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Data Record ID: 8
Catalogue ID: stirling_11
Published In: Stirling 1939a: 197 and Stirling 1943b: 14-16, figure 4 and plate 14abc
Site: Tres Zapotes, Veracruz
Photographer: Richard H. Stewart
Year: 1939
Collection: M.W. Stirling collection, National Anthropological Archives
Notes: Tres Zapotes Stela D. This monument shows the open mouth of an animal, possibly representing the Earth Monster. Three human figures are carved in low relief in the back of the mouth. In 1939 Stirling described the style of this stela as “quite suggestive of Mayan art.” This was, however, before the style was recognized as preceding the Maya and before the name Olmec was applied to the style and to the civilization that produced it.

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