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Accessing Anthropology: Site Credits

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Accessing Anthropology: The Collections and Archives Program at the Department of Anthropology was made possible by a grant from the Web Advisory Group (WAG), National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. It has been a collaborative effort amongst many staff and interns within the Collections and Archives Program.

Stephanie Christensen - Website Design, Programming, and Content Development
Meghan Currey - New Media Intern, Website Design and Programming
Gail MacFarquhar - New Media Intern

Contibutors Content Development- Megan Avera, Carrie Beauchamp, Stephanie Christensen, Rose Love Chou, Kim Cullen Cobb, Karma Foley, Leanda Gahegan, Candace Greene, Joshua Gorman, Greta Hansen, Jake Homiak, Kelsey Horne, Deborah Hull-Walski, Jim Krakker, Daisy Njoku, Felicia Pickering, Daniel Rogers, David Rosenthal, Lynn Snyder, and Pam Wintle

Ann Kaupp- Editing
Jake Homiak - Director, Anthropology Collections and Archives Program

Links to individual site credits:

Jorge Prelorán Collection Site Credits
Anchorage Loan Conservation Project Site Credits


The Smithsonian continues to research information on its collections. Contact Smithsonian for current status. Please refer to Smithsonian's Terms of Use webpage for information regarding use of material from this website.

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