Preliminary Loan Request Form

Department of Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian Department of Anthropology is requesting that prospective borrowers answer the questions below before we move a loan request into Active Loan Review status with a borrowing institution. These questions will be part of an updated online loan application in the near future and we thank our colleagues in advance for their cooperation. When completed and validated, this electronic document will be delivered to our Registrar for Loans, Susan Crawford.

Institution / Borrower details

Date by which shipment of the loan is expected
(please indicate if this is a firm or approximate date in the Rationale)

Date of expected return of loaned objects

Number of Objects Requested. Please inidcate actual number, if known, or estimate.

Object List. If known, please indicate, by catalog number, the objects being requested, one per line. We understand that it may be difficult or impossible for prospective borrowers to generate a specific object list with catalog numbers depending upon the electronic records they may be searching. We encourage onsite research visits to our collections. Please note that in most cases we discourage loan requests for more than 20 objects.
I have searched through Smithsonians Collections Database and confirm
that the catalog numbers (if available) are correct.

Rationale for Requesting Smithsonian Objects. Please indicate the rationale for why the particular Smithsonian object/objects are being requested. In addition indicate if other repositories have been contacted about borrowing objects that could substitute for those being requested from the Smithsonian.

Budget and Funding. Conservation, condition reporting, photography, bracket making, packing, shipping, courier costs and insurance can be costly. Please indicate what funding your institution currently has in place for this loan and what you have budgeted for the various services.

Intellectual Justification for the Loan. Please provide a narrative of the exhibition project, the audience to which it is addressed, and the expected impact. To see the full set of conditions governing loans and formal loan applications, see Formal Loan Application Information

Venues for traveling exhibitions. If the planned exhibition will travel, please indicate the number of planned venues and, if possible, provide a list of their names.

Facilities Report Please indicate if an AAM General Facilities Report (FR) for exhibitions (including those of venues for traveling exhibitions) is available.
I have read and understand the documents for Anthropology Loan Procedures