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Culin, Stewart. Games of the North American Indians. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 1992. First published as the 24th Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of American Ethnology in 1907. (A comprehensive work dividing American Indian games into two classes--games of chance and games of dexterity--with a tabular index to tribes and games.)

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Wissler, Clark. "Indian Costumes in the United States." Guide Leaflet, American Museum of Natural History. Leaflet #63. New York: American Museum of Natural History, 1931. (Drawings and photographs of clothing and other articles used by the Indians of the United States)

Wolfson, Evelyn; Poyden, Nancy illus. American Indian Utensils: Make Your Own Baskets, Pottery, and Woodenware with Natural Materials. New York, NY: David McKay Co., Inc.; 1979. 111 pages. Organized by culture area, this guide includes: basketry techniques, plants used for weaving, directions for making various kinds of baskets; pottery techniques, instructions for making pots; and information on woodworking tools and materials with instructions for making birch bark containers, spoons, and bark cordage. Illustrated with black and white drawings and diagrams. Includes a selected bibliography, and an index. (intermediate/secondary). i/s/how-to.

The Anthropology Outreach Office also has bibliographies on American Indian basketry, beadwork, pottery, textiles, symbolism, and silverwork as well as on the arts and crafts of the Indians of the Plains, Southwest, and Northwest Coast and Arctic.




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