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Tsamko ≠Oma, Nyae Nyae, 1982
Orthography Note
Ju/'hoansi are the speakers of the Ju/'hoan language. Various cultural descriptors used over the years include !Kung which is a language group containing three dialect groups, one of which is the Ju/'hoansi; San, which is now regarded by the Ju/'hoansi to have negative connotations; and Bushman, which ironically (given the derogatory history of this term) is now preferred by the Ju/'hoansi as a term of dignity. (Orthography information provided by Dr. Polly Wiessner, University of Utah anthropologist and long-time field worker among and researcher of the Ju/'hoansi.)
The orthography of the Ju/'hoan language has changed many times, though an official orthography was agreed upon and accepted by the Namibian government in 1991. For the sake of consistency given the size of the collection, this website, as well as the finding aid and cataloging records for the Marshall collection at HSFA continue to use the orthography used by the Marshall family beginning in 1950. These spellings are usually anglicized versions of the official orthography, though in some cases they may be outdated or incorrect. For authoritative information on Ju/'hoan orthography, please see the Ju/'hoan-English Dictionary by Patrick Dickens and the Ju/'hoan Peoples Literacy Committee.

Expedition truck, 1955

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Headband made of ostrich eggshell beads, !Kung Bushmen, Nyae Nyae, South West Africa
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John Marshall Collection, Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Institution
Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University
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