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Data Record ID: 25
Catalogue ID: stirling_28
Published In: Stirling 1939a: 204; Weiant 1943: 118 and plate 67-1
Site: Tres Zapotes, Veracruz
Photographer: Richard H. Stewart
Year: 1939
Collection: M.W. Stirling collection, National Anthropological Archives
Notes: Carved stone yokes, Tres Zapotes. In 1939 M.W.Stirling wrote that these objects were called “yokes,” because “it was once believed they were placed around the necks of persons about to be offered to the gods.” The one on the left is a conventionalized frog, while the other probably represents a jaguar. It is currently believed that these objects represent the yokes that players in the Mesoamerican ball game wore around their waists.

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