, Ape into Man] ND

This series contains manuscripts of lectures, presentations, and papers.

Box 67
[To various classes and gatherings] 1971-1984
“Comments on the Archaeologist’s need for Data Concerning Living Peoples”
[African Studies Association] 1968
“Divisions within the Acheulian of Eastern Africa” 1968
“A Worm’s Eye View of Human Evolution” 1968
“Concerning Lower and Middle Pleistocene Dietary Evidence” 1969
“Preliminary Results of Obsidian Density Sampling on Eburru”, “Comments on the
Objectives and the Results of the U.C. Archaeological Research Group in Kenya”
1969-70 1970
“Environmental Change and Human Origins” 1971
[Prehistoric Society Talk] 1972
“The Earliest Stone Tools” 1972
“Discoveries East of Lake Rudolf” 1973
“Archaeological Research at East Rudolf 1971-72” 1973
“Meat-eating and Human Evolution” 1973
“Archaeology and Human Origins” 1975
“The Scatter between the Patches” 1975
“Archaeological Traces of Early Behavior Patterns in East Africa” 1975
“Seeking Earliest Man” [phonograph album] 1975 See: Flat Storage Box 15
[Talks at ANU] 1976
“Food-sharing and Human Evolution” 1977
“Can We Get Mother Nature to Do Our Digging for Us?” 1978
“Ancestors of Us All” 1979
“The Behavioral meaning of Anatomical Change” 1980
“Human Evolution” 1980
“Archaeological Evidence Relating to the Diet of Early Pleistocene Hominids” 1982
“Recent Research on the Lower Pleistocene Sites at Koobi Fora” 1982
“Human Evolution” 1982
“Evolution of the Human Diet” 1982
“Archaeology: Inferring Human Behavior from Stones and Bones” 1983
“Cutting and Carrying: Archaeology and the Emergence of the Genus Homo” 1984
“Lower and Middle Pleistocene Culture” ND
[Graduating Address, Berkeley] ND
[Cross references] 2001



This series documents symposia and conferences that Isaac either organized, attended, or proposed.

Box 68
Symposia and Conferences Organised 1972-1982
“Stratigraphy and Patterns of Cultural Change in the Middle Pleistocene” 1972-1973
“Les Plus Anciennes Industries en Afrique” 1976
“Hunter-Gatherers and History” 1984-1985

Symposia and Conferences Attended
“Calibration of Hominid Evolution” 1971
“Rudolf Basin Conference” 1973
“Hominids of the African Plio-Pleistocene” 1974
[NSF] “Human Origins” 1977-1979 [2f]
AMNH Symposium - Ancestors 1983-1984

Symposium Proposed
“A Conference to Explore the Feasibility of an Intensified International
Program of Research into Human Origins” 1976


This series contains personal correspondence and employment information.

Curricula Vitae 1966-1984
Job Applications 1975-1980
Offers from Other Institutions 1967-1980
Conviviality ND, -1984
Consultancies 1979-1985 [RESTRICTED]
Publishers 1968-1985 [RESTRICTED]
Invitations Declined 1973-1985 [RESTRICTED]
General Public 1972-1985
Press Cuttings 1982-1987
Reading Notes: on Sociobiology ND
Notes on Lectures Given by Others 1971-1985
Research Notes
“Perigord Mousterian - Bivariate Plots of Type Frequencies” ND
“Cantabrian Mousterian” ND
Isaac, Barbara 1968-1987 [RESTRICTED]
Notes of thanks from Cambridge (UK) schoolchildren 1976
[Miscellaneous] 1975, 1979



This series documents Isaac’s faculty positions at the University of California at Berkeley and Harvard University through administrative files and class notes.

Appointment 1965-1977 [RESTRICTED]
Assistant Professor 1967-1971
Associate Professor 1971-1972
Professor 1974-1982 [2f]
Department of Anthropology 1967-1988 [RESTRICTED]
“Space Race” 1968-1980 [RESTRICTED]
University Research Funding 1966-1982 [RESTRICTED]
Research Group - Archaeological Interpretations ND [RESTRICTED]
Archaeological Research Facility 1968-1978 [RESTRICTED]
Piedmont Lab 1968-1978 [RESTRICTED]
[Teaching Arrangements] 1968-1983
Graduate Program - Old World Prehistory 1967-1983

Box 71
Berkeley (continued)
Teaching (continued)
Enquiries re OWP 1969-1984
Undergraduate 1972-1984
Anthro 2 notes 1967-1971 [5f]
Fybates 1967-1969
Anthro 2 notes 1974
Fybates 1974
Anthro 2 notes 1977
Skit 1977
Sleeping Gorilla 1977

Box 72
Berkeley (continued)
Teaching (continued)
Anthro 2 notes 1978-1980, 1982 [4f]
Black Lightening 1982
Anthro 2 notes ND
Anthro 128A 1966, 1970, 1975, ND [3f]

Box 73
Berkeley (continued)
Teaching (continued)
Anthro 128B 1968, 1971-1972, 1983 [4f]
Anthro 128D 1979-1908, 1983 [3f]
Anthro 128L 1975, 1976
Anthro 130 1981
Anthro 132 1968

Box 74
Berkeley (continued)
Teaching (continued)
Anthro H198 1967
Anthro 200D 1968
Anthro 200K (Diet) 1982-1983
Anthro 215B 1974-1978
Anthro 220D 1967, 1969, 1971, 1978, 1981-1983 [4f]
Anthro 220G 1975
Anthro 220H 1968, 1972
Anthro 231 1981
Anthro 298 1970
“Things” 1979
Geology 218 1972
Geology IDS 215A, 215B 1974, 1978

Berkeley (continued)
Teaching (continued)
Geology IDS 228 - Human Evolution 1977
Paleontology IDS 128 1973-1983
Paleontology 250C, 250H 1968, 1972

Appointment 1982-1983 [RESTRICTED]
Biobibliography 1984-1985
Desk Diaries 1984-1985
Department of Anthropology 1984-1985 [RESTRICTED]
“Stone Age Lab”[RESTRICTED]
[Planning] 1983 [RESTRICTED]
[Administration] 1984-1985 [RESTRICTED]
“Permanent Members Committee” 1983-1985 [RESTRICTED
“Archaeology Wing” 1983-1985 [RESTRICTED]
“Bio-Anthropology Wing” 1983-1985 [RESTRICTED]
“Putnam Lab” 1984-1985 [RESTRICTED]
[Searches] 1984-1985 [RESTRICTED]
ASPR “American School of Prehistoric Research” 1983-1985 [RESTRICTED]
KNM Field School 1984-1985

Harvard (continued)
Peabody Museum 1983-1985 [RESTRICTED]
Tozzer Library 1984-1985 [RESTRICTED]
Geology Department 1984-1985 [RESTRICTED]
“African Studies Committee” 1984-1985 [RESTRICTED]
Faculty Aid Program 1983-1985 [RESTRICTED]
Critical Papers on G.Ll.I: History of Science 137 1983 [RESTRICTED]
Summer 1984: Peabody Tour; Ituri Forest 1984
Invitations curtailed 1985


MEMORIALS 1985-1993

This series contains Isaac’s obituary, letters of condolence to Barbara Isaac, and information on memorials such as the Isaac sessions at the American Anthropological Association Meeting in 1986 and the Glynn Isaac Memorial Lecture in Cape Town, South Africa in 1993.

Box 76
Telegrams of Condolence 1985
Obituaries and Life Notes 1985-1994
American Anthropological Association “3 Glynn Isaac Sessions” 1986
Glynn Isaac Memorial Lecture, Cape Town 1993



This series contains Isaac’s correspondence files. This series is arranged alphabetically by name. This series also contains a duplicate set of his correspondence which Isaac arranged chronologically.

Chronological Yellows 1976-1978 [8f]

Chronological Yellows 1979-1982 [5f]
Chronological Blues 1983-1984 [4f]

Chronological Blues 1984-1985 [4f]
General Correspondence

A - Organisations 1980-1985
People 1968-1985
Adelman, Alex 1982-1983
African Studies Association 1966-1985
Aiyedun, David 1980-1985
Ambrose, Stanley 1976-1985
American Anthropological Association 1965-1985
American Association for the Advancement of Science 1979-1985
Ammerman, A. 1977-1984

Andah, Bassy (Wai Ogusu) 1970-1985
Anglia TV 1975-1977
Anthony, Barbara 1966-1980
Antiquaries, Society of 1984-1985
Ardrey, Robert 1970-1975
Atlas of Prehistory 1974-1982
Australian National University 1973-1985

B 1965-1985
Bar-Yosef, Ofer 1972-1985
BBC 1976-1983
Binford, Lou 1977-1985
Blumenschine, Robert 1981-1986

Bordes, Francois 1973-1974
Bradley, Bruce 1976-1977
Brain, Bob 1972-1981
Brandt, Steven 1975-1985
British Institute of History and Archaeology in East Africa 1968
Bunn, Henry 1976-1985
Butzer, Karl 1968-1984

C - People 1972-1985
Organisations 1977-1985
Calico Hills 1970-1985
Cambridge University Press 1972-1985
Carbon 14 1967-1983
Carnegie Museum of Natural History 1977
Carter, Patrick and Patricia (Vinnecombe) 1967-1986
Chacha, Ezra 1979-1984
Chinese Scholars 1980-1985
China - Beijing Notes 1985
Clark, J. Desmond 1966-1985

“The Longest Record” 1984-1986
Clark, Graham 1967-1982
Clarke, David 1968-1978
Clarke, Ron 1966-1985
Cole, Sonia 1968-1982
Conkey, Meg 1975-1979
Crader, Dinah 1971-1986

D 1977-1985
Daniel, Glyn 1969-1981
David, Nicholas 1972-1988
Deacon, Hilary and Jeanette 1975, 1978-1987
Dietler, Michael 1975-1982
Donley, Linda 1978-1985
Dreiman, Richard 1976-1979

E 1968-1985
Edmonton 1980-1982
Eggars, Van 1966-1976

F 1969-1985
Fieldwork, Enquiries to join 1972-1982
Fisher, Jack and Strickland, Helen 1982-1985

Foley, Robert and Vicki 1973-1985
Ford Traineeships 1967-1972
FROM - Foundation for Research into the Origins of Man
Administration 1975-1984
Grants Committee 1977-1982
Relationship with Leakey Foundation 1974-1975
“Interim Evidence” 1978-1981
Editor’s Correspondence 1978-1981
First Annual Distinguished Lecture Series, DC 1976
Second Annual, Atlanta 1976-1977
Davis - “The Origins of Man” 1976-1977
Third Annual, New York 1977-1978
Fourth Annual, Pittsburgh 1978-1979
Fifth Annual, Johns Hopkins 1980
Washington - “Food for Thought” 1982
Sixth Annual, Harvard ND

G 1966-1981
Gifford-Gonzalez, Diana 1971-1984 [2f]
Gordon Conference 1986
Goren, Naama 1972-1984
Gowlett, John 1972-1983
Guggenheim Foundation 1975-1976
Gutin, JoAnn 1978-1985

H 1967-1985
Haldemann-Kleindienst, Maxine 1971-1982
Hammond, Norman 1976-1978
Harvard Sabbatical (and prior) 1976-1981
Harvard (move from Berkeley) 1982-1983
Hay, Richard 1970-1985
Herbich, Ingrid 1973-1981
Hill, Andrew 1970-1984
Hivernel, Francoise ND - 1981
Holl, Augustin 1982-1985
Holley, Gerald 1980-1981
Howell, Clark ND - 1984

I ND - 1985
India 1974-1978
Inskeep, Ray and Adi 1975-1985
INQUA (International Union for Quaternary Research) 1965-1973
ICAZ (International Council for Archaeozoology) 1980-1982

J 1978-1985
Johanson, Don 1973-1982
Johnson, Eileen 1978-1979
Jones, Peter 1979-1985
Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 1981-1984
Juwayeyi, Yusuf 1977-1985

K 1973-1985
Kaiser, Tim 1982-1985
Kalahari Peoples Fund 1977
Karoma, Jonathan 1971-1981
Kaufulu, Zefe 1980-1990

Keeley, Larry 1977-1978
Keller, Charlie 1966-1975
Kings College 1977
Khan, Aftab 1976-1978
Klein, Richard 1968-1983
Koch, Chris 1978-1985
Kroll, Ellen 1975-1986
Kurashina, Hiro 1971-1979, 1985

L 1967-1985
Laden, Greg 1984-1985
Lancaster, Jane 1971-1982
Leakey Foundation
[Mostly grant related] 1970-1981
[As speaker for] 1972-1984
Lewin, Roger 1978-1985
Liljestrand, Karin [See also Harris, JWK] 1977-1980
Livingstone, Dan 1970-1982
Los Angeles School District 1978-1980
de Lumley, Henri 1972-1985

M 1967-1985
Marks, Stuart 1967-1984
Marsden, Mike 1977-1979
Marshall, Fiona 1978-1985
Masao, Fidelis 1967-1985
Mason, Revil 1967-1978
McBrearty, Sally 1983-1985
McCormack, Bill 1982-1985
McGill University 1983-1985
Meehan, Betty and Jones, Rhys 1976-1977
Mehlman, Mike 1973-1974
Mellars, Paul 1974-1982
Merrick, Harry and Joan (Self) 1967-1985 [2f]
Mgomezulu, Gadi 1974-1984
Miller Professorship 1971-1978
Milton Fund 1984
Movius, Hallam 1971-1972
Mudoga, Nathaniel 1967-1981
Mulvaney, John 1967-1985
Musonda, Francis 1978-1983

N 1973-1985
NASA 1983-1984
National Geographic 1967-1984
National Research Council 1985
National Science Foundation
[Panel] 1972-1985
[Grants’ Records/Administration] 1978-1983 [2f]
[Vehicle] 1976-1995
Ndessokia, Prosper 1981-1984
Nelson, Charles 1967-1977
Nenquin, Jacques 1964-1972
Neves, Walter 1984
Nienu, Vikuosa 1977-1983
Nyame Akuma 1973-1975

O 1971-1983
Oakley, Kenneth 1966-1976
O’Connell, James 1971-1983
Ogot, Bethwell 1968-1969
Olsen, John and Sandi 1977-1982
Onyango-Abuje, John 1970-1979

P 1969-1985
Pan-African Congress
VI Dakar 1967-1968
Commission on Nomenclature 1967-1975
VII Addis Abeba 1970-1972
Permanent Committee, Casablanca 1975
VIII Nairobi 1976-1977
IX Nigeria 1981-1983
Parkington, John 1976-1983
Pastron, Allan 1969-1983

Pendleton, Beatrice (Sandelowsky) 1967-1972
Peters, Charles 1975-1981
Phillipson, David and Laurel (Lofgren) 1966-1984
Pilbeam, David 1966-1981
Portugali, Juval 1978-1985
Potts, Richard 1976-1983
Posnansky, Merrick 1968-1979

Quarterly Review of Archaeology 1980-1984
Quaternary Research 1972-1977, 1983-1984
Quick, Polly 1983-1984

R 1968-1985
Renfrew, Colin 1970-1980
Reprint Requests 1966-1985
Robbins, Larry 1968-1985
Roche, Helene 1972-1975
Rodden, Bob and Judith 1966-1978
Roe, Derek 1966-1980
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 1975-1985

S 1966-1985
Sampson, Garth 1967-1974
Savage, Bob and Shirley (Coryndon) 1966-1981
Savage, Karla 1968-1978

Schick, Kathy 1977-1985
Schokkenbroek, Gonnie 1967-1980
Sept, Jeanne 1983-1985
Seyfarth, Robert and Dorothy 1976-1980
Schrire, Carmel 1969-1983
Shaw, Thurstan 1907-1975
Shawcross, Wilfred and Carole 1966-1983
Shipman, Pat 1978-1985
Sillen, Andrew 1983-1985
Siiriainen, Ari 1978
Smith, Andrew 1968-1977
Social Science Research Council 1985
SAAM - Society for Africanist Archaeologists in America 1971-1977, 1981-1984 [2f]
Society for the Study of Human Evolution 1972-1977
South African Archaeological Bulletin 1968
South African Society for Quaternary Research 1977-1979
Speth, John 1975-1985

Stahl, Ann 1981-1985
Stanislowski, Michael 1975-1984
Staples (re Anthropology Text) 1974-1977
Stiles, Dan 1972-1981 [2f]
Sussman, Carole 1978-1985
Sutton, John 1969-1970
Straus, Larry 1983-1985

T 1972-1984
Taylor, Forbes 1976-1985
Tavoso, Andre 1978-1979
TILLMIAP - The International Louis Leakey Memorial Institute of African Prehistory
1973-1983 [2f]
Tobias, Phillip 1968-1978, 1984
Toth, Nick 1982-1983
Tringham, Ruth 1978-1984

U 1974-1985
UISPP - Union Internacional de Ciencas Prehistoricas y Protohistoricas 1981-1985
UREP - University Research Expeditions Program 1977-1978

V 1971-1983
Van der Merwe, Nic 1978-1984
Van Noten, Francis 1966-1984

Villa, Paola 1969-1985 [2f]
Vincent, Annie 1979-1985
Voytek, Barbara 1980-1985

W 1967-1985
Wandibba, Ben 1973-1985
Wesleyan 1985
Wendorf, Fred 1970-1984
Wendorf, Mike 1977-1980
Wenner-Gren Foundation 1964-1985
Casting 1971-1974
Whallon, Robert 1983-1985
White, Peter 1968-1978
Willoughby, Pam 1980-1985

Wilson, Monica and Francis 1969-1983
Wilson, Tom 1981-1984
Wrangham, Richard 1978-1980

X, Y, Z 1984
Yale University 1980-1981
Yellen, John 1972-1985
[Postcards, etc.] 1973-1985

35mm COLOR SLIDES 1957-1984
This inventory follows the numbering system created by Glynn Isaac. Extra slides that were set aside as “reserves” have been interleaved after the relevant sections or placed at the end of the volumes. The collection was curated by various graduate students and the numbering of the volumes into which the slides were placed is arbitrary (For instance the EAR P volume is out of place). This register reflects the volume numbers, but they are not seen on the folders which are arranged in volume order.
Captions are according to text existing in volumes, except where indicated by [ ]. Missing pages indicate that slides were taken out that were not taken by Glynn (i.e. taken by others and therefore their copyright, or copied from publications for the purposes of teaching. A few teaching series have been kept for the record). Items for which copyright is unknown and/or uncertain are marked by an **.

Box 95
Volume I - AFRICA
Lecture given to the Peabody Museum Association 1984-
Encapsulated series of slides taken from the collection photographed in the order of the presentation.

TRV: Transvaal Australopithecine Sites and Materials.
TRV 1 Swartkrans: site, artefacts
TRV 2 Sterkfontein: site, general views
TRV 3 Sterkfontein: details
TRV 4 Sterkfontein artefacts: bifaces, flakes
TRV 5 Sterkfontein artefacts: various (May include some Swartkrans pieces)
TRV 7 Kromdraai, Swartkrans
[TRV 8 Reserve Swartkrans, plus artefacts probably from Swartkrans.]
[TRV 9 Reserve Sterkfontein artefacts.]

SA (SAS): South African Sites
SA 1 Hangklip [prior to Glynn’s departure in 1959]; Montagu Cave
SA 2 Mossel bay; Robberg [1979 excursions]
SA 3 Robberg; Nelson’s Bay cave; Matjies River [1979 excursions]
SA 4 Matjies River, Klaasies River Mouth; Howiesons Poort [1979]
SA 5 [Wild Foods Feast, Capetown 1979]
SA 6 Elands Bay [1979 excursions]

IS: Isimila, Tanzania
IS 1 [Field trip 1970]
IS 2 [Filed trip 1971]

OLD: Olduvai
OLD 1 General Views
OLD 2 General Views
OLD 3 Mainly Bed I: FLK, FLK N, FLK Zinj, DK
OLD 4 Sites (i) VEK, MNK, JK2, HEB, TK
OLD 5 Sites (ii) Heslon (HWK), HK, BK, Capsian Site, Chert factory, Twiggy site, DK,
[visit from Naivasha/Nakuru fieldwork season]
OLD 6 Sites (iii) JK, Pits
OLD 7 Miscellaneous: Exhibits in Museum, Pelorovis, specimens included dimpled stones.
OLD 9 Olduvai area, Ngorongoro, Serengeti
OLD 1l JK Pits, Olduvai Hominid 9,
Shots of Louis Leakey making stones tools.
OLD 12 Air views; general.

OMO: Omo, Ethiopia.
[Glynn visited the Omo in 1970, and again in 1972 during an excursion of the East Rudolf
Conference, as well as at other times]
OMO 1 General Views
OMO 2 [Mostly 1970 visit]
OMO 3 [Mostly East Rudolf Conference excursion]
OMO 4 [East Rudolf Conference excursion]
OMO 5 [East Rudolf Conference excursion]
[OMO 6 Reserve 1970 visit]
[OMO 7 Reserve East Rudolf Conference excursion]
Volume II - AFRICA other than East, and LEVANT

NAF: North Africa
NAF 1 Djebel Irhoud, Morocco
[Reserve: Pan African Congress in Canary Islands 1963]

MAUR: Mauritius
MAUR 1 Pan African Congress Excursion, 1967
MOR: Morocco
MOR 1 Pan African Congress Excursion, 1963

LIB: Libya
LIB 1 [Expedition led by Eric Higgs from Cambridge UK 1961]
LIB 2 [1961 expedition]
LIB 3 [1961] Leptis Magna, Malta, Herculaneum

DAK: Dakar
DAK 1 [Pan African Congress 1967]
DAK 2 [Pan African Congress 1967]

ETH: Ethiopia
ETH 1 Melka Kunture [1964 visit with Mary Leakey to explore site discovered by Gerry
ETH 2 Melka Kunture [1971 Pan African Congress excursion]

LE: Levant
LE 1 Israel 1971: Jerusalem; archaeological sites
LE 2 Israel: Jerusalem, Dead Sea
LE 3 Israel: Masada, Dead Sea, Jericho
LE 5 Israel: ‘Ubeidiya
LE 6 Israel: ‘Ubeidiya
LE 7 Israel: Hayonim
LE 8 Israel: Dead Sea, Masada, ‘Ubeidiya

MAP, CART, DT, RS, TYP, ST are mostly copies and have been kept in order as used in the classroom. Glynn Isaac holds copyright for the Suswa and HAE slides.

MAP 1, 2 Africa **
MAP 4 Distribution maps
MAP 5 Distribution maps
MAP 6 Distribution maps

CART 2 Cartoons
OST: Osteology
OST 1 Suswa volcanic caves

HAE: Handaxe Experiment
HAE 1 Magadi experiment to investigate orientation of handaxes by water

DT: Diet**
DT Illustrations

Box 96
Volume III (continued)

RS: Reconstructed Scenes**
RS 1 Prehistoric animals; hominid behaviour
RS 3 Hominid behaviour

TYP: Typology**
TYP 1 Contemporary objects; garbage; typological series
TYP 2 Stone tools
TYP 3 Stone tools
TYP 4 Stone tools
TYP 5,6 Stone tools

ST: Stone Technology**
ST 1 Diagrams of techniques
ST 2 Usewear; Francois Bordes


AFE: African Environment
AFE 1 Kenyan and Tanzanian landscapes
AFE 2 Kenyan and Tanzanian landscapes
AFE 3 Animals

MAR 1 Masai Mara 1979

ETN: Ethnology**
ETN 1 Ukambani; Baringo; Masai
ETN 2 Kamba making hoe handles; Iraaqw houses, Tanzania
ETN 3 Ukambani

ETL: Ethology
ETL 1 Chimpanzee behaviour (copies)
ETL 2 Animal tool use
ETL 3 Scavenging behaviour

CAL: Calico Hills
Conference held in 1970 to demonstrate to archaeologists that Louis Leakey’s claim of early man in America was justified. (BI - It didn’t.)
CAL 1 Excavation and artefacts

BAR: Baringo
BAR 1 Visits in 1969, 1970

EAC: East African Coast
EAC 1 Gedi (Kenya); Bagamoya, Kilwa (Tanganyika); 1962, 1964
EAC 2 Lamu 1971
EAC 3 Lamu 1971

EAS: East African Sites
EAS 1 Kilombe; Fort Ternan (Kenya); Apis Rock (Tanganyika); Bigo (Uganda)
EAS 2 Kilombe, Kariandusi, Chesowanja (Kenya)
EAS 3 Magosi ; Isenya (Kenya)

LIV: Livingstone
Glynn visited Desmond Clark in 1957, when he was still a student at Cape Town.

MAG: Magadi
The soda lake south of Olorgesailie in the Rift, close to the Tanzanian border.
MAG 1 Landscapes’ some slides of the Magadi handaxe experiment.

MAL: Malawi
A visit to see the work of the Malawian Berkeley students.
MAL 1 Petroglyphs; fishing on lake Nyasa
MAL 2 Excavations in cave

SC: Scenery
SC 1 Kenyan landscapes

V&A: Vegetation and animals
V&A 1 Balbal (Tanzania); Tsavo (Kenya)
V&A 2 Various
V&A 3 Magadi, Eburru, Mombasa Road

NAI: Nairobi
NAIR 1 University College under construction 1962; Museum flats 1963
NAIR 2 Nairobi with Independence decorations; The International Louis Leakey Memorial
Institute of African Prehistory (TILLMIAP) under construction

Volume V - Olorgesailie, Nakuru

OL: Olorgesailie - a prehistoric site, first discovered by Mary Leakey during the war, and subsequently excavated by Louis and Mary. Glynn Isaac did extensive geological work and excavations 1961-1965.

OL 1 Landscape around Olorgesailie
OL 2 Geology, site I3, Catwalk
OL 2b Geology - Ol Kedong; landscape in area
OL 2c Geology; sites H/9, DE/89
OL 3 Excavation - Catwalk, H/6, DE/89, LS 10, H/9
OL 3b Excavation - Site I2, I3, Elephant tusk, H/6, DE/89
OL 3c Excavation - DE/89
OL 4 Excavation - DE/89
OL 5 Excavation - DE/89, I3, MFS, Hippo Banda, LHS
OL 6 Artefacts; excavation - DE/89, EF/89; technique
OL 7 Landscape; maps
OL 8 Bandas; air views
OL 9 Air views
OL 9b Air views; MFS
OL 10 DE/89; Catwalk; army helicopter
OL 11 1980 visit - birds in picnic banda
OL 12 Masai 1962-64

Box 97
Volume V (continued)
NAK: Nakuru - Glynn led a UC Berkeley expedition to the Naivasha-Nakuru area 1969-1970 to investigate Holocene (MSA and LSA sites).

NAK 1 Landscape
NAK 2 Richardson’s raft; landscape including Gil Gil
NAK 3 ME/6; Prettejohns Gully; Enderit Drift; Deighton’s Cliff
NAK 4 Prospect Farm, dug by Barbara Anthony of Harvard
NAK 5 Enderit Drift; GsJi 2; ME 6
NAK 6 GrJi 1 (Prolonged Drift)
NAK 7 GrJi 1
NAK 8 GrJi 1 pottery
NAK 9 Njoro River Cave; Hyrax Hill; Gamble’s Cave
NAK 10 Landscapes; raft; air views

Volume VI East Rudolf (later renamed East Turkana). After discovery of fossil bearing deposits in 1969 by Richard Leakey, he invited Glynn Isaac to join him as co-leader of a combined UC Berkeley and National Museums of Kenya team. The work continued until 1979. The archaeological sites excavated by Glynn and his students ranged in age from 1.9 to 1.4 my.

ER A: East Rudolf - General Scenery
ER A 1 Air views
ER A 2 Journey by land to Koobi Fora
ER A 3 Camp from air; lakeshore; airstrips
ER A 4 Air views; journey by land
ER A 5 Air views
ER A 6 Air views, Area 130; Area 131; traveling in rain
ER A 7 Journey by land
ER A 8 Areas 129, 130, 131; Karari Escarpment landscapes

ER B: Geological
ER B 1 Air views of Area 105
ER B 2 Geology of Area 105 KAY
ER B 3 Area 105
ER B 4 Area 105
ER B 5 Different parts of basin

ER C: Lower Member sites 1970-1974
ER C 1 KBS (FxJj 1) air views
ER C 2 FxJj 1 general views of site
ER C 3 FxJj 1 excavation
ER C 4 FxJj 1 sections
ER C 5 Excavation techniques
ER C 6 Artefacts in situ
ER C 7 Artefacts in situ; including fig leaf
ER C 8 Artefacts
ER C 9 Artefacts
ER C 10 HAS (FxJj 3) air views; general views of site
ER C 11 FxJj 3 excavation
ER C 12 FxJj 3 artefacts in situ
ER C 13 FxJj 3 artefacts
ER C 14 FxJj 4; FxJj 13
ER C 15 FxJj 10 (NMS) excavation; artefacts in situ
ER C 16 FxJj 15 excavation
ER C 17 FxJj 10 excavation; artefacts
ER C 18 FxJj 3 1979
ER C 19 FxJj 10 artefacts

Volume VII - Koobi Fora

ER D: Ileret Sites
ER D 1 FwJj 1 excavation; artefacts
ER D 2 FwJj 1; site #999

ER E: Late Quaternary/Holocene
ER E 1 FxJj 12, Galana Boi
ER E 2 Survey KAY
ER E 3 Lothagam
ER E 4 FwJj 3 possibly 11 KAY
ER E 5 FwJj 5; GaJj 2, 4, 9, 11 sites and artefacts
ER E 6 FxJj 12

Box 98
Volume VII (continued)
ER F: Hominids and Hominid Sites
ER F 1 Hominid find spots
ER F 2 Hominid specimens
ER F 3 Hominid specimens
ER F 4 KNM-ER 820 in situ and excavation; KNM-ER 729, 732, 406 sites
ER F 5 KNM-ER 1805 excavation
ER F 6 Hominid specimens
ER F 7 Hominid find spots
ER F 8 Hominid specimens
ER F 10 Kay’s hominid footprint site

ER G: Palaeontology
ER G 1 Hippo Valley; elephant, hippo, rhino
ER G 2 Mesochoerus excavation

ER H, I, J: Taphonomy and Ethnotaphonomy
ER H 1 Recording modern bone scatters
ER H 2 Modern bone scatters; Diane Gifford excavating Shangilla site
ER H 3 Excavation; carnivore scat

Volume VIII - Koobi Fora
ER I 1 Shangilla fishing camps; excavation of camps; bone scatters
ER I 2 El Molo butchery
ER J 5 Shangilla Butchery
ER J 6 Shangilla butchery; Gabra

ER I, J (continued): Wild Life and Vegetation
ER I 3 Animals
ER J 1 Vegetation
ER J 2 Birds
ER J 3 Animals
ER J 4 Animals

ER K: People
ER K 1 People
ER K 2 People
ER K 3 People
ER K 4 People
ER K 5 People

ER L: Camps
ER L 1 Camps in Area 105; base camp
ER L 2 Ileret; Alia Bay; digging for water
ER L 3 Base camp
ER L 4 Camps in Area 130, 131

ER M: Lakeshore Activities
ER M 1 Boats; fishing; swimming

ER N: “Aesthetic Shots and Miscellaneous”
ER N 1 Sunrises; lake; trees

ER O: Diagrams and Maps
ER O 1, 2, 3

Volume IX - Koobi Fora

ER S: Scatter Between the Patches
ER S 1 1974, 1977, 1979 (FxJj 50) surface survey
ER S 3 Palaeontological excavation; Ileret survey KAY

ER U: Work of Graduate Students
ER U 1 Kathy Schick and site formation/disturbance
ER U 2 Zefe Kaufulu and geological context of sites
ER U 3 Henry Bunn and butchery/cutmarks
ER U 4 Henry Bunn and GaJi 5 - cutmarked bone
ER U 5 Nick Toth and replication of stone tools
ER U 6 Nick Toth and replication and use of stone tools
ER U 7 Nick Toth and butchery of elephant
ER U 8 Examples of cutmarked bone**
ER U 9 Jeanne Sept and vegetation transects; Annie Vincent and tubers

Volume X: Site FxJj 50

ER 50: 1 General views and views from air
ER 50 2 1977 season trenches
ER 50 3 Fossil roots; termitries
ER 50 4 1978 season trenches
ER 50 5 Artefacts in situ
ER 50 6 1978 views of excavation
ER 50 7 1979 season
ER 50 8 Root casts; diagrams
ER 50 9 1979 BBC filming
ER 50 10 Preparing floor for filming by replacing artefacts in place
ER 50 11 Modified bone and stone; staff being filmed
ER 50 12 Preparation for filming

Box 99
Volume X (continued)
ER 50 13 Excavated artefacts
ER 50 14 Excavated refitting pieces

ER 77: 1977 Season
ER 77 1 Sailing Richard’s new boat to Lamu; field survey Karari
ER 77 2 Heaviest rains in memory: flowers; flash flood at Kampi ya Kivuli
ER 77 3 Camp activities, at Sechinaboro (Kampi ya Kivuli)
ER 77 4 People

ER 78: 1978 Season
ER 78 1 People; camps
ER 78 2 Seminars; people; camps
ER 78 3 Same

ER 79: 1979 Season
ER 79 1 Camp activities
ER 79 2 Field seminar

Volume XI : Upper Member excavations

ER P 1 FxJj 11, FxJj 15
ER P 2 FxJj 27, FxJj 29, FxJj 30, FxJj 34, FxJj 35
ER P 3 FxJj 40, FxJj 41
ER P 4 Site 999
ER P 5 Karari tools
ER P 16 FxJj 16 (and FxJj 17)
ER P 16/2 FxJj 16 artefacts
ER P 18 FxJj 18GS, Upper and Lower
ER P 18/2 FxJj 18NS, IHS
ER P 18/3 FxJj 18NS; artefacts
ER P 20 FxJj 20AB
ER P 20/2 FxJj 20 M(ain)
ER P 20/3 FxJj 20E; KNM-ER 3230
ER P 20/4 FxJj 20E “fireplaces”
ER P 33 FxJj 33
ER P 33/2 FxJj 33; FxJj 37
ER P 38 FxJj 38 Southeast and South; and hominids
ER P 38/2 FxJj 38NW
ER P 63 FxJj 63 1978
ER P 63/2 FxJj 63 artefacts in situ
ER P 63/3 FxJj 63; FxJj 64 plan
ER P 64 FxJj 64 1979

Volume XII: Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania 1984

In the summer of 1984 Glynn Isaac and David Pilbeam led a Peabody Museum Travel Program to East Africa. At Ruhengiri, the group made two visits into the forest to observe habituated gorillas.

RW: Rwanda
RW 1 Kigale; Lake Kagera; Gabiro; and drive out of Gabiro
RW 2 Gabiro/Ruhengiri
RW 3 Drive out of Gabiro: bushfire
RW 4 Drive out of Gabiro; bushfire
RW 5 To Ruhengiri
RW 6 Gorillas
RW 7 Gorillas

TZ: Tanzania
TZ 1 Gibbs Farm; Olduvai; Ngorongoro Crater
TZ 2 Ngorongoro Crater
TZ 3 Drive to Ndutu
TZ 4 Serengeti wildlife
TZ 5 Serengeti/Ndutu wildlife

K: Kenya
K 1 Visit to Rick Potts site Lainyamok, Magadi; flight to Koobi Fora; surface survey for
cutmarked bone in GaJi 5 area.
K 2 Koobi Fora
K 3 Exacavation; clast size survey; air views

Box 100
Volume XIII Peninj Delta, west shore of Lake Natron, Tanzania
In late 1963 Louis Leakey asked Glynn Isaac to join Richard Leakey on the western shores of Lake Natron Tanzania, where Richard had been prospecting for fossils supported by the National Geographic. During the field survey organized by Glynn an Australopithecine mandible was found. Two seasons in 1964 were occupied by excavating the jaw site (KJS) and two Acheulean sites. Glynn returned in 1969 with his UC Berkeley team from Nakuru for a short visit; in 1979 a week was spent prospecting for a joint expedition with a French team led by Maurice Taieb, resulting in a short and a longer field season in 1981 and 1982 respectively.

NA 1 1963, 1964 Survey and KJS
NA 1.1 Views from land and air
NA 1.2 Climbing Lengai; collecting rock samples
NA 1.3 Excavation at KJS
NA 1.4 Excavation at KJS; visit by Louis and Mary Leakey
NA 2 Excavations at KJS, RHS and MHS
NA 2.2 Surface finds; excavation at RHS
NA 2.3 Excavation at RHS; RAF transport plane; raft across lake; Sonjo
NA 3 Artefacts; camps; Sonjo
NA 4 Sonjo
NA 4.2 Camp, and Peninj River
NA 5 Various scenes
NA 5.2 Roadbuilding down western scarp
NA 6 1981, 1982 lndscapes; KJS; Sonjo
NA 7 Drive in; Sonjo
NA 8 Visit to Bayasi (MHS) 1981; William’s site 1982
NA 9 Mugulud (RHS) 1982; survey at Maritanane 1981
NA 10 Survey Outcrop Unit III, 1981, 1982 (Scatter Between the Patches work)
NA 12 Artefacts and fossils
NA 13 Fossils; butchery; simple, readily available artefacts
NA 14 River camp and camp en route to Mugulud
NA 15 Camp and journeys
NA 16 Opening up 1964 track down western scarp
NA 17 Lake Natron

Volume XIV This volume represents Glynn Isaac’s interest in modern hunter-gatherers as possibilities for illuminating early hominid behavior AUS: Australia. In 1976 Glynn was invited to ANU to give four lectures. During that time he visited Lake Mungo where Australia’s oldest humans had been discovered. He also arranged to fly into Western Australia, to Docker River (Katulkajara) in the Petermann Range to spend a few days observing food acquisition. (Slides were not well labeled.)

AUS B1 Presumably an excavation by ANU students.
AUS B2 Canberra
AUS C2 Journey to sea coast close to Canberra
AUS C1 Journey to sea coast
AUS M Visit to Mungo
AUS M2 Visit to Mungo
AUS K1 Air views Alice to Docker River
AUS K2 Katulkajara camp; walkabout
AUS K3 Food gathering: witchetty grubs; grass seed
AUS K4 Drive out via Ayers Rock to Alice

ZUM: “!Kung (Jumkwasi)”. Before traveling to Australia, Glynn visited the camp of John
Yellen and Alison Brookes at Dobe in Botswana.
ZUM 1 Journey to camp
ZUM 2 Archaeological site; camp
ZUM3 Women gathering tubers
ZUM 4 Bush food
ZUM 5 Hunter
ZUM 6 Digging for tuber; camp
ZUM 7 Various

Volume XV: Eurasia

BA 1: British Archaeology Taken while Glynn was at Cambridge University Department of Archaeology 1959-1961
BA 1 Verulamium; Old Sarum; Peacock Farm; Maiden Castle; Maxey
BA 2 Creswell Crags - joint archaeological excavation of CU (with Dr. Charles McBurney)
and the Derbyshire Archaeological Society
BA 3 CU excursion to Silbury, Stonehenge, Avebury

DV: Dordogne. Glynn traveled to France Easter and summer of 1960 (when he dug with
Professor Hallam Movius of Harvard) and Easter 1961
DV 1 Sites in the Dordogne
DV 2 Excavation with Hallam Movius at Les Eyzies

PYR 1 Travel through France, 1960

EUR 1 Taken during Burg Wartenstein Conferences, 1965, 1971

EOS: European open sites visited for comparison with East African open sites
EOS 1 Pincevint, France
EOS 2 Etoiles, France

TAM: Terra Amata - an Acheulean site in Nice, France, excavated by Henri de Lumley
TAM 1 Site and artefacts
TAM 2 Coprolites; seafront

TRA: Torralba-Ambrona - Spanish Acheulean open air sites visited in 1981
TRA 1, 2

VE: Verteszollos, a Palaeolithic site visited first briefly from Burg Wartenstein in 1965, and
again to record artefacts in 1971
VE 1 Site museum exhibit (1965, 1971), work in Museum 1971; artefacts
VE 2 Artefacts
VE 3 Site museum exhibit; cast of fig leaf
Volume XVI: New World

NW: Grasshopper and Snowflake visited during drive across country in 1974 - two Berkeley students were on the excavation team.
NW 1 Base camp; Grasshopper; Snowflake

MH: Mt. St. Helens was visited by the Berkeley Old World Prehistory Program to compare a recent modern ash fall with the ancient East African one.
MH 1

Box 101
Volume XVII: Laetoli. Visited during Mary Leakey’s 1978 excavation field season, the year that a track of hominid footprints had been found. In 1977 several less obviously human prints had been uncovered.

LAE 1 Landscapes in Laetoli area; fossil dung; fossil twigs
LAE 2 Animal tracks
LAE 3 1977, 1978 hominid footprints
LAE 3 Footprints

Volume XVIII: Hunter-gatherer ethnography

HAD: Hadza tribe, Lake Eyasi, Tanzania. Glynn’s student Annie Vincent was in the field in 1984 studying the acquisition and consumption of underground storage organs.
HAD 1 Modern cut-marked bone; Annie Vincent’s camp
HAD 2 Learning about tubers; camp at stream
HAD 3 One day of gathering
HAD 4 Roasting tubers; making a digging stick
HAD 5 Digging series
HAD 6 Digging and camps
HAD 7 Collecting doum palm nuts
HAD 8 Hunting series, with firemaking
HAD 9 Hunting and firemaking

ZIT: The pygmy Bambuti and farming Lessee of the Ituri Forest. Glynn’s student Jack Fisher was researching the ethnoarchaeology of the Bambuti settlements. (Note: the accepted terminology for the two groups is Efe (for Bambuti) and Lese.
ZIT 1 Flying to Nyakunde; road to Ngodingodi; walking in forest
ZIT 2 Forest trekking; Ngodingodi camp
ZIT 3 Bambuti settlements
ZIT 4 Lessee gardens; ironworking; fish weir
ZIT 5 Forest trek to rock shelter; Bambuti huts
ZIT 6 Departure from Ngodingodi; forest trek
ZIT 7 Forest and gardens

COLOR SLIDES/PUBLICATIONS: Perspectives on Human Evolution: E. Africa & Paleontology [Staples Press Slide Project © 1975 W.A. Benjamin

RESERVES : Extra and Duplicate slides of images included in the volumes. The images that are unnumbered were sorted and filed in the general categories at the end of the reserves.
ER: FxJj 1-8
ER: FxJj 20-50
V & A

Box 102


End Part 2
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