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Anchorage Loan Conservation Project

Anchorage Project Team


Project conservators: Michele Austin-Dennehy, Kim Cullen Cobb, Landis Smith from NMNH and Kelly McHugh from NMAI

  • Jake Homiak, Project Manager; Director, Anthropology Collections and Archives Program, NMNH
  • Elizabeth Gordon, Project Manager, NMAI
  • Greta Hansen, Conservation Manager, NMNH/ACL
  • Marian Kaminitz, Head of Conservation, NMAI
  • Igor Krupnik – Curator, NMNH Ethnology
  • Aron Crowell – Curator, Arctic Studies Center, Anchorage Museum
  • Dawn Biddison – Co-Curator, Anchorage Museum
  • Valerie Free, Anchorage Project Coordinator
  • Deb Hull-Walski, Registar; Anthropology Collections Manager, NMNH
  • Patricia Nietfeld – Collections Manager, NMAI
  • Rajshree Solanki – Registration Specialist for Loans, NMAI
  • Ryan Kenny, Registration Technician, NMNH Anthropology
  • Jim Pepper Henry, Director, Anchorage Museum
  • Suzi Jones, Deputy Director, Anchorage Museum
  • Monica Shah, Director of Collections, Conservator, Anchorage Museum
  • Heather Farley, Registration Technician, NMAI
  • Morgan Little, Registration Technician, NMNH
  • Rebecca Withers, Registration Technician, NMAI
  • Molly Gleeson – Conservation Intern, NMNH
  • Ann Starkweather – Anthropology Research Intern, NMNH
  • Dawn Planas – Conservation Intern, NMNH
  • William Shelley – Conservation Intern, NMNH
  • Kari Kipper – Conservation Intern, NMAI
  • Amber Davis – Conservation Intern, NMAI
  • Allison Meadows– Conservation Intern, NMAI
  • Caitlin Mahony – Conservation Intern, NMNH
  • Peter Mclhenney – Conservation Intern, NMNH

  • Special thanks to:

    Ernest Amoroso (NMAI photographer); Dan Austin (exhibit mount maker); Sylvester Ayek (Inupiaq consultant); John Eugene Bartels, Sr., Wolf/Eagle (Chookaneidí consultant) clan leader; George Bennett Sr. (Tlingit consultant); James Bennett (Tlingit consultant); David Boxley (Tsimshian consultant); Carols Bustamante (exhibit packer); Vernon Chimegalrea (Central Yup'ik consultant); Matthew DiMarco (exhibit installer); Chris Dunham (exhibit mount maker); Ken Easton (exhibit mount maker); Loretta Eubanks (exhibit mount making assistant); Robert Fuglestad (exhibit mount maker); Sven Haakenson (Sugpiaq consultant); Patricia Henkle (NMNH Anthropology Department volunteer); Kirk Hoffman (Ely Inc. project manager); Eric Hollinger (NMNH repatriation); Shirley Holmber (Tanana Athabascan consultant); Don Hurlbert (NMNH photographer); Harold Jacobs, cultural resource specialist, Wolf/Eagle (Yanyeidí consultant); Shirley Jimmerson (Upper Tanana consultant); Edwell John (Tlingit consultant); Erika Johnson (exhibit mount making assistant); Tommy Joseph (Tlingit consultant); Elaine Kingeekuk (St. Lawrence Island Yupik consultant); Chris Kirages (exhibit packer); Walter Larrimore (NMAI photographer); David LaTouche (Benchmark project manager and exhibit mount maker); Mair LaTouche (exhibit mount maker); Aaron Leggett (Dena'ina consultant); Mary-Jane Lenz (NMAI curator); Ian LeValley (exhibit packer); Wayne Long (exhibit packer); Chuna McIntyre (Central Yup'ik consultant); Bill Mead (exhibit mount maker); Beauford "Charlie" Pardue (Gwich'in consultant); Jonathan Pressler (exhibit mount maker); Karen Rifredi (Koyukon consultant); Dermott Rooney (installation assistant); Bob Sam (Tlingit consultant); Erik Satrum (NMAI collections); Clay Smith (exhibit packer); Vera and Zhargal Solouyeor (Yakut/Sakha consultant); Karen Stickman (Dena'ina consultant); David Thom (exhibit mount maker); Shelly Uhlir (exhibit mount maker); R.A. Whiteside (NMAI photographer); Raymond Wilson, Raven (Kiks.adi consultant) clan leader; and Rick Yamada (exhibit packer).

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