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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


Forensic Anthropology offers exciting opportunities for students to learn new concepts and apply them to current or historical objects. Students who are able to visit the museum can schedule time to participate in the one of two Forensic Mysteries Workshops at Q?rius, the Museum's hands-on educational experience. This page includes links to the page for registration for field trips.

The Q?rius website itself provides many forensic anthropology and other resources for teachers to use in the classroom, even if they cannot make the field trip to visit the Museum.

This website, Written in Bone, offers several videos and a web comic that can be helpful resources for the classroom as well as the Written In Bone Educator's Manual - a Teacher's Guide. See our resources page for details.

Visit the NMNH Education home page to learn more about the Museum's education programs and more resources for teachers.

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