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Data Record ID: 12
Catalogue ID: stirling_15
Published In: Drucker 1943a: 81-82, 133 and plate 50f (left); Drucker 1943a: 83-85, 133 and plate 51c (right)
Site: Tres Zapotes, Veracruz
Photographer: Richard H. Stewart
Year: 1940
Collection: M.W. Stirling collection, National Anthropological Archives
Notes: Left: Hollow, mold-made, San Marcos-style figurine, from a cache from trench 23. Right: Hollow figurine, San Marcos-Lirios hybrid style, from a cache from trench 23. These firgurines date from the period of Tres Zapotes occupation well after the Olmec style and culture had ceased to exist as such.

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