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Data Record ID: 37
Catalogue ID: stirling_46
Published In: Stirling 1943b: 59 and plate 46a
Site: La Venta, Tabasco
Photographer: Richard H. Stewart
Year: 1942
Collection: M.W. Stirling collection, National Anthropological Archives
Notes: Northwest corner of the stone enclosure, partially excavated. This rectangular area, located just north of the big mound of La Venta, is fenced in by stone pickets of columnar basalt. During the two field seasons at La Venta (1942 and 1943) Matthew Stirling and his crew did not have the time to entirely excavate the enclosure or the basalt columns. During later excavations by Drucker, Heizer and Squier, in particular in 1955, this feature was further excavated.

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