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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Department of Anthropology

Teachers participating in workshop

Project Archaeology: Smithsonian Sponsors Chesapeake Office

The Smithsonian’s Department of Anthropology is the Chesapeake Regional Office of Project Archaeology, a nationally recognized archaeology education program with regional offices in 20 states.

The program develops educational materials for teachers, scout leaders, and museum educators. It conducts workshops for incorporating archaeology in the classroom and provides ongoing regional mentoring between professional archaeologists and educators. Many aspects of the curriculum materials are interdisciplinary.

Research Collaborator Maureen Malloy is the part-time volunteer coordinator of the Chesapeake regional office.

As the result of many years of developing public outreach materials in addition to the publication of the award-winning publication AnthroNotes, the Department of Anthropology provides a variety of outreach materials online. These materials include leaflets, bibliographies, and teaching activities. A listing of these free online materials is offered below.



  • Latest Print Issue: Fall 2012
  • Back issues from Fall 1996 to the present are available online.
  • All 84 issues, from 1979 through winter 2012, are also now available through the Smithsonian Institution Libraries Digital Repository. The pdfs are searchable, allowing users to find specific authors or topics.
  • AnthroNotes Index represents all 33 years of print publication (1979 – 2012) of AnthroNotes, listing the articles and authors in each issue.
  • The second edition of the AnthroNotes compendium, titled Anthropology Explored: Revised and Expanded, was released by SI Books on July 9, 2013 as an E-book, available from Amazon. See the Anthropology Explored website for more information and an online instructor’s guide.

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