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Documenting Domestication: New Genetic and Archaeological Paradigms
Edited by: Melinda A. Zeder, Daniel G. Bradley, Eve Emshwiller, and Bruce D. Smith
Published by University of California Press

Although interdisciplinary studies were well underway during the last century, Documenting Domestication: New Genetic and Archaeological Paradigms definitely sets a new standard for scientific investigations, integrations, and interpretations for the 21st Century… Scientists and historians usually concur that the domestication of plants and animals is one of the major determining events in the history of mankind. This volume is a welcome contribution to the current understanding.—Journal of the Botanical Institute of Texas


Agriculture is the lever with which humans transformed the earth over the last 10,000 years and created new forms of plant and animal species that have forever altered the face of the planet. In the last decade, significant technological and methodological advances in both molecular biology and archaeology have revolutionized the study of plant and animal domestication and are reshaping our understanding of the transition from foraging to farming, one of the major turning points in human history. This groundbreaking volume for the first time brings together leading archaeologists and biologists working on the domestication of both plants and animals to consider a wide variety of archaeological and genetic approaches to tracing the origin and dispersal of domesticates. It provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in this quickly changing field as well as reviews of recent findings on specific crop and livestock species in the Americas, Eurasia, and Africa. Offering a unique global perspective, it explores common challenges and potential avenues for future progress in documenting domestication.

List of Contributors
Umberto Albarella, Albano Beja-Pereira, André A. Bervillé, Guillaume Besnard,  Frank R. Blattner, Daniel G. Bradley, Catherine Breton, Michael W. Bruford, Maria C. Bruno,  Lounès Chikhi,  E. De Langhe,  Keith Dobney,  H. Doutrelepont, Eve Emshwiller,  Phillip R. England,  Helena Fernández,  Nikolai Friesen, Jennifer A. Leonard,  Gordon Luikart, David A. Magee, P. De Maret,  Marjan Mashkour,  Ch. Mbida,  Guillermo L. Mengoni Goñalons, Kenneth M. Olsen, Sandra L. Olsen, Dolores R. Piperno, Peter Rowley-Conwy, Barbara A. Schaal, Bruce D. Smith, Ro. Swennen, Pierre Taberlet, Robert G. Thompson, Saffron J. Townsend, Wim Van Neer, Carles Vilà, L. Vrydaghs, Robert K. Wayne, Jane C. Wheeler, Hugo D. Yaccobaccio,  and Melinda A. Zeder

    Table of Contents

  1. Documenting Domestication: Bringing Together Plants, Animals, Archaeology, and Genetics
    Melinda A. Zeder, Daniel G. Bradley, Eve Emshwiller, and Bruce D. Smith

  2. SECTION ONE: Archaeological Documentation of Plant Domestication
    Bruce D. Smith, section editor

  3. Documenting Domesticated Plants in the Archaeological Record
    Bruce D. Smith
  4. Seed Size Increase as a Marker of Domestication in Squash (Cucurbita pepo) Bruce D. Smith
  5. A Morphological Approach to Documenting the Domestication of Chenopodium in the Andes
    Maria C. Bruno
  6. Identifying Manioc (Manihot esculenta Crantz) and Other Crops in Pre-Columbian Tropical America through Starch Grain Analysis: A Case Study from Central Panama
    Dolores R. Piperno
  7. Phytolith Evidence for the Early Presence of Domesticated Banana (Musa) in Africa
    Ch. Mbida, E. De Langhe, L. Vrydaghs, H. Doutrelepont, Ro. Swennen, W. Van Neer, and P. de Maret
  8. Documenting the Presence of Maize in Central and South America through Phytolith Analysis of Food Residues
    Robert G. Thompson

  9. SECTION TWO Genetic Documentation of Domestication in Plants
    Eve Emshwiller

  10. Genetic Data and Plant Domestication
    Eve Emshwiller
  11. DNA Sequence Data and Inferences on Cassava’s Origin of Domestication Kenneth M. Olsen and Barbara A. Schaal
  12. Relationship between Chinese Chive (Allium tuberosum) and Its Putative Progenitor A. ramosum as Assessed by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD)
    Frank R. Blattner and Nikolai Friesen
  13. Using Multiple Types of Molecular Markers to Understand Olive Phylogeography
    Catherine Breton, Guillaume Besnard, and André A. Bervillé
  14. Origins of Polyploid Crops: The Example of the Octoploid Tuber Crop Oxalis tuberosa
    Eve Emshwiller

  15. SECTION THREE Archaeological Documentation of Animal Domestication
    Melinda A. Zeder, section editor

  16. Archaeological Approaches to Documenting Animal Domestication
    Melinda A. Zeder
  17. A Critical Assessment of Markers of Initial Domestication in Goats (Capra hircus)
    Melinda A. Zeder
  18. The Domestication of the Pig (Sus scrofa): New Challenges and Approaches
    Umberto Albarella, Keith Dobney, and Peter Rowley-Conwy
  19. The Domestication of South American Camelids: A View from the South-Central Andes
    Guillermo L. Mengoni Goñalons and Hugo D. Yacobaccio
  20. Early Horse Domestication on the Eurasian Steppe
    Sandra L. Olsen
  21. SECTION FOUR Genetic Documentation of Animal Domestication
    Dan Bradley, section editor

  22. Documenting Domestication: Reading Animal Genetic Texts
    Daniel G. Bradley
  23. Genetic Analysis of Dog Domestication
    Robert K. Wayne, Jennifer A. Leonard, and Carles Vilà
  24. Origins and Diffusion of Domestic Goats Inferred from DNA Markers: Example Analyses of mtDNA, Y Chromosome, and Microsatellites
    G. Luikart, H. Fernández, M. Mashkour, P. R. England, and P. Taberlet
  25. Mitchondrial DNA Diversity in Modern Sheep: Implications for Domestication
    Michael W. Bruford and Saffron J. Townsend
  26. Genetics and Origins of Domestic Cattle
    Daniel G. Bradley and David A. Magee
  27. Genetic Analysis of the Origins of Domestic South American Camelids
    Jane C. Wheeler, Lounès Chikhi, and Michael W. Bruford
  28. Genetic Documentation of Horse and Donkey Domestication
    Carles Vilà, Jennifer A. Leonard, and Albano Beja-Pereira

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