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Jorge Prelorán Collection Site Credits

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The Jorge Prelorán Collection web exhibit received Federal support from the Latino Initiatives Pool, administered by the Smithsonian Latino Center. The films Hermogenes Cayo, Casabindo, Iruya, La Iglesia de Yavi, Quilino, El Tinkunaco, Tejedor de Tilcara and Chucalezna are being preserved thanks to funding from the Latino Center.

The processing of the Jorge Prelorán Collection was supported by a grant from the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Historical Archives Program.

The films Luther Metke at 94 and Claudia were preserved thanks to funding from the National Film Preservation Foundation.

Accessing Anthropology: The Collections and Archives Program at the Department of Anthropology was made possible by a grant from the Web Advisory Group (WAG), National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. It has been a collaborative effort amongst many staff and interns within the Collections and Archives Program.

Stephanie Christensen - Website Design and Programming
Karma Foley - Content Development and Multimedia Production

Mabel Prelorán - Consulting and Translations
Lely Zagaglia – Editing, Spanish Translations

Meghan Currey - New Media Intern, Website Design and Programming
Gail MacFarquhar - New Media Intern

Pam Wintle, Senior Film Archivist, Human Studies Film Archives
Jake Homiak - Director, Anthropology Collections and Archives Program

Thanks to - Frank Aveni, Cynthia Close, Eduardo Diaz, Joanne Flores, Brittany Gravely, Edgardo Krebs, Regina Longo, Susanna Mulé Richard Muñiz, Diana Munn, Daisy Njoku, Samantha Oddi, Fermín Rivera, Conrado Solari, Mark White, and Ranald Woodaman.

Photographs and Multi-media
Jorge Prelorán Collection, Human Studies Film Archives, Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
Sergio Barbieri, Mónica Bellantig, Lorenzo Kelly, and Fermín Rivera

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General information for materials in the Human Studies Film Archives is available here. Please contact Daisy Njoku, Media Resource Specialist, at 301-238-1315 or for details on ordering video, audio, or photographs from either archive. To view website image ids click here.

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