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Anchorage Loan Conservation Project

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Transporting nearly 600 objects from Washington, DC to Anchorage, Alaska is not easy under the best of circumstances but a January departure date complicated matters due to expected cold temperatures during shipment. As a result thermally buffered crates were required as was cavity packing of objects in interior boxes that were dynamically cushioned within crates to minimize vibration. Crating and packing had to take into consideration the rigors of both truck transport and air freighting. Due to the size and number of crates in the loan three different shipments of crates were required, each necessitating trucking first to Chicago and then air freighting to Anchorage due to limited airline availability for such large shipments. Where possible objects were packed by exhibit case assemblage to facilitate later installation at the Anchorage Museum. In all, the loan required 72 crates and 230 interior boxes. The images below document the packing and crating process that occurred in various spaces and the Museum Support Center.

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