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LEFT: White Crow's revolver is a regulation 1873 Colt .45. In his left hand he holds a quirt, one of the few native objects depicted in these drawings. A black fatigue hat covers hair that is longer than that of the other scouts. The scouts were ridiculed by other Cheyennes because they were forced to cut their long hair. These drawings and extant photographs demonstrate that the rule was not closely enforced.

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  • Douglas C. McChristian. The U.S. Army in the West, 1870-1880. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1995.
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White Crow hunting a turkey on horseback

Squint Eyes produced these drawings in ink and watercolor on the pages of a small notebook with lined paper. The book originally contained 34 drawings. It was given to Major John Dunlop in April 1887 and remained in his family for nearly 100 years before the book's covers were removed and some of the drawings were dispersed.

In 1991, the Dunlop family donated 21 of the drawings to the National Anthropological Archives, together with the book's original covers and a copy of a letter that documents the history of the book.


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Written by Bob Rea
Fort Supply Historic Site

With Contributions by Candace S. Greene
Department of Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution

Designed by Robert Leopold
Digital imaging by Becky Malinsky
Department of Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution




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