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Jorge Prelorán Collection at Human Studies Film Archives

The films I make are all part of a path towards a goal I've set for myself: to try to understand the human experience."
-- Jorge Prelorán, “Documenting the Human Condition”, Principles of Visual Anthropology, Paul Hockings (ed.), 1975

Explore the work of Argentine filmmaker Jorge Prelorán.  Renowned for his humanistic approach to storytelling, Prelorán created more than sixty films, hundreds of audio recordings, extensive production and correspondence files, and thirty-one digital books during his lifetime.  Working in Argentina, Ecuador, the United States, and elsewhere, Prelorán collaborated with anthropologists, musicians, animators, scientists, and visual artists to document and explore religion, folklife, art, culture change, and natural history.  He paid particular attention to the extraordinary stories of ordinary people, creating many rich biographical portraits.

Read on to learn about Prelorán's career and philosophy, find ways to research the collection, and view one of his digital books. Watch short film clips below and visit the Screening Room for longer clips and complete films.

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