Register to the Papers of
Glynn Ll. Isaac

By Barbara Isaac and Susan McElrath

National Anthropological Archives
Smithsonian Institution



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Koobi Fora Research Project

Olorgesailie Research Project

Naivasha and Nakuru Research Project

Natron Research Project

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Biographical Note

Glynn Llywelyn Isaac was born on November 19, 1937 in Cape Town, South Africa. He attended school in South Africa and England. He earned a B.Sc. in Zoology in Archaeology - Ethnology in 1958 from the University of Cape Town and a B.A. (1961) M.A. (1966) and Ph.D. (1969) from the University of Cambridge. Glynn Isaac received numerous awards and scholarships including the J.S. Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship (1975-1976).
Glynn Isaac lived and worked in both East Africa and England during his studies at the University of Cambridge. He served as Warden of Prehistoric Sites for the Royal National Parks of Kenya from 1961 to 1962 and as Deputy Director of the National Museum of Kenya, Centre for Prehistory and Paleontology from 1963 to 1965.

Glynn Isaac moved to the United States in 1966 when he joined the faculty of the Department of Anthropology at the University of California - Berkeley. He was invited to be a visiting scholar in the Department of Prehistory and Archaeology at the Australian National University in the summer of 1976. Glynn Isaac was the George Grant McCurdy Visiting Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Harvard University during the Spring Semester in 1981. Glynn Isaac became a full time Professor of Anthropology at Harvard in 1983. Glynn Isaac died in 1985.

Glynn Isaac specialized in archaeological studies of early hominid adaptation. His major field work took place at Lake Natron in Tanzania, Olorgesailie, Naivasha/Nakuru, and Koobi Fora in Kenya. The Koobi Fora work was funded by a series of National Science Foundation grants. Glynn Isaac’s wife, Barbara was an active collaborator in his work. She made many of the pencil drawings in the collection and served as co-editor of his posthumous publication on Koobi Fora. Isaac’s contributions to the study of the paleolithic include work on the theory of typology, the studies of artefact form and function, and his pioneering work in site formation and interpretation.


Collection Description

The Glynn Isaac Papers document his lifelong interest in the study of human origins and evolution. A significant portion of the collection consists of files relating to Glynn Isaac’s field work at Koobi Fora, Olorgesailie, Lake Natron, and Naivasha/Nakuru (1961-1985). These files contain accession records, catalogs, correspondence, drawings, field notes, grant proposals, lectures, manuscripts, maps, printouts, photographs, publications, reports, and slides. Glynn Isaac’s teaching experiences at University of California - Berkeley and Harvard are also well represented with class notes and other teaching materials. His studies at the University of Cape Town and the University of Cambridge are also documented. Among the extensive correspondence files are letters from the members of the Leakey family along with students and colleagues studying hominid development in Africa. The collection also features copies of his lectures and a complete set of his publications including reviews.



Barbara Isaac donated the Glynn Ll. Isaac Papers to the National Anthropological Archives in 2001 and 2002. A Wenner-Gren Foundation Historical Archives Program Grant enabled Barbara Isaac to rehouse the collection and to prepare an initial version of this register. In 2009, Barbara Isaac donated Glenn Isaac’s 1972 field journal from his research in East Rudolf.



The correspondence files in the Glynn Ll. Isaac Papers are closed until 2025. Individuals needing access to these materials may apply for an exception from the donor, Barbara Isaac.


Series Description and Container List

KOOBI FORA RESEARCH PROJECT 1969-1995 (Bulk 1969-1986)

East Rudolf (later renamed East Turkana). After Richard Leakey’s discovery of fossil bearing deposits in 1969, he invited Glynn Isaac to join him as co-leader of a combined UC Berkeley and National Museums of Kenya team. The work continued until 1979. The archaeological sites excavated by Glynn and his students ranged in age from 1.9 to 1.4 my. Several students wrote doctoral theses from the resulting studies which included artefact replication, site deposition, taphonomy, and food acquisition. See Plio-Pleistocene Archaeology, Volume V of the Koobi Fora Research Project, Clarendon Press, 1997. This series contains correspondence, catalogs, grant proposals, logs, manuscripts, notes, lab analysis, plans, polaroids, and reports.

Box 1
Site records

East Rudolf 1972 – Misc. Notes
“Miscellaneous sites. Record books and catalogues”
[FwJj 3], [Hominid 3733], [Surface sampling, 1970], [Area 103] 1970-1977
“East Rudolf - Notes Various” [Omo], [Melka Kunture] 1971
[Site 999, inc. Hominid 1805, 1806, FxJj 44] 1972-1974
“General logs and catalogues”, [SASES table] 1972
“East Rudolf” [103, FxJj 13], “Old Thompsons Fall Road” 1972
“Palaeo-Mag Catalogue”, “Palaeomag Notebook” 1972
“East Rudolf - Notebook and Log [and Menengai, Nakuru, Kariandusi] 1973
“General Log”, “Daily Log East Rudolf” 1973-1974

FxJj 1
“Catalogue”, [Cards] 1969
[Notes], [2 Catalogue sets] 1970
“FxJj 1, FxJj 3” [2 Field Level Books] 1971
“Field Catalogues” 1971 [1 of 2]

Box 2
FxJj 1 (continued)
“Field Catalogues” 1971 [2 of 2]
[Field records] 1972
[Field Level Book] 1972
[Field Notes] 1972 [2f]
[Catalogues, artefact lists] 1972
[FxJj 1, FxJj 10 Archaeology catalogue] 1972, 1974
[Miscellaneous Behrensmeyer sections xeroxed] 1970-1971
“Misc. Inventory and Attribute Data” 1972-1973
“Misc. Inventory and Attribute Data” 1977-1981
“Misc. Inventory and Attribute Data” [Printouts] 1981

Box 3
FxJj 1 (continued)
“Cortex Counts” ND
[Bone] 1969-71
[Bone] 1972
“Bone” 1981
FxJj 1, FxJj 3, FxJj 10 “Bone”, [Bone Attribute data printouts] 1977, 1982

FxJj 3
“FxJj 3”, [FxJj 6, FxJj 7] - [Site Notebooks], [Plans],[Catalogues] 1970
“FxJj 3”, [Area 105] - “Profiles”, [Plans], [Fieldnotes] 1971
“Field catalogue”, [Level book] 1971
[Site notes and Field Catalogues; Secondary classified lists] Field level books, FxJj 3,
FxJj 12] 1972
“FxJj 3, FxJj 10, FwJj 1” [Catalogue book] 1972, 1974
[Xeroxes of cards, stone and bone] 1972
“Collection of Surface Pieces” 1974
[Background sample trench + related work] 1979 [2f]
“Area 105 - Scatter and Background Studies, Surface” 1979
[Miscellaneous] 1970-1978

Box 4
FxJj 3 (continued)
[Misc. inventory and attribute data], [Computer printouts], 1981 [5f]

FxJj 10
“Field Inventory of Surface Finds” 1972
“FxJj 10, [FwJj 1] Level Book” 1972
“FxJj 10, FwJj 1 Site Notes” 1972
“Catalogue” 1972-1974
“Level Book”, “Transect Levels” 1973

Box 5
FxJj 10 (continued)
“Field Notes” 1973
“Catalogue” 1973
“Miscellaneous Site Notes etc.” 1973
[Misc. inventory and attribute data], 1981 [2f]
“Xerox of FP Sketches/Attrib”, “DPs”, “Cortex Frequencies” 1974, ?

FwJj 1
“FwJj 1”, [Ileret Area 8A], “Site Note Book” 1972-1973
“Catalogue” 1972
[Miscellaneous] 1972-82

FxJj 11
“Surface Catalogue”, [Plans], “Catalogue”, “Record Book” 1972
FxJj 12, FxJj 13
“Catalogues”, [FxJj 13 - Miscellaneous] 1972

Box 6
FxJj 15
“Field Notebook”, [Polaroids], “Sections”, “Interior Report” [Miscellaneous],
“Catalogue” 1974, 1977
FxJj 11, FxJj 16, FxJj 17, FxJj 18, FxJj 20
[Notes on Flakes], [Inventories]

FxJj 16
[Level book] 1972
“Field Notes” 1972
[Polaroids], [Plans], “Catalogue”, [Printout] 1972

FxJj 17
“Level Book” 1973
[Plans], “Record book”, “Catalogue”, [Printout] 1972-1973

FxJj 18 NS
[Plan], “Record Book”, “Levelling notes” 1972
“Catalogue” 1972

FxJj 18 IHS
“Level Book” 1973
[Polaroids], [Plans], “Temporary Catalogue”, “Site Note Book” [Sample lists] 1973

Box 7
FxJj 18 IHS (continued)
“Catalogue” [0001-1200] 1973
“Catalogue” [1201-2341] 1973
[Printout] 1973

FxJj 18 GS
“Level Books [2]” 1973-1974
[Polaroids], [Plans], “Record Book”, [Orientations] 1973-1974
“Catalogue” [Printouts] 1973
“Catalogue” 1974

FxJj 20 [M and E]
[Plans], “Field Notes” 1972
“Catalogue 1” 1972
“Catalogue 2” 1972
FxJj 20, FwJj 1, “Level Books [2]” 1973

Box 8
FxJj 20 [M and E] (continued)
FxJj 20 M “Field Notes” 1973
“Catalogue 3” 1973
“Catalogue 4” 1973
[Surface] “Catalogue” 1973
FxJj 20 M and Extensions “Catalogues” [20,000-20,800] 1979
“Catalogues” [21,000-21596] 1979
“Catalogues” [23,000-27,014, 11,300-22,033] 1979
FxJj 20 E “Level Book, Eastern Extension”, “Level Book FxJj 20 East (near 1805,
1806)” 1973-1974
[Level Book 20E?, 1805] 1974

Box 9
FxJj 20 [M and E] (continued)
“Site Notes” 1973
[Plans]. “Fireplaces” [including photos] 1973
“Catalogue” 1973
“Site Notes” 1974
“Catalogue” 1974
“Site Notebooks” 1977
“Site Record Book” 1978-1979 [2f]
“Site Notebook 1979" 1979
[Catalogues], [Orientation and dip] 1977-79

Box 10
FxJj 20 [M and E] (continued)
FxJj 20 AB “Level Book” 1973
[Catalogue] 1973
“Catalogue”, [Printouts] 1973
FxJj 20, [Miscellaneous inc, preliminary reports on 20S, 20E] ND
FxJi 20, [Printouts]
FxJj 20, Paleomagnetism 1985

FxJj 21
“Record Book”, “Catalogue” 1974

FxJj 23
[Plans], “Record Book”, “Catalogue”, [Printouts] 1973

FxJj 33
[Plans], “Polaroids” 1977
“Site Record Book” 1977
“Catalogue” 1977
“Preliminary Report”, “Classification of Cores” 1977

Box 11
FxJj 37
“Site Notebook” 1978
“Catalogue” 1978 [2f]
[Plans], “Preliminary Report”, [Data sheets], [Printouts] 1978

FxJj 38
[Geological sections], [Levels], [Plans ?38NW, ?38E], [Site notebooks] 1974, 1977
“Catalogues” [inc. 1805, 1806] 1977

FxJj 50
[Geological sections, site notebooks] 1977
[Site notebooks], [Re-excavations], [Termite notes] 1978, 1979
“Catalogues” 1977, ?

FxJj 63
[Plans] = “Plots” 1978

FxJj 63 (continued)
“Site Notebooks” 1978
“Catalogues” 1978 [2f]
[Miscellaneous] 1978
[Tool outlines] ?1979

FxJj 64 (PE 18)
[Plan], [Kay’s Record book], [Archaeology Record book], “Catalogue” 1979
[Notes on attributes, inc. raw materials, orientation, conjoinability],
[Computer coding, data sheets] 1979

Fwj 1,3;FwJj 9, FwJj 10, PE 10, PE 11, Ileret Area 8
[Plans], [Section], [Air photos, negs.], [Record book], [Catalogue], [Miscellaneous]
Hominid Footprints Site
[Sketch map, proposed building cover] ND
[Pencil Drawings of Stone Artefacts and Bones, All Sites - See: Flat Storage Box 1]
Archaeology Monograph
[Correspondence re Series Vols. I-V] 1974-1976 [RESTRICTED]
[Correspondence Vols. I-IV] 1977-1984 [RESTRICTED]
[Correspondence Vol. V. Archaeology] 1980-1984 [RESTRICTED]

Archaeology Monograph (continued)
[Correspondence Vol. V] 1986-1995 [10f] [RESTRICTED]

Archaeology Monograph (continued)
[Correspondence Vol. V] 1995-1997 [4f] [RESTRICTED]
[Glynn’s organisational notes, Barbara’s notes] 1980-82, ?

Foreword, Preface
[Drafts] 1991-1992

Chapter 1
[Drafts] 1984

Chapter 2
[Glynn’s organisational notes], [Early draft] Before 1981-1985
[Edits - G. Ll. I], [Brown], [AKB] 1985,1987
[Final edit] 1988, 1992

Box 15
Archaeology Monograph (continued)
Chapter 2
“Appendices” 1981-1986
[Plates] 1989
[Figures - drafts] 1981-1995
[Tables - drafts] 1981-1995
[Table 2.2] “Dating Table” 1983
[Faunal tables -drafts] ?1983
[Faunal cards] Before 1984
[Reports - A.K. Behrensmeyer] 1972 - 1980
[Papers consulted] Before 1985

Box 16
Archaeology Monograph (continued)
Chapter 3
[Editor’s notes], “FxJj 1”- “Superseded text”, “Appendices” 1981-1995
“FxJj 1” - [Plates], [Figures], [Tables] 1981-1995
“FxJj 3” - [Superseded text] 1981-1995
“FxJj 3” - “Plates” 1983
“FxJj 3” - [Figures] 1981-1995
“FxJj 3” - [Tables] 1981-1995
“FxJj 10” -“Superseded Text”, [Plates] 1977-1984
“FxJj 10” - [Figures], [Tables] 1974-1995
[Plotted graphs, Ambrose, FxJj 1, 3, 10] ND
[Miscellaneous] 1975-1984

Chapter 4
[Editorial queries] 1984-1995
“FwJj 1” - [Superseded text] ?-1990

Box 17
Archaeology Monograph (continued)
Chapter 4
“FwJj 1” - [Figures], [Tables] 1981-1995
“FxJj 11” - [Superseded text], [Figures], [Tables] 1981-1995
“FxJj 16” - [Superseded text], [Figures], [Tables] 1981-1995
“FxJj 17” - [Superseded text], [Figures], [Tables] 1981-1995
“FxJj 18 Site Complex” - [Superseded text] 1981-1995
“FxJj 18 Site Complex” - [Figures], [Tables] 1981-1995
“FxJj 20” - [Superseded text] 1981-1995 [2f]
“FxJj 20” - [Figures], [Tables] 1981-1995
“FxJj 23” - [Superseded text], [Figures], [Tables] 1981-1995
“FxJj 33”- [Superseded text], [Figures], [Tables] 1981-1995
“FxJj 37” - [Superseded text], [Figures], [Tables] 1981-1995

Box 18
Archaeology Monograph (continued)
Chapter 4
“FxJj 38” - [Superseded text], [Figures], [Tables] 1981-1995
“FxJj 50” - [Superseded text] 1984-1995
“FxJj 50” - [Superseded text] 1985-1986
“FxJj 50” - [Figures], [Tables], [Plates] 1981-1995
“FxJj 63” - [Superseded text], [Figures], [Tables] 1981-1995
“FxJj 64” - [Superseded text], [Figures], [Tables] 1981-1995
[Plates] 1981-1995
[Appendices not included] 1981-1995

Chapter 5
[Superseded text], “Miscellaneous Notes”, “Miscellaneous including Zefe’s comments” 1981-1995
[Figures] 1981-1995
[Tables] 1981-1995

Box 19
Archaeology Monograph (continued)
Chapter 6
[Text - final corrections] 1985-1995
[Original organisational notes], [Superseded text #2] 1981-1995
[First draft of text] 1981
[Figures] 1981-1995
[Figures - preliminary data; early drafts] 1981-1995
[Tables] 1981-1995
[Appendices, Tables A-T] 1981-1995
[Appendices, Tables G-Q] 1981-1995

Box 20
Archaeology Monograph (continued)
Chapter 6
[Appendices, Tables R-Z] 1981-1995
[Notebook observations on assemblages] 1981-1995
Appendices [Illustrations of artefacts - Samples of First Choice] 1981-1995
[Appendices- Artefact illustrations, organisational notes] 1981-1995
[Supporting research], [Calculations] 1981-1995

Chapter 7
[First draft - text], [Figures] 1981-1995
[Tables], [Plates], [Appendix 7F] 1981-1995
“Appendix” 1981-1995

Box 21
Archaeology Monograph (continued)
Chapter 8
[Superseded text] 1981-1995 [2f]
[Figured] 1981-1995
[Tables], [Plates] 1981-1995
[Appendices] 1981-1995

Chapter 9
[Editor’s notes],[Final corrected version] 1981-1995
[Superseded text, with editorial comments] 1993-1995
[Early versions, with editorial response] 1986-1992
[Superseded figure captions] 1990-1993
[Figures - early versions] 1987-1995
[Tables, esp. conjoining], [Experiments by Glynn] 1981-1995

Archaeology Monograph (continued)
Chapter 10
[Superseded text], [Miscellaneous early material] 1979-1995

[Checklists], [Bibliography],[Miscellaneous] 1981-1995
Scientific Correspondence/Papers [RESTRICTED]
“Abell” 1976-1978
“Barbetti” 1976-1978]
“Barthelme” 1970-1988 [2f]
“Behrensmeyer” 1970-1986 [2f]
“Black” 1973-1975

Scientific Correspondence/Papers [RESTRICTED] (continued)
“Bonnefille/Vincens/Palynology” 1973-1984
“Brown” 1975-1985
“Cerling, T.” 1974-1983
“Cox & Dalrymple” 1972-1978
“Dating Experiment 1981-1982” 1978-1982
“Curtis/Drake” 1974-1978
“Fitch and Miller” 1972-1978
“Fitch and Miller Reports” 1971-1976 [3f]
“Findlater” 1971-1981
“Ecology”, “Gillett/Botany” 1973-1979

Scientific Correspondence/Papers [RESTRICTED] (continued)
“Geophysics/Khan, Skinner, Johnson, Barton, Goles”, “Geomag” 1974-1979
“Geomorphology”, “Frostick and Reid” 1975-1976
“Gleadow/McDougall” 1974-1982
“Harris, Jack” [ J.W. K. Harris] 1972-1985, 1997 [5f]
“Harris, Jack”, “Accounting” 1973-1975
“Hominid Fossils” 1972-1975
“Holocene C14 Dates” 1971-1985

Scientific Correspondence/Papers [RESTRICTED (continued)
“John Harris” 1972-1977, 1979-1983 [2f]
“Johnson” 1970-1974
“KFRP - Laporte” 1978-1981
“Leakey, Meave” 1973-1989
“Leakey, R.E.L.” 1969-1996 [4f]
“Maglio” 1970-1973
[Marshall, Fiona]
“Organic Geochemical Studies”, “Ostracods” 1971
“Owen and Renaut” 1979-1984
“Palaeomag” ND

Scientific Correspondence/Papers [RESTRICTED] (continued)
“ER Paleomag Reports” 1973-1974
“Paleomag”, “Brock and Ndombi” 1970-1981 [2f]
“Paleontology”, [Tuffs, labelling] 1975-1976
[Photo Log and Correspondence] 1981
“Stern, Nikki” 1981-1995
“Taphonomy, Recent Osteology” 1971-1972
“Toth” 1976-1985
“Vondra and Iowa” 1970-1972
“KFRP - Walker” 1979-1984
“Watkins, Ron KFRP” 1975-1995
“T. White, Tuff Correlations and Nomenclature” 1977
“Williamson/Molluscs”, “Schwartz” 1977-1984

Scientific Correspondence/Papers [RESTRICTED] (continued)
“Wood, Bernard” 1973-1982
Scientific Reports/Meeting Notes 1969-1973 [2f]
“1973 Nairobi Conference (Rudolf)” “Notes/Transcripts of Discussion” 1973
Scientific Reports/Meeting Notes 1974-1975
“Cambridge Meeting - February 1975” 1975
“Estimation of Faunal Resemblances...” [Berkeley May 1975] 1975
“Dating Seminars” [Cambridge October 1975] 1975
Scientific Reports/Meeting Notes 1976-1977
Final Technical Report: Soc 74-12741 1977

Scientific Reports/Meeting Notes 1976-1977
Final Technical Report: Soc 74-12741 1979
Scientific Reports/Meeting Notes 1978-1980
“1979 Field Seminars”, “Seminar Discussion Notes” 1979
[General Correspondence/Notes] 1971-1973 [RESTRICTED]
“Anglia Film” 1974-1975 [RESTRICTED]
[General Correspondence/Notes] 1974-1975, 1977-1995 [4f] [RESTRICTED]
[Plans for 1986-1988] 1984-1985
Grant Proposals
“NSF Correspondence”, [Other Correspondence] 1969-1972 [2f]

Box 29
Grant Proposals (continued)
“NSF Correspondence”, [Other Correspondence] 1978-1986
[Text] 1973-1986 [2f]
[Text] 1971-1972 [2f]
[Text] 1974
[Text] 1976
[Text], [Continuation of NSF BNS 76-14333] 1977
[Text] 1977-1979 [2f]
[Text] 1980
[Text] [BNS 8014139] 1980

Box 30
Grant Proposals (continued)
[Text] 1985
“Wenner-Gren Foundation” 1970, 1983
[Accounts] 1979
[Accounts/Lists, KF] 1979

Berkeley Research
“Lab Records and Analysis”, [mainly 1971 + 1972] 1970-1971 [2f]
“Lab Records + Analysis, FxJj 10” 1972-1974
“PCA Analysis 1973” 1973
“Flake Data FxJj 1, FxJj 3, DK 1” 1972
“Chopper Data, FxJj 1, Fxjj 3, DK 1”, “To travel with, G. I. ‘72” 1972 [2f]
“Archaeological Bone, FxJj 1, FxJj 3, 10” 1969-1973 [2f]

Box 31
Berkeley Research (continued)
“220 H Project - Part II Choppers” 1973
“220 D Statistical Project Stone Tools”, “220 H Part III” 1973
“Olduvai Quantitative Analysis” ND
[Printouts, U. Pittsburgh 1981 - See: Flat Storage Box 2]
“Computer File” 1971-ND

Bibliography 1970-1983
[National Geographic Film Record] 1968-1973
“Lists of Records and Maps” 1974-1983
[Disposition of Collections] 1972-1994
“K.F.R.P. Computer”
“Guide to Berkeley Computer Codes and Data” 1975-1979
[Kenyan Staff]
“Muster Roll Book” 1979

Box 32
[Kenyan Staff] (continued)
“School Fees Roster” 1982-1984
“Letters” 1979-1989
[Mostly accounting for school fees] 1981-1982
Glynn’s personal logs and notebooks
“Log and Field Notes” 1974
“16th. August 1976” 1976
“Koobi Fora Research, Oct-Nov 1977 Season, Diary/Notebook of G. L. Isaac” 1977
“Koobi Fora 1978 and East Africa” 1978
“1979” 1979
“1984 East Africa, Log and Notes Book 1” 1984
“Book 2” 1984
“Aug-Sept.1985” 1985

Box 33
“Scatter Between the Patches”
“Artefact Density Survey - KBS” 1972
“Systematic Surface Samples - Summary of Counts” B 1974
“E.R. Archaeology 1974” “Systematic Surface Samples - Notes” 1974
“Karari Surface Sample Program” “Abstract of Field Samples”, “Map”, “Procedures 1974”
“Abstracts”, “Coding Information” 1974
[Analyses of Data], [Preparation of Figures] 1974
“Survey of the Density of Artefacts on Eroded Outcrops” 1977
“Operation Follow Horizon 20” 1977
“Continuation” [Notebook + loose sheets] 1978
“SPB - Area 131, OFH - 18 SW & GS, + Ileret Areas 8 & 1” 1979
“Area 105 - Scatter & background Studies - Surface” [Notebook and map] 1979
[Annotated xeroxes of 1978 notebook] 1979
“Field Notes - 1985” 1985

Box 34
“Scatter between the Patches” (continued)
[Various and printouts] 1978
“Histograms for all (density)” 1978
“Histograms for Selected Categories and Variables (density)” 1978
“Statistics for Selected Categories & Variables (density)” 1978
“Density Histograms for Selected Groups (continued)” 1978
“Percentage Histograms All Data” 1978
“Percentage Histograms Selected” 1978
“Percentage Histograms for Selected Categories” 1978
“List of Scatter Outcrop Strips and Sample Points...Frequency of Pieces”
[Printout of Graphs] 1979-198
[Printouts 1980 - See: Flat Storage Box 3]
[Printouts 1980, 1981 - See: Flat Storage Box 4]
[Notes on procedures for analysis by G. Ll. I] [Histograms] ?1981
[Notes and printout - N. Stern] 1986

For Koobi Fora find cards and spit cards, see Card Boxes

OLORGESAILIE RESEARCH PROJECT 1946-1981 (1961-1972 Bulk)

Olorgesailie is an acheulean site, first discovered by Mary Leakey during the war, and subsequently excavated by Louis and Mary. It was developed as an open-air Prehistoric Site with a residential warden. Glynn Isaac became warden in 1961, did extensive geological work and excavations 1961-1965, and wrote the research up as his Ph.D. thesis for Cambridge, submitted 1968. This series contains accessions, analysis, correspondence, notes, reports, and tool data.

Box 35
“Notes on Manuscript by L.S.B.L[eakey]”; [Illustrated London News article Oct. 5 1946],
[1946 press cuttings] 1946, 1965
[Notebook: Preliminary Reconnaissance; Collections in Nairobi; Index of finds 16/12/61],
[Notes on Leakey excavation finds 1944] “Olorgesailie Exhibit in Coryndon”,
“List of Surface Observed Artifact Occurrences in density for Olorgesailie.” 1961
“Olorgesailie Day Book” 1961-1962

“Trans Ol Keju N Sections” 1964
“Olorg N-S line, Sections a-l” 1965
“Olorg West-East corr. sectn line. Sections A-T” 1965
“Sample Columns” [I-VII] 1965
[Reconnaissance notes not attached to specific sections],[Barometer readings], [Annual
rainfall] 1963-1965
“Plan showing measurements of current and channel orientations” “Shanamu, Map by R.
Wright” N.D.
[Notes towards geological reconstructions], [Correspondence with Shackleton and Baker] 1962-1966
[Drafts of correlated sections] 1965-1966, ND [2f]
“Diatom Sample Log Book” [#D.S. 1-165C], [Notes on “Soil Samples taken in August 1943 by Mrs. Leakey”] 1962-1963
“GEOL. & DIAT. SAMPLES” [#166-581] 1964-1965
[Work on diatomites], [Correspondence with Cholnoky, Round, Cornwall, Stoops,
Richardson] 1963-1971
[Drafts of Paper on Geology, 3 versions], [includes section on site I3], [Unpublished?]
[section on site I3] N.D.

Box 36
“Field Note Book, I” 1961-1962
“Field Accessions Book” 1961-1964
“Geology of the Magadi Area”, [Geological Survey of Kenya (includes Shackleton’s Site
Map)] 1958
“Paleomag” [notes] 1972

Site records
“Museum Accessions Book”, [DE/89 faunal lists] 1961-1965
“Site I2, Note cards summarising finds” 1962
“Site I3 Excavation notes”, “Catalogue” 1962
“Site I4, F/89, C/10, C/12, D/10, E/10, E/11, E/12, G/13, G/2, H/6” 1962
“DE/89 [including orientation]” 1962-1963
“DE/89B - Towards Inventory”, “Procedure” 1962-1965
“EF/89” 1962-1965
“H/6 and H/7 (minor)” 1962-1965
“Site H/9” 1962-1965
“H/9 B Cobble Horizon” 1962-1965
“Minor, Main Site Cuttings M/10, K/7, P/8, Q/10” 1962-1965
“Cat Walk 1965 Field Season” 1965

Box 37
Site records (continued)
“Hippo Banda”, [List N.D.; List 1972; Notebook, list and map 1976] N.D., 1972, 1976
“Mid Record Cards”, “Orientations” N.D.
“Site LHS” 1965
“Site MFS” 1964
“Main Site Accessions”, “Vol. I MS 1-1181”, [EF/89, DE/89, H/9] 1961
[Main Site Accessions], “Vol. II 1182-2600”, “DE/89, H/9” 1962
[Main Site Accessions], “Vol. III MS 2600-4599” [DE/89, H/6] 1963-1964
[Main Site Accessions], “Vol. IV MS 4600-7000” 1964
[Main Site Accessions], “Abstract of the Register”, [Typed list], “Unallotted Numbers”,
[Meng, Misc], “Lab Allocated Numbers L” 1962-1965

Tool Data
“I3, HAs” 1961-1965
“I3, Bifaces other” 1962-1965
“I3 and LSS, LT other, Chunky Bif”, [Basal Bed B, Friday Beds] 1962-1965
“I3 Knives” 1962-1965
“I3, Basal Beds A and B, Cleavers” 1962-1965
“I3 Excluded from Biface Anal.” 1962-1965
“I3 Choppers” 1962-1965
“I3 Picks” 1962-1965
“B4, DE/89 H.As. Complete Data” [Includes Trial Trench] 1962-1965
“DE/89 B H.As. data incomplete classic” 1962-1965
“DE/89 Ext[ension] Sub Classic” 1962-1965
“DE/89 B H.As Compl. data” [Meng] 1962-1965
“DE/89 LTR H.As” 1962-1965
[DE/89] “Cleavers” 1962-1965

Box 38
Tool Data (continued)
“DE/89 LTR Cleavers” 1962-1965
“DE/89-B4 Biface3 other (Misc Rtch from MTPs)” 1962-1965
“DE/89 Knives”, [H/9] 1962-1965
“DE/89 Utilised large Flakes” 1962-1965
“DE/89 B1, B2, B3, B4 - LT other”, [Trial Trench] 1962-1965
[DE/89] “B4 Cleavers” 1962-1965
“Tr. Tr. B2, LS VI, H.A. outlines”, “LS VI CLs” 1962-1965
[DE/89] “Tr. Tr. LS X - HAs” 1962-1965
[DE/89] “LS X and B2” [Knives] 1962-1965
[DE/89] “LS X - CLs” 1962-1965
[DE/89] “Tr. Tr. M10 - Biface, other etc., rtch” 1962-1965
“H/6 - H.As; Pieces from horizons other than the main floor; tools other” 1962-1965
[H/9 - H.As] 1962-1965
“H/9 Cleavers” 1962-1965
“H.As - Lower Stratigraphic Group (Friday Beds, Basal Beds A,B)” 1962-1965
“Cat Walk - Rows C-D, H.As., Cls., Kns., Pieces OTHER incl. Scrapers, Flakes, MTPs” 1962-1965
“Hog - H.As” 1962-1965
“Meng - H.As” 1962-1965
“Meng - H.As (sub)” 1962-1965
“Meng - Knife”, “Meng - Cleavers” 1962-1965

Box 39
Tool Data (continued)
“Mid Handaxes”, “Additional Attributes” 1962-1965
“Mid - Cleavers” 1962-1965
“Mid - Broken LCT” 1962-1965
“Between floors Var. Data” 1962-1965
“Biface, Tools other and related”, “H/6 + LHS; Meng; Tr. Tr. M10; B4; DE/89, LTR,
Mid H/9” 1962-1965
[Large Cutting Knife], “H. As. - Classic - Incomplete Data” 1962-1965
“Picks - B2, L[ower] T[uff] R[unnel], L[and] S[urface] X. Hog” 1962-1965
“Picks - Var. Mid, Meng, DE/89 B” 1962-1965
“Choppers - M[iddle] S[tratigraphic] G[roup], U[pper]SG” 1962-1965
“L[arge] Scrapers” 1962-1965
“Outlines Lge. Scrapers”, [Data Sheets] 1962-1965
[Small scrapers] 1962-1965
“Lge. Flakes w. misc. rtch (= M[iscellaneous] T[rimmed]P[iece]s)” 1962-1965
“MTP + Broken lge. not included in Anal. 8/67” 1962-1967
[Miscellaneous] “DE/89 Broken H.As” 1962-1965
“Olorgesailie Biface Measurements” ND

Box 40
“Definitions of Terms & Abbreviations” 1962
“Old notes on Typology and Definitions” [including] “Notes on the Estimation of
Discrepancy between Measurements made on Specimens of Hand Axes and
Measurements made on Outline Drawings”, “Notes on Quantitative Methods. Misc.”
“Miscellaneous Procedures, Notes, etc.” [inc. on typology], “Modifications on the
Classificatory Scheme proposed by M. R.Kleindienst...” ND
“H. A. typlogy” [Specific tool typology], [Definitions] ND
[Handaxe, cleaver and pick data - flake scars] ND
“Olorg. Quant.” [Bifaces], [Comparative material] ND
“Olorg. Qantit[ative] Work Bk” [#1], [Large Tools] ND
“Olorg. Qantit[ative] Work Bk” [#2], [Large Tools] [includes] “Preliminary analysis of
variation in the Morphology of Handaxes in Olorgesailie Acheulean Industries”
“Bifaces & large Tools, Quantitative Studies and Typology” ND
“H.A. Form & Roe Diagrams”, “Scattergram by Site” ND
“Small Tools - Primary Data” ND
[Small Tools] [Morphology], [Analysis of variance], [Attribute Frequencies], [Diagrams]

Box 41
Analysis (continued)
[Quantitative Studies/Characteristics of Assemblages] ND
“Lab Sheets, Flakes” ND
“Olorg. Flake” ND
[Flake Data] ND
“Flakes Misc. Abstractions”, [Flake format for computer], [Natron Attributes] ND
[Various sites - data for computer] ND
“Class Analysis: [File #1], A Preliminary Examination of Variation in the Proportion of
Major Tool categories for East African Acheulean Industries” ND
“Class Analysis [File #2], MFS Notes on Sorting and Impressions Cambridge, July 1966”,
“Hog”, “LHS”, “Tr. Tr.”, “H/9 and Mid”, “DE/89”, “I3” ND
“Class Analyses and Corelatn”, “Tables”, “Diagrams”, “Etc” ND
“Manuscripts of H.As etc. Input Data for Cambridge Comp” ?1965-6
“Sheets for Tapes”, [Cambridge], [DE/89] 1965-1966
“Scraper Type Frequencies”, [Also H. Axes, Cleavers, Cores, etc.] [Computer printout,
Cambridge] ND

Box 42
Analysis (continued)
“(Cambridge) Computer Input”, “Olorgesailie Artifact Measurements: Series for Test Run
1st Draft” 1965-1966
“Computer 1967 Program, Information etc.” [Berkeley] 1967
Comp[uter] & Coding Notes (Survey Research Centre)” ?1967
“Computer Control Data etc”. [Berkeley] ?1967
“Printout of Transformed Data (1) for Lge Tools Grouped by Site and by Type within Site”
[Computer Printout, Berkeley] ND
[Computer Printout, Berkeley] ?1967
“Handaxes”, “Cleavers”, “H.As & Small Tools”, [Computer printouts], [Notebook with
code information] [Berkeley] 1967
“Sm. Tools. Analysis of Var. Printout” [Berkeley] ND
“Scr. & Sm. T superceded Data Tables etc.” [Berkeley] ND
“Cores - Primary Data”, “Analysis of Variance Printout” [Berkeley] ND
“Flakes” [Computer Printout - Berkeley] [#1 Cards] 1967
“Flakes” [Computer Printout -Berkeley] [#2 paper slips] 1967

Box 43
Analysis (continued)
“Lge Tools. Frequency Data and Plots, Attributes in Relation to Types”, “Small Tools” ND
“Log Ratio Diagrams” [Handaxes and Cleavers] ND
[Tables not Used] ND
“Raw Material” ND
[Printouts - 1967 - See: Flat Storage Boxes 5-7]

Specialist Reports and Correspondence
[Fauna] [Cooke, Gentry, Bramblett, Taylor, Koch, Schwartz, Louis Leakey], [Checklist and
Notes, Birds and Mammals] 1961-1981
[Palynology; Livingstone, Van Zinderen Bakker] 1962-1964
“Vegetation” [Glover] 1965
[Fire; molluscs; snails; bolas; geophysics; radiometrics] 1964-1966
“River Channel Bars and Dunes - Theory of Kinematic Waves” [Inspirational paper by
Luna Leopold] 1968
[Dating], [Eugster] 1972
[Analysis of diatom samples collected by Richardson] 1971
“Organic Geochemical Sampling - Masai Manyatta”, “Norman Smith” 1967, 1971
[Questions] 1975-1978
“List of Archaeological Specimens from Olorgesailie for which Temporary Export License is
requested”, “List of Maps, Plans, etc.” 1965

Olorgesailie Research Funds
[Correspondence re funding] 1962-1965
“Wenner-Gren Foundation” [with final reports] 1962-1978
[Account Book]; [Receipts] 1961-1965

[Reports by G. Ll. I. 1961-1965], [Early accounts; lecture notes perhaps for East African
Academy], “Brief Personal Report on Attendance at Vth. Pan African Congress...”,
“VIIIth. PAC Excursion to Olorgesailie”, [‘Prehistorian’ talk], [Notes on talk ND]
“Proposals for a Ph.D. by Glynn Isaac”, “Supervision 10/12/65”, “Report on Progress”, “Draft
Contents of Thesis”, “Contents of Olorgesailie Monograph” 1964-197?
“Isaac and Corrucini - Misc. Notes”, “Experiments in Multivariate Analysis of Early Stone
Industries” [Unpublished] ND
For Isaac and Corrucini, See also: Flat Storage Box 8

For Olorgesailie Find Cards, see Card Boxes.



Glynn Isaac led a UC Berkeley expedition to the Naivasha-Nakuru area in 1969-1970 to investigate Holocene (MSA and LSA) sites; two of the students, Charles Nelson and Harry Merrick utilized the research for their doctoral theses. At the same time Joe Richardson worked on the chemistry of the lakes. This series contains correspondence, grants, notes, and reports.

Box 44
Early Work
“Gambles Cave and Misc. 1964 notes” [Prettejohn, Nderit] 1964-1965
“Prospect farm” [Assisting Barbara Anthony] 1964
“System of Site Designation for Africa Gridded by Latitude and Longitude” [Original note,
map and SASES cards] 1969

“Lower and Middle Enderit” [includes Long’s Well], “Correlated sections and text”,
“Stratigraphy in the Lower Enderit Valley” [Draft] 1969-1970
“Lower and Middle Enderit” [Notes/section descriptions]
“Enderit Drift” [Notes/section descriptions]
[Nderit - various notes and sections], [Summary of Formation B in the Trolley Truck
Location], [Notes on sediment samples]
[Enderit - notes/section descriptions by Charles Nelson
“Enderit Drift”, “Sections R, S, U, V, W, X, MM, OO, PP, QQ, SS, UU, VV, WW, S.E.
Corner [Harry Merrick] Section T” [xeroxed]
“Prettejohns Gully”, “Sections and Notes, G. I.” 1969-1970
“Prettejohns Gully - G.I.” [Notes/section descriptions] 1969

Box 45
Geology (continued)
“Prettejohns Gully” [Sections and notes by H. V. Merrick] 1969-1970
“Prettejohns Gully” [Notes by Paul Buckland] 1969-1970
“Prettejohns Gully” [Notes/sections by Paul Buckland] 1969
“Eburru var” [Paul Buckland], [G.I. with Blackburn] 1969-1970
“Larmuriac & Makalia” 1969-1970
“Larmuriac and Makalia” [Notes/section descriptions -G.I.] 1969-1970
“South Shore of Lake Nakuru” [Notes/section descriptions] “Altimeter Readings”
“Nakuru” [Level book] 1969
“Enderit Drift - Levelling Data” 1969-1970
“Nakuru Misc. Levelling Data” [includes Enderit - Long’s Drift, Prettejohns Gully]
“Nakuru Basin - Rock Samples” 1969-1970
“Nakuru Geological Catalogue” [List of samples] 1969-1970
“Map - South A-37, A-1-SE; 1:50,000”, and “Diagrammatic Simplification of the
Stratigraphy in the Corner between Mt. Eburru and the Mau Esacarpment” 1956, ND
“Draft Account of Nakuru Stratigraphy 1973”, [Notations by Richardson] 1973

Box 46
Geology (continued)
“Geology of the Naivasha Area” [Geological Survey of Kenya], “Geology and
Groundwater Conditions in the Nakuru Area” [Ministry of Works] 1963, 1957
Site records
“GrJi I, F 15 Elevation Data” [#1] 1969-1970
“GrJi I, F 15 Elevation Data” [#2], [Site plot] 1969-1970
“GrJi I graphic plots”, [List of] “Obsidian shipped to Isaac” 1969-1970
[GrJi 1] “Nakuru Bone File” 1969-1975
“GrJi I” “Elevations of Feature 15 Bone Midden” [and computer printout] 1975
“GrJi 1” “Computer Codes and Procedures” 1975
“GsJi 2” [Sections] 1969-1970
“Miti Mingi, Andy Smith’s Notes on Artefact Density” 1969
“Nakuru/Eburru Artifact Density Records - GsJi 20” 1969-1970
“Obsidian Density Survey”, “Enderit Drift” [including GsJi 2, 10, 20] 1970
“Obsidian Density Survey”, “Enderit Drift” [including GsJi 21, 22, 24, 25],
“Profiles for GsJi 10, 20, 22” 1969-1970
“Obsidian Density Survey” [Analysis] ND
“Catalogue - Sites other than GrJi 1” [#1] 1969-1970, [#2] 1969-1970
[Pencil Drawings of Stone Artefacts, GrJi 1, 11 and GsJi 1, 2, See: Flat Storage Box 9]

Box 47
Specialist reports and Correspondence
[Buckland] 1970-1973
“C 14” 1970-1973
“GrJi 1 faunal Analysis Report - Gifford”, “Faunal Analysis Progress Report - Olson”
[1972] ND, 1972
“Obsidian-X-Ray Analysis” [Bailey], [Class paper] “X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of some
Kenyan Obsidian” [Miner and Buss] 1971, 1974
[Gordon Goles- Pyroclastics] 1973-1974
“Obsidian Hydration - Taylor” 1974
[Richardson - Analysis of lake cores], “Paleolimnological Records from Rift Lakes in
Central Kenya”, “Final Technical letter Report” 1970-1973
[Livingstone, D.A.] 1967-1970
[Glynn’s consideration of work done by Richardson and Livingstone] ND
[Class Papers] “Project report on part of the GrJi 1 Material”[Karoma] “A Report on an
Assembly - GrJi 1” [Busby] 1972

[Official and Permits], “Memorandum to the Ministry of Natural Resources to the
Republic of Kenya” 1968-1970
[General] 1971-1981

Grant Proposal
“Prehistory and Later Quaternary Environments in the Naivasha and Nakuru Lake Basin,
East Africa” “GS-2344” 1968
“Faunal remains as an Index of Economic Practices at an LSA Camp in Kenya”

Scientific Reports
“The Stratigraphy of the Area south of Lake Nakuru; an Interim Summary, Aug-Nov. 1969” 1969
“Preliminary Report” 1970
[Two papers presented at Kroeber Society - (1) Obsidian Density, (2) Objectives and results of 1969-1970 Project] 1970
“Second Preliminary Report” 1971
“Faunal Remains as an Index of Economic Practices at an LSA Camp in Kenya”
[Gifford and Isaac] 1974
“The East African Archaeological Expedition, 1928-1929”
[Xerox of report by L.S.B.Leakey] 1929
[Notes for a lecture] ND

Box 48
Lists ND
[Accounts Book] 1969-1970
[Labor management issues] 1969-1970
“NSF Labour records” 1969-1970
[Accounts ledger] 1969-1970


NATRON RESEARCH PROJECT 1951-1998 (1963-1985 Bulk)

Peninj Delta, west shore of Lake Natron, Tanzania. In late 1963 Louis Leakey asked Glynn to join Richard Leakey on the western shores of Lake Natron Tanzania, where Richard had been prospecting for fossils supported by the National Geographic. During the field survey organised by Glynn an Australopithecine mandible was found. Two seasons in 1964 were occupied by excavating the jaw site (KJS) and two Acheulean sites. Glynn returned in 1969 with his UC Berkeley team from Nakuru for a short visit; in 1979 a week was spent prospecting for a joint expedition with a French team led by Maurice Taieb, resulting in a short and a longer field season in 1981 and 1982 respectively. This series contains analysis, correspondence, grants, maps, notes, and reports.

Box 49
“Section Notes on Peninj Delta, Maritanane”, “Section Notes 1964 season” [Peninj Delta]
“MHS-PT & Peninj Gorge Areas, Mid Peninj Sections, SS1 Section (= Mugure
Canyon)” “Central sector (Shiree & Alaro)”, “Southern (Malambo, Moinik &
Mozonik)”, “Notes on Sediments between Normal and Reversed Lavas” 1963-1964
“Recent Sediments and Other General geology”, [Air photographs], [Reconstruction of
regional Sequence], [? list of samples], [Notes on a section of the High Natron Beds in
which Chert was found to be forming] 1964
“Peninj Hydrological records - for working out” 1964
“Field Notes” 1963-1964 [2f]
[Kipalagu Geological Sections] ?1983
[Difficult to find reports] - [Stevens and Guest] [Gorschev and Krasnov] 1951, 1968
[Early notes - attempts at sequencing/correlation] [Notes made as a result of air
reconnaissance] 1963-1965
“Geological and Misc. Invert. Specimens” 1964
“Natron Sed[iment] Data Cards” 1964
[Notes on soil samples - list & provenance], [Notes on Geological samples for dating]

Site records
“RHS and MHS” [RHS map and section, & excavation notes] [RHS + MHS assemblage
analysis and write-up] 1963-1964
“Field catalogue” [Three versions] 1964
“KJS” [Maps, sections, xerox of site catalogue], [Draft report] - “Investigations at the Site
which yielded the Natron (Peninj) Australopithecine Mandible” 1964, 1969
“West Natron 1981 Pocket Notebook of Glynn Isaac (plus visit to Ambrona on return
journey)” 1981,1982
[Field notebook - surface collecting] 1982
“Bayasi (MHS) 1981 Notes”, [Maps], [Summary of finds 1964 and 1981] 1981

Box 50
Site records (continued)
“Maritanane - Outcrop Survey for Fossils and Artifacts June-July1981” 1981
“Maritanane”, “Field Catalogue” [Typed], [Preliminary analysis of fauna], [Preliminary
analysis of artifacts] 1981
“Natron 1982 Mugulud Site Notes”, “formerly RHS” 1982
“Kipalagu” [Map and catalogue] 1982
“Kamare I” 1982
“Artifact Distribution Outcrop Sampling Experiment West Natron/Peninj 1982” 1982
“Inventory of Natron Scatters Study” 1982
“Paleontology Field Notebook”, “Sample Plot 82-F - (1) Field Sketch, (2) Specimen
Distribution” “B. Hanson” 1982
[Notes on collection of fauna, xeroxed, by B. Hanson] 1982
[Air photographs & overlays] 1982

Tool Data
[Pencil Drawings of Stone Artefacts, 1964, 1981-1982 - See: Flat Storage Box 9]
“MHS” “Artefact Datas Cards”, [Tool outlines - G. Ll. I.] 1964
“MHS Artifacts” [Tool outlines #1] 1964, 1982
“MHS Artifacts” [Tool outlines #2] 1964, 1982
“RHS Data Cards” 1964

Tool Data (continued)
“RHS Artifact Data Cards - Large Tools var.” 1964
“RHS - Artifacts”, “Tool Outlines [G. Ll. I.], photographs and record cards” 1964
“RHS Artifacts” [Outlines] 1964, 1982 [3f]

[RHS and MHS - early notes], “Abstracts”, [Measurements], [Orientation], [Tables] 1964
[Data for computer] 1982
“Natron Publication Program” [Unpublished preliminary material by Toth - xeroxed] 1985
[Comparative data] ND

Specialist Reports and Correspondence
“Palaeontology - Gentry”, “Gentry - Bovids”, “Basil Cooke on Natron Suids” 1965, 1970
“Miscellaneous Dating Information” 1969-ND
“Taieb” and “Johanson” 1974-1985 [RESTRICTED]
“Taieb” and “Johanson” 1974-1985 [RESTRICTED]
“Domingez-Rodrigo” 1996-1998 [RESTRICTED]
[Other] 1969

Scientific Reports
“Lithic Litter on the Landscape” [Paper presented at] “1983 Kroeber Anthropological
Society Meeting” [includes preliminary analysis] 1983
[General] 1973-1984 [RESTRICTED]
[Official and permits] [including A. A. Mturi, Masao, Ndessokia] 1969-1985 [2f]
[Grant Proposal NSF BNS-8212313] 1982
[Funding requests & expedition planning] 1981-1982 [RESTRICTED]
[Financial records] 1981-1983
[Lists] 1982-1983


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