Smithsonian EXPEDITIONS - credits

 This online exhibition was developed and written by a working group consisting of Dr. Jane MacLaren Walsh, Dr. Pamela M. Henson, and Dr. Margaret R. Dittemore and with assistance from the Latin American Research Program, Department of Anthropology and William E. Cox, Smithsonian Institution Archives

Financial support was provided by a generous grant from the Latino Center to the Latin American Research Program of the Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History and the Miami Museum of Science

The website was designed by Michael Leclair of Adventures Graphic Design & Production

Artifact and document photography by Willie Heinz and Victor Krantz unless otherwise credited.

The exhibition from which this website is derived was exhibited at the Interamerican Development Bank Cultural Center Gallery in 1996 to commemorate the Smithsonian Institution's 150th anniversary.

The Project was supported at the Smithsonian Institution by Ira Michael Heyman, Secretary; Constance Berry Newman, Under Secretary, J. Dennis O'Connor, Provost; Miguel A. Bretos, Counselor to the Secretary for Latino Affairs

The project was supported at the Inter-American Development Bank by Enrique V. Iglesias, President; Nancy Birdsall; Executive Vice President; L. Ronald Scheman, Executive Director for the United States of America; Lawrence Harrington, Alternate Executive Director for the United States of America; Muni Figueres, External Relations Advisor; Elena M. Suárez, Coordinator, Special Programs; and Ana María Coronel de Rodríguez, Director of the Cultural Center

The exhibition was designed by Félix Angel of the Inter-American Development Bank Cultural Center

The exhibition was curated by Dr. Jane MacLaren Walsh, Dr. Pamela M. Henson, Dr. Margaret R. Dittemore and William E. Cox.

Richard Anderson, Phil Angle, William E. Baxter, Francine Berkowitz, Jessie Cohen, Stella Covre, Susan Crawford, Janice Stagnitto Ellis, Lucy Dorick, Kathleen Dorman, José Ellauri, Natalie Firnhaber, Tom Gaffagin, Raye Germon, Eva Frank Greene, Nancy E. Gwinn, Willie Heinz, Jake Homiak, Elaine Hodges, Michael Horsley, David Hunt, Alvin Hutchinson, James Krakker, Victor Krantz, Rosalinda Méndez, Jennifer A. Nichols, Dan Rogers, Marc Rothenberg, Geroge F. Russell, Abelardo Sandoval, Ruth Schallert, Judith Campos Scott, Marsha Sitnik, Robert Skarr, Pilar Somma, Cathy Valentour and Steven Velásquez

Incidental music by Laya, from their CD A Time To Dream.