The Canela (Eastern Timbira), I: An Ethnographic Introduction.
By William H.Crocker
Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology,
Number 33, 487 pages, 11 tables, 51 figures, 78 plates, 1990.

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The younger Kaapltk chided his helpers in 1958 in this manner:

N Pp m tswa?n n pal prm naare, kwlyap ka ha katt khm m kumm m pankty kaakaa-ts pit yaar.

[negative-emphasis Crocker in-himself (lies, made-up-stories) any to-hear wants not, therefore you will narrowly-correctly in-that-way plural-you to-him plural forefathers (breathing-thing, lifestyle, customs) only tell]

Pp doesnt want to listen to lies; therefore, you must tell him only correctly about our forefathers life style.

[Mr. Jack Popjes (SIL) provided the version of the sentence in Canela (checked by Yaako) and its free translation.]

FRONTISPIECE.The younger Kaapltk.

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